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[K2D It was like the child was nocturnal instead of being awake during the day, she slept. Instead of sleeping at night, she was wide awake and doing whatever. Her father never knew what made her like this but honestly, it was annoying to him with barely having any sleep just to take care of her. He had to lock her inside of her room and he didn't want that for her as she cried at the door frequently. He had decided to get her a babysitter of some sorts, someone to train her and take care of her. So, like every royal king did, he sent out a messenger to get someone that he knew, only because of his parents. After all, he was a holy king.

It was currently midnight just about and the girl was in her room as always, most likely painting very odd and prophetic pictures. She had her own sense of beauty that ran deeper than her childish skin. She had bright red eyes that seemed to almost glow as it studied the canvas. Her pale skin glowed as moonlight washed through the window and onto her. She had a smile that would brighten many people just in seconds, she was just all around a very innocent and good girl.

She wore black leggings and a soft and huge red sweater, her normally brown and short hair now dyed a pastel green and blue. She had her hair cut to her ears, the edges of her hair stopping at the bottom of her ears. She was obviously an artist because her room was just filled with full canvases and paint buckets and she even drew angel wings on her wall above her bed because she felt blessed with talent. ]
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[center [h3 [montserrat New rp]]
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[K2D Asphyx was at the top of the stairs, her orange eyes darkened and set on the front door as everyone came in. She was currently on her knees, some orange blood leaking from her lips. She didn't know the gates were opening and when she did know, she tried to come out of the house but something kept her from doing so. She was holding onto the railing of the stairs, trying desperately to pick herself up.

Ela felt so fragile in Andy's arms, her lips shaking for some reason as she was limp. Her body felt very hot, to the point to where it was like she was beginning to melt. Her body was now overheating, sweat just all over her body. This is what happened when she let out her demon, it had forced her to shape shift when she had never done it before and it almost killed her.

Hestia slowly stopped crying in Trevor's arms, getting the vision of Autumn and Jayfeather in her head before she was snapped back to herself. She coughed a bit, her brown hair over her face as she felt odd in his arms. She still wanted to meet everyone and she wished they didn't have to fight all the time.

Jay hung onto Abe as if when she let go, she would die. The tip of her crow mask dropped a bit of purple blood from the inside as it showed that Jay was bleeding somewhere on the top half of her face. She just hung onto Abe, not aware that her body felt ice-cold despite just coming back from Hell. She finally broke down, her eyes had bare witness to things that would overload your mind. She began to cry and shake uncontrollably, feeling like she was about to go on a murderous rampage.

Jayfeather nodded, a slight smile on his face as he tried to be as still as possible. He looked up at Autumn with a smile on his face, mostly from her helping him. [#228B22 "This actually isn't that bad...." ] He finally said, his hands clasped together in front of him as he just sat there. His stomach growled loud this time, a sharp pain of hunger going through his body. He was starving and his body showed it, his rib cage starting to pop out a bit. ]
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[montserrat [center Abe waited, and he waited. Even as his brother pulled away from him, even as he felt his brother trying to pick him up, he was frozen there. The waiting wasn't long, but to him it felt like forever. He couldn't lose her, not after he had gotten so close to her. Not after the only other person in his life who meant something to him had finally come back. He loved them both, and he needed them both. When Jay came back through the gates he wasted no time. He easily got up and started running to her, blinking to right in front of her as he dropped in front of her and engulfed her in his arms.
Andy had begun rounding up everyone, being the oldest there he felt at least a little need to guide them all inside. The fight was over, Those two would be fine. Alex and Trevor both do as they are told, Andy picking up Ela as gently as he would a child and getting her inside as well. And finally everyne was inside but Abe and Jay, who were outside still, holding eachother.

Autumn opened the bathroom door and came in, getting to work instantly. She grabbedan ointment and rubed it on his cuts before placing a very large bandage over it.
[+red "Not everything is made of magic so uh...thi'll take a while to heal but you should be fine with this as long as i can clean out the wounds once in a while. "]
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[raleway After several moments of silence and death, the horrible smell of death lingering in the air. Everyone's eyes seemed focused on the gates, almost like they were longing for Jay to come back. The gates were still open as well but they were leaning inwards, as if it was fixing to close soon.

Ela growled as her form slowly began to turn back to normal, her feminine body seeming so small compared to the giant ass lion she just was. She collapsed onto the ground, her chest heaving as she took shallow breaths, feeling like her body was being torn apart. She laid there, her red eyes slowly closing before she went unconscious.

Hestia just cried and went limp in Trevor's arms, her head pressed against his chest. She was shaking so much, she had feelings for the girl that she hadn't really met before. Eventually, she felt something in her mind as if something was trying to send her a message or a vision.

After a few more moments, the evil Asphyx's body just flew out of the portal and landed on the grass a few feet away. It was just a bloody mess, Jay's hunting knife just stabbed through the orange's girl's right thigh so you could see the end of the blade on the other side. Asphyx's spine was also broken, her whole body just shifted to the side.

Jay eventually stepped back through the portal, her golden scythe in her left hand as her hand was wrapped around the shaft of the long weapon she had. She was just covered in orange blood, a emotionless look on her face as she still had on her ivory crow skull over her face. She looked like Death itself, shadows just swirling around her as she walked away from the portal and towards everyone else. She then took a deep breath, her body shaking slightly as she dropped to her knees. She was okay, it was just something that happened after doing something so dark like that.

[#228B22 "I'm fine." ] Jayfeather softly said, barely climbing out of the tub and walking out. He looked besides him to the toilet and saw some underwear and pants there. He then grunted as he put on his clothes, looking down at the dark green dyed pants that he had put on. He then just sat there on the closed lid of the toilet, looking at his hands. [#228B22 "Y-You can come in, it's unlocked." ] He finally said, his forest green eyes still trained on his hands. ]
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[montserrat [center Andy took the blow to his head as any human would, crumpling to the ground, holding the side of his head that had been hit. He pulled the hand away, seeing a bit of dark crimson on his fingers. He groaned, watching as Jay flew off with the evil Asphyx before he used his sword to help himself back to his feet, stubling a little and almost falling over.
Abe watched as Jay went through the gates, his feet frozen in place, unable to move, even after he had seen his brother hit. He wanted to run after her, but he knew he couldn't. He would be torn to shreds in a place so unholy. He eventually crumpled to his knees, a fron etced onto his features as he watched his brother swaying, his body and mind holding him in place. He felt trapped, helpless, as he watched Andy stumble over to him, dropping the sword and his own body in front of his brother, slumping into what was supposed to be a comforting hug. Abe healed his head wound as he stared blankly at the gates as the people around him continued fighting.
Elizabeth was shooting spells left and right at the minions that were left. taking them down with ease. Alex had, with her aid, retreved his switchblade, doing the same trick over and over. It was anticlimactic but effective.

Trevor had run after the small girl, easily catching up to her with their much longer legs and scooping her up.
[+purple "No we can't go in there. Its too dangerous."]
They said, holding the girl tight enough to keep her from wriggling out of their grasp.

Autumn finished brushing and braiding her hair and walked up to the door. She had heard the water switch off and was worried about the boy.
[+red "Are you alright in there? I should really bandage you up so you should get some pants on and let me in."]
She said, her voice the kindest the boy would probably ever hear from her.
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[raleway Ela kept yelling, her form eventually turning into what seemed like a lion. She was bigger than normal now, latching onto the evil clone as Andy brought it to the ground. Eventually, Ela the lion flew away from Asphyx, sliding across the ground as the sounds of the battle were blocked out. She began to slowly get up, the cloned Asphyx getting up and facing towards Andy. She swung her pike towards him, managing to slam the pole into the side of his head.

Jay growled and ran forwards, her legs just almost a blur as she sprinted. She jumped up, her black wings spreading open from her cloak as she grabbed Asphyx's shirt. She veered towards the gates, literally disappearing into the gates of Hell.

Hestia eventually calmed down as she watched the scene with tears in her eyes, letting out a cry as she watched Jay and the evil Asphyx go through the gates and disappear. She scrambled out of Trevor's arms and began to run towards the gates, crying as her little kiddy legs took her to the stone gates.

[#228B22 "THE FUCK!?" ] Jayfeather's voice sprang from the shower. He eventually cleaned himself up and turned off the shower, sitting in the tub awkwardly as he waited for clothes. He had lots of his clothes in his room that fit him very big for some reason and he guessed he forgot to tell Autumn. He gingerly touched his bleeding scratches and let out a gasp of pain, his face showing the pain as well. ]
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[montserrat [center Abe, glanced around, noteing the people around him, and the absence of Asphyx. As Ela rushed at the evil clone Abe nocked an arrow, pointing it at the same target and letting it fly, right past Ela and into the enemys arm. He knew it would get the attention of the thing, or at least he hoped it would. He then felt his hair ruffled as Andy rushed past him, holding the sword tightly with both his hands. He had approched from a different angle than Ela, figuring that the two of them would be enough for this. Abe quickly turned his attention away from them as Andy slammed the flat side of his blade into Dark Asphyx's legs. Abe was nocking another arrow, this time pointing it at one of the eragons, letting it fly. It hit right at the center of the creatures chest.
Alex had begun running at the eragons, his blades seemed to glow red as he stopped a healthy distance from them, throwing his blade at one of them. It hit right where he had aimed, dropping the creature as it burned from the inside.
Elizabeth raised her wand, closing her eyes and envisioning a bubble around the whole area. Sudenly there was a flash of pale blue light, and the whole area was tinged in this light, and there was absolutely no sound.
[#339900 "I've blocked the sound in this area so we cant comunicate, but they cant hear you anymore."]
She sent out her voice to the others with a special telepathic spell.

Trevor just held the small girl tightly, shushing her until his voice was cut off, and even then he was stoking her hair.

Autumn scoffed and picked up the boys clothes.
[+red "Just so you know I am so not into guys, so you dont have to get embarrased about being naked or something."]
She said as she opened the door to walk out. She stopped, thinking for a moment before saying.
[+red "Also I've seen so many rituals I'm immune to naked people."]
She laughed as she walked out of the room and threw his clothes into her hamper. She also took out a pair of shorts and a cropped sweater, changing into the new outfit, something much more comfortable. She went to the boys room right next to hers and found a nice set of clothes, returning to her bathroom quietly and setting them on the counter for when the boy got out, also putting down a nice fluffy towel. After that she just sat on her bed, taking her hair down and brushing it out, singing a song softly.
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[raleway Jay slid into her room, almost hitting her bed and falling over. She grabbed at random things, knowing that this will be one of the biggest waves they have seen before. She grabbed her ivory skull off of her desk and put it to her face, taking a deep breath as she stared at herself in the mirror. She grabbed her hunting knife and it's sheath and strapped it around her thigh as usual.

Jay then looked over at her bed and gave a confused look under her mask as she saw a golden scythe laying there. She picked it up and held it in her hand, almost like it energized her a bit. She then sighed and opened her window, simply dropping out of the window and besides everyone. She had managed to put on her black cloak as well, the tips of it resting on the ground.

Ela growled and her horns of fire turned a shade of green, her hands turning into claw like fingers. She just couldn't hold her rage anymore, watching several eragons and Asphyx stepped out of the portal. She let out a yell and just ran forwards, staring dead at the Asphyx that had red eyes and was holding a huge golden pike in her hands.

Hestia was still crying, freaking out as she pressed herself against Trevor's body. She was freaking out, the magic spilling from the gates were causing her to go into a panic. She was just crying, breaking down very slowly in Trevor's hands.

Jayfeather frowned and he was blushing a forest green as he was told to undress. He managed to get into Autumn's shower, pulling off his clothes without the girl seeing before he tossed them out the shower door and closed it. He then turned on the hot water and began to clean himself, sighing in relief. ]
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[montserrat [center Abe was on his feet
[+magenta "Wait Jay where are you going?"]
He called after the girl, standing at the foot of the stairs.
Andy on the other hand rushed out the door after the others. He stared at the gates for a second before pushing past Ela and Trevor. Alex was close behind, stepping right next to Andy with his switch blades in hand. Abe had run outside too a minute after Andy, and was now standing in front of the boy, materializing a greatsword and handing it to his brother before he had his bow in his hands.
[#261362 "A! get behind me!"]
the boy said to his brother, who ignored him. He sighed loudly as Elizabeth found her way outside, standing next to Ela.
[#339900 "what the fuck?"]
She said, drawing a twisted peice of cherrywood from inside her jacket.

Autumn basicaly shoved the boy into her bathroom, following behind.
[+red "Take off your clothes, i can wash them for you and get you clean ones from your room."]
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[raleway Jay finally clutched onto Abe, wrapping her arms around him once again as she finally calmed down even more. There was no way Abe's brother was taking him away from her and she knew it, finally giving a happy smile to Andy with happy eyes as well. She yawned and put her head in his chest again, slowly but surely falling asleep before the ground shook. She bolted upwards as she felt the gates opening and she let out a growl, sprinting up the stairs.

Ela opened her mouth to say something but stopped due to the ground shaking. She fell off the table, landing on the wooden floor before scrambling upwards and out the front door. She stopped behind Trevor and Hestia, groaning as she watched the stone gates slowly moving and the red light blinding her slightly. She still had fire horns though as she stood behind them, giving off heat.

Hestia let out a deep gasp, feeling the energy that was giving off the gates. Only she felt it really as it worked it's way inside her brain, making her start to freak out and cry in Trevor's hands. She struggled a bit, kicking and punching wildly as she cried and cried.

Jayfeather nodded, bringing his black shirt with him as he made his way to Autumn's room. He didn't know if he had to use his bathroom or if she was gonna let him bathe in hers but he was happy with just cleaning up. He ignored the sight of his blood as it dripped onto floor, just having a smile on his face for once. It was fake though as he really felt trapped and you wouldn't want a Jayfeather that felt trapped. ]
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[montserrat [center Abe smiled, obvously really happy that the two most important people to him were gettting along, but Andy could see the girls eyes, and he could feel the hate behind them.
[#261362 "You must be really happy."]
He said. His voice was soft and a bit high, but there was a hint of hurt in there. He had no idea why she was letting off such a cold aura around him.

Elizabeth looked from the girl to the boy and then back at the girl, taking a step from the boy.
[#339900 "Oh. Are you dateing? I didn't know. I'm sorry."]
She said, smiling at the girl.
[+green "Ela put those away!"]
Alex said, a bit of anger mixed with amusement in his voice.

Trevor glanced at the kitchen, deciding it was a real nope.
[+purple "Lets go get some fresh air. We can meet the new guys after."]
They picked up the girl and walked right out the still open front door, closeing it behind them.

Autumn frowned and crossed her arms.
[+red "Okay welp..."]
She looked around he room and sighed.
[+red "Lets go to my room. You can take a shower and clean up and then we can bandage you up."]
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[raleway Jay let out a soft hiss, she actually was disliking this brother of Abe's for some reason. She leaned into Abe, her body feeling cold to the touch as the shadows edged away from Abe and more towards Andy. She swallowed hard and she finally gave a really good fake smile to Andy, the shadows disappearing as she calmed herself down. Her eyes were the only thing that weren't smiling, a glare of pure hate and murder in her purple eyes.

Ela let out a growl from the table, suddenly sitting on the wooden table with her legs crossed as she looked at Alex and Elizabeth with a distraught look. [#DC143C "Are you really trying to steal him from me?" ] She growled, a crooked smile on her face as she looked at them each. Her horns of fire were back and were so hot, they were purple as they showed that her true demon was coming out.

Hestia smiled and nodded, reaching out towards Trevor as she looked like a child whom wanted food. She just wanted to go meet whomever was here and hoped that they weren't really like Ela.

Jayfeather shrugged, [#228b22 "You should know where everything is..." ] He finally said, beginning to tug off his black shirt. He didn't have anything special but he did have his bones showing. He stood there awkwardly, his chest just covered in his forest green blood as per usual. ]
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[montserrat [center Abe let go of Andy and stepped back, looking him up and down.
[+magenta You look so great! You look like you!"]
He dragged the boy in, Elizabeth trailing behind the two, her arms crossed. She looked around, seemingly searching for something in the house, her shoulders slumping when she didnt seem to find it.
Abe dragged Andy over to Jay, stting next to her and wrapping his arm around her.
[+magenta "Jay this is Andy, hes my older brother. I'm so glad you two can meet! Andy this is my girlfriend, Jay."]
Andy smiled fondly at his brother, waving at Jay.
[#261362 "Oh boy, a girlfriend. Mom and dad wouldn't have been happy about that."]
The boy said, leaning against the wall, a small smirk replacing his soft smile.

Elizabeth looked at Trevor and Hestia and then into the kitchen, seeing Alex and Ela. She smirked and went up to Alex with a sort of sultry walk.
[#339900 "Well hello there~"]
She said, her voice low. Alex smirked, eyeing her up and down.
[+green "Hello."]
He said back, his tone matching hers.

Trevor patted Hesta's head and ruffled her hair.
[+purple "All good girly?"]
They asked.

Autumn frowned and looked at the wounds.
[+red "Is there a first aid kit somewhere in here or something?"]
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[raleway Asphyx was so shocked from what was happening, her saber fell out of her hand completely. She ended up wheeling away, too shocked to trust herself to act sane. She almost flew up the stairs and into her room, slamming the door shut as she let out screeches into her room. She then fell onto the bed, her screeches muffled by the bed sheets.

Hestia stopped having that panic attack, her panic melting into relief as her breathing became less heavy. Her milky eyes looked up at Trevor as she looked clueless, her hands clutching at the sleeves of her brown pajamas. Secretly, she was holding onto her polaroid camera charm, not knowing what to do.

Jay sat on the last step, her face showing a guarded expression. She didn't know what to think about Abe's brother, she didn't want him taking her mate and love away from her. She sat there, now wanting to have actual clothes on as her black and slightly featherless wings spread out. She crossed her arms and she looked at the scene, an emotionless mask placed over her face. It was like shadows just flung off of her, the black stuff ebbing away from her and fading.

Jayfeather shrugged, he did feel better but he was in pain from his scratches. He pulled down his shirt a bit, showing the long and deep scratches on his collarbone that he had gave himself. He was thinking maybe Autumn could help him but he was aware that potions couldn't help him with healing underneath his father's roof. ]

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