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[montserrat [center Alex chuckled a little.
[+green "Very specific."]
He mumbled to himself, still watching Asphyx. She seemed to be handleing the news the worst.

Autumn scoffed and looked after Jayfeather
[+red "Right. Becuse thats exactly what i want on my shoulders."]
She crossed her arms and stood up.
[+red "I'm gonna go take a walk or something."]
She mumbled, walking out of the room. She wasn't sure that it was safe to go outside but she at least thought she was a big girl who could handle it.

Abe was unsatisfied with the girl eating so little and decided that he would have her eat more later, when Jayfeather felt better. He stood up and began to put away the food that had not been eaten. The fridge was filled by the time he was done, enough food to last a while was always a good thing.

Trevor looked around at all the different weapons, their face lighting up. They could see through the window that it was morning already and felt almost giddy.
[+purple "Do you have storage? I think we should organize your wepons by use, danger, and size."]
They smiled at the girl. Organization was Trevor's specialty and this room was a gold mine.
  Alex / RoughLove / 305d 11h 39m 54s
"I had to do it or else he would've had a fate worse than death." Jayfeather said, his pale hands on the table. He seemed a bit lost in himself but he shook his head, "I mean... Autumn if you leave, it's most likely that we will end up dying and you'll have our blood on your hands." He said, staring across at Autumn and ignoring Asphyx and Alex. He stood up, tears rolling down his cheeks. "I didn't chose to be apart of this either but do I want to see the world destroyed like I once was? No. I don't." He said, beginning to cry. He ended up walking away from the table while sobbing, his feet taking him upstairs and into the bathroom.

Asphyx looked over at Alex and frowned, not sure to trust Jayfeather or anything anymore. She was still tense as she sat there, glancing at Alex as Jayfeather left. She didn't know what to do but stare at Alex, her arms crossed.

Jay slightly nodded and pulled the plate closer to her head. She then raised her head and began to slowly eat, almost like she was going in slow motion. She was a super slow eater most of the time unless she was being rushed. She then stood up as Jayfeather stood up, a concerned look on her face. She left the plate there and followed him up the stairs and into the bathroom with her brother, closing the door behind her.

Ela smiled and looked up at Trevor before nodding. She took a ginger step into her room, picking up the smallest daggers and swords she had. She had everything to a seven inch dagger to a rocket launcher for some reason in her room. She ignored Jayfeather and Jay as they walked past her bedroom door, she hadn't noticed Jayfeather was crying.

Jay just hugged Jayfeather inside of the bathroom, both of them crying. "They don't understand what we have been through, I wish they just understood." Jayfeather said, placing his head on Jay's shoulder.

Jay was just silent, maybe it was time to tell someone about what they have been through, maybe it would take the stress off of them. She pondered who to tell, Alex wouldn't care about it, Autumn wouldn't care as well. Trevor and Abe seemed way more approachable with this stuff but she chose Abe instead. She was going to tell Abe everything she had been through.
  Scorpius / 305d 12h 12m 6s
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[montserrat [center Trevor blushed as they ran along with the girl. They didn't like the vibe they were getting from Jayfeather and prefered to have stayed downstairs with everyone. But alas here Ela was, in her mess of a deathtrap.
[+purple "Somehow its fitting. Lets get this place organized before you get hurt in here."]
They said, smileing.

Autumn's jaw dropped and she looked at the boy.
[+red "So wait, I'm here to guard the earth? I didn't sign up for that crap!"]
She said, angrily. Somehow she wasn't suprised that Jayfeather killed Ela's dad, and more so was concerned with the fact she wanted to leave and be away from these people because she didn't like most of them.

Meanwhile Abe sat quietly, gaugeing everyones reaction. As he looked to Jay he pushed his plate towards her again and tapped her shoulder.
[+Magenta "Please eat."]
He whispered to the girl.

Alex sat there, seemingly unfazed by what he had heard, and chuckled a little when he saw how tense Asphyx had gotten.
[+green "Better explain why you killed the man before you go on, looks like someone doesn't trust you."]
He grinned at the girl, sending a little wink her way.
  Alex / RoughLove / 305d 13h 23m 33s
Jayfeather had his arms crossed and an angry look on his face but it slowly went away as he noticed... Some of the news having to do with Ela's father dying and even worse, he was the one who killed him. "Uhhhh... Actually, Alex why don't you take Ela upstairs and help her clean her room?" Jayfeather said between his clenched teeth, hoping Alex got what he meant.

Ela frowned, "Actually... Can Trevor and I go clean it?" She asked, lighting up in happiness as she saw Jayfeather nod. She stood up from the chair, pulling Trevor along with her upstairs and into her room. "This is my room!" She squealed, looking at the blood red walls and all the large and tiny weapons laying all over the place.

Jayfeather cleared his throat, "Well... turns out we're here on a mission, a never ending quest if you will. We have to guard earth from the demons that come out of the gates and that's pretty much all I know and I have... I was the one who talked to the father of Ela last... before I killed him." He said almost dangerously, almost like he expected everyone to just get up and just attack him. "And we have to help the nearby villages when they are under attack." He finished, about to ask who would go to help the villages as who would stay to defend the gates.

Jay wasn't listening, she looked even sick with her face being all pale and her skin feeling feverish. It was the poison in her wounds that was doing this, maybe she should've gotten some food if she wasn't so stubborn at times. Her wings weren't even folded up against her back anymore, they were limp besides her, the tips of her black wings barely touching the floor.

Asphyx was surprised at what Jayfeather said, a look of pure shock on her face. Jayfeather was the last person she would've thought to be a murderer. "Did... You... He murdered someone...." She stammered, her eyes looking like she'd seen a ghost. Her face was pale, if Jayfeather had killed someone already, he'd have no problem doing it again. She was now scared of Jayfeather, her shoulders tensing up.
  Scorpius / 306d 12h 25m 44s
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[montserrat [center Autumn crossed her arms and stuck her tounge out like a child before sitting down at the table.
[+red "Whatever."]

Abe stared in shock at the outbursts from both people.
[+magenta "I agree. We need to know why we are here."]

Trevor shook, barely breathing, clinging back onto Ela.
[+purple "Is this common?"]
He whispered to the girl, breath hitching.

Alex shrugged and directed his atention at Jayfeather.
[+green "You seem to be better, you want to tell everyone what you know?"]
He asked, leaning against the counter.
  Alex / RoughLove / 307d 54m 5s
Jayfeather stood up, his hazel eyes flashing dangerously. He flicked his hands to the side, his sickles forming out the rings he wore on both of his middle fingers. "I will do something about it, why doesn't someone find me some thread?!" He yelled, his mouth twitching as he stood there.

Jay lifted her head up to look at Jayfeather and slammed her hands on the table as she stood up. She hoped to make the whole room quiet with her sudden outburst. "SHUT UP!" She yelled, her voice both powerful and smooth. She glared daggers at Jayfeather as he sat back down with an angry face. She then felt dizzy and odd as she barely fell back into her chair, laying her head back on the table.

Asphyx was just staring at Jay, her face showing surprise and shock. "Holy shit..." She said, her hands twitching. "Can we not just yell at each other and start telling each other what we know?" She asked, looking at Alex and Jayfeather.

Ela was silently clinging onto Trevor's arm, scared of what was going on. All the food on her plate was missing, another piece of evidence that it went into her stomach.
  Scorpius / 307d 1h 19m 8s
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[montserrat [center Alex nodded and smiled at the girl.
[+green "I don't turn down dares honey."]
He said, putting the whole nugget in his mouth and chewwing slowly, even going as far as moaning in delight at the taste. It was exagerated of course but he had to play the part. He swallowed and winked at the girl.
[+green "Pretty good nugget."]

Abe frowned as the girl put her head down.
[+magenta "Starving yourself is not good. Your body needs nutrients to heal."]
He sighed and began to eat the food, making a mental note to praise it when he got the chance.

Autumn gave Jayfeather a sly grin.
[+red "Didn't know i wasn't alowed to talk. Bit rude to infringe on my freadom of speech."]
She flipped her hair and glared at the boy, dareing him with her eyes to do something.

Trevor coiled into themself at Jayfeathers outburst and looked down at his plate.
[+purple "Its a bit much. I came at a bad time."]
  Alex / RoughLove / 307d 1h 29m 10s
Asphyx grinned, "I dare you to fucking eat it." She said, her mouth curling into a huge smile. Her orange hair glowing slightly from the moonlight that rained in through the kitchen window.

Jay looked over at Abe and frowned. "I'm fine...really..." She said, just placing her pale hands on the table, her bandaged arms showing to everyone. She looked at Trevor, noticing how... shy he was. She was just reading everybody like a book, she seemed alerted at all time and she was always studying people. She then ended up placing her head on the table, her eyes closed and her mouth tightly shut.

Jayfeather growled, his hands cracking against the wooden table. "If I were you, I would shut that little mouth of yours before someone takes care of it." He growled, his lips showing scars as if his mouth had been sown together before. Indeed, that has happened and it was the worst six months of his life.

Ela smiled at Trevor, her eyes closed. "It's fine! Just calm down and listen. You'll find things happening all the time!" She said, noticing all the conversations going on at this point.
  Scorpius / 307d 1h 56m 45s
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[montserrat [center Alex raised a brow at Asphyx and chuckled, leaning down and picking up the nugget.
[+green "I mean its still edible."]
He blew on it and gave the girl a look, dareing her to tell him not to eat it.

Abe nodded and added a bit more food to his own plate before sitting next to Jay.
[+magenta "Please eat at least a little."]
He pushed his plate towards the girl.

Autumn growled at the boy.
[+red "No your a fucking baby. How was you little nap huh?"]
She snapped, grabbing a taco. She had zero chill

Trevor smiled and pushed a nugget around his plate.
[+purple "I'm not too hungry."]
He whispered to Ela, nervous to catch the attention of the others.
  Alex / RoughLove / 307d 1h 59m 56s
Jay thought for a second before shaking her head. Since she was fallen, she hadn't eaten a lot and she was slowly killing herself but she didn't care. In fact, all she has really eaten in a while is a bit of flesh and a bologna sandwich. "I'm fine... I ate earlier..." She lied, looking at the ground. You could tell when Jay was lying because she just couldn't meet your face. She then walked over to the table and sit down alone at the end of the table.

Jayfeather grumbled as Autumn pushed him into the kitchen, he seemed a bit better as he growled, "I'm not an old man." At Autumn, his face showing a bit of anger. He looked at all the food, his eyes still a bit clouded over. He grabbed a plate and began to just put some mac and cheese on his plate before going over to the table and sitting across from Ela.

Asphyx snorted as the chicken nugget hit her and she flinched upwards, almost falling out of her chair. "...That wasn't nice. I made the fucking food and you WASTE IT!" She yelled at Alex, pointing at the chicken nugget on the floor.

Ela was looking around before looking over at Trevor. "Chicken nuggets." She cooed, picking her chicken nuggets and placing them in her own mouth.
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 307d 2h 29m 32s
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[montserrat [center Abe nodded as if he understood and grabbed two plates.
[+magenta "Will you be having anything?"]
He asked Jay while he put a bit of food on his plate. He didn't eat much but being half human had disadvantages.

Trevor gingerly grabbed a plate and a few chicken nuggets and sat at the table beside Ela.

Autumn stood up and helped the boy get up.
[+red "Come on. Time to eat."]

She said, practically pushing him into the kitchen.

Alex looked around at everyone, noticing Asphyx asleep. He threw a chicken nugget at the girl in an attempt to wake her up.
[+Green "If she doesn't wake up someone else is gonna have to tell her this shit because im not repeating it."]
He said, angrily.
  Trevor / RoughLove / 307d 2h 41m 47s
Jay sighed in relief as her pent up purple hair spilled out from the mask as Abe took it off then gave a look of hate at Abe as he mentioned her mask. She didn't like talking about her past and those who reminded her of her past were bad but she decided to give Abe a break, he was just like her, except she had fallen from Heaven. "Papa..." She said, her face clearing of anger and instead showed fear and sorrow as she took his hand, standing up and walking with him.

Ela nodded and grabbed a plate from the counter and began to pile food onto her plate, starting with some chicken nuggets and ending with a taco. She then brought her plate to the table and sat down, about to eat but she decided to wait for everyone else. "C'mon Trevor!" She squealed, looking at him from her chair.

Jayfeather gave a snort and he slowly began to open his eyes, his eyes slightly clouded over, making his hazel eyes look brown. He groaned as he sat up, rubbing his eyes. He muttered meaningless words as he turned his head to look at Autumn, "Wha-."

Asphyx was passed out in her chair at the table, her head bent back and soft snores coming from her mouth as she had her arms crossed across her chest.
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 307d 5h 10m 30s
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[montserrat [center Trevor covered their eyes as she lifted up her dress.
[+purple "My mama says a lady never lifts her dress."]
theysaid, rubbing the back of their neck. They walked into the kitchen and caught the attention of Alex, who was continuously picking at the food rather than getting a plate. Autumn looked at the newcomer with a weary look befoe leaving the room.
[+green "Who's this?"]
Alex asked, looking Trevor up and down. Trevor just looked away nervously and chuckled.
[+green "Well whoever you are I'm assuming you belong here too. Ela you should eat."]
He turned back to the food with a careless attitude and continued pickng, while Trevor stayed standing in the doorway.

Autumn walked upstairs to the bathroom first and looked in, seeing Abe and Jay.
[+red "There is food downstairs when you are done in here."]
She said to the pair, who nodded. She then made her way down to Jayfeather on the couch, braveing to wake him up. She placed a hand on his shoulder and gently shook him.
[+red "Wake up dude."]
She said, almost like she was talking to a child.

Abe smiled as he removed her mask, inspecting it for a second before putting it down and dabbing away the girls blood from her wounds.
[+Magenta "You know that is a beautifuly crafted mask. Where did you aquire it?"]
He finished patching her up and stood, holding out a hand for her to join him as the two walked down to the kitchen together.
  Alex / RoughLove / 307d 7h 2m 50s
"Yeah..." Ela said, trailing off as she lifted up her dress to show the bandages around her chest. They were covered in unnaturally bright red blood. She then let the dress fall again. "I mean, a lot of people already have been hurt." She said, kind of waddling into the kitchen. She wanted to show Trevor to Alex to see both of their reactions.

Jay slightly nodded, she quickly learned to respect Abe for his kindness somehow, not everyone was kind to her and those who weren't kind to her... Well, not everyone lived to see another day. She closed her eyes as she waited for him to take off her mask. Her mask wasn't actually a crow skull made out of bone, it was made out of ivory wood. She just took deep breaths as she always did.

Asphyx then stumbled over to the table and sat down on a chair heavily. She then leaned back in the chair, breathing. "Cooking is what calms me down." She said, placing her head against the table.
  Scorpius / 309d 1h 33m 59s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat]
[montserrat [center Abe jumped a little when the girl winced.
[+magenta "So sorry, I'm not well known in this type of healing, please bear with me."]
He began to put bandages were they were needed.
[+magenta "May i check your face?"]
he asked, pointing to the girls mask.

Autumn took a step back, holding up her hans in surrender, while Alex began to pick at the food she had made.
[+red "I'll get everyone."]
Autumn said, a bit angrily.

Trevor looked around awkwardly and stepped inside.
as he touched the wall he recoiled.
[+purple "Someone almost died here recently didn't they?"]
  Aiko / EastIsUp / 307d 7h 36m 44s

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