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[montserrat [center As the spider came back into her view Autumn begain to panic again, crumpling to the ground. The potion wouldn't work again, and it wasn't working now. She was not in the correct mindset to think but Alex was.
[+green "Trevor get her back to the house."]
He said loudly. He had an idea but she would just get in his way.

Trevor picked the girl up and ran as fast as he could backto the house with her.

Alex found a large sturdy stick off the ground and pulled his shirt off, wrapping it around the stick to make a makeshit torch. Sure it wouldnt last long but it would last long enough to catch the stick and thats all he needed. He pulled out his lighter and lit the fabric, handing the torch off to Asphyx
[+green "Will this work?"]
  Alex / RoughLove / 88d 1h 6m 14s
[#228B22 "No problem." ] Jayfeather said, looking up at the trees above Autumn. It was at that moment, he had noticed that this was kind of a trap. [#228B22 "I... Uhhh... Run." ] He said before the spider jumped on him and simply jumped back into the trees with him in it's arms.

[#FF4500 "HOLY SHIT!" ] Asphyx screamed as she watched Jayfeather get kidnapped. She ran backwards a bit so she wasn't under the trees. [#FF4500 "We need fire to beat spiders. Fire melts webs." ] She said loudly, her voice rising at a commanding tone.

Jay just then chose to cling to Abe, her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms around his back. She was sobbing into his shoulder, her warm breath against his shoulder. She felt like a baby, she was never cared for and used as a toy for most of her life. [#9400D3 "You... Don't.... Know... The pain..." ] She cried.
  Scorpius / 88d 1h 20m 55s
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[montserrat [center Autumn calmed down a bit, still panicing but no longer screaming, when she saw Jayfeather, a not so friendly face.
She slid out of the caccon and collapsed to the ground, hyperventilating, her face turning blue from lack of air. She awkwardly fumbled around in her pocket and pulled out another rasberry vile. It was her last bottle of "Liquid courage" If you will, her own special concoction of illegally obtained ingredients and magic. She drank half the bottle and corked it. Without taking the full dose it doesn't work as well, but it calmed her enough for her to breath, but she wouldn't be any help in the rational thinking department.
[+red "Th-thanks."]
She stammered, struggling to stand up.

Alex quickly caught up to Jayfeather, seeing Autumn, dishevaled and covered in dirt and cobwebs. He cringed, almost feeling sorry for the girl.
[+Green "What happened?"]

Trevor removed his cloak and hung it from a tree.
[+purple "The girl with blue hair was attacked, we need to help the other two."]
He said while speed walking to the group. His knees were shakeing but he was made to do this even if he wasn't groomed to be a fighter.

Abe blinked a few times and cleared his throat, reciprocateing the hug. It was true he could feel some kind of feeling to the girl, but it was assumed that it was a fondness for his kind, fallen or otherwise. He had never thought that within a few hours of meeting someone they could fall in love, but of course nothing was impossible. Perhap the girl was emotional at the moment or perhaps she really meant her words.
Abe pulled away, a slight pink tint to his cheek.
[+magenta "We have only just met. You know nothing about me or my past." ]
He said, his face kind, almost as if he was telling a small child that santa doesn't exist.
  Heros / RoughLove / 88d 1h 34m 16s
Jayfeather stopped and looked forwards at Autumn, his face suddenly guarded as he seen the webbing around Autumn. "SH!" He growled at her, wanting her to be quiet so he could take in his surroundings so he could use sounds to his advantage. He took a few steps towards her though, his feet making as little sound as possible as he slightly lifted up his sickle to cut through the cocoon.

Asphyx had woken up to the screams and fell out of her chair, her body hitting the floor and the whole house shaking. She then stood up and coughed before running through the backdoor. She looked over at Trevor and Alex and followed behind them, already wheezing. "What's going on?" She asked, her hood of her hoodie over her head as she ran.

After a while, Jay had finally calmed down. Her face was still wet and she felt like just clinging onto Abe and never letting go again. She was in pain from her arm but she was too busy dealing with her emotions that she had been keeping inside for about ten years. She finally spoke three strangled words, sounding like they were more or less sobs, "I...Love...You..."
  Scorpius / 88d 2h 34m 33s
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[montserrat [center Trevor looked around the room, sputtering a bit, unsure what to do, until he suddenly he fell back against the wall, creating a loud thump and clattter as he knocked the greatsword over.
[i Suddenly They were stareing into the eyes of a beast, a feeling of panic filling their mind. They couldn't move but still tried to struggle. They let out a scream.]
Trevor opened their eyes, screaming a very high scream before composing themself. They breathed heavily, almost like they were calming down after a panic attack.
At this point they ran to Ela's closet and pulled out a short sword. They didn't know how to weild a sword but they did do fencing at school once and it couldn't be too different right?
They ran out of the room to be met with Alex, who had first heard Trevor fall and scream and then Autumn screaming, the two ran outside together, seeing Jayfeather run off into the forest and following him.

Abe herd the screams, but was more concerned with the crying girl in front of him. He awkwardly patted her back and sighed.
[+magenta "You don't ever have to worry aboutbeing hurt like that again. You are safe here."]
He said, a sad smile finding its way to his face.

Autumn screamed and screamed until her face was red. The monster had hidden itself, waiting for its next prey to fall into its web.
The girl cried, her tears soaking her cheeks.
[+red "Someone help me!"]
She shreiked, her words broken with her tears.
  Alex / RoughLove / 88d 2h 42m 39s
Ela nodded and placed her head on a red pillow, her eyes fluttering close. She fell asleep a few minutes later, her breath both slow and heavy as she slept. The only weapon she still had out was a greatsword leaning on the wall closest to her bed, it was her personal weapon and don't ask why a little girl carried around a huge weapon, Ela just wanted to pack a lot of punch.

"O-Okay..." Jay said as Abe began to unravel her bandages. "When I was young... All I had was my brother. We were the closest two ever and we cared for each other like we were lovers. The only thing..." She gulped after this, still afraid to even speak of her father. "Our father wasn't exactly... nice." She said, her eyes closed. "He tortured me as a small child because I wasn't like Jayfeather. That's what he said as he starved me and locked me in my room as a child. I had to fucking piss in the corner because I wasn't allowed out..." She said, her voice trailing off into a whisper.

"I have had my wings chained up and I had been chained for a wall for too long. I had been whipped for too long. I just was helpless against my father's anger and rage..." Jay cried, tears rolling down her cheeks almost in slow motion. She had never really cried in her life, this was a rare moment. It seemed like now, all of her scars she ever had popped out more, hundreds of scars running across her arm and up into her shoulder. "My brother had saved me... From a fate that seemed bleak and dull with death..." She sobbed, finally fully breaking down in tears.

Jayfeather heard the screaming and recognized it to be Autumn. He hesitated but ended up running towards the screams. He wasn't going to put someone in danger like Jay had been all of those years back. His legs carried him ways as his sickles appeared in his hands. "AUTUMN!" He yelled, running towards the screaming, following the spider. He had a huge fear of spiders along with his sister but sometimes he had to face his fears.
  Scorpius / 88d 3h 32m 17s
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[montserrat [center Trevor turned around, squeaking as they saw Ela laying down.
[+purple "Are we going to bed now?"]

Abe smiled and walked into her room and smiled, taking her arm for the second time that night, pulling off the arm of her flannel off as well as her bandages.
[+magenta Talk and eat while I am checkng your wounds, tell me if I hurt you."]

Alex found a room to settle himself into. The bedsheets were a dark shade of green tha made him feel at home somehow. The rest of the room was plain, almost a blank canvas of sorts, which was lovely.

Autumn got so distracted with pruning she didn't even notice the creatr creaping up behind her until its shadow was covering the garden.
[+red "Hey do you mi-"]
She whiped around, ready to rip whoever it was a new one, but instead was faced with a monstrosity. The eight eyes at this size were horrifying in itself, but the hairy legs that just stood before her would scare anyone. She screamed a blood curdling scream and scrambled to get up, running off, but she wasn't fast enough. The giant spider caught her and had her trapped in a matter of secconds. All she could see were the terrifying fangs of the thing as it spun her into a thick, sticky caccon, traping her arms and legs. She couldnt even reach a corrosive potion to get herself out. She continued screaming as the spider dragged her off to what could only be assumed was its web.
  Alex / RoughLove / 88d 3h 45m 20s
Ela had taken this moment to change as Trevor organized her weapons. She put on some tights and a hoodie that reached her knees and went over her hands. She yawned before curling up in her bed, sliding underneath the sheets.

Jay's head snapped from her mask in her hands to Abe, a slight smile on her face. "Come in then." She said softly, her eyes halfway closed as she sat on her bed still. "I want to tell you something as well..." She said, her legs swinging against her bed mattress. She had changed from the time Abe was in the hallway, which was surprisingly fast. She now wore tight blue jeans, a white t-shirt and a purple flannel. She knew how to look good alright.

Asphyx sat in the chair down in the kitchen still, her mind going at a million miles per hour. She sighed and accidentally fell asleep in the wooden chair.

Jayfeather had not come out of the forest still. He knew he was deep in the forest and even worse, he was lost. He wandered around, looking for something or someone just to trip over a thin wire or something. At that moment, he looked down at his foot after he fell on the ground, noticing he had tripped on a huge ass spider web. That meant there also had to be a huge ass spider around as well.
  Scorpius / 88d 10h 53m 27s
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[montserrat [center Alex looked at Asphyx and laughed.
[+green "I don't know if I'd say hes the leader, he just knows whats going on. I wouldn't take orders from him at least."]
He looked out the window and noticed the sun.
[+green "We should probably get some sleep. "]
He mumbled, walking off upstairs.

Abe smiled at Asphyx before he too left the room, going upstairs with the plate of food for Jay. He quickly found the room that Jay was in and knocked on the door.
[+magenta "I wanted to check your wounds and bring you food."]
He said, smileing.

Autumn Found a tiny area outside that looked like an overgrown garden and smiled. She sat down near it and began to pick at the dead plants, clearing them from what was alive.

Trevor smiled and began to put things in the girls closet. Some of it he didn't know what it was, not being well versed in weapons or fighting at all, but he just went with the flow. Something told him that it was safer to have everything in there rather than on the floor. He tried to keep it as neat and organized as possible.
  Trevor / RoughLove / 88d 11h 3m 16s
Asphyx just took a deep breath and looked down at the ground. "I'm staying here. I want to be a guardian, it was what I was raised for." Asphyx said, her hands twitching. "But I just don't think Jayfeather is an effective leader." She said, her orange eyes piercing the ground.

Jay sighed as soon as Jayfeather stopped crying, moving away from her brother and opening the door. She then just went to an empty room and left the door open, starting to look around the room. This room felt like it belonged to her weirdly, the shades over the window a light purple as the sunlight washed through the window. 'Just another day without sleep.' She thought as she looked at the shield that was posted on the wall above her maroon bed. She sat on the bed and stared at her mask she had picked up from the bathroom again.

Jayfeather had walked out of the bathroom and went down the stairs, going outside from the back door. He felt closer to nature than he had ever felt with a person so being outside was his comfort food pretty much. He walked to the edge of the clearing before entering the forest that was around the clearing and disappearing in the bushes and trees.

Ela pointed to her closet, bringing her short swords and daggers and putting them in the corner of the closet.
  Scorpius / 88d 12h 15m 18s
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[montserrat [center Alex chuckled a little.
[+green "Very specific."]
He mumbled to himself, still watching Asphyx. She seemed to be handleing the news the worst.

Autumn scoffed and looked after Jayfeather
[+red "Right. Becuse thats exactly what i want on my shoulders."]
She crossed her arms and stood up.
[+red "I'm gonna go take a walk or something."]
She mumbled, walking out of the room. She wasn't sure that it was safe to go outside but she at least thought she was a big girl who could handle it.

Abe was unsatisfied with the girl eating so little and decided that he would have her eat more later, when Jayfeather felt better. He stood up and began to put away the food that had not been eaten. The fridge was filled by the time he was done, enough food to last a while was always a good thing.

Trevor looked around at all the different weapons, their face lighting up. They could see through the window that it was morning already and felt almost giddy.
[+purple "Do you have storage? I think we should organize your wepons by use, danger, and size."]
They smiled at the girl. Organization was Trevor's specialty and this room was a gold mine.
  Alex / RoughLove / 88d 12h 27m 18s
"I had to do it or else he would've had a fate worse than death." Jayfeather said, his pale hands on the table. He seemed a bit lost in himself but he shook his head, "I mean... Autumn if you leave, it's most likely that we will end up dying and you'll have our blood on your hands." He said, staring across at Autumn and ignoring Asphyx and Alex. He stood up, tears rolling down his cheeks. "I didn't chose to be apart of this either but do I want to see the world destroyed like I once was? No. I don't." He said, beginning to cry. He ended up walking away from the table while sobbing, his feet taking him upstairs and into the bathroom.

Asphyx looked over at Alex and frowned, not sure to trust Jayfeather or anything anymore. She was still tense as she sat there, glancing at Alex as Jayfeather left. She didn't know what to do but stare at Alex, her arms crossed.

Jay slightly nodded and pulled the plate closer to her head. She then raised her head and began to slowly eat, almost like she was going in slow motion. She was a super slow eater most of the time unless she was being rushed. She then stood up as Jayfeather stood up, a concerned look on her face. She left the plate there and followed him up the stairs and into the bathroom with her brother, closing the door behind her.

Ela smiled and looked up at Trevor before nodding. She took a ginger step into her room, picking up the smallest daggers and swords she had. She had everything to a seven inch dagger to a rocket launcher for some reason in her room. She ignored Jayfeather and Jay as they walked past her bedroom door, she hadn't noticed Jayfeather was crying.

Jay just hugged Jayfeather inside of the bathroom, both of them crying. "They don't understand what we have been through, I wish they just understood." Jayfeather said, placing his head on Jay's shoulder.

Jay was just silent, maybe it was time to tell someone about what they have been through, maybe it would take the stress off of them. She pondered who to tell, Alex wouldn't care about it, Autumn wouldn't care as well. Trevor and Abe seemed way more approachable with this stuff but she chose Abe instead. She was going to tell Abe everything she had been through.
  Scorpius / 88d 12h 59m 30s
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[montserrat [center Trevor blushed as they ran along with the girl. They didn't like the vibe they were getting from Jayfeather and prefered to have stayed downstairs with everyone. But alas here Ela was, in her mess of a deathtrap.
[+purple "Somehow its fitting. Lets get this place organized before you get hurt in here."]
They said, smileing.

Autumn's jaw dropped and she looked at the boy.
[+red "So wait, I'm here to guard the earth? I didn't sign up for that crap!"]
She said, angrily. Somehow she wasn't suprised that Jayfeather killed Ela's dad, and more so was concerned with the fact she wanted to leave and be away from these people because she didn't like most of them.

Meanwhile Abe sat quietly, gaugeing everyones reaction. As he looked to Jay he pushed his plate towards her again and tapped her shoulder.
[+Magenta "Please eat."]
He whispered to the girl.

Alex sat there, seemingly unfazed by what he had heard, and chuckled a little when he saw how tense Asphyx had gotten.
[+green "Better explain why you killed the man before you go on, looks like someone doesn't trust you."]
He grinned at the girl, sending a little wink her way.
  Alex / RoughLove / 88d 14h 10m 57s
Jayfeather had his arms crossed and an angry look on his face but it slowly went away as he noticed... Some of the news having to do with Ela's father dying and even worse, he was the one who killed him. "Uhhhh... Actually, Alex why don't you take Ela upstairs and help her clean her room?" Jayfeather said between his clenched teeth, hoping Alex got what he meant.

Ela frowned, "Actually... Can Trevor and I go clean it?" She asked, lighting up in happiness as she saw Jayfeather nod. She stood up from the chair, pulling Trevor along with her upstairs and into her room. "This is my room!" She squealed, looking at the blood red walls and all the large and tiny weapons laying all over the place.

Jayfeather cleared his throat, "Well... turns out we're here on a mission, a never ending quest if you will. We have to guard earth from the demons that come out of the gates and that's pretty much all I know and I have... I was the one who talked to the father of Ela last... before I killed him." He said almost dangerously, almost like he expected everyone to just get up and just attack him. "And we have to help the nearby villages when they are under attack." He finished, about to ask who would go to help the villages as who would stay to defend the gates.

Jay wasn't listening, she looked even sick with her face being all pale and her skin feeling feverish. It was the poison in her wounds that was doing this, maybe she should've gotten some food if she wasn't so stubborn at times. Her wings weren't even folded up against her back anymore, they were limp besides her, the tips of her black wings barely touching the floor.

Asphyx was surprised at what Jayfeather said, a look of pure shock on her face. Jayfeather was the last person she would've thought to be a murderer. "Did... You... He murdered someone...." She stammered, her eyes looking like she'd seen a ghost. Her face was pale, if Jayfeather had killed someone already, he'd have no problem doing it again. She was now scared of Jayfeather, her shoulders tensing up.
  Scorpius / 89d 13h 13m 8s
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[montserrat [center Autumn crossed her arms and stuck her tounge out like a child before sitting down at the table.
[+red "Whatever."]

Abe stared in shock at the outbursts from both people.
[+magenta "I agree. We need to know why we are here."]

Trevor shook, barely breathing, clinging back onto Ela.
[+purple "Is this common?"]
He whispered to the girl, breath hitching.

Alex shrugged and directed his atention at Jayfeather.
[+green "You seem to be better, you want to tell everyone what you know?"]
He asked, leaning against the counter.
  Alex / RoughLove / 90d 1h 41m 29s

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