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[montserrat [center
[+red "Pardon."]
The girl said, looking at the boy like he was stupid.
[+green "Yeah pardon?"]
Alex said, crossing his arms and looking at the boy.
[+green "Wanna tell us what you know because I'm seriously confused what is happening here."]
The girl just laughed and nodded.
[+red "Right... Well I'm gonna go get some backup and come back for her."]
She turned around and began to walk back to the door but Alex ran and grabbed her before she got far.
[+Green "Why do they try to run?"]
He mumbled.
  Autumn / EastIsUp / 45d 3h 17m 24s
Jayfeather calmed at the sight of the girl having no weapons. He then soothed himself back to his calm self again. "You can't take her and now you can't leave. I've been looking for you." He said, sounding as if the tables have been turned.

Ela also calmed down but she had a guarded expression. "No one is taking my new friend!" She squealed, holding her hunting knife closely.

Asphyx sighed, "I told you a fucking million times, I'm not your friend!" She yelled.
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 45d 3h 28m 51s
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[montserrat [center Alex had his switchblade drawn and was in a fighting stance. He chuckled a little at Jayfeathers throwing skill annd looked at the boy really quick, making a note to make fun of him about it later.
The girl just looked around and laughed nervously
[+red "I'm not here to fight. I just came to get her."]
She said, pointing at Asphyx.
[+red "I dont want any trouble."]
The girl had a bit of an accent, which to Alex sounded australian.
[+green "Come again?"]
The boy asked, Taking a step closer to the girl.
She lowered her hood and looked at the boy. Her hair was tied up in a high ponytail and she had a scowl on her face.
[+red "I just want the girl. I have no weapons. I'm not gonna hurt anyone."]
She put her hands up as if surrendering and smiled a little.
  Autumn / EastIsUp / 45d 3h 35m 57s
Jayfeather was right behind Alex with rushing down the stairs, a sickle in his hand. "Hey!" He screamed, the first he had ever yelled his voice and it like almost shook the house. He threw his sickle with an aim of a potato, the sickle flying over her head. Damn, he could fight hand to hand, but give him anything he had to aim with, he turned to shit.

Ela turned around, dropping her chocolate. She screeched and fell off the couch in surprise with a thud. She then scrambled to get up with a hunting knife. She always had weapons on her. "Go away!" She yelled with her childish voice.

Asphyx continued to stay on the couch, not sure what was happening.
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 45d 3h 48m 59s
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[montserrat [center Alex looked at the other boy, dumbstruck.

It took him a bit to take in what the boy had said, and when it finally all hit he laughed.

[+green "Well fuck. Isn't that peachy."]

He ran a hand through his hair and shook his head.

[+green "I get this feeling you aren't fucking with me huh?"]

Meanwhile downstairs the girls eyes were trained on the back of Ela's head, cautious of her next move. She reached into her pocket and grabbed a bottle of some kind and a rag, dousing the rag carefully in the pink liquid.

she slowly stepped toward the blue haired girl, holding the rag tightly. She was so focused on the girl she didn't notice the rug that was slightly lifted up until her foot caught on it. She tumbled forward, a few bottles of brightly colored liquid clattering from her pockets and the rag flying across the room.

Upstairs the boys heard the clattering and Alex was the first to practically run down the stairs, but the girl was on her feet, her eyes shining bright red being all that was seen of her face under the hood.
  Heros / EastIsUp / 45d 3h 54m 23s
"Take heed, the father is dead." Jayfeather simply said, "Some were chosen to be guardians of the gates to hell since he was the last guardian remaining of his bloodline. But with that, Ela is a guardian no matter what, because she is the last blood line of her family." He said, his eyes darting from the floor to Alex's face once in a while. "We are the guardians and we really can't abandon our post. So... I've got to stick with you and everyone else here." he said, his mouth twitching as if he was going to say something else.

Ela was still eating her choco while having her back to the door. She continued to watch TV for some reason while sitting next to Asphyx still.
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 45d 5h 5m 1s
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[montserrat [center The boy looked at the other boy and scoffed.
[+green "Fuck you."]
He said, voice laced with venom.
[+green "I just wanted to know what you planned to do with the girl. I didn't think id be here this long and the girls father still hasn't come home."]
His fists were clenched and he was seething, but some things were more important than fighting.

The front door slowly opened and a girl with a hood on quietly stepped inside, being as quiet as she could so she could go unnoticed.
  Alex / EastIsUp / 45d 5h 9m 42s
"Good boy." Jayfeather said after the harsh words that were said to him. "I thought you wanted to talk to me about something." He quietly said, leaning against the hallway wall.

Ela just ate her choco and went into the living room, sitting on the couch that Asphyx was sitting on. She was watching TV and swinging her legs back and forth.
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 45d 5h 20m 35s
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[montserrat [center Alex frowned at the girl.
[+Green "Damn. Girls are weird."]
He watched tv for a while before he heard the whistle. He looked at the boy on the stairs with a shocked look. Did he really just whistle at him? Like he was a dog? He glared daggers at the other boy but followed him to the next floor.
[+green "Dude I'm not a fucking dog, don't whistle at me."]
he said, anger dripping in his voice.
  Alex / EastIsUp / 45d 5h 26m 32s
"I hate you." Asphyx finally growled, her voice nothing but a whisper now from all the yelling. Her orange hair was now in her eyes from all the struggling and she couldn't see anymore from out of it. She was just tired out now, her body feeling heavier than usual. After a few seconds, indeed as she felt, she was asleep, a slight snore coming from her mouth.

Jayfeather sighed as he lifted up Ela's dress and looked at the bandages and began to undo them, the leaf he had placed falling to the floor. "I know this is going to hurt but... Just squeeze my hand if you hurt but don't scream." he said, placing his left hand in her right hand. He then grabbed some crushed up herbs with his right hand and pressed the against the wound. Slightly after that, he yelped in pain as his hand had gotten crushed. He wasn't expecting her to have that much of a death grip. He then wrapped it with more bandages and stood up, letting her have her chocolate. He then went into the living room and whistled for Alex's attention before walking up the stairs to the next floor.
  Scorpius / 45d 5h 32m 43s
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[montserrat [center Alex frowned at the girl.
[+green "You're no fun."]
He said, grabbing a tv remote from the coffee table.
[+green "Any chanel preferance?"]
  Alex / EastIsUp / 45d 5h 31m 51s
Jayfeather let out a loud sigh and got up and after a while of scratching and saying "oof", Jayfeather had came out with Ela, holding her by her armpits with his hands. He carried her over to his bag and set her down, a few scratches on his face, forest green oozing out of the scratches.

Asphyx had grown silent, she would just have to wait on the couch.
  Scorpius / 45d 7h 45m 55s
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[montserrat [center Alex gave the girl an amused look.
[+green "Oh calm down. What else were we gonna do? We don't know you and its very unsafe to let a stranger run around."]
He grinned at the girl. He enjoyed her sassiness, it was entertaining to say the least.
Hearing Ela in the kitchen he couldn't help it, he burst out laughing.
[+green "Jesus this has been a weird fucking night."]
  Alex / EastIsUp / 45d 7h 48m 59s
Asphyx flopped around to look at Alex, "Of course I fucking am and fuck you." She was angry because of why they tied her up, she was telling the truth yet she was tied up.

Jayfeather sighed and kneeled down, "C'mon here Ela." He said, placing his herbal bag besides him.

"No!" Ela screamed, finding some chocolate and unwrapping it.
  Scorpius / 45d 7h 53m 33s
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[montserrat [center Alex chuckled at the girls reaction to him and opened his mouth to speak when he noticed Jayfeather next to him.
[+green "I'll go watch the girl, but I've got some words for you later."]
He said to Ela, turning back into the living room and sitting on the couch next to Asphyx. He studdied her for a moment before laughing to himself.
[+green "Ya look a little agitated."]
He said sarcastically.
  Alex / EastIsUp / 45d 7h 56m 41s

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