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[montserrat [center Trevor gingerly took the scroll, nodding their understanding before walking to the forest. The energy around the woods was almost suffocating. A lot had happened in just 24 hours and the earth was feeding on the magic that was leftover. Trevor felt themself become lightheaded, a common reaction of theirs to this kind of magic. They leaned against a tree for support, breathing heavily.
[+purple "Theres so much energy here. Just give me a second."]
They closed their eyes and took a deep breath before
[i They were dangling above the ground, breathing hard. The couldnt see anything, just felt panic.]
Trevor crumpled to the ground, holding their head. They couldn't make sense of the vision and it was giving them a headache.

Alex ran to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water, holding it to the girls lips.
[+green "It's gonna be okay."]
He whispered, more to himself now that the girl seemed delerious from her fever. He remained behind the girl, rubbing her arms as if trying to calm her.

A faint shadow of wings could be seen behind Abe as he dodged Jayfeathers blades, getting only a small slash. His wound glowed and he smiled.
[+magenta "I have no intension of dying today."]
He said, throwing the end of the rope at the boy as it glowed with a faint blue light. It wrapped around the other boys wrist, locking on, with no way to remove it. The rope looked like a regular braided rope, but it was enchanted. Abe jerked the rope, puling the boy forward so that he could lay a hand on him. The two were encased in a bright pink light.
As the light faded away it was reveiled the two were in a vast empy expance of land.
[+magenta "I had to get you away from your sister. I do not want her to get hurt."]
Suddenly he had a short sword in one hand and a sheild in the other, both beautifully ornate and giving off the same pink glow.
  Aiko / RoughLove / 301d 3h 34m 39s
Asphyx nodded and ended up walking silently, her orange hair seeming like fire in the sunset. [#FF4500 "Listen... If something happens and something goes wrong, I want you to abandon me and give Autumn her herbs and this." ] Asphyx said, turning around as they entered the forest. She placed a small scroll in Trevor's hands, her orange eyes meeting his for a few seconds.

Jayfeather smiled, it was a crooked and evil one as it flashed across his face. His sickles were coated with purple blood as he just stared at Abe. His hazel eyes seeming misty as he growled and hissed at Abe before slashing at him with one sickle. [#228B22 "Let's hope God doesn't banish you to Hell for dying to my hands!" ] Jayfeather yelled as he slashed.

Jay was on the floor besides Abe, a thin slash across her neck. Her neck was her weak spot though and she bled a lot whenever she got a wound on her neck. It was a thin slice but purple blood was pretty much pouring out of her neck. She started to slowly get up, now on her knees as she looked over at Abe. [#9400D3 "D-Don't hu-urt him... Pleas-se... Ab-be..." ]

[#DC143C "I guess a bottle can save my life." ] Ela mumbled as her fever rised a bit more and her eyes began to slightly close. [#DC143C "A-Alex..." ] She softly cried, feeling his hands behind her head. [#DC143C "Wa-ater..." ] She softly panted, her mouth feeling like a desert.

A small girl ran along the forest, crying as she tripped on everything as she ran. She seemed blind as she ran along until she managed to fall on her ankle, the whole ankle cracking and snapping. She fell to the floor, screaming and crying in pain. [#CD853F "MAMA!" ] The girl cried, trying to cope with the loss of her parents, which is why she ran in the first place and now she ended up on the dirt in the forest with a broken ankle.

[#708090 "Shut up." ] A very angry and venomous voice came from behind the girl as something wrapped around her neck and she just whimpered, wanting someone to help her. [#708090 "Hasn't anyone told you to not go into the forest, it's filled with spiders!" ] The voice growled, sounding more like a male as the girl was lifted into the air but she had her back to the male so she couldn't see him as the line of webbing around her neck tightened a bit.
  Scorpius / 301d 10h 28m 10s
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[montserrat [center Trevor grabed the sword they had taken from Ela's room and a sheath they had found and put the blade on his waist.
[+purple "Just me."]
They said as they appered at Asphyx's side.
[+purple "Lead the way.."]

Alex remained by Ela's side, getting behind her to prop her head up.
[+green "Its gonna be okay."]
He said to her.

Abe whipped up and around, kicking in the locked door. He shrouded himself in a bright, blinding light and rushed at Jayfeather, a white rope in his hands.
He pushed the boy off of Jay and assumed a battle stance. He knew Jayfeather was a fighter but he was a nephilum, he had the Angels on his side if he needed them.
  Autumn / RoughLove / 302d 10m 42s
Asphyx nodded before returning to her own room and putting down her pike for once. She felt like she didn't need it but she picked up a shield and a saber. She looked at the french blade as she inspected it. It was pure gold and seemed to have a dark orange blood on it, it almost looked like hers. She frowned and walked back into the hallway, holding her stuff before making her way downstairs and outside, waiting for the others finally.

Suddenly there was soft screams coming from Jay's room and a bunch of thuds.

[#9400D3 "No, no, no, no." ] Jay yelled as Jayfeather pushed against her. She had ended up on the floor, one of her wings trapped underneath her back and the other one fluttering uselessly. She tried to push Jayfeather away as he had both of his sickles dangerously close to her neck. [#9400D3 "A-ABE!" ] She screamed, the curved blade getting closer and closer to her neck by the second.

Ela had her eyes closed as more vomit ended up coming out of her mouth and onto the floor. She was very sensitive to venom as it made her constantly sick while poisoned and after being healed.
  Scorpius / 302d 28m 36s
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[montserrat [center Abe shook his head, sitting down outside the door, waving at Asphyx as she walked by. He had a bad feeling and didn't plan to leave, but he wouldn't make his presance known.

Autumn followed Asphyx into the room and rumaged around in Jayfeathers stuff, picking up a few things.
[+red "I'm missing one ingredient. Its reallly rare but i know i saw some in the woods. Right in the midle there is a lake. I need some of the grass around it. The water glows a really pretty white color. It's subtle so watch out for it. Iif you get the wrong water it'll make a poison."]
She said to Asphyx, just assuming shed go get it.

She walked into her own room and grabbed a portable cauldren, dumping the ingredients in it.

Trevor walked up to Asphyx and Autumn
[+purple "I'll go with you. You shouldn't go alone. Something bad is gonna happen."]
  Autumn / RoughLove / 302d 38m 24s
Jay turned towards the door, afraid to open it for once. Instead of opening it, she locked it. She only had knowledge of this but as soon as Jayfeather came around, he'd have a burst of violence before calming down. This burst of violence ended most of the time with him murdering someone. [#9400D3 "Go away!" ] She yelled through the door, a bit of fear in her voice. She just had to hope she could survive. She felt like she failed her brother in some sort of way and this was her way of saying sorry, by trying to help him.

Ela just groaned on the couch, still stuck and paralyzed. She felt like throwing up again and she retched again but didn't puke, trying to hold herself together for her friends.

Asphyx had came out of her room again and peeked her head into Jayfeather's room, curious of what it looked like. It was filled with all kinds of potion ingredients and herbs along with potions that were on shelves. She heard something about ingredients so she called for Autumn to come up to Jayfeather's room.
  Scorpius / 302d 47m 55s
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[montserrat [center Autumn stepped back, gagging.
[+red "Gross. Jesus."]
She stepped around the vomit and inspected Ela's bite wound, frowning.

[+red "I think i know an antivirus that will work for this. But I'd need ingredients"]

Abe quickly followed Jay, knocking on her door.
  Alex / RoughLove / 302d 59m 56s
[#FF4500 "Fucking..." ] Asphyx mumbled as she dropped Jayfeather on the floor in the kitchen, just staring dead at Jay as she looked back and dropped her plate of sandwiches. [#FF4500 "Good, now care for your fucking brother." ] Asphyx simply growled before stomping her way upstairs and slamming her door behind her. She then sat on her bed and opened her palm, a tiny spider in her hand. She smiled and ended up placing it into a little see through container.

The first thing Jay did after she dropped the plate of food was slam the fridge door shut and slid to Jayfeather's side. She instantly picked him up a bit, her arms having enough strength to pick him up. She then dragged him to the stairs and carried him up to her room before throwing him onto her bed. [#9400D3 "Sometimes I swear Feather." ] Jay sighed as she ran into his room and snatched a small vial from Jayfeather's bag. She then slammed her door shut as she slowly fed him the vial and waited on the purple bed besides him.

[#DC143C "S-Spider..." ] Ela mumbled through her shock and fear, she was no longer crying but she was still freaked out a bit. She felt like puking suddenly, her eyes kinda glazing over as she retched.
  Scorpius / 302d 1h 8m 9s
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[montserrat [center Alex hushed the girl in his arms and ran into the house with her, laying her on a couch in the livingroom, where Abe sat, stareing blankly at a dumb kids show on the tv.

He looked at the group in shock.
[+magenta "What happened?"]
He asked, rushing to Ela's side and placeing a hand on her forehead. She was running a fever.
[+Green "Spider venom. Shes paralized. Can you help her?"]
Alex asked. He sounded almost frantic and he was talking more loudly than he needed to.
Abe looked at the boy and frowned.
[+magenta "I can't extract the poison from her, you'll need an antidote."]
He looked at Jayfeather and sighed. The only people he could think of that had the power to help were Jayfeather and Autumn and he was unsure if she was yet in the right headspace.

Autumn and Trevor both left the girls room and were on the way to the kitchen because Trevor ate nothing at breafast/diner(?)
Autumn stoped dead in her tracks, seeing the two ill-looking people and rushing over
[+red "What happened?"]
She asked, also frantic.
  Alex / RoughLove / 302d 1h 20m 19s
Asphyx nodded, instantly taking three steps towards Jayfeather but cringing back a bit. It was almost like his aura was lashing out at her, making her feel sick and in pain. Eventually, she did grab Jayfeather by his arms and began to drag him towards the old house, his feet killing everything it touched as she dragged him along.

Ela was crying too much to hear Alex, her thoughts racing as she thought she was going to die soon. She strained so much to move but she couldn't, her mind going into a state of panic. [#DC143C "I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die." ] She repeated quickly as she sobbed, her eyes tightly shut.

Jay opened her eyes slightly, she had expected this. She was never one for sleep, she needed about thirty minutes of sleep to feel energized again, she guessed that was the best thing about being fallen. She slid out of bed, looking at the clothes she had on. She felt embarrassed about falling asleep on Abe as she tugged off her clothes and put on some black pants and a grey sweater she had in the closet that was attached to her room. She then began to walk downstairs, her wings hidden underneath her sweater. She eventually made her way to the kitchen, her face pale as she opened the fridge and pulled out some sandwiches.
  Scorpius / 302d 4h 18m 17s
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[montserrat [center Alex caught Ela, a little bit shocked.
[+green "Can you get Jayfeather back to the house? We need Abe."]
He asked Asphyx, franticaly.
He quickly picked up Ela bridal style and held onto her tghtly.
[+green "Just hold on, the spider must have parallized you. You'll be okay." ]

Meanwhile in the house Autumn was in her room, pouring through a bookshelf. She had never seen so many potionn books in one place.
[+red "Its like these rooms were made for us..."]
She mumbled to herself.
  Alex / RoughLove / 302d 4h 57m 35s
As soon as Jayfeather was laid on the grass, the grass and flowers around him died as his forest green blood trickled out of his nose. His eyes was now closed, bones popping up from the ground around him. The air around him seemed dangerous and poisonous, almost like death itself was inside of Jayfeather.

Ela nodded and showed Alex a little cut on her cheek and a huge bite mark around her arm. She then suddenly felt dizzy, falling towards Alex as the spider's venom sunk into her body, paralyzing her. She began to cry as she tried to move but couldn't, her bright red blood dripping onto the ground. [#DC143C "I can't move!" ] She squealed.

Asphyx just watched them, unharmed as she had a frown on her face.
  Scorpius / 302d 6h 28m 21s
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[montserrat [center Alex didn't notice Jayfeather until he yelled. He rushed over to the boy, picking him up careful to avoid the goo.
[+green "Jesus christ dude!"]
he said as he hoisted the boy up onto his shoulder so he could climb down the tree.
[+green "He'll be fine!"]
he yelled down to the girls.
[+green "Are you guys okay? Anyone hurt?"]
He asked as he reached the ground, setting the boy down and walking over to inspect Ela.
  Alex / RoughLove / 302d 6h 48m 20s
Jayfeather did the opposite of what Alex said to do, he just tried not to fall to the ground and become a squished bug. He followed Alex and silently placed his left hand on the egg sack, his eyebrows furled in concentration. After a few seconds, forest green blood began to run out of his nose. He used his anger towards himself for his advantage, the aura about him changing instantly. He gave out a loud yell as his eyes shut as tightly as possible and bones suddenly grew out of the sack, the bones growing until the egg sack just simply fell to the ground and landed with a splat, all the liquids of the sack just spilling out. He then began to get really dizzy, grabbing Alex's arm for support as he began to fall.

Ela looked up at Jayfeather and yelled in fear, she didn't want Jayfeather to end up squished. She put her hands up like she was going to try to catch her, Asphyx besides her doing the same thing.

Asphyx had never seen a power like that as she watched from the ground. First, he had sprouted flowers from his cocoon and then made bones impale the sack? She shuddered in fear and weirdness, [#FF4500 "Alex?! Is he okay?!" ] She yelled.

Jayfeather was halfway between unconscious and consciousness, his eyes rolled up back into his head.
  Scorpius / 302d 6h 55m 51s
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[montserrat [center Alex shrugged as the boy stammered.
[+green "You said it yourself, We need to all stay here or the world will end or some shit. It's in my best interest to keep everyone alive."]
He pointed to the ground as if telling the other boy to go back to the others before turning around and addressing the spider eggs. They had to get rid of it obviously but he couldn't figure out how. It was too dangerous to burn it in the trees but he wasn't sure if it would survive a fall to the ground. He walked up to the sack, pokeing it. It seemed sturdy enough to try it but it wasn't worth the risk. Suddenly he got an idea.
[+green "Hey guys can somene get me a blanket and some rope? I gotta get this egg sack down there to burn it.""]
He yelled down to the others.
  Alex / RoughLove / 302d 7h 6m 0s

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