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Jayfeather nodded from the doorway, instantly stepping onto Jay's bed and he placed himself behind her back as she laid on her side. He gently grabbed her wing that was broken and folded inwards and looked up at Abe, [#228B22 "I'd say you should get a gag or something." ] He said, his hazel eyes locked onto Abe. He had his right hand on Jay's neck so he kept her pulse as he looked down at her wing. [#228B22 "Also go get Autumn, she'd has more experience in this healing than you but you may watch to make sure Jay stays safe." ] He said, his eyes filled with emotion as he looked down at Jay as she continued to cry silently.

Jay seemed more freaked out as soon as Jayfeather got up behind her, her eyes looking at Abe with dullness as she laid there. She weakly reached out for Abe, her hand shaking as she reached for him. She heard something about a gag and she seemed freaked out even more, her other hand underneath her thigh.

Ela was still clinging onto Alex, her arms wrapped around him. She then let go, her legs letting go of Alex's waist so she could land on her feet. [#DC143C "Thank you." ] She said, blushing as she looked up at him. Her red cherry lips puckered a bit as if she was eating a lemon and then she let out a loud raspberry, her bright red eyes glinting at him.

The small girl with the brown hair wrapped her arm around Trevor's neck, making sure that she didn't fall as she placed her head against their chest. She seemed traumatized as she shook in their hands, her eyes open and seeming glassed over because she was blind. She tried to use her senses but she was too panicked to focus but then she heard Elwing's voice and she spoke, [#CD853F "H-Hest-tia..." ] Hestia said, her head still tucked against Trevor's chest.

Asphyx watched with a guarded expression as her shield was back into a Libra charm on a bracelet on her left wrist. She continued to watch while leaning against a tree, her eyes glancing at the bushes that the spider boi had been knocked into once in a while. [#FF4500 "I think we should go back to the house." ] She quietly said, her voice barely a whisper like how Jay usually talked but it was weird because Asphyx was always loudly spoken and kinda commanding.
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[montserrat [center Abe sighed
[+magenta "Try not to do that again please."]
He said, touching the dried blood on his cheek. He walked into Jays room and saw her crying. He kneeled beside the bed and smiled at the girl, wiping away a tear.
[+magenta "Hush. You are going to be alright."]
He said, giving her another check, more in depth this time. He notiched her wounded leg, shocked he had missed it before.
[+magenta "oh dear."]
He said, looking at Jayfeather.
[+magenta "Sorry to bother you, i know youve been through a lot tody but could you help me set her wing in place. I get the feeling you've had to do it before."]

Trevor smiled at the girl and chuckled a bit.
[+purple "Now Hestia why would I hurt you?I just saved you silly"]
He asked, carrying her to where Asphyx and Elwing were.
[+purple "Who are you?"]
He asked Elwing, who smiled as he leaned against a tree with his arms crossed.
[#CC6600 "Elwing. It's a pleasure to meet you. And she is?"]
He asked. He looked at the small girl, grinning.
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Jayfeather shook his head and looked down at the ground as he followed behind Abe, [#228B22 "I... I used too much of my power in destroying a spider egg sac... I used my death abilities..." ] He said, his voice holding sorrow and slight pain. He then wrapped his hands around his forest green scarf as if he was nervous, which he was. He hoped his sister was alright.

Jay had tried to move and was now crying as a result but she was still laying on her side on her bed though. Little feathers were spread out everywhere, both black like the feathers from her wings and purple like Jay. Her main problems were the three puncture wounds in her right leg that prevented her from walking and her broken wing. At least both were wrapped in bandages but her broken wing was still a problem. It needed to be shifted over back in it's place and then it would take a long while for it to feel normal as long as Jay tried to fly with it a tiny bit each day.

[#CD853F "H-Hestia..." ] The girl cried, her ankle in a weird angle as Trevor cut the webbing around her ankles and hands. [#CD853F "P-Please do-on't hurt m-m-mee..." ] She sobbed, her hands shaking as she reached around wildly, her eyes the color of a blue marble.

Asphyx nodded and relaxed, her shoulders slumping down a bit. She backed up a bit aways and leaned against a tree, waiting for Trevor to finish his work with the girl.
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[montserrat [center Abe heaved a heavy sigh.
[+magenta "She is hurt, but mostly by his hands."]
He pointed to the flowers.
[+magenta "What happened to you?"]
He asked as he began to walk back inside to check on Jay.

Autumn tensed up as Ela hugged her, standing up and laughing as the girl attached herself to Alex.
[+red "Told ya. I've got more if any of you idiots gets bit by one of those things again."]

Alex held his hands in the air, his face shocked as the girl latched. The only people who have ever hugged him like that were his younger siblings, and even then it was annoying. He patted the girls back awkwardly.
[+green "Heh...Glad you are....alright."]
He said nevously.

Trevor picked up the little girl and looked at Asphyx
[+purple "H-hes good. He helped"]
He stammered out, his confidence now completely gone.
[+purple "H-hey whats your name"]
He asked the litle girl as he removed the webbing.

Elwing put his hands up in a surender.
[#CC6600 "You heard them. I'm friend. Not foe."]
He smiled a closed eyed smile.
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Jayfeather sighed in relief as Abe let the rope unravel. He stood up and glanced down at the dead body, instantly flinching as he seen the wounds on the body. [#228B22 "Did... Did Jay do that?" ] He asked, a frown over his face. He placed his hand over the boy, the ground and dirt seeming to rise up and slowly take over the boy's body. As soon as the boy's body went under the dirt, flowers and grass grew over it, the flowers snowy white as the boy's hair. Jayfeather then coughed after he had finished, sending forest green blood over the grave before looking at Abe, [#228B22 "Is Jay hurt?" ] He asked, feeling like he indeed hurt her.

Ela gagged a bit as she felt the potion enter her mouth and down her throat. She seized up a bit, her body tensing up as the potion did it's work and after a few moments Ela relaxed. She slowly sat up, her hands shaking a bit. [#DC143C "I-It worked!" ] She said happily, turning around and hugging Autumn before hugging Alex and clinging onto him, her legs wrapped around his lower stomach and her arms around his back.

The boy indeed dropped the girl, making her land on the ground as he jumped back. He swung his hands, the charm bracelet under his sleeves becoming a flintlock. He smirked and sent off a single shot, it was a deadly one as it flew towards Trevor's heart.

Asphyx seemed to make it to the scene on time, her feet sliding across the muddy ground as her libra bracelet on her left wrist became a shield, barely blocking the bullet for Trevor before slamming the shield into the boy's chest, sending him backwards into some bushes. [#FF4500 "And that's whatcha get. Fucker." ] She snarled, turning around to face Elwing. She growled at him, thinking he was evil too.
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[montserrat [center Autumn grbbed the grass and ran up the stairs.
[+red "Thank you!"]
She yelled over her shoulder before runnin into her room. she opened the bag and sniffed inside, checking to make sure it was the right stuff before grabbing a blade and dropping it in the mixture she had and lighting a flame below the cauldren. She closed her eyes and cleared her mind before mumbling a few words in latin. The room filled with a puff of purple as the girl opened her eyes and poured the mixture into a couple viles.
She ran back to Ela and opened one of the botles.
[+red "I don't know if this will work. I've never made it before]
she said, holding the potion to Ela's lips before she found it pushed away.
[+green "Are you kidding? You dont know if it works? I'm not letting you use it on her, we will find another way.]
Alex said, holding the girl protectively
[+red "And while we try to find another way shes gonna die. This is the only thing we've got."]
She growled, putting the potion back to the girls lips, this time practicaly forcing it down her throat.

Abe smiled at Jayfeather as he began to speak.
[+magenta "Welcome back. I'll remove the ropes in just a tick. Please give me a moment."]
He studdied the mangled boys body and sighed.
[+magenta "On second thought could you help me clean up this mess?"]
He asked, touching the rope, which unravled itself from the boy and ran up Abe's arm.

Elwing "gracefully" fell out of the tree and raised a brow at he other boy.
[#CC6600 "Dude thats gross.]
He mumbled, turning to Trevor who looked confused, but still held the sword with confidance.
Elwing slightly stepped aside, winking at them as if telling them to rescue the girl.
Trevor lunged at the boy in an attempt to make him drop the girl. He knew Asphyx was on her way so he had backup soon.
Elwing just silently watched as Trevor attempted to save the girl, grinning.
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Jay had ended up staying awake for once as Abe ran off to go grab Jayfeather, her mind running at a million miles per hour as she stared at her purple walls. Her crow mask had ended up on her desk, it's empty eye sockets staring into her face. She took a deep breath as her room suddenly shifted, shelves appearing from her walls. They held all kinds of charms and weapons, a giant long ended axe hanging from the roof. There was also a trapdoor that appeared in the corner of the room as well as if it led somewhere else.

Ela suddenly groaned, feeling better than when she was carried into here, her face back to being slight pale as she watched T.V. [#DC134C "Alex..." ] She groaned, her bright red eyes looking up at him as her lips curled into a slight smile. Her mind was totally away from the thought of her father at the moment, not knowing what Jayfeather had done to him.

Asphyx opened the front door and looked at Autumn and Alex around Ela and she walked over with the baggy in her hand, [#FF4500 "I've got the grass, here." ] She said, handing Autumn the bag as she looked over at Ela with a concerned face. She then turned back around and went back out, the phoenix's cries filling the air as she began to sprint back to the forest.

Jayfeather was awake and looking confused, [#228B22 "Wh-hy am I tied up? Where am I? What's going on?" ] He asked at a rapid fire speed as he tried to move against Abe's magic rope. He was back to normal, his eyes glowing slightly in the moonlight as flowers grew around his body.

The boy smiled, his white teeth flashing as he took away the lighter. [#708090 "Actually, why don't you take the weirdo here?" ] He said, pointing to Trevor as he placed his fingers on the side of the girl's cheek, webs wrapping around her mouth, her cries for help muffled as he picked her up by the webs around her neck again. [#708090 "I'll go make sure I have more spider children." ] He said with a smirk on his face as he lifted up the blind girl a bit.
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[montserrat [center Abe picked the girl up and quickly ran her inside, leaving Jayfeather bound on the ground.
[+magenta "Sh. It's going to be alright."]
Abe said, strokig the girls hair from her face. He layed her on her bed in her room and ran to get bandages. He wrapped her broken wing carefully, attempting to create a temporary cast. He then wiped away the blood from her face and ears, tending to any cut he found.
[+magenta "You've got to be more careful. I can't keep patching you up like this."]
He smiled at the girl kindly and kissed her forehead before leaving the room and heading back outside to get Jayfeather.
[+magenta "I should clean up this mess first."]
he mumbled, not wanting someone to stumble on the scene of something so gruesome.

Trevor raised his brow and chuckled.
[b [+purple "What? Did you think that would shock me?"]]
He asked, the sword still raised and pointing at the boy.
[#CC6600 "I can take them off your hands if you want."]
A boy said. Trevor looked around to find the source of the sound but was met with nothing. The trees rustled and sudenly a boy was dangling from a branch, faceing the one holding the lighter. His white hair dangled down and he smiled at the boy wickedly.
[#CC6600 "I'm very interested in them."]
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Jay was slipping in and out of unconsciousness, cries and soft screams escaping her mouth each time she woke up. Her wings was cut up and missing feathers and even one was broken from her fall, half of the wing bent inwards. She was bleeding from her nose, her mouth and her ears as her face was covered in her own blood along with the boy's white blood. She had managed to get stabbed in her right leg as well, meaning she couldn't walk too.

The boy was much worse on the ground, his head almost detached from his body as his face held a look of horror on his face. His innards were all on his lap as if Jay had cut them out.

Asphyx stopped and took a deep breath, her hands cupped in front of her as a phoenix appeared in her hands. It flew around the forest, searching for Trevor for her as she made her way back to the house, the baggy of grass in her hand.

The male snarled at Trevor, a lighter appearing in his hands as he placed it next to the webbing around the crying girl. [#708090 "Take another step or she'll go kaboom." ] He growled to him, his thumb on the top of the lighter.
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[montserrat [center Abe had brought the two right beside Jay and blinked a few times. He dropped Jayfeather and rushed to Jays side.
[+magenta "What hapened? Are you alright?"]

Trevor stared back at the stranger coldly.
[b [+purple "I guess you don't have to, but if you don't I wont hestate to kill you.]]
He said, smirking. His aura grew darker as he spoke and the magic around the pair started getting denser.
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Asphyx had reached the lake, bending down to inspect the colored water. She grazed her hand across the grass besides it, inspecting it as well. She knew it was the grass that Autumn said she needed so she smiled as she picked it. She placed the pieces of grass into her small baggy she had brought to carry it. She then stood up and began to wonder around, looking for Trevor. [#FF4500 "Trevor!" ] She yelled, her orange eyes looking for him.

The shadows suddenly dissipated, meaning the shadow barrier also fell. Jay stood over the body of the boy, her knife covered in white blood and her face covered in both her purple blood and white blood. She had a crazed look on her face as she stared down at the dead boy. Her hair glew a bit in the moonlight as she went from looking insane to looking faint. She fell to the ground, her wings spreading out behind her as she landed. As she landed, there was a crack and a pop as Jay landed on her wing, making it break inwards so it was at a 90 degree angle.

Ela was awake and just lost in her mind as she started to feel better but she still couldn't move as she had her eyes locked with the T.V.

The girl suddenly felt her body go weightless, her body hitting the ground slightly but she screamed in pain anyways from her broken ankle. She tried to move but couldn't, something wrapped around her wrists and ankles from moving.

The boy turned around, his black hair swinging around with him. He snarled, his red eyes flashing dangerously. He seemed like a normal male but he was tall, standing around 5'7. [#708090 "Wow, why should I listen to you?" ] He snarled, his white teeth glowing slightly as he stared at Trevor.
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[montserrat [center Trevors vision was fading in and out as they ran. They were coming in and out of a vision, as if their mind couldn't quite grasp it, but then voices could be heard, a little girl crying and a hissing voice of a male. The girls cries echoed around Trevors head like she was mentally reaching out for help.
[+purple "Damn it. I shouldn't have come alone."]
They mumbled, un-sheathing their sword. They couldn't do much but they weren't about to do nothing. Taking a deep breath they quietly moved around to behind the male and held the sword up to his back. Trevors eyes glowed red.
[+purple "I suggest you let the girl go."]
They said, exuding more confidance than they thought they had.

Autumn let out a puff of air, turning her back to the window.
[+red "She'll be fine. How's Ela doing?"]
She asked Alex, who was still shaking Ela to keep her awake.
[+red "Jesus don't shake the poor girl."]
She said, kneeling down next to Ela to check her.
[+green "I don't want her falling asleep."]

Abe and Jayfeather looked at each other for a second before Jayfeather rushed at Abe, sickles in hand. He landed a good slice to the other boys cheek but nothing that Abe couldn't handle. Red seeped out of his cheek, glowing almost.
[+magenta "Please calm down. I don't want to have to hurt you too much."]
he said, holding the sheild in front of him as another blow was dealt. The sheild and sword were replaced with the rope again as Abe took the offensive as well, charging at the boy and throwing the end of the rope at him. It wrapped around his neck as Abe suddenly appeared behind him, wrapping the rope around the boys torso and arms.
[+magenta "Don't make me subdue you."]
Abe said, frowning a bit. Jayfeather just kicked at the boy, sending him back. The rope was already latched on and holding the boys arms down but as long as he had his legs he was a threat.
Abe materialized his bow and pulled back an arrow, aiming it at the boys knees.
[+magenta "Dont make me."]
He said, a hint of panic in his voice. Jayfeather took a step to the boy and he let go of the arrow. It just grazed his knee but he was unable to move.
[+magenta "Paralasis potion."]
He said, wrapping the boys legs in the rope as well.
[+magenta "Time to go back home."]
He said as the sound of wings was heard.
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Asphyx reached for Trevor even though he was already walking away from her with a confused look on her face. She then sighed, picking up her shield and saber as she began to go towards the lake. Her eyes looked around wildly as if she didn't trust anything while she was alone. [#FF4500 "If anyone is out here, make yourself known before you get a sword to the stomach!" ] She yelled loudly, her shield collapsing into a bracelet on her left wrist.

Battle Scene Cont.

Jay kept slashing with extreme speed and strength, laughing as the boy could barely block her attacks with his long trident. After a while, Jay began to get tired and you could see it as her slashes became more slow and didn't seem as strong as normal. The boy noticed this and grinned, kicking Jay right in the stomach and sending her backwards on the grass.

Jay slid a few feet away, her scythe tumbling away. Her vision was blurry but she could make out an approaching shadow next to her. Her right hand instantly went to her hunting knife and she yanked it out of her sheath, barely putting it up to make the boy's trident slam into the ground besides her. She then snarled and her vision cleared as she kicked upwards, kicking the boy away as she landed on her feet. She yelled, shadows suddenly towering over her, the points of weapons being made out of the shadows. She had her wings spread out as well, her eyes having a crazy glint to them.

The boy looked scared for once and began to back up before Jay yelled and sprinted forwards, the shadows crashing over the two. Nothing could be seen inside the shadows but there was a lot of screaming, both male and female.


Ela's eyes started to lift up again, her mouth twitching a bit. She wanted a hug but her lips felt like they couldn't move. She was just staring at the T.V, finding comfort in the children's show.

The girl then felt something warm wrap around her waist, giving out another whimper as she smelt kerosene and something else toxic that was coming from the sticky things that were wrapped around her body. She panicked at this point, beginning to breath quickly as she spiraled into a panic attack. She wheezed for air as she felt the thing around her neck begin to tighten, her senses starting to fail her. [#CD853F "Help!" ] She cried out before getting slammed in the head with something blunt and heavy, making her head hurt like she was having a migraine.
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[montserrat [center Trevor was shaking, their face pale.
[+purple "I don't know. I couldn't see anything."]
They breathed a few shakey breaths and stood up looking into the woods.
[+purple "I don't know what it is but someones in trouble in there. Someone needs to help them. I'm going."]
They walked into the woods, not looking back to see if Asphyx was following or really careing. Ela needed that water and They prefered she goes to get it.

Alex shook Ela.
[+green "No. Try to stay awake."]
He said, franticaly, not bothering to pay attention to Jay as she left.
Autumn ran down the stairs after Jay, but was unable to keep up with her. She ran to a window and looked out. She had heard the scream and door breaking, and there wasn't anything she could do with the potion without the last ingredent so she decided she'd make sure everything was okay. She saw Jayfeather and Abe dissapear and Jay bleeding from her neck.
[+red "I swear to god if i have to try and heal her too."]
She grumbled, watching the fight go down
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[#FF4500 "T-Trevor?" ] Asphyx said as she tried to catch Trevor but with all that she was carrying with her shield and saber, she wasn't able to save him from falling to the ground. She then threw her shield and saber aside, kneeling next to him. She placed her hand on his back as she tried to understand what was wrong with him but at least she understood he could see things as they happened. [#FF4500 "What'd you see? Are you okay?" ] She frantically asked, a concerned look on her face.

Ela ended up almost drinking the whole bottle, acting like she was dying of dehydration as she swallowed the water. She was also calming down even more from Alex rubbing her arm, her eyes beginning to close as she felt tired. [#DC143C "C-Cold..." ] She managed to say as Alex pulled away the bottle from her lips.

Battle Scene

[#9400D3 "H-Help..." ] Jay groaned as she felt the ground shake from upstairs in her room as the rising moon gave off it's moonlight and hit the stone gates that stood in the clearing. She took a deep breath and grabbed a random scarf from her closet and wrapped it around her neck before running down the stairs to help her bleeding, [#9400D3 "Don't come outside, don't let anyone come outside." ] She growled in Alex's ear as she turned around and ran back to the front door and yanked it open, her hunting knife strapped to her left thigh as usual. She then slammed the door shut and jogged over to the gates as it opened, almost blinding her with it's red light.

Jay suddenly felt two feet connect with her face, her body instantly hitting the ground as her sweater came off, her wings expanding outwards as it gave a strong flap, sending her back into the air. She then growled as her feet hit the ground again, staring at her enemy. A pale boy stood there with white hair and blood red freckles on his face held a huge crooked smile on his face as he held out a trident that had longer range than her scythe. [#FFDEAD "I've always wanted to kill an angel! This will be fun!" ] He said cheerily.

Jay just watched him with a guarded expression on her face, just in case Alex and Autumn decided to run outside, she had placed a shadow barrier on the house, not letting them come outside but they can watch at least. She then began to circle the boy, a grin on her face. [#9400D3 "Excuse me, I've beat Celestial gods before. Ever hear about the zodiacs? I killed Gemini before." ] She growled, suddenly swinging her empty hands at his neck just to have her scythe appear in her hands as the boy barely blocked her attack.


[#CD853F "L-Let me g-go please... N-No..." ] The girl cried as she felt something wrap around her feet, keeping them together and she was still being held up by the webbing that was around her neck. She was crying and sobbing silently, knowing if she cried loudly something will happen. Her broken ankle throbbed as her hearing and smell tried to focus on everything around her since she was blind.

[#708090 "Shut up or you'll die slower than most of my prey..." ] The male hissed, his voice now coming from above the girl as he blinked, smiling as he just wrapped her feet with webbing that seemed to creep from his hands as he held onto the leash that he had made out of webbing that was around the girls neck.
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