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[montserrat [center Trevor scooped the girl up, rocking her like a baby.
[+purple "Please dont cry.]
He said, trying to calm her down.

[#cc6600 "Hey if it helps i dont need to sleep. Like at all."]
Elwing said, standing up and smiling at the girl.
[#cc6600 "Really i just felt like i had to pretend to sleep because you were sleeping."]
He stood next to the girl, motioning for her to lead the way.
  Abe / RoughLove / 292d 6h 8m 7s
Hestia shook her head, still sobbing as she had her hands now over her eyes. She couldn't sleep now that she was crying, her small body shaking as she sobbed. She curled into a small ball, tucking her knees to her chest and putting her head on her knees as she cried.

Asphyx nodded, [#Ff4500 "I can't ever sleep, like ever." ] She said as she looked down at Elwing as she put on some tight dark blue skinny jeans. She stretched and went over to the door and opened it, [#FF4500 "Wanna come do something with me?" ] She asked, waiting for his answer.
  Scorpius / 292d 6h 37m 43s
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[montserrat [center Trevor quickly started petting the girl.
[+purple "Hey don't cry."]
He patted the girls head and sighed.
[+purple "Why don't you go to sleep sweetie."]
He said.

Abe watched as the girl cuddled into her bed and smiled. He played with her hair for a bit until he heard her breathing even out.
[+magenta "Silly girl."]
He said fondly, laying down in front of her, still playing with her hair. He didn't know why he felt so fond of her, but it was nice. He had never felt that way before.

Elwing turned around and smiled up at the girl.
[#cc6600 "Cant sleep?"]
He asked as his stomache growled.
  Abe / RoughLove / 292d 6h 50m 3s
Hestia suddenly flinched as Trevor mentioned her family. It made her milky eyes fill with tears, her hands clutching her camera. [#CD853F "F-Family... D-D-De..." ] She trailed off, beginning to sob as she remembered the scene of her mother being violently ripped to shreds. She was very fragile at this point, her sorrow being very heavy on her because she was just a child.

Jay suddenly shook her head as her hands stopped suddenly. She curled up on the bed, wishing Abe would lay with her but she was too shy to ask. She just closed her eyes as she was lured into sleep, her breathing soft and quick.

Asphyx sighed in frustration and sat up in her bed, her orange hair spilling over her shoulders. She had problems sleeping as per usual and she began to yank the cover off of her as she got up silently and put on an orange sweater quietly, thinking Elwing was asleep.
  Scorpius / 292d 7h 11m 11s
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[montserrat [center Abe sat down on the bed next to th girl and nodded.
[+magenta "Okay no pill."]
He said, lookin at the girls hands.
[+magenta "Do you want me to leave?"]
He asked softly. He could sense that something was off about the girl.

Trevor gingerly took the girls anckle and wrapped it in a bandage to keep it from moving. When the girl spoke he frowned.
[+purple "There are too many bad people out there to know exactly why someone would hurt you. I'm sorry this happened but we will get you back to your family soon."]
He finished wrapping her ankle nd sat down on the floor.

Elwing tuned on his side, stareing at the wall. Sleep wasn't nessasary for him but somehow he felt he had to at least pretend he was sleeping. He sighed a little and studdied the paint on the wall.
  Abe / RoughLove / 292d 7h 27m 13s
Jay just looked up at Abe, her purple eyes shinning as she had her hands in her lap. She was just silent now, her legs crossed as she sat there. [#9400D3 "N-No pill." ] She growled, her hands shaking as if she wanted to punch Abe. She did want to punch Abe for some reason but fought her instinct to do it.

Hestia nodded, still sitting up as her blind eyes looked at Trevor. She fiddled with her charm, her fingers gingerly touching the mini camera. [#CD853F "W-Why did the mean man want to hurt me?" ] She asked innocently.

Asphyx was silent as if she was asleep but she wasn't. She stared into her wall as she thought things over, her hands clutching at her orange bed sheets. She had her back to Elwing, not wanting him to stare at her as she slept.
  Scorpius / 292d 7h 46m 31s
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[montserrat [center Abe frowned at the pirl, setting down the capsule.
[+magenta "Are you alright?"]
He asked. He put his hand to her forehead to check her temperature. She was sounding feverish to him, speaking what sounded like nonsense.

Trevor smiled at the girl and ruffled her hair.
[+purple "The mean man must have broken it when he dropped you. I need to try to bandage it up a little while everyone is asleep but tommorow one of my friends will make it all better. Does that sound good?"]
They asked sweetly.

Elwing watched in shock as the girl shamelessly undressed in front of him.
[#CC6600 "Sure. Okay. Night then."]
He said, laying down on the comforter, chuckling a little.
  Abe / RoughLove / 292d 8h 53m 31s
Jayfeather raised his head up a bit, staring off into the forest as his hazel eyes darkened and his iris shrunk. He coughed and his eyes went back to normal but he just felt super heavy, as if he got up he'd fall back down from how heavy he was. He stood up none-the-less and stumbled back over to the house, his skin feeling as if it was burning from all the potions that had managed to spill on him. His hands went into his black t-shirt and he pulled a leather cord with a virgo charm on it, it was his safety necklace from his mother, Virgo. He held it for a second before he twitched, his mind over-run with dark and suicidal thoughts as the specter began to take him over. He stepped out of the forest and went to the gates before placing his right hand on the gates. He was suddenly thrown back and the last thing he saw before darkness enveloped his vision was the ground.

Jay slightly opened her mouth as Abe told her, her eyes closed as she stood still. She flinched as she heard a thud outside of her window and she opened her eyes and looked at Abe. [#9400D3 "M-Mama said... No touching... Things..." ] She weirdly said, pointing at the windows. She seemed a bit out of it but she sat up, not wanting the pill capsule anymore. [#9400D3 "I-I don't need that shit." ] She growled, mostly to herself.

Hestia opened her eyes and looked at Trevor even though she was blind. [#CD853F "W-What...?" ] She asked, sitting up on the bed. She held a leather necklace just like Jayfeather's in her hand but she had a mini Polaroid camera charm instead of the zodiac charm. [#CD853F "M-My ankle?" ] She asked, totally forgetting about her broken ankle.

Asphyx just sighed, her orange eyes scanning over her room. Her room was very messy actually, clothes all in the corner along with shields hanging from the ceiling. She just then went over to her bed and sat on it, her head tipped down as she yawned. [#FF4500 "I'm about to go to sleep, please don't wake me unless it is an emergency." ] She said, taking off her hoodie and sliding off her pants. She seemed calmed down now as she looked over at Elwing with only her undergarments on really. She then covered her body with her bed sheets and placed her head on her orange pillows. There was a huge pallet made for Elwing on the floor, the comforter fuzzy and comfortable along with three pillows that were filled with feathers.

Ela's room was deadly silent, almost a little too silent. But the girl was inside the room on the floor with her back and head against her closed closet as she had headphones in her ears and a little Ipod in her lap. She seemed older than normal, her legs spread out as she slept. Her hands and arms were bigger, actually [b Ela was bigger. ] She looked about sixteen as she slept on, her bright red eyes closed.
  Scorpius / 294d 10h 46m 46s
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[montserrat [center Autumn popped a capsule out of the jar and handed it to Abe.
[+red "Its worth a try."]
She said before leaving the room. She heard the tantrum Jayfeather was throwing and coffed, deciding to go to her own room and make up a few potions. Even if it took a while it was a handy poton.

Abe took the pill and smiled, mumbling a thank you to the girl as she walked out. He smiled at Jay and held out the capsule to her.
[+magenta "Could you open your mouth for me? I promise this will help"]

Trevor stammered for a second
[+purple "No thats not what i..."]
as the girl walked off Trevor sighed.
[+purple "I didn't mean it like that pervert."]
He mumlbed to himself, walking up to his room and settin the little girl in his bed. He noticed her ankle looked messed up so he shook her awake
[+purple "Hey sweetie i need to look at your ankle before you sleep."]
He said, trying to wake her.

Elwing looked into the room and smiled at the girl.
[#CC6600 "Nice room you got here. Quite the cozy set up."]
He said, leaning against the door frame and smirking.
  Abe / RoughLove / 295d 1h 55m 18s
Jayfeather was going on a mini rampage, grabbing a baseball bat he had in the corner of his room and just went to town. He had managed to tear his whole room up, his skin covered with different color liquids from all the potions that was lined up on his now broken shelves. He wasn't even finished as he threw the baseball through his window and simply jumped out, not having a single logical thought at all. His feet hit the ground and he just stood there for a second before just running off, his anger turning into a complete depression as he reached the forest. He just sat on a log in the forest and cried, his legs curled against his chest as he cried with his forehead against his knees. He just wanted to help Jay so she didn't feel pain and when that didn't work out, he just mentally beat himself up and didn't eat for a few weeks. [#228B22 "FUCK LIFE!" ] He yelled into his legs as he sobbed more.

Something watched Jayfeather with delight as it sat above him, watching him cry and yell. It was an animal of some sort but it wasn't exactly. It was more like a specter than loved to possess people and it found Jayfeather weak against it as he wasn't really mentally or emotionally strong. The specter tilted it's head, only knowing one person that actually HAD the ability to kill it and that person was hurt so it took this opportunity and simply fell into Jayfeather.

Jay's cries got softer and lower as Abe stroked her hair, an odd feeling of calmness running through her body as her broken wing twitched a bit but it sent pain all up her spine. She bit on the bottom of her lip to keep herself from crying out as her face got paler than normal as well as having cold sweats.

Hestia was still schleep, her short, brown, pixie cut hair covering over her closed eyes as her chest rose and fell, letting Trevor know that she was still asleep and having some good ass dreams. She felt warm and light in his hands, her body at least having some muscle and fat in it. She was well fed as well, her stomach poking out a bit over her brown sweater she wore.

Asphyx sighed in disappointment but she waved at Elwing to make him follow her. [#FF4500 "But after tonight, he ain't ever sleeping in my room again." ] She said, her voice blunt as she said it. She then walked up the stairs and ignored Jay's soft cries and the other voices of everyone and turned to the first door on the left, opening it and pointing to it. [#FF4500 "This is my room but your just sleeping here for once and you'll be sleeping on the floor with two pillows and a fucking blanket." ] She said, her eyes glittering dangerously as if she dared him to say anything else.
  Scorpius / 295d 2h 6m 1s
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[montserrat [center Autumn lost her footing as she was pushed, flling down against he wall. She growled and flipped the boy off as he left the room.
[+red "I fucking hate this place."]
She groweled, looking at the girl crying. Abe stroked her hair, shushing her as if to calm her, but to no avail.
[+red "I have something for pain if that will work."]
She said to the girl, pulling a bottle filled with capsules out of her pocket.

Trevor nodded his understanding and walked into the yard, stumbling back a bit.
[+purple "Jesus fuck. The energy here."]
He mumbled as he continued walking inside. Ther was no one in the kitchen or living room, which seemed weird.
[+purple "They must all be sleeping. We should...um get these guys to a room. Asphyx you can take Elwing. I uh...have Hestia."]
He said, stumbling over some of his words.
Elwing did finger guns and winked at the girl.
[#CC6600 "Yeah Take me to 'a' room."]
he said nudging Trevor with his elbow. Trevor just looked confused.
  Abe / RoughLove / 295d 5h 12m 22s
Jayfeather was breathing deeply, trying to keep his cool before he exploded. He couldn't keep his cool anymore as he turned his piercing gaze onto Autumn, his hands shaking in anger as he reset Jay's wing with nothing to keep her from screaming. After Jay's scream of pain, he just stared at Autumn before getting up and jumping off the bed. He then shoved Autumn against the purple wall before stomping off to his room, the door slamming behind him. It was after Jayfeather slammed his door shut is when the sound of glass exploding came from his room.

Jay was crying and sobbing as her vision went blurry from Jayfeather resetting her wing back into place. She just stayed on her side though, not aware of Jayfeather's outburst of anger as she cried, tears rolling down her cheeks and onto her purple bed sheets.

Asphyx nodded, [#FF4500 "Yes, guardians. We are to protect people." ] She said, staring at Trevor and Hestia as they walked.
  Scorpius / 295d 6h 35m 18s
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[montserrat [center Abe returned to Jays side and held her hand holding up the spoon to Jayfeather
[+magenta "I hope this is good enough."]
He said. He frown as the boy explained the aweful visual to Autumn, who loooked absoutely horrified.
Autumn took a step back, the visual that was described making her gag.
[+red "Uhg. I hate ths place."]
She mumbled. As the boy continued to speak her disgust turned to anger.
[+red "You're kidding right? You think its that easy? A anti-venom potion is one thing, but a calming sleep potion takes time. You have to be super duper careful or it becomes a poison, and besides we probably dont have all the things we need for it right now. If you didn't notice i wasn't planning to stay so i didnt bring all my shit."]
she growled, her hands clenched in fists.

Aex heaved a sigh and ran his hand over his face.
[+green "I should sleep too."]
He went up to his room, quickly passing out but leaving the door open in case of emergency.

Trevor smiled and watched the child sleep. They loved kids and this girl was melting their heart.
[+purple "Gaurdians?"]
He asked quizicaly. He wasn't there for the meeting so he didn't know exactly what was going on, just that he belonged here now.
  Elwing / RoughLove / 295d 7h 9m 45s
Jay looked over at Autumn, her eyes looking over both her and Abe as she laid there, one arm out and hanging over the bed and the other under her thigh. She looked scared and terrified for once, she had actually never got hurt this much, her combat skills protecting her a lot through out her life. She was still crying, her cheeks wet from her tears as the bandages around her neck and right let totally purple with her blood. [#9400D3 "H-H-Hurt..." ] She whined, her face more pale than usual.

Jayfeather nodded along with Abe, [#228B22 "The boy had his innards ripped out of his stomach and his head was almost detached from his body in the first place." ] He said out loud, looking over at Autumn. [#228B22 "And Autumn, I need you to make a potion to relax Jay and lure her to sleep, she's freaking out too much for me to do anything." ] He calmly said, his hazel eyes glinting again.

Ela nodded and yawned, beginning to climb the stairs towards her room. She went into her room and shut the door, silence coming from her room.

Asphyx looked over at Trevor, shrugging [#FF4500 "I don't know but I think our job as guardians go past the gates... I think we have to defend villages and whatnot as well so..." ] She said, telling her friend what she had recently learned.

Hestia had managed to fall asleep due to how warm Trevor was, her broken ankle limp as she snored softly against Trevor's chest.
  Scorpius / 295d 7h 32m 52s
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[montserrat [center Abe nooded at the boy and turned to leave, noticing Jays hand reach for him. He held it for a second and smiled.
[+magenta "Don't worry. I wont let anything hurt you."]
He squeezed her hand before letting it go and walking down the stairs.
[+magenta "I'm glad she's okay."]
He said looking at Ela before motioning for Autumn to follow him. The girl groaned, but did as she was told.
[+red "Somehow I feel like this is for Jay."]
She grumbled as Abe grabbed a wooden spoon from the kitchen. He didn't know what to use, but this is what they did in tv shows so thats what he thought to do. The two walked into Jay's room and Autun gasped.
[+red "Wow you look beat up."]
[+magenta "You should see the other guy."]
Abe mumbled.

Alex smiled fondly at the girl for a split second before it turned to a scowl.
[+green "So childish."]
He ruffled the girls hair and chuckled.
[+green "You should go rest up."]

Trevor smiled as the girl tucked herself in their chest and nodded at Asphyx, walking back to the house after her. Elwing followed on their tails.
[+purple "What do you...um....think the others will say...about these two?"]
Trevor stuttered nervously at Asphyx.
  Elwing / RoughLove / 295d 8h 8m 54s

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