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[raleway [#DC143C "I think I'll change your mind~" ] Ela said with a dirty look on her face as she put her hands in her pockets. She looked better than ever, her bluish green hair fading into pastel colors as she stood there. She then stuck out her tongue at him before smirking, [#DC143C "Maybe we should go prank Trevor or somethin'."] She said, looking bored suddenly.

Asphyx sighed and gave a sweet smile to Elwing, [#FF4500 "You can train now if you want, I don't need you to do anything else." ] She said, going back over to her pike and pulling it out of the dummy before going back to the weapon wall and putting it back up. She ended up with a saber, a french sword that could cut more things than anything else. She smiled down at the blade, going back towards another dummy.

Jay smiled and rubbed her arm awkwardly, [#9400D3 "I mean, it's fine... Would you like to carry me to the bathroom?" ] She asked, her right leg was hurting like hell now that she was back on it because of the three holes through her leg due to the trident that the boy attacked her with. She slowly stopped blushing, getting used to having Abe seeing her for what she was. ]
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[montserrat [center Alex laughed at the girl and put out his ciggarrete as well, leaning down to look in the girl eyes as he was a bit taller than her, even after her growth spurt.
[+green "I don't date sweetie."]
He said, smirking at the girl.

Elwing gulped as he watched Asphyx impale the dummy and smiled awkwardly, nodding.
[#cc6600 "Whats next oh captain, my captain?"]
He asked, shoving his hands in his pockets.

Abe covered his eyes as he relised it was innapropriate of him to be looking at her.
[+magenta "Im sorry. I havent been around many girls."]
He muttered, his cheeks turning a brght pink.
  Abe / RoughLove / 292d 2h 38m 33s
[#DC143C "That's bullshit." ] Ela snorted, breathing out smoke as she dropped her cigarette and stepped on it with one of her combat boots. She seemed so smug and prideful as she stood up, stretching. [#DC143C "I just want you to know that we're most likely gonna become a thing." ] She said without care, staring at Alex as she rubbed the back of her neck.

Asphyx didn't bother waving back as she was busy impaling one of the dummies with her pike, suddenly bringing the pike upwards as the dummy slid down the pike so it was fully impaled. Her fighting style was almost like dancing for some reason and she smiled as she looked over and dropped the pike. [#FF4500 "Thanks for getting the wood for me." ] She said, walking over to him.

Jay looked back at Abe, squeaking in surprise as she had thought he was asleep as all she was in was her undergarments. Her face turned a deep red as she crossed her arms over her upper chest, wanting to hide herself. [#9400D3 "I... I..." ] She trailed off, seeming very embarrassed.
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[montserrat [center Alex chuckled at the girl and pushed her hand away.
[+green "Not a good idea girly."]
He said, winking at her.

Elwing looked down at Jayfeather and then up at Asphyx.
[#cc6600 "You sure?"]
He asked the girl nervously. She looked set in her decision so the boy just shrugged and carried Jayfeather inside and set him on a couch downstairs. He gathered wood like he had orrigionaly been asked and went back into the shed, setting the wood down on the floor and massaging his arms.
[#cc6600 "That boy got pretty heavy after a while even with my strength."]
He mumbled to himself as he waved at the girl.

Abe watched the girl cry and begin to undress, before relizing she wasn't gonna shower.
[+magenta "You should wash off."]
He said softly.
  Abe / RoughLove / 292d 3h 9m 18s
Ela snorted before giving out a mischievous giggle, smoke flowing from her mouth. She then playfully punched Alex's shoulder as she smiled. [#DC143C "I kinda like you dude." ] She said, her cheeks a tiny bit red as she put her cigarette back to her lips.

Asphyx turned around and gave a sigh of annoyance. [#FF4500 "Of fuckin' course it's Jayfeather." ] She growled, staring at Jayfeather as he groaned in Elwing's arms. [#FF4500 "Ya know what? Just bring him in the house and drop him off in the hallway with the bedrooms, someone will notice. Then come back." ] She ordered, a large pike in her hands as she stared at Elwing.

Jay suddenly woke up crying, her hands on her lap as she cried softly. She looked over at Abe and kept on crying as her face was covered in cold sweat. She was feeling as better as ever as she stood up as she cried, slowly calming down as she reached her closet. She began to slip out of her old and dirty clothes as she took out new and clean clothes. She didn't think to go take a shower because... Well, she hadn't cleaned herself in like months.
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[montserrat [center Alex narrowed his eyes at the girl.
[+green "I kindly give you a smoke and you give me an attitude. Not cool."]
He said, smirking and taking a long drag.

Elwing looked around the room and chuckled.
[#cc6600 "Aye aye Captain."]
He said, saluting the girl before turning around and marching out the door. He stuck his hands in his pockets when he was out, whistling the tune to some random classical music as he walked into the woods.
He got halfway accross the yard when he noticed a boy on the ground, seemingly unconsious. He went and sat beside him, watching as the boy attempted to regain consiousness.
[#cc6600 "Perhaps i should get you to the girl huh?"]
He mumbled to himself. As he began to pick the boy up his stomach growled loudly and his eyes turned black for a split second. He groaned and nearly dropped the boy.
[#cc6600 "Well... I suppose i have time to get a snack."]
He said, laying the boy back down and leaning in, nearly touching his own nose to the boys. The boys mouth opened and a glowing forest green color began to trickle out of it and into Elwings mouth. He wouldn't take much, just enough to keep him from starvation. The boy wouldn't even notice that a peice of his soul was now gone. The boy sighed as he again picked up the boy and carried him to the shed.
[#cc6600 "I found a stray."]
He said as he entered.
  RoughLove / 292d 4h 19m 58s
Elzbieta shrugged with one hand in her pant's pocket and the other on the cigarette as she took a drag and took it out of her mouth, blowing out of the smoke. [#DC143C "The fuck do you think I should know?" ] She said, casually looking around as she smoked. She had a leather cord around her neck, an aries charm hanging from it as it was a necklace.

Asphyx gave a weird look at him as he said yum, thinking that he was being his normal dirty self. She sighed and entered the shed, looking at a huge training room with little rubber dummies on sticks in the middle of the room. Of course, the shed was magic as well. She sighed and turned towards the sidewall, looking at a huge wall of weapons. [#FF4500 "Why don't you go get some wood for me? I'm gonna try something." ] She said without even looking at him.
  Scorpius / 292d 5h 53s
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[montserrat [center Alex chuckled and leaned against the wall, looking at the girl.
[+green "So whats with the sudden growth spurt?"]
The boy askedcasually, as if nothing phased him anymore.

Elwing followed the girl, nodding.
[#cc6600 "Fire powers huh? Yumm."]
He said, looking the shed over and aproching the door, ready to open it for the girl. Even if his intesions wernt so great he still was a gentleman.
[#cc6600 "We going in?"]
  Abe / RoughLove / 292d 5h 7m 8s
Ela smiled as Alex dragged her to his room, her eyes shinning with mischievous delight. She smiled as Alex put a cigarette in her hand before putting it between her lips. She smirked at she didn't grab his lighter but instead held a finger up to the end of her cigarette, a flame coming out of her finger and lighting it. [#DC143C "Nope." ] She said afterwards, sitting on the ledge of his bed.

Asphyx growled, [#FF4500 "I am not scared of Elzbieta but I am fearful of her burning everything to the ground. Fire powers can't be trusted." ] She said before she walked out. She looked over at a little shed that was a few feet away from the house before approaching it.
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[montserrat [center Alex clossed his eyes and took a deep breath after the girl handed him the bat.
[+green "For fuck sake Ela you cant just smash shit you know?"]
He walked to his room, dragging the girl behind him and picked up his pack of ciggaretts and pulled out two, placing one between his lips and handing the other to the girl.
[+green "Need a light?']
He asked, holding up his lighter after lighting his own.

Elwing rushed after Asphyx, almost falling and he laughed.
[#cc6600 "Are you afrid of her?"]
He joked, opening the door for the girl.
[#cc6600 "I'll train with you sure."]
  Abe / RoughLove / 292d 5h 53m 38s
Ela pouted before raising her bat to give it over to Alex, her eyes looking sad. She wanted to smash shit so bad but Alex kept her from doing it and she wanted him to know that. [#DC143C "Awww... Can I at least go have a smoke? Wanna do it with me?" ] She asked, looking hopeful as she looked at Alex.

Asphyx then grabbed Elwing's hand and darted to the stairs, dragging him along. [#FF4500 "Thank god she didn't kill us." ] She said, breathing heavily as she went to the back door. [#FF4500 "I'm gonna go train outside, you can train or watch too." ] She said, looking back at Elwing.
  Scorpius / 292d 6h 9m 48s
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[montserrat [center Alex sighed and crossed his arms, raising a brow.
[+green "Seriously Ela. What the fuck."]
He said, dissapointment lacing his voice, almost saying "This is what i was woken up to ffs"

[#cc6600 "What? you think I can't handle myself? Nah I think I'll stay."]
Elwing leaned against the wall and just smirked, watching the other boy cautiously approaching the girl.
  Abe / RoughLove / 292d 6h 13m 20s
[#DC143C "Elzbieta Bosak." ] Ela growled at Elwing, almost like telling him if he wasn't behind Asphyx, he's head would've been beaten in already. She then turned her bright red eyes on Alex, hefting her bat in her left hand. [#DC143C "I was gonna go smash shit though." ] She said, almost like she was a child being grounded.

Asphyx had her arm still in front of Elwing, her eyes staring into Ela's face. [#FF4500 "I'd say go back in the room Elwing, I'll get you when everything is okay." ] She said to him, her eyes not leaving Ela.
  Scorpius / 292d 6h 20m 23s
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[montserrat [center Trevor had fallen asleep too, looking almost like a tired parent holding their child. They snored lightly.

Elwing looked around at Ela and smiled, waving a bit.
[#cc6600 "Who's this?"]
He asked, smiling.

Alex woke up as his name was called, jumping a little and falling out of bed. He rushed into the hallway.
[+green "The fuck do you-"]
He trailed off as he looked at Ela and scoffed.
[+green "I'msodone."]
He ran his hand over his face and stepped up to Ela with his hands in the air.
[+green "Put the bat down Ela."]
He said, as if this were some kind of hostage negotiation.
  Abe / RoughLove / 292d 6h 27m 2s
Hestia still kept crying until she had lured herself to sleep from crying so much, her mouth open as short ragged breaths escaped her lips. She seemed so fragile and weak in her sleep, her body feeling cold and sweaty along with dirty.

Ela snorted as she woke up, looking at her older body. She stood up, kinda feeling a lot more confident as she stood up. She went over to her door and opened it, wearing some tight black pants along with a white shirt and a leather jacket. She held a baseball bat as she stepped out in the hallway, Asphyx running into her.

Asphyx stepped back from Ela and stared at her in awe, her face showing it. [#FF4500 "A-Alex?!" ] She called, glancing back at Alex's open door as she put her arm in front of Elwing just in case anything happened.
  Scorpius / 292d 6h 34m 53s

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