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[montserrat [center Abe frowned as he picked her p and carried her to her room, laying her on her bed. He looked at her for a second contemplating his next words very caefullly. It took a couple seconds for him to muster up the courage to say it.
[+magenta "Do you remember what you told me earlier?"]
He asked sheepishly, his cheeks glowing as red as a tomato.

Elwings head instantly snapped up to look at the boy.
[#cc6600 "How do you.. Listen I only did it cuz I had to. I would have gone berserk if I hadn't. I'm sorry."]
He picked at his nails, pushing the edge of the carpet around with the tip of his boots.

Alex didn't losen his grip as he dragged the girl through the house into the bathroom, noticing the clothes on the ground. He pulled bandages out of the cabinet and tsked at the girl.
[+green "Its not life threatening. If he uses up all his hoodoo shit on people getting stupid cuts then he wont be able to heal someone if they get really hurt."]
  Abe / RoughLove / 267d 22h 27m 28s
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[raleway [#DC143C "Hey! Hey! Not so tight with the grip eh?" ] Elzbieta snarled, letting Alex drag her anyways. She dragged her finger across her deep cut, flinching in pain as she did so. [#DC143C "Why don't you get Abe to heal it or whatever?" ] She sighed, her pastel hair bouncing as she tried to walk with Alex. Her combat boots left prints into the ground as she walked on, her bright eyes looking around.

Jayfeather sighed, seeing that Elwing was awkward. [#228B22 "I know what you did." ] He said mysteriously, looking over at Asphyx as he crossed his arms and stared back at the stain on the wall. He seemed to be happy that Elwing did it though, as it had taken the broken part of his soul away. He seemed to look healthier too, a slight tan adoring his face as his freckles finally showed out for once.

Jay winced as Abe helped her up, [#9400D3 "I just need to lay down... Just carry me to my room and go check on the others." ] She said, her right arm wrapped over Abe's shoulder as she kept her right foot off the ground. She had managed to slip of the wet floor and that's what happened, her dirty clothes still on the bathroom tile floor. ]
  Elzbieta Ariean Bosak / Scorpius / 267d 22h 45m 21s
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[montserrat [center Alex sighed and grabbed the girls arm, inspecting her wound.
[+green "Lets get you a bandage before you fucking bleed out idiot."]
He grumbled, dragging the girl inside.

Elwing smiled awkwardly at the boy and nodded, tearing off a peice of sponge and putting it carefully into the girls nose.
[#cc6600 "Thanks. I'm Elwing."]
He shifted nervously and refused to make eye contact with the boy. His meals didn't usually start walking after hes fed so it was a first to be talking to one of them. He rubbed the back of his head awkwardly and stared at a stain on the wall.

Abe quickly opened the door to see Jay on the floor, clothed. He smiled down at her and helped her stand up.
[+magenta You alright?"]
  Abe / RoughLove / 267d 22h 49m 40s
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[raleway Elzbieta smiled with pride, [#DC143C "That's why my last name means the lion. I can fuck some people up!" ] She said, too stupid to understand that she'd bleed out in ten minutes tops. She had her greatsword back into an aries pendant that hung from her neck. [#DC143C "So was I the bomb or was I?" ] She asked with a smirk on her face as she put her hands in her pockets as she let the blood flow from her arm.

Jayfeather was awake and sitting up, feeling different... Almost lighter if you even said it. He looked up at Elwing, his face showing confusion. [#228B22 "Who the fuck are you?" ] He asked, getting up as he seen Asphyx's nose bleed. [#228B22 "Actually... I'll be back." ] He said, disappearing upstairs for a moment before coming back down with his herbal bag around his waist. He was holding a medical sponge in his hand as he gave it to Elwing, [#228B22 "Tear a tiny piece and put it in Asphyx's nose, it'd suck up all the blood. I can reset her nose later." ] He said with slight concern in his voice.

[#9400D3 "H-Help..." ] Jay's strangled voice came from inside the bathroom.
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 267d 23h 5m 29s
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[montserrat [center Alex looked Asphyx on the ground and shrugged.
[+green "Plug up her nose? It doesn't look like much."]
He said, turning his attention back to Ela and her wound.
[+green "You are a little terror. Jesus."]

Elwing growled at the boys back and took a deep breath.
[#cc6600 "Looks like we know whos first on my list."]
He mumbled, nearly inaudibly as he awkwardly inspected her nose. He decided to help the girl inside and het a tissue or something to stop the bleeding. He had seen many nosebleeds but never a broken nose, but it was obvious this nose was not intact. He slung the girl over his shoulder and carried her into the house to the same room he had brought Jayfeather, setting her on the opposite couch.
[#cc6600 "This so isn't worth the meal."]
He mumbled.

Abe heard the crash and quickly regained composure, knocking on the door.
[+magenta "Are you okay? Should i come in?"]
  Abe / RoughLove / 267d 23h 19m 16s
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[raleway Elzbieta sighed and tugged off her leather jacket, inspecting the small tear. [#DC143C "Nothing a little sewing can't fix." ] She sighed, looking over at Elwing and Asphyx, red blood pouring out of a deep slash on her upper left arm. [#DC143C "I don't know how to make shit better, I only excel at destroying shit." ] She said carelessly, her bright eyes glowing.

Asphyx was still unconscious, her hands in her lap as she kept trying to awaken but nothing happened as she was still knocked the fuck out. She only seemed to have a broken nose but it was the blood and the head trauma that caused her to pass out.

After a while of the water running, it cut off for a while before there was a thud, almost like something hitting the ground and a small cry of pain.
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 267d 23h 36m 25s
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[montserrat [center Alex watched as the girl finished her fight and chuckled.
[+green "The Jacket okay Ela?"]
He asked as he approched the girl.

Elwing sensed Asphyx weaken and like always his instincts kicked in and his eyes flashed to a black color, he dropped the girl and breathed heavily trying to control himself. He had a mission here and he needed to keep his cover. He looked at the others in the room who seemed busy and then at Asphyx, hoping she was unconcious enough to not see his eyes. He sat the girl up against a wall and blinked a few times as his eyes changed back.
[#cc6600 "I dont suppose you two know how to help her?"]

Abe chuckled as the girl pushed him out and closed the door, leaning against the wall and clutching at his chest.
[+magenta "Oh boy."]
He mumbled to himself, grinning widely.
  Abe / RoughLove / 267d 23h 45m 18s

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[raleway Elzbieta finally let out a battle cry and ran forwards, swinging her sword with enough strength to cut through someone's body cleanly in half. She seemed so fearless as she faced this opponent, her eyes flashing with glee as she did so.

The male grunted as he barely raised his shield in time to block the sword. He then ended up slashing at Elzbieta with his saber, cutting her on her left arm. He then smiled as he rushed forwards with his shield up, slamming it into Ela's chest, sending her backwards as well.

Elzbieta flew backwards and rolled, coming back up again as red blood dripped to the floor from her torn leather jacket sleeve. She snarled and ran again, her face covered in sweat as she slid under his legs, her sword sliding across the ground as she came up and slashed at the male with her sword.

There was silent for a few seconds as the man's head went into the air, his body just standing as it was for a few seconds before falling and fading into magic dust. Elzbieta then laughed and kicked at the dust, [#DC143C "You can't kill the lion bitch!" ] She screamed happily.

Asphyx groaned as Elwing drug her out of the way, her vision still blurry and her ears still ringing as she was covered in her warm orange blood that was just pouring out of her nose. She felt weird and dizzy, her vision beginning to fade as she slipped into unconsciousness.

Jay smiled as she listened to Abe before nodding, [#9400D3 "I think I'll be okay and I'd love for you to be right outside of the door just in case." ] She said happily, looking slightly up at her friend. She kinda playfully pushed him towards the door, her hands now on the towel that was around her. [#9400D3 "Now out before you have to look at my cuteness~" ] She said with a dirty look on her face. ]
  Scorpius / 268d 1m 21s
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[montserrat [center Alex walked in and stood beside Elwing, both boys looking at Ela in awe. Alex just shook his head and chuckled.
[+green "This girl."]
He mumbled.

Meanwhile Elwing looked at the other boy like he was crazy before rushing over the help Asphyx out of the way so she wouldn't get hurt more than she already was.

Abe nodded and pulled off two bags, one for the girls leg the other for her wing and gently tied them around the bandaged areas.
[+magenta "I like river water better than tap but this normally does it for me. A nice shower can make you forget all about your dark past."]
He helped the girl hop off the counter and cleared his throat.
[+magenta "Will you be okay on your own? You know with your ankle? I can wait right outside the door just in case."]
He said, blushing a bit.
  Abe / RoughLove / 268d 2h 49m 46s
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[raleway Elzbieta opened her mouth to answer Alex before stepping into the shed, her eyes locking with the figure over Asphyx. She yelled, making the figure look up at her as she ran at it, her baseball bat turning into a greatsword, Ela's muscular arms straining as she carried it behind her as she sprinted. Suddenly she jumped over Asphyx, slamming her sword into the male's shield, sending him stumbling back. It seemed that this excited Elzbieta because she landed on her feet and snickered, beginning to circle the male, [#DC143C "You ain't much are ya?" ] She snarled, watching him closely. She seemed to have a lot of battle smarts as she looked him up and down.

Asphyx groaned from the ground, only hearing little words and seeing a black thing jump over her as her vision was only blurry. She held her stomach as she rolled over on the floor, putting her hands against the floor as she began to slowly push herself up, only ringing in her ears. She stayed on her knees and hands, unable to get up anymore as she stared at the ground. Her orange blood poured out of her nose, creating a small pool of orange blood on the wooden floor as her saber laid in front of her.

Jay sighed and just shook her head, [#9400D3 "I can deal with it, I don't care." ] She said with a slight smile on her face as she looked up at Abe. She had her hands clasped in her lap and her purple towel still wrapped around her as she looked at the bags as well. [#9400D3 "I haven't felt water in like forever." ] She mumbled, scratching the side of her head. ]
  Scorpius / 268d 3h 8m 39s
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[montserrat [center Alex let Ela walk in front of him and shook his head at the girl.
[+green "Ela what are we even gonna do? Beat her up?"]
He asked, stopping and crossing his arms. He had an almost fatherly look on his face.

Elwing stood up, very confused at the situation. He looked around the room franticaly, wondering what the heck he could do.

Abe waved his hand around dissmissing the girls taste in music.
[+magenta "I prefer classical music myself. And yes. This is the only thing i found that was waterproof. Do you want me to find something else?"]
He asked looking at the bags.
  Abe / RoughLove / 268d 5h 9m 6s
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[raleway Elzbieta sighed, glancing back at Jayfeather. Why is it that she wanted to just chuck him through the gates? Is it just because she was jealous or was it something else? She clicked her tongue against her teeth, walking towards the backdoor and staring at the shed. She smirked and pointed to it, [#DC143C "I think they're in the magic shed." ] She said, beginning to walk towards it. Her red switchblade turned into a baseball bat that she twirled around, several stickers coating the wood of the bat.

Asphyx yelled and swung the saber just to get it blocked by the shield. There was a loud [b thunk ] as the shield then was slammed into her face, her body going backwards as she landed on the ground on her back. She had a bad nose bleed, her orange blood trickling down her lips and chin as it bled onto the wooden floor. Her vision was blurry and dark as the male raised his saber over her neck to slash downwards and kill Asphyx, a small scream escaping the female's lips. It felt so real to her right now, her mind filled with fear.

Jay sighed as she stopped singing, her eyes baring into Abe's eyes. It seemed like her purple eyes was staring into his soul, her face holding a look that only royalty would wear. [#9400D3 "Excuse me, rock music is the best thing since sliced air." ] She said, a smile growing on her face as she couldn't stay serious with Abe around. She smiled at him until her eyes met the garbage bags and she hissed. [#9400D3 "Are you gonna use those?" ] She asked, seeming a bit weirded out by it. ]
  Scorpius / 268d 5h 23m 0s
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[montserrat [center Alex shook his head, chuckling at the girl yet again.
[+green "What a rebel." ]
He said, looking over at Jayfeather on the couch.
[+green "I wouldn't mess with Jayfeather. He's pretty bad ass, emphasis on the ass part."]
He steared the girl away from the living room and checked the rooms downstairs, to no avail.
[+green "You know this place better than me, where did she go?"]
He asked the girl.

Elwing leaned back against the wall, closing his eyes and sighing. He was still hungry, the small bit of soul not satisfying him. He opened his eyes and watched the new figure rush at Asphyx, figuring it was just more magical mumbo jumbo at this house.

Abe looked over his shoulder as the water started to warm up and smiled at the girl.
[+magenta "We should cover your bandages so they dont get wet."]
He said, rummaging through the cabinets to find a plastic bag or something waterproof.
[+magenta "I wish i could just heal you. that would be much easier."]
He emerged from the cabinets holding garbage bags and smiling at the singing girl. He stroked her hair and chuckled.
[+magenta "Exactly the music i expected you would listen to."]
He said as he looked at the girl fondly.
  Abe / RoughLove / 268d 5h 51m 14s
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[raleway [#DC143C "Thanks sweetie~!" ] Elzbieta said as she felt his arm over her shoulder. She snickered, wrapping her right arm around his back looking at Trevor's door. She sighed, [#DC143C "Actually, I wanna go find Asphyx." ] She said, forgetting that she'd rather bother Asphyx than Trevor. She grabbed at her aries charm with her left hand, the charm turning into a red switchblade in her hand. Of course her necklace was magic, it was really her weapon and she could make it turn into any weapon she wanted. She made her way down the stairs with Alex to see Jayfeather, a smirk growing on her face. [#DC143C "Ya know, I've always wanted to chuck him through the fuckin' gates." ] She said, looking up at Alex slightly.

Asphyx sighed and just shrugged, pressing a button on the wall as the dummies disappeared and a figure appeared, it was bathed in orange light and it was the guardian before her, the male figure holding a golden saber in his right hand and a shield in his left as his orange hair reached his ears. He wore orange and red robes, staring at Asphyx as he ran at Asphyx.

Jay sat on the sink, her legs swinging like a child as she waited, the bandages around her right leg covered in purple. Her right wing that wasn't broken fluttered as the other one strained against the bandages that was wrapped around it. [#9400D3 "Thank you." ] She plainly said, her hands gripping at the purple towel around her. She began to sing slightly, the song sounding like rock music as she tilted her head side to side. ]
  Scorpius / 268d 8h 42m 50s
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[montserrat [center [+green "You are cute."]
Alex laughed and hooked his arm over the girls shoulder.
[+green "Sure why not."]
He said, walking out of the room and practically pulling the girl along with him.

Elwing smiled and shook his head.
[#cc6600 "I dont train in front of people, but I can stay and keep you company."]
He said as he hopped up onto a surface that was chair enough for him.

Abe awkwardly peeled his hands from his face and nodded, standing up and finding a towel to wrap around the girl.
[+magenta "I don't think people would want to..um...see you in my arms like this."]
He said, wrapping the girl in the purple towel. He seemed to be getting more an more nervous as the girl got more comforatable with him. He picked up the girl bridal style andcarried her to the bathroom, setting her on the sink and turning on the shower for her.
  Abe / RoughLove / 268d 23h 10m 1s

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