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[raleway It took Jayfeather a few moments to understand why Abe was asking. He gave a look of surprise, [#228B22 "A-Abe? Did she...? Oh my god, Abe I think your perfect with Jay. You can give her more things than I ever could." ] He said with a happy smile on his face. He pulled Abe into what seemed to be a brotherly hug, his body feeling warm and soft. He then let go after a few moments, looking at Abe with pride.

Hestia kept looking at Trevor, her senses still latched onto the noise and smell that Trevor gave off. [#CD853F "E-Eight..." ] She said, thinking of music. She was an old rock lover, the tune of [b Brighton Rock by Queen ] playing in her mind as she also listened to what Trevor was doing. [#CD853F "N-No pizza?" ] She whined, sounding like a kid that just been grounded.

Asphyx was slowly waking up, her orange eyes beginning to look at Elwing as she sat up. She let out a pain-filled groan, her head hurting like hell as she sat up. She grabbed at Elwing, grabbing his left arm as she had her other hand on her head. She looked like she was in extreme pain, her face showing it as she looked up at Elwing. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 264d 8h 20m 44s
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[montserrat [center Abe continued to fidget and avoid eye contact as he just continued to pick up broken things.
[+magenta "No particular reason."]
He said, obviously lying.

Trevor smiled over their shoulder as they noticed she was keeping track of their movements.
[+purple "You got good ears huh sweetie? How old are you again?"]
He asked, cracking an egg into a frying pan. Of course he wasn't about to let the bad influence in him give the girl pizza for breakfast. The sizzling sound filled the room as the boy popped the bread into the toaster.

Elwing caiously continued his meal in the livingroom, sucking down the soul faster than he usually would before heading over to the couch to check on Asphyx.
  Aiko / RoughLove / 266d 22h 3m 37s
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[raleway Jayfeather was silent for a moment, [#228B22 "Abe, it depends on who dates Jay. If it's someone who I know will make her happy, then I'll back off and let nature and love take it's course as per usual." ] He said, looking over at Abe for a second before finishing up his floor. He threw the rag into the hallway and sat down on his butt, looking at Abe. [#228B22 "Why do you ask that?" ] He asked, his eyes narrowing on Abe.

Hestia nodded, her face lighting up with happiness as she was way too innocent to think that Elwing was up to something. [#CD853F "Pizza!" ] She said again but louder as she tried keeping up with the sound of Trevor's footsteps so it looked like she was looking at him as she sat at the table. ]
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[montserrat [center Abe laughed as he bagan to pick up everything that was broken, throwing it in the garbage.
[+magenta "I'm glad to see you are not upset anymore."]
The boy said, stopping for a second.
[+magenta "I have a hypothetical question for you."]
He fiddled with a broken peice of glass as he refused to make eye contact.
[+magenta "If someone...i dont know...wanted to date your sister would you...get protective?"]

[b [+purple "Pizza for breakfast?"]]
Trevor laughed as they rounded they corner, seeing Elwing awkwardly standing against the wall, his hands behind his back. The boy smiled, jerking his chin to say hello.
[b [+purple "Uh...Hi?"]]
Trevor set the girl down at the table and rummaged through the fridge, pulling out some bread and eggs.
[b [+purple "Whatcha doing?"]]
He asked Elwing, who shruggged and backed out of the room sowly before running into the livingroom and plopping down on the floor at the far end that was hidden from the kitchen. His eyes were dull as he tried to get a grip on himself, but he just couldnt. He had barely started on the red soul when Trevor had come in, and being hungry around someone like Trevor was never good.]
  Abe / RoughLove / 267d 2h 11m 33s
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[raleway Jayfeather smiled, [#228B22 "Let's just say I didn't agree and I clicked." ] He said quietly as he grabbed a trash can and put it by the door before beginning to wash the different colored liquids off of the floor with a wet rag. He smiled and seemed so different as he cleaned, music playing from the ceiling as it felt Jayfeather's emotions. He loved that it would do that, a happy rock tune playing for them and it wasn't really loud so that they could still hear each other easily but loud enough to enjoy it.

Hestia thought of what she wanted in Trevor's arms as he made his way downstairs. [#CD853F "P-Pizza?" ] She asked, her head swinging around wildly as she tried to use her senses to figure out where she was as she was blind. She had her hands close to her stomach, not wanting to reach out and feel around with the chance that she might accidentally hurt herself. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 267d 2h 38m 17s
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[montserrat [center Abe smiled kindly and nodded before peering into the boys room. His face fell to a neutrul look as he blinked many times.
[+magenta "Why would you do this to your room?"]
He askes, laughing a little. He was in such a good mood he didn't mind helping clean up the mess, not that he normaly would mind helping.

Trevor stired a little, grabbing the girls hand and laughing lightly.
[b [+purple "I was sleeping kid."]]
They said, waking up quickly and standing up, the child in their arms.
[b [+purple "What do you wanna eat. We have pretty much everything."]]
They laughed as they carried the child down the stairs.
  Abe / RoughLove / 267d 2h 33m 53s
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[raleway Jayfeather sighed and gave a slight smile at Abe before looking in his room again. [#228B22 "Wanna help me clean? I'll give you something super cool as a reward." ] He said, staring at all the broken potion bottles on the floor. He had gone on a rampage and it was bad, his bed torn to sheds and his shelves broken, the only thing that had managed to stay alive was his desk, ink spilled all over the desk.

Hestia mumbled as she woke up slowly in Trevor's arms, her body feeling warm as she was cuddling close to his chest. Her stomach growled and she let out a small whimper, [#CD853F "F-Food." ] She groaned, poking Trevor's face slightly with her left hand, luckily she had missed Trevor's lips and eyes as she was blindly poking at him. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 267d 2h 56m 51s
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[montserrat [center Alex smirked at the girl, rolling his eyes.
[+green "Don't worry, I know what I'm doing."]
He made a face at the girl before leaning in to kiss her
[size8 Thats all folks. Done with that.]

Elwing smiled awkwardly and waved as the boy left, mumbling a small thank you before walking into the kitchen and sitting at the table, just kind of looking at the soul.
[#cc6600 "I hope you are fresh."]
He said as the red soul started to snake its way into his mouth.

Abe stopped as he walked, looking at the boy wearily.
[+magenta "Um. Yes?"]
He said, phrasing it more like a question than a answer.
  Abe / RoughLove / 267d 3h 7m 20s
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[raleway Elzbieta sighed as she walked over to her door and shut it, locking it behind her. She faced Alex and sighed, having most of her clothes off. She didn't care if he saw her like this. She actually loved it for some reason as she crawled onto the bed next to him before crossing her arms. [#DC143C "I swear to god Alex, you better show me a hell of a good time~" ] She said, her face covered with bright red blush as she crossed her arms as she sat on the bed.

Jayfeather nodded and his cheeks turned a pale green as he ended up going upstairs to his room, nodding at Abe as he opened the door and stared at the whole mess he had turned his room into. [#228B22 "Fuck. Abe, you wanna help me with something?" ] He asked, turning to the angel. He had his forest green scarf wrapped around his neck that hid scars from the angel. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 267d 3h 17m 57s
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[montserrat [center Abe watched as the girl turned around, leaning down to kiss her cheek.
[+magenta "Sleep well."]
He said as he walked out of her room, closing the door behind him, and for the second time that night he leaned up against the wall with a tomato red face. He looked down the hallway and saw Alex leaning against Ela's doorframe and decided he would just explore the other rooms upstairs.

Alex leaned against Elas doorframe, an amused look on his face.
[+green "Somehow I think a rejection would do me some good. But I haven't gotten one yet. I mean who can resist this face?"]
He says, grinning ear to ear before he invited himself into the room, jumping onto the girls bed, propped up on his elbow.
[+green "Come and reject me then. Lets get it over with."]
His shit eating grin never left his face as he talked, patting the bed next to him.

Elwing cautiously took the red ball and tensed up, noticing the boys eyes on him. His cheeks tinted a slight shade of pink as he turned away a little.
[#cc6600 "Um..could I have some privacy?"]
the boy soulded almost childish as he spoke, his face also showing a bit of child like features. He didn't exactly like eating in front of people because well it was weird to eat souls. Even his own kind seemed weary of his eating habits.
  Abe / RoughLove / 267d 3h 33m 30s
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[raleway [#9400D3 "Ah, shut up lover boy... Oh I mean boyfriend." ] She said, her face still purple as she squeezed his hand and then let go, bringing her hand back to her chest. She smiled up at him before turning around and falling asleep, now laying on her other side. She seemed so peaceful when she slept, her wings tightly pressed against her back. She had her Scorpio necklace on as well, the cold gold charm against her neck as she slept on.

Jayfeather nodded and the ball of red energy in his hand grew to a dodge ball size. [#228B22 "There." ] He said, holding out the red soul towards Elwing. He felt weird about this but he had kinda made a deal with this boy. His hazel eyes scanned Elwing up and down, not knowing what else to think of him. He had his herbal bag still hanging by his waist as well, a little bit of green leaves poking out of the top flap.

Elzbieta stomped in frustration. How hard was it really to get this boy to kiss her? She stood there with a look of anger on her face as he ruffled her pastel blue green hair before she turned around and followed him out. [#DC143C "One day, we'll be in bed and I'll deny you." ] She growled, her hands in her pockets as she ended up back in her room, looking for something comfortable to wear. ]
  Elzbieta Ariean Bosak / Scorpius / 267d 3h 54m 5s
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[montserrat [center Abe looked down at the girl and covered his cheek, trying not to laugh at her purple complection, while still finding it extra cute. He statred for a minute before e relized and looked away, clearing his thrat loudly.
[+magenta "Love is a very strong word. I've never felt this way about someone before. But i...I really like you and would like to get to know you more."]
He said, this time pronouncing every sylable perfectly as if he ad confidence saying it. Plot twist: He didn't.

Elwing chuckled and nodded.
[#cc6600 "Thanks. Any chance you've got a little snack I could have now? Llike i said, you didn't really fill me up that much."]
He winked, back to his gross flirty self.

Alex chuckled, seeing the girl lean into him. He pulled back and ruffled her hair.
[+green "Well its a pain in the ass."]
He walked out of the bathroom, laughing evily.
  Abe / RoughLove / 267d 4h 9m 29s
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[raleway Jay smirked and smiled up at him, her hand reaching out and grabbing his. [#9400D3 "Love is such a strong thing right?" ] She asked, basically asking Abe out as she looked up at him. She seemed to blush too but her face was turning purple. Her blood was purple so when she blushed, the purple blood rushed to her face and made her blush purple. She kinda looked like a grape.

Jayfeather sighed, [#228B22 "I won't as long as you don't try anything stupid. I have death abilities and with that, I know where some souls lie. I can... well, I can get you some food I guess." ] He said, putting his hands in his pockets as well as he stared at the floor. He took a deep breath and coughed, raising his right hand which held a tiny red light. [#228B22 "If I focus enough, I can grab their souls after they die and keep them." ] He quietly said, finally understanding how truly dark his powers where.

Elzbieta snorted, [#DC143C "I actually agree with that, Abe couldn't do anything to save his own life." ] She said, staring Alex dead in the face. She giggled as he trapped her too, not really caring about it. [#DC143C "I got so mischievous when I grew up numb skull." ] She said playfully, leaning in a bit too as she puckered her cherry red lips a bit. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 267d 4h 20m 8s
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[montserrat [center Abe blushed, looking at the open window and took a deep breath.
[+magenta "I think I might like you back."]
He mumbled, but it all came out in one word, sounding more like a jumbled up mess than actual words.

Elwing frowned and pushed his own hands into his pockets looking the boy in the eye.
[#cc6600 "That's probably why it didn't fill me up. The dark shit isn't full of sustenance."]
His eyes were almost cold and he heaved a great sigh.
[#cc6600 "Listen dude, I'm glad you are happy I did that or whatever but no one can know what i do okay?"]
He said as he ran a hand though his hair.

Alex smirked at the girl, as he not so subtly kicked the door shut and chuckled.
[+green "No way. Abe's too much of a stiff."]
He said, letting go of the girls now bandaged arm but still standing in front of her. His hands went to either side of the girl, resting on the sink behind her and "trapping" her. He smirked at the girl.
[+green "What made you so suddenly mischievous?"]
he asked, leaning in a little.
  Abe / RoughLove / 267d 4h 39m 30s
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[raleway Jay nodded, her eyes looking into Abe's, [#9400D3 "Yes, I remember perfectly. That might still happen ya know." ] She said, a smirk on her face. She was laying on her side, her hands in front of her as she kicked the blankets over her body. She had her window open, mostly because it was warm outside right now and her room always felt freezing cold, mainly because of her deathly aura around her. The warmth always made her feel pure.

Jayfeather smiled, [#228B22 "I don't care that you did it, you took the broken part of me. I needed to fix it but I couldn't. What you did was a good thing." ] Jayfeather said, looking over at Elwing with a happy look on his face for once. He extended out his hand, his other hand in his pocket. [#228B22 "I'm Jayfeather Hunter." ] He said with passion in his voice, sounding confident for once.

Elzbieta sighed as she stood there with her arm towards Alex. She looked down at the clothes, smirking. [#DC143C "I bet you someone was doing something in here~." ] She said in a dirty way, using her foot to pick up the purple clothes. [#DC143C "No doubt it was Abe and Jay." ] She said, looking over at Alex with a smile on her face. Now they had a reason to make fun of them. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 267d 4h 55m 53s

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