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[raleway Jay let out a pained breath as her eyes flew open, staring at Abe for a a solid second before beginning to freak out. She shook and struggled against the chains, the chains groaning at Jay's strength as she yanked and yanked at them until she was out of energy again. Her face was covered in sweat as she finally looked at Abe, realizing that it was actually him. [#9400D3 "A-Abe...?" ] Her weak voice called. She hated being trapped like this, it scared her as it was one of her two main phobias. [#9400D3 "Plea-ase... If he fin-nds us, we'll b-be dead." ] She cried, tears beginning to form in her eyes.

Jayfeather barely was able to sit up with Autumn's help, his hands shaking as tears rolling down his cheeks. Just walking in this castle seemed to take every healthy thing inside of him out, his body filled with pain until he was able to drink the potion. His body instantly cooled and he let out a deep sigh of relief, relaxing as the pain slowly disappeared. He was going to sit there for a while as his body felt exhausted. [#228B22 "Hurry, I think he's coming down here." ] He said, beginning to stand up finally as he peeked through the doorway and up the stairs.

Ela frowned, she felt that her demon wasn't easier to tame, she felt that it was actually [b really hard ] to train. The demon wasn't of lust, it was one of rage and greed, the greed for power and the rage of everything powering the demon inside. She suddenly hissed, a feeling of heavy rage hitting her as she wanted to just murder Alex. Horns of fire formed on her head again, showing that she was enraged. Her hands were clenched into fists as she fought the feeling of punching Alex. [#DC143C "H-Help." ] She growled through her clenched teeth finally.

Asphyx smiled gently at Trevor, [#FF4500 "We will be going back to the shed. I can teach you how to fight as well." ] She kindly said with a smile on her face as she continued to tap her pike against the ground. She finally sat down and let her pike lay on the ground. [#FF4500 "I don't even know where everyone else is, it's like they almost disappeared." ]
She said, stretching on the couch. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 190d 6h 40m 29s
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[montserrat [center Abe rushed over to Jay, holding her cheeks to inspect her face. He automaticaly tried to telaport away with her, but he found himself alone. He quickly telaported back to the room and looked at the chains, seeing markings etched into them.
[+magenta "These are me proof. I cant get her out."]
He said, looking back at autumn, who was trying to prop Jayfeather up on the wall to give him a pain potion.
[+red "Well dont look at me I'm busy. "]
she snapped.

Alex smirked at Ela, ruffling her hair a little.
[+green "If it means you wont attack everyone else yeah I'll help. Your demon is definately gonna be easier to tame than mine. You think im a man whore now you shold have seen me before. "]

Elwing nodded, smiling a bit.
[#cc6600 "Not in here though right?"]
He said jokingly. Trevor laughed a little and rubbed the back of their neck.
[+purple "I.. um...I dont know how to fight,"]
They said, timidly.
  Abe / PinocchioTheRealBoi / 191d 4h 14m 50s
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[raleway The pain, panic and sorrow lead Abe forwards, into several other corridors until they reached a flight of stairs that led down into what seemed to be a dungeon. At this point, Jayfeather was in extreme pain, only walking using the walls to keep him up. He felt so weak and sick, he retched several times before going down the stairs and into a very dark and humid room. He then collapsed, not able to go any further as it felt like his body was going to explode.

Jay was in the corner of the dark and shadowy dungeon, laying with the back of her head against the wall. She had blood dripping from her mouth and going down to her chin, where it fell onto her black pants. Her skin was paler than usual, her hands laying limp on her thighs. Her face was also green, like she was sick as her forearms were shackled to the wall. She was obviously unconscious, her eyes closed and her body still.

Elzbieta snorted, she already went through puberty. She continued to stay sitting on her bed, her hands in between her thighs. [#DC143C "Will you just help me learn to control it then?" ] She asked, her bright red eyes staring at Alex. She seemed like she indeed needed help, flames still shooting up from her head once in a while.

Asphyx sighed, [#FF4500 "Maybe we should just... " ] She trailed off, forgetting what she was going to say. She stood there with an agitated look on her face as her orange hair swayed. She then smiled as she remembered, [#FF4500 "We should train and see how each of us fights when we are all here." ] She finally said, still taping her pike against the wooden floor boards. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 191d 6h 5m 44s
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[montserrat [center Abe looked around as they walked in,nodding his understanding at Jayfeather. He took a deep dreath and began to mentaly feel out the building for signs of life. Suddenly he was hit with a wave of pain, nearly stumbling back as he felt it. he pain mixed itself with saddness and the boys eyes welled up with tears.
[+magenta "This place is horrible."]
He said, bent over a bit from feeling someone elses pain.

Alex look at the girl and frowned.
[+green "You need to learn how to control your demon I bet. I went throug a phase where i couldnt control mine right when i hit puberty. "]
He smiled a bit.

Trevor nodded, grinning.
[b [+purple "You didn't seem like the dad type Elwing."]
Elwing smiled a half smile and shrugged.
[#cc6600 "What did you want to talk about Asphyx?"]
  PinocchioTheRealBoi / 192d 3h 38m 50s
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[raleway Jayfeather nodded, the pain from his kidney slowly getting worse but he ignored it, he's been through worse. He walked up to the giant wooden doors of the castle and growled as he pushed it open, the smell of death and decay spilling out. He retched and put his shirt over his nose before taking a step inside. It felt like a needle had been shoved through his head as he entered the castle, his eyes narrowed with pain as he began to walk down a long corridor. [#228B22 "Abe... If you can, try to connect with Jay... Her emotions can show us the way as well, especially when she's in pain." ] He said without looking back, one hand in his herbal bag so if anything happened, he could take out his sickle fast.

Ela looked down at her floor as she slowly and shakily got into her bed, sitting on the covers for a bit before looking up at Alex. [#DC143C "I... Don't know..." ] She finally said, her hands twitching every once in a while. She was trying to stay calm still, flames kinda flaring up above her head then dying out.

Asphyx sighed, [#FF4500 "And maybe the fact that it was a child too." ] She said, glancing from Trevor to Elwing as she held her pike still. She tapped it against the wooden floor, almost like in morse code. ]
  Elzbieta Ariean Bosak / Scorpius / 192d 5h 23m 40s
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[montserrat [center Abe nodded and quickly he got Autumn and the three stood on the side of the road together.
[+red "So do we just...Walk in? Or.....?"]
Autumn asked, looking a the building.

Alex nodded, stearing the girl up to her room gently.
[+green "What just happened?"]
he asked while the two were in her room.

Trevor did as they were told, bringing Hestia up to their room and tucking her in gently. They slowly made their way back and looked at Asphyx and Elwing, who had his hands shoved into his pockets and was looking at the floor.
[b [+purple "You got protective."]]
They said, arms crossed as they leaned against the wall.
Elwing smiled awkwardly and nodded.
[#cc6600 "My sister is blind. I guess i forgot she wasn't her."]
He mumbled.
  Abe / PinocchioTheRealBoi / 193d 2h 15m 55s
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[raleway Jayfeather screeched as Abe pushed him onto the sidewalk of the road, landing on his butt. He then stood up, sighing as he looked at Abe. [#228B22 "Just go get Autumn before she changes her mind." ] He growled, brushing himself off as he looked behind him at a huge stone-walled castle behind him. He felt a sharp pain in his kidney but he had ignored it, his hand over where his kidney should've been.

Elzbieta sighed in relief, she hated being trapped and whatnot and she even blushed a bit as Alex grabbed her arm. She looked up at him, her red eyes seeming confused and lost. She didn't struggle against anything as her skin felt cold. [#DC143C "Can I go lay down or something?" ] She asked, looking a bit freaked out.

Asphyx looked back at Trevor and Hestia, her eyes softening. [#FF4500 "Go put her in bed Trevor and then come back, we can talk about some stuff." ] She firmly said, her grip tightening around the hilt of her pike. She felt weird as she talked but she ignored it anyways. ]
  Elzbieta Ariean Bosak / Scorpius / 193d 3h 16m 48s
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[montserrat [center Abe said nothing as he quickly transported Jayfeather to the road outside their destination. A car swirved around them, honking its horn. Abe quickly pushed the other boy off the road.
[+magenta "For future reference its better if i have exact coordinates. Teleportation isn't a guessing game."]
He said. His words sounded rude but his tone sudgested otherwise, as if it were just a random regurgitaion of facts.
[+magenta "And i dont like this."]

Alex took hold of Ela's arm as Elwing let her go and went over to Trevor and Hesia to check on them.
[+green "I'm not chaining her up."]
Alex said, studdying the girl.
Elwing scoffed and rolled his eyes.
[#cc6600 "I'm glad shes asleep."]
He said, his eyes softening and finally going back to normal.
  Abe / PinocchioTheRealBoi / 193d 2h 21m 45s
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[raleway Jayfeather nodded and smiled at Autumn, revealing his white teeth as he fixed his herbal bag a bit. He looked at Abe, [#228B22 "You don't have to get so close to it, we can appear in a tavern that is across from the castle in fact." ] He simply said, his hands in his pant pockets. He was ready to face something powerful and he hoped that he made it out alive but you never know.

Ela just sat there on her knees with Elwing's arm around her neck. She gripped at Elwing's arm but didn't do anything to pull it away, her lips slightly open as she had a hard time breathing with Elwing's arm around her neck. She felt trapped but she also felt a flaming rage still inside of her as she tried to keep it in.

Asphyx shrugged, [#FF4500 "I think we should just let Alex yank her around and whatnot, make sure she doesn't flip her shit again." ] Asphyx said, relaxing as she put the blunt end of her pike against the wooden floor. [#FF4500 "And I say to bind her with chains or something that can't melt from high temperatures." ] Asphyx then said, looking back at Trevor and Hestia as Hestia was asleep again in Trevor's hands. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 193d 6h 8m 44s
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[montserrat [center Abe was already grabbing onto Jayfeathers shoulder as they both looked at Autumn, who smiled and nodded.
[+red "I mean we are all important here right?"]
She said. Abe nodded and looked at Jayfeather.
[+magenta "How close should I get?"]
He asked, knowing he would have to take two trips to get them both there. The shorter the trips the better.

Elwing let his arm loosen as the girl calmed down, but didn't let her go.
[#cc6600 "What should we do now?"]
He asked, calmed down himself. His eyes were still black as he looked around the room at the others.
  Abe / PinocchioTheRealBoy / 196d 2h 23m 23s
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[raleway Jayfeather sighed, [#228B22 "It's very simple, we get our asses in there and I'll lead us to Jay and then we get our asses out." ] He said bluntly, his arms crossed. He wanted to get this over as he looked over at Abe with the vile in his hands. He made his way over to Abe before looking back at Autumn, [#228B22 "Are you comin' or what?" ] He asked, wanting to know Autumn's answer.

Ela finally began to stop with her struggles, grabbing at Elwing's arm with her hands as she was on her knees. She began to cool down, taking short breaths through her mouth as her horns of fire began to dissipate. She seemed to give up, her face turning red as she could not really get air from Elwing holding her in a choke hold. She still couldn't be trusted though...
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 196d 3h 26m 8s
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[montserrat [center Autumn smiled as she quickly mixed together a few ingredients and handed a vile of powder to each of the boys. It shimmered in the container, hard to focus on. Your eyes just kind of slipped over it.
[+red "You only need a pinch. Sprinkle a bit around your feet to hide ourself, or around somone elses feet to hide them. It lasts for an hour." ]
She crossed her arms on her chest and looked around at the two.
[+red "So whats the plan"]
She asked.

Elwing felt pain sear through his leg, but his grip remained on the girl. He knew he would heal, and he had been through worse pain. As the heat from the girls bod increased the boy winced, but still his grip never faultered as he took his good leg and kicked at the back of the girls knees, sending her to the ground.
[#cc6600 "Honey I lived in hell for most of my life. I can deal with heat."]
  Abe / PinocchioTheRealBoy / 196d 4h 52m 37s
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[raleway Jayfeather hissed at Autumn in annoyance. [#228B22 "Wow, nice job Autumn." ] He said sarcastically, just forgetting that he had just said that he couldn't take a literal step in the castle... But he needed to go because he was the only one who knew where everything was. He knew his fate and he would stick with it, all stars eventually died out, no matter how brightly they shine.

Ela screamed as she felt Elwing wrap his arm around her neck. She scrambled to stand on her feet as she kicked back at his knee, hoping to at least dislocate his kneecap so he couldn't walk. She also felt melting hot, her body heating up to high temperatures as the flame horns on her head went to purple, the fire so hot that it would cause third degree burns.

Asphyx continued to stare at Ela as she held her pike tightly, ready for anything. Her orange hair was behind her, spilling to her lower back. She still had on her shorts and an orange sweater, ready for combat despite her clothing. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 196d 22h 19m 38s
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[montserrat [center Abe crossed his arms and sighed.
[+magenta "I'm faster when I'm not worrying about someone else. My wings can get me to the basement quickly, but i cant get three people out that way. ]
Autumn picked up a satchel not unlike Jayfeathers, only it had red ribbons and bows all over it.
[+red "Right so we take turns. Transport Jay out and then come back for me. I could whip up a quick invisibility potion."]
She crossed her arms over her chest and peered into her shelves, picking up bottles with various liquids in them.
[+red "I'm gonna need more potion making supplies when we get back."]
She picked up a rasberry colored liquid and held it up to Jayfeather, grinning a little.
[+red "In case of emergency here is that potion that made you push me."]
She giggled a little and began taking more things from her shelf.

Alex snapped out of it, rushing behind Asphyx but in front of Trevor, while Elwing chuckled and was behind the girl, grabbing her hair and tugging her back, putting her in a headlock.
[#cc6600 "Not a very effective strategy honey."]
He purred in the girls ear, tightening his grip on her neck.
  Abe / PinocchioTheRealBoy / 196d 22h 41m 26s
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[raleway Jayfeather looked down at the enchanted stones that was placed in his hands. He kept both of them, slipping them into his herbal bag as it seemed like a weight was lifted off his shoulders. Even though the broken part of him had been eaten, doesn't mean that he still had anxiety and stuff like that. [#228B22 "Abe, I know the address but my step-father is very tricky... I mean... Birdishka Village, there's a giant castle in the middle of it with lot's of rooms and chambers. She'd be in the basement or one of the lower floors. And well... I can't take a literal step in that castle unless you wish to have a very sick Jayfeather." ] He said, standing next to Autumn. [#228B22 "And that's why you need Autumn to go with you, two is better than one Abe." ]

Elzbieta was suddenly laughing, [#DC143C "You guys seem super fuckin' scared!" ] She taunted, taking this moment to kick Elwing in the crotch and grabbing his hair. She stepped aside and made him run into Alex, looking back at where Trevor, Hestia and Asphyx where.

Asphyx squeaked as she looked at Ela as she looked at them. She put her hand in front of her, a pike appearing in her hand as Ela rushed at them. She swung around the weapon, making sure not to hit Trevor and Hestia as she slammed the blunt side of the weapon into Ela's side, making her fall to the ground in pain. [#FF4500 "Don't make me hurt you anymore, you demon." ] She snarled, protective of Trevor and the child. ]
  Elzbieta Ariean Bosak / Scorpius / 196d 22h 56m 28s

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