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S.S Jabe (Jay+Abe)-Pirate ship
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The Alea (Alex+Ela)-Battle Ship
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[K2D Ela frowned as she lowered her canvas to where her own face could be visible. [#DC143C "What's clarv-v..." ] She trailed off, having extreme difficulty with even sounding out the word. It just confused her as she stood there looking confused as hell. This annoyed her a lot, she wanted to know everything that was happening or at least [b something. ] Not knowing anything made her feel frustrated and extremely left out. She even slammed her foot against the floor in frustration, making her let out a little cry. She finally gave up and just simply sighed, her red eyes watery as she looked up at the boy who was babysitting her.

Elzbieta then paled as she heard about her brother being dead and she instantly took a step towards Andy, grabbing his hand with her little one. She felt like she was at least trying to get this boy some comfort with her physical contact since she could do that. She was always very shitty with apologizing, it just wasn't one of her strong suits from the day she was born. Her hand felt warm and soft, the usual feeling of a child but her grip was more like a comfy campfire that you'd laugh with your friends by.

She then heard him ask if she had eaten and she instantly shook her head, her bluish green hair shaking. [#DC143C "I don't like to eat and I'm not hungry..." ] She said, lying... well about the part where she hadn't eaten. She did not like to eat really, the food was usually uncomfortable in her mouth. She had really sensitive teeth but she could eat anything if she [b had ] to really. ]
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[montserrat [center Andy smiled at the compliment, still studdying the painting. He wasn't freaked out, but it was a little weird to see a painting of himself in a strangers hands.
[#261362 "I'm not an angel. My brother is a nephilum, but thats the only angel in my life."]
He set the ukulele down against the wall and stepped closer to the canvas the girl held, narrowing his eyes as he looked at the people pictured. He didnt recognize any of them at first but then he saw himself and Ela and that wasn't so weird, but when he saw his brother he immediately took the canvas into his hands and stared at it.
[#261362 "So you obviously are clarvoyant or something, but this can't be real. My brother is dead."]
He handed her back the painting and pushed his bangs out of his face. Seeing the boy in the painting had made an old twinge of pain in his chest as he remembered his family, and the only person who loved him no matter what. He cleared his throat as he shook the memory from his head.
[#261362 " Have you eaten?"]
He asked, very abruptly changeing the subject.
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[K2D Elzbieta listened to the male the whole time, her lips curling up into a smile as she heard the music. She swayed her body to the music and tempo as she closed her eyes, enjoying the song rather thoroughly. Eventually she thought she had heard the boy and her head tilted upwards, barely being able to listen to him. [#DC143C "You have a nice voice..." ] She said softly, a huge smile on her face as her foot bounced up and down and up and down like normal. She was a girl of high energy, probably to be diagnosed with ADHD as she seemed to twitch every once in a while. She was very antsy and energetic pretty much.

She looked over at her finished canvas and her eyes widened in surprise before she looked back over at Andy, realizing what she had done. [#DC143C "I-I... drew you..." ] She stammered in surprise with her eyes still wide. She stood up and stood besides her canvas, her eyes suddenly setting on the little wings she had painted in the corner. [#DC143C "Are you... Angel?" ] She asked, sounding very curious to what his answer was. Usually, she got stuff right in her paintings but she never really understood that her painting where [b prophetic. ]

She went over and grabbed another easel and showed it to Andy, the canvas filled with forestry and a group of five people. Two of the people were them and they were smiling together as if they were best friends. She was in Andy's arms in the picture, her red eyes a lot more brighter than usual. The other three had different colored everything, from a girl who had purple hair to a girl with some sort of blue hair. They were all smiling with their arms wrapped around each other like they were the bestest friends ever. Ela smiled at she showed Andy her piece of art, her tiny hands gripping at the edges. ]
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[montserrat [center Andy gladly took the instrement as he stepped into the room, inspecting it for a second before giving it a little strum. It was bigger than he was used to, but it felt inviteing in a way. He thought back to the songs he had known. The good thing about his very odd brain was that it remembered music almost photograpically. He couldn't remember most other things, but music was a passion of his, and it stuck with him wherever. He picked at the instrument, making sure it was in tune and e was able to play it, and when he had finnaly gotten it ready he sat down on the edge of the girls bed and began to play a few notes. It was rocky at first but once he got the hang of it he was playing nearly perfectly. He hummed along to the beat before he began to sing the song, almost inaudibly with the sound drowning him out . His singing voice was so different with the uke, and it just felt so right. He got a little lost in the melody, not noticing his voice getting dangerously close to being audible as he strumed. It had been a while since he had felt that way, the plesantness of letting all of your troubles melt away. He was so wrapped up in the sound he barely registered the painting the girl sat next to. As his lyrics finished, however, he looked at the girl, his fingers still plucking away at the strings before haulting at the painting.
[#261362 "Thats real freaky."]
He said after a short pause.
[https://youtu.be/9YgmMJJ34k4 [montserrat [b [i This is the song he did]]]]
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[K2D [#DC143C "Elzbieta Ariean Bosak, your queen." ] The girl said as she was asked about her name, acting like she indeed was a spoiled queen of her own. She smirked up at Andy, her eyes flaring up with some kind of bitchiness. [#DC143C "Hello Andy, you may come in..." ] She barely growled as she heard him tell her that he was her babysitter and it made her growl. She hated it when her father called in babysitters to watch her, she really just wanted to be left alone. She backed up to let Andy in, setting her silver curved dagger on her little wooden table again.

[#DC143C "Play? Are you going to play something? You can..." ] Ela asked, her eyebrows furled as she looked at Andy as she went over to her nearest ukulele and handed it to the boy, a nice and kind look on her face. She wanted to hear her babysitter's song and this made her think that this person won't actually be as bad as the other sitters. She sat down next to her completed canvas that had a surprising picture of Andy on it even though she finished it way before she seen the boy.

Maybe the canvas would get Andy's mind thinking but really, Ela just sat there as if it was nothing. Hell, she hadn't even noticed the canvas yet herself as she looked at Andy, eagerly waiting for his song. She wasn't as much into music as others were but she was obsessed with art and that kind of stuff, she found that that was really her only passion that sparked the flame in her heart. ]
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[montserrat [center Andy chuckled as he heard the girl speak, shaking his head and putting his hands on his hips and looking down at her. That is before the man ran off, almost like he didnt want to be around his daughter, or maybe it was that she was such a handfull he didnt want to give andy the time to back out of the job. He laughed again, his shoulders shaking a little as he heard the door slamming downstairs.
[#261362 "My name is Andy what is yours?"]
He asked. He of course already knew, it would be bad if he didn't, but he still asked the girl. When she answered he smiled a wide and cheesy fake grin.
[#261362 "Would you look at that. We aren't strangers anymore. I am your new babysitter. Can i come in?"]
He tried his best not to seem like he was talking to a todler, knowing fully well that this girl was a year older than his younger brother and they werent babies. He peeked into the girls room, smilieng at the messy decore.
[#261362 "Ah you play?"]
He asked, pointing to the instrements leaning on the wall. He had learned to play the ukulele when he was very young. It had been hard to convince his mom to let him cut his nails short enough to be able to play, but eventually he did it, agreeing to let her paint them once a week when they would grow out before he cut them. It was a monumentous turning point in his life, and he loved the sound of the instrement so much it became one of the most important things in his life, along with his brother.
[#261362 "Mind if I play something?"]
He hadn't played in years, in fact the last time he had played was when he had wrote a comeing out song and played it to his entire family. The memory tugged at his brain, but he shoved it away, focusing on the task at hand.
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[K2D The girl inside of her room had jumped up at the sound of three knocks at her door and she let out a surprised squeak. She made her way over to the door with her curved blade in her left hand as she turned the knob with her right hand, her red sweater sleeves over her tiny hands. She opened the wooden door slowly but surely, seeing both a new babysitter and her father behind him. She pulled open the door, her head and eyes staring up at Andy. [#DC143C "Stranger danger." ] She suddenly growled, her silver blade flashing in the moonlight, the leather hilt hidden underneath her sweater sleeve.

She wore a small leather cord that seemed to have held a charm that was inside of her red sweater. Her room was all messy with filled canvas all over along with smol ukuleles that were out all over her room. Her room smelt like cherries and something else that was very sweet in smells. Her face was covered in blue and gold paint, her black leggings covered with white paint instead. She was told not to let a boy get a hold of her out of fear of something [b [i bad ]] happening to her and that's why she said what she said.

[#DB7093 "Oh shoot! I've got to go Andy, please make sure she doesn't get into anything and don't let her get extremely hurt." ] The chocolate colored male said before turning on his heels. He ran off, the last thing after you heard his heavy feet was the door slamming. He ran off into the forest that surrounded the cottage, heading somewhere as the girl complained of being bored. ]
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[montserrat [center Andy smiled at the man, nodding as he was ushered in.
[#261362 "Yes I'm Andy. Thank you for the job, sir. I'm not sure if you knew about my situation with my family, but either way I am greatful."]
He said. He wan't normally chatty, but he had to thank the man for putting food on his table.
He looked around the rooms as the man lead him around, smileng a little as the rule were expained to him. It looked like nice enough of a place to work nd the rules were easy to follow.
[#261362 How long do i stay here?"]
He asked. He knew lizzy would be wondering. He could even feel his phone vibrating furiously in his pocket as she texted him a hundred times. Long hours werent an issue to him, since he charged by the hour. He waited for the response and quickly texted his roomate not to wait up, not bothering to look at the milion texts she had sent him. She was going to be at school by the time he got home, but that was okay. She was actually making a life for herself, rather than being a bum like Andy unintentionaly was. When he lived with his family he had the money to go to school but after he was kicked out and cut off he couldnt find a job. Thats why this was such a great thing, because he could actually contribute to the household rather than sit around looking for jobs that would hire him and he could save up to get his degree and become a vet. He was walking with and listening to the man as he showed him around the house, bringing him to the final door, the door to the childs room. Alex smiled at the man before knocking three times on the door very lightly.
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[K2D The door gave out a sudden click and the dark chocolate wooden door opened to reveal a chocolate skinned man that stood at 6'5 along with a huge smile on his face. [#DB7093 "Ah, isn't it Andy? I believe I got that right." ] The man said with a soft but stern voice, his dark green eyes looking into Andy's face. The man wore a red and gold cloak as well as some white dyed jeans as he took a step back to let in Andy. He held the door with a scarred hand, his smile a nice and kind one. The cottage wasn't all that bad, it was at perfect temperature and it was neat and organized except for the kitchen, where several glasses and plates were. [#DB7093 "First, here's the rules of taking care of my daughter, number one is to make sure she doesn't go into my room. Secondly, do not let her out of your sight and don't let her go past the clearing and into the forest. Lastly, if she starts being loud, just wrap her in a blanket and she'd literally fall asleep in twenty seconds. Oh and make sure that she eats, sometimes I have to make her eat. I have to go somewhere every night from now on but you will be paid a large amount for watching her." ]

The girl ignored the knock on the door that she heard from downstairs and simply stepped back to inspect her work. She had painted seemed to be a human being with dark blue hair along with angel wings in the corner of the canvas as well. She didn't know what she painted but it looked pretty good to her so she kept it on the wooden stand and looked out the window, her tiny hands on the cold glass. She breathed as she looked out at the moon, the moonlight just all over her face.

She then turned around and made her way to a little wooden desk she had in room and sat down in a chair besides it. She had a little curved knife on the table and she gently picked it up, the leather grip perfectly fitting her grip. The blade had been a gift from her mother and it was her promise that she'd be back for her daughter in due time. The red eyed girl believed this and she hung onto the dagger, just staring into the silver and curved blade. ]
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[montserrat [center Andy scurried around his room, shoving some things in a little duffle bag, and arranging an outfit on his bed. He had been woken to the sound of a knock at his door only an hour earlier. It was his roommate, with a message for him. He had a job. The Bosak's were family friends, yet somehow it seemed the father may not have known that Andy was no longer considered a part of the family. In the end that didn't matter to him, work was work and as long as he was paid enough to keep himself afloat he was golden. He did, however, not understand why it was a night shift job. If he was babysitting shouldn't the kid just be in bed and harmless? It wasn't a big deal because, well money is money and he would normaly be up at night anyway.
He finished throwing things in his bag and began dressing for the day- well night. He tied up his hair into a little ponytail at the back of his head and put in his contacts before he walked out into his kitchen, seeing his romate at the table looking disgruntled.
[#261362 "Sorry you were woken up at this time."]
He said, leaning down and hugging the girl before he began to make tea. The girl grunted and slammed her head into the table before mumbling.
[#339900 "I wasn't asleep anyway Drew."]
The girl said, earning a glare from Andy at the nickname.
[#261362 "Lizzy If you call me Drew one more time I might scream."]
He finished making his tea and took a cautious sip of the still scorching liquid, burning the tip of his tongue and winceing.
[#261362 "I gota get to work now. See ya."]
He poured the hot liquid into a thermos, throwing a few ice cubes in it and running out the door to his bike. He didn't drive cars, they were bad for the environment and the physical acivity was good for him. He biked the short way to the Bosak house, parking his bike next to a bush before quickly going up to the door and knocking. He was very nervous, but he hid it as well as possible
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[K2D It was like the child was nocturnal instead of being awake during the day, she slept. Instead of sleeping at night, she was wide awake and doing whatever. Her father never knew what made her like this but honestly, it was annoying to him with barely having any sleep just to take care of her. He had to lock her inside of her room and he didn't want that for her as she cried at the door frequently. He had decided to get her a babysitter of some sorts, someone to train her and take care of her. So, like every royal king did, he sent out a messenger to get someone that he knew, only because of his parents. After all, he was a holy king.

It was currently midnight just about and the girl was in her room as always, most likely painting very odd and prophetic pictures. She had her own sense of beauty that ran deeper than her childish skin. She had bright red eyes that seemed to almost glow as it studied the canvas. Her pale skin glowed as moonlight washed through the window and onto her. She had a smile that would brighten many people just in seconds, she was just all around a very innocent and good girl.

She wore black leggings and a soft and huge red sweater, her normally brown and short hair now dyed a pastel green and blue. She had her hair cut to her ears, the edges of her hair stopping at the bottom of her ears. She was obviously an artist because her room was just filled with full canvases and paint buckets and she even drew angel wings on her wall above her bed because she felt blessed with talent. ]
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[center [h3 [montserrat New rp]]
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[K2D Asphyx was at the top of the stairs, her orange eyes darkened and set on the front door as everyone came in. She was currently on her knees, some orange blood leaking from her lips. She didn't know the gates were opening and when she did know, she tried to come out of the house but something kept her from doing so. She was holding onto the railing of the stairs, trying desperately to pick herself up.

Ela felt so fragile in Andy's arms, her lips shaking for some reason as she was limp. Her body felt very hot, to the point to where it was like she was beginning to melt. Her body was now overheating, sweat just all over her body. This is what happened when she let out her demon, it had forced her to shape shift when she had never done it before and it almost killed her.

Hestia slowly stopped crying in Trevor's arms, getting the vision of Autumn and Jayfeather in her head before she was snapped back to herself. She coughed a bit, her brown hair over her face as she felt odd in his arms. She still wanted to meet everyone and she wished they didn't have to fight all the time.

Jay hung onto Abe as if when she let go, she would die. The tip of her crow mask dropped a bit of purple blood from the inside as it showed that Jay was bleeding somewhere on the top half of her face. She just hung onto Abe, not aware that her body felt ice-cold despite just coming back from Hell. She finally broke down, her eyes had bare witness to things that would overload your mind. She began to cry and shake uncontrollably, feeling like she was about to go on a murderous rampage.

Jayfeather nodded, a slight smile on his face as he tried to be as still as possible. He looked up at Autumn with a smile on his face, mostly from her helping him. [#228B22 "This actually isn't that bad...." ] He finally said, his hands clasped together in front of him as he just sat there. His stomach growled loud this time, a sharp pain of hunger going through his body. He was starving and his body showed it, his rib cage starting to pop out a bit. ]
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[montserrat [center Abe waited, and he waited. Even as his brother pulled away from him, even as he felt his brother trying to pick him up, he was frozen there. The waiting wasn't long, but to him it felt like forever. He couldn't lose her, not after he had gotten so close to her. Not after the only other person in his life who meant something to him had finally come back. He loved them both, and he needed them both. When Jay came back through the gates he wasted no time. He easily got up and started running to her, blinking to right in front of her as he dropped in front of her and engulfed her in his arms.
Andy had begun rounding up everyone, being the oldest there he felt at least a little need to guide them all inside. The fight was over, Those two would be fine. Alex and Trevor both do as they are told, Andy picking up Ela as gently as he would a child and getting her inside as well. And finally everyne was inside but Abe and Jay, who were outside still, holding eachother.

Autumn opened the bathroom door and came in, getting to work instantly. She grabbedan ointment and rubed it on his cuts before placing a very large bandage over it.
[+red "Not everything is made of magic so uh...thi'll take a while to heal but you should be fine with this as long as i can clean out the wounds once in a while. "]
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[raleway After several moments of silence and death, the horrible smell of death lingering in the air. Everyone's eyes seemed focused on the gates, almost like they were longing for Jay to come back. The gates were still open as well but they were leaning inwards, as if it was fixing to close soon.

Ela growled as her form slowly began to turn back to normal, her feminine body seeming so small compared to the giant ass lion she just was. She collapsed onto the ground, her chest heaving as she took shallow breaths, feeling like her body was being torn apart. She laid there, her red eyes slowly closing before she went unconscious.

Hestia just cried and went limp in Trevor's arms, her head pressed against his chest. She was shaking so much, she had feelings for the girl that she hadn't really met before. Eventually, she felt something in her mind as if something was trying to send her a message or a vision.

After a few more moments, the evil Asphyx's body just flew out of the portal and landed on the grass a few feet away. It was just a bloody mess, Jay's hunting knife just stabbed through the orange's girl's right thigh so you could see the end of the blade on the other side. Asphyx's spine was also broken, her whole body just shifted to the side.

Jay eventually stepped back through the portal, her golden scythe in her left hand as her hand was wrapped around the shaft of the long weapon she had. She was just covered in orange blood, a emotionless look on her face as she still had on her ivory crow skull over her face. She looked like Death itself, shadows just swirling around her as she walked away from the portal and towards everyone else. She then took a deep breath, her body shaking slightly as she dropped to her knees. She was okay, it was just something that happened after doing something so dark like that.

[#228B22 "I'm fine." ] Jayfeather softly said, barely climbing out of the tub and walking out. He looked besides him to the toilet and saw some underwear and pants there. He then grunted as he put on his clothes, looking down at the dark green dyed pants that he had put on. He then just sat there on the closed lid of the toilet, looking at his hands. [#228B22 "Y-You can come in, it's unlocked." ] He finally said, his forest green eyes still trained on his hands. ]

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