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[montserrat [center Delphinium Academy, Home to those without homes. All Oddities are welcome. Safe space for all. ]]

[center [h3 [Inconsolata The story]]]

[Center [Kosugi+Maru For centuries there has been a single gene spreading all around the world, creating a case that to this day still perplexes scientists everywhere. Billions of dollars are spent every year for research to find a cure but there has never been a successful case.

The gene quickly became the worlds most notorious medical mystery. People with the gene became the universal scapegoat blamed for disease and war everywhere. These people were known as "Oddities"

The gene manifests itself in a deformity in its carriers, causing them to have a single animal trait. Most often people are born with tails, or ears of an animal. Though some people claimed to see traits of birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians, the traits can only manifest as mammal traits.

Some people with the trait can easily hide it, but more often than not Oddities found themselves unable to live normal lives because of their condition. After decades of oppression five men banded together to create a safe haven for the young, Headed by Able Keen. These men were not oddities, but scientists, eager to aid the people most effected by the gene. This safe haven became Delphinium Academy. The school became popular, its motto claiming to be a safe space for all and quickly it became the best school for Oddities in the nation, many similar school popping up all over the world.

Little did the students know that something sinister was at play in the only haven they had known. Students were suddenly disappearing while no one seemed to worry. Would the students be able to unravel the mystery of Delphinium Academy?]]

[center [h3 [Inconsolata Rules]]]

[center [Kosugi+Maru Anime or Illustrated pictures

No out of character drama

Cussing is allowed to an extent and as long as it fits your character

Keep to ES rules

No more than three characters to one person

I reserve the right to add new rules as needed

[center [h3 [Inconsolata Character Limit and Literacy]]

I have a thousand character limit. That said I expect three to four paragraphs per post. As always its quality before quantity so don't overwork yourself. I expect good grammar but mistakes are bound to be made, after all we are hopefully all humans here. As a general personal rule i run my posts through a free grammar checker. ]]

[center [h3 [Inconsolata Skeleton]]]

[center [Kosugi+Maru Picture:



Nicknames :


Gender Identity:

Sexual Orientation:

Hybrid Mutation:

Personality Traits:

Physical Traits:



Likes and Dislikes:

[center [h3 [Inconsolata Accepted Hybrids]]]

[center [Kosugi+Maru

Username: PinocchioTheRealBoi
Name: Kai Seki
Nicknames : K
Age: 17
Gender Identity: Male
Sexual Orientation: Undetermined
Hybrid Mutation: Otter tail
Personality Traits: Clingy and protective of everyone he cares about. Generaly friendly, though a little shy and soft spoken.
Physical Traits: Cigarette burn scars on his arms
Biography: Kai had a rough childhood, having parents who only carried the gene who were very hateful towards Oddities. He doesn't let a hard childhood bring him down, always reminding himself and others that there are people who have had it worse than him.
Other: Speech color-#c695d6
Likes and Dislikes: He likes quiet places and reading, but also social settings. He dislikes being alone and parties that are too rowdy.

Hybrid2:[pic ]
Name: Syil Mikel
Nicknames: N/A
Age: 16
Gender Identity: Male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Hybrid Mutation: Wolf; sharp canines and claws
Personality Traits: Observant | Curious | Honest Feisty | Sneaky | A bit mean
Physical Traits: Scars on his back
Biography: After the death of his parents, Syil moved in with his grandmother, who lived in a cottage far from town. She wanted him to have peace and serene in his life, not wanting him to struggle to fit in with society. She home-schooled him for most of his childhood until she found a school for him to attend. Syil doesn't care to make friends as much as his grandmother wants him to.
Other: N/A
Likes and Dislikes: Likes; Candy | Dislikes; Having his personal space invaded

Name:አቤል አሸናፊ
Gender Identity:Male
Sexual Orientation:Bisexual
Hybrid Mutation:Ethiopian Wolf; Tail and teeth
Personality Traits:Friendly towards everybody, though when nobody is looking he is rather sad and brooding. Tries his best to be a good person, because he is so aware of how horrible some people are and the impact those people have on others. Typically quiet, but can be bubbly if he is around somebody he trusts.
Physical Traits:Tattoos on forearms and neck/upper chest.
Biography:Abel grew up in Ethiopia with his father, who hid him from society--not out of shame, but out of worry for his son. His mother had abandoned him at birth out of disgust, and he has never met her; he feels no need to, as he loves his father very much. When he was fourteen, his father heard of the Delphinium Academy and sent Abel there, hoping it would give him a better chance at life.
Other:Text colour: #c99e66
Likes and Dislikes:Abel likes history and classical studies, and learning languages. He likes to study and make friends. He dislikes bullies, stereotypes, and prejudices.

Username: Killmonger
Name: Mukaku Kodaira
Nicknames: 'Mu/Moo' ; Koda/Kodaira
Age: 17
Gender Identity: Male
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual - indifferent
Hybrid Mutation: Ox/Cattle; Oxtail
Personality Traits: Friendly - Easygoing - Violent - Loyal - Lonely - Uncouth
Physical Traits: Mukaku is a famously tall teen who loves to stand out. Atop the innumerable battle wounds from countless fights sit the dozens of tattoos he received in Spain.
Biography: To cut a long story short, Mukaku was born into money and was ousted from his own family within a day of his birth. Named for a variety of hornless beef cattle native to Japan, Mukaku's first 10 years of life were wretched in every way, cursed to waste away with no family and an ugly name. He WAS finally adopted, though, and he had been happily touring Europe with his new mother for years until they were attacked for his condition in the street. The altercation ended with his adoptive mother and their 3 attackers being hospitalized, retaliation for which he was almost imprisoned. His mother was granted her wish to send him to one of the new foreign 'schools' in place of a juvenile detention center.
Other: Trilingual; Japanese, English, Spanish.
Likes and Dislikes: Enjoys eating and music. Hates cow jokes, bullying, and milk.

Username: kaitoXi
Name: Teague Kavanagh
Nicknames: Tag
Age: 16
Gender Identity: M
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Hybrid Mutation: Deer, ears/antlers (seasonal)
Personality Traits: Outgoing, nervous, easily frightened, kind, quiet, artistic. Though he comes off as quiet or reserved, he's actually quite friendly. Easy to startle or pull a reaction out of, he's often the butt of his friends' jokes, but doesn't seem to mind too much. A bit of a weird kid in general.
Physical Traits: Relatively tall, but not incredibly so. Piercing in his nose and two in each ear. Freckles primarily on his body, with only a few on his face. Strong, muscular legs.
Biography: Grew up in the grassy hills of Ireland on the family farm. His grandparents, who lived with him, didn't approve of his being an Oddity and always treated his other siblings much better, but his parents did their best to treat them all equally. Always an athlete from growing up on the farm, he was muscular enough to scare off his bullies or fast enough to run from them until in middle school, when his teacher started to endorse the bullies rather than punish him, and the bullying began to take place in the classroom where he couldn't escape. His parents pulled him out of the local school system for high school and sent him off to Delphinium out of the hope he'd be safer there.
Other: A bit shy about his antlers, though the girls always seemed to think they were cute.
Likes: Quiet places, friends, having somewhere to belong, hard candy, running, doodling
Dislikes: Cold food, people who tease him too much, being stuck indoors all day, fighting

Username: Kaeleigh
Name: Lisette Hale
Nicknames: Lissy by her sister, but that's about it
Age: 17
Gender Identity: Cis female
Sexual Orientation: Demisexual
Hybrid Mutation: Deer Antlers and Spots
Personality Traits: Fairly reserved, but mostly due to shyness and nerves, Lisette is one of the sweetest, most kind-hearted people you'll ever meet. She would consider herself a wallflower, preferring to view from afar rather than within, but her undying curiosity almost always has her viewing. However, her sister tends to bring out a much more fun-loving side in her, so she does come out of her shell, but only when she's comfortable with someone.
Physical Traits: Has a few white spots along her cheeks, shoulders, and back
Biography: The Hale sisters lived a pretty quiet and decent life. They lived in a rural, wooded area in Washington for most of their lives and had loving parents that supported them. Their mother was also an Oddity-a deer as well- so they lived in acceptance most of their lives. They had been home-schooled for their elementary years, but their parents thought it would be good for them to attend public school for middle school before going off the Delphinium.
This is where Lisette learned to be ashamed for her spots and antlers, for her difference. Between her Oddity genetics and her shy nature, Lisette became a target for the school bullies, and hasn't been the same ever since. Her mother, despite understanding the pain, hates her daughter's insistence on hiding her spots under makeup. She has gotten better about it since attending Delphinium Academy, and now will wear tank tops , but still covers up the ones on her face.
Other: Colour code #873600
Likes and Dislikes: Loves watching the sun rise and set and the smell of old books, hates being confined in small spaces and/or somewhere with a lot of people and loud, sudden noises

Username: Kaeleigh
Name: Ginger Hale
Nicknames: N/A
Age: 15
Gender Identity: Cis female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Hybrid Mutation: Fox Ears
Personality Traits: Ginger is the life of the party no matter where she's at. She's the kind of girl that'll pull you up onto a table to dance to her current favourite song, which she can never seem to make up her mind about. She's fun and bubbly, the kind of person whose smile is highly contagious, and has a strange ability for drawing even the most reserved out of their shells.
Physical Traits: Nothing out of the ordinary
Biography: The Hale sisters lived a pretty quiet and decent life. They lived in a rural, wooded area in Washington for most of their lives and had loving parents that supported them. Their mother was also an Oddity-a deer- so they lived in acceptance most of their lives. They had been home-schooled for their elementary years, but their parents thought it would be good for them to attend public school for middle school before going off the Delphinium.
When her sister told her about the bullying she experienced, Ginger had been frightened of when it came to be her time to start public school, but she, more or less, thrived there. She had many friends and was generally just too bubbly and perky for most people to dislike, so she had it relatively easy. Despite this, however, there was still the lingering feeling of prejudice among those without the mutation, and it usually came about in how adults would handle situations that involved her. She often found herself getting harsher punishments than her normal friends.
Other: Colour code #D98880
Likes and Dislikes: She adores parties and laughing, believing it to be the way to her heart, and a passionate dislike for being bossed around and unfairness.

Username: PinocchioTheRealBoi
Name: Arden Hopper
Nicknames: David Hasslehop, Rabbit Downey Jr, Bun Affleck
Age: 16
Gender Identity: None (Generally uses gender neutral pronouns but will answer to anything
Sexual Orientation: Ace
Hybrid Mutation: Rabbit ears
Personality Traits: mischievous and devious. Always pulling pranks, sometimes going a bit too far with them, but always willing to admit mistakes.
Physical Traits: monroe peircing and right dimple peircing
Biography: They dont remember much of their childhood after a car crash that resulted in their parents death and a masive head ingury they were lucky to have survived. They started attending Delphinium early after the crash when they were 13, so they are a year younger than everyone in their classes.
Other:text color: +red
Likes: Pulling pranks and causeing mayhem in classes, spicy foods, horror movies
Dislikes: Discipline, following rules, cheesy romance movies with dumb plots

I don't expect to have more than 8 characters or even to have all the slots filled but if there are more people interested I will open up more spots if needed.

[center [h3 [Inconsolata Posting Order]]]

[center [Kosugi+Maru
We will do the posting order after everyone has posted once and it will be written here by your assigned number.


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Roleplay Responses

[font calibri [center As Abel was readying a response for the jumpy character before him, he noticed Syil preparing to take his exit. Quickly, he glanced to the large clock above the doors of the cafeteria to double check the time they had left before class; as assumed, there were still several minutes. Regardless, he said nothing to stop Syil from leaving. Rather, he allowed only a simple farewell in his native tongue to slip from his lips, though somewhat uncertainly heard amongst the ruckus of the nearby table--'[b [#c99e66 Dehna hun.]]'

Returning his attention to Arden, trying to hide his disappointment in his failed attempt at making friends with Syil, he spread a faux smile across his face. The noting of his name's familiarity was one commonly made, and he had to force himself to refrain from rolling his eyes, '[b [#c99e66 Yes, it appears that the headmaster of this school has stolen my name.]]' This response made no logical sense, as certainly Able Keen was much older than he. Still, Abel found it a somewhat humerous response.
Eager to steer the conversation away from himself, Abel was pleased at Arden's outburst of explaining his day's antics. '[b [#c99e66 It sounds very much as though you're already had quite an eventful day, and it's not even over yet,]]' he commented at Arden's grandiose tale of air horns in bathrooms. Mentally, he noted to check toilet seats from then on. Briefly, he wondered how many other things around the school he should be checking for booby traps. Arden looked very pleased with themselves, and their comfortable appearance eased up some of Abel's tension. '[b [#c99e66 My day has been mostly of the usual sort; class, schoolwork. I do not have any exciting stories to tell of history class, sadly.]]' Comparing his day to Arden's, it was evident that Abel had a somewhat monotonous life. Whether he was okay with this, he was uncertain; it was exactly what he and his father had wanted since he was a small child--a normal life--and yet everybody else at the school seemed to want [i more] from their existence than academic fulfillment.

Alas, there was no time left to ponder the topic. People around the cafeteria were now standing and moving towards where trays would no doubt be haphazardly dumped for the underpaid catering staff to clean and organize. '[b [#c99e66 Ah~ Class time. Might I ask what you have now?]]' Abel queried to Arden. It struck him that as the teen was a year below him, they would never be in the same class as him. '[b [#c99e66 I believe I am meant to have gym class...]]' He looked down, sighing, then smirking somewhat, '[b [#c99e66 I always ditch gym. The only workout I need is academic.]]'
  አቤል አሸናፊ / TheCrow / 233d 22h 46m 38s
[size14 [Old+Standard+TT Syil bit into the lollipop with a loud [i CRUNCH], chewing it before reaching the gum center. That was his cue to leave. He stood up without saying much else, throwing away the empty salad container. He glanced over at the [i loudest] table. Even for him, he found it quite amusing. Do they even realize how loud they're being if every single person can hear their conversation, word by word? He exited the cafeteria as quietly as he came in, sighing in relief. His ears thanked him. He had Literature next, so he'd wait in the library until the bell rang. He walked down the hall and stopped by his locker to take out his book. Of course, he found his locker open, some of his candy on the floor. This is what happens when you're known to have the most candy and don't share with others. It happens sometimes, but not too much. If someone wanted some, they could at least ask him first.

He can't be that intimidating to approach.

Syil kneeled down to pick up the remaining pieces, stuffing them in his pocket. He grabbed his book and slammed his locker shut. He headed back to the library, where Mrs. Mills waited for his return. She only smiled and shook her head at him.

[#6a82d4 "I ate, you should be happy, right? There are still many books to put away and I have so little time left,"] he said.

Mrs. Mills only patted his shoulder. [#f68f54 "I really want you to make at least one friend."]

Sighing, he didn't know what else to say. He doesn't understand why majority of people think you have to have friends to function or something. It's not like he made an announcement saying he does not want a friend. He only nodded and went about his duties again, although he was no longer a library aid for today. In truth, this was his most happy place to be, because no one can shout or talk in here unless it's group study. Then again, it's quiet. He does find that one student sound asleep and skipping class.

After he finished shelving the last of the books, he found an empty table to sit at, being the only student here right now. He looked over his essay in the meantime.
  sʏɪʟ ✰ / Unisex / 247d 6h 19m 15s
With a nod, Mukaku inwardly cursed himself for having forgotten Teague's name. Though the vast majority of the student body had moved on, the basketball incident the previous year had become a favorite mention for a number of students even now. Fortunately, as there were several other antlered varieties of Oddity residing within the school, Teague's name had fallen off the grid. Recollections of the event had been randomized through the phrases, 'some kid' and 'that one dude'. Thus, even Mukaku had been denied his memories of the incident and had lost this Tag fellow's name entirely. Mu... decided not to exclaim his memory of the basketball matter and instead turned his attention back to his tray.

It felt wonderful, sharing food and conversation with (hopefully) some new friends. He'd always wanted to be this close to someone other than his mother, so having lunch in solitude last year had been a heartbreak and a half. As he emptied a packet of ketchup onto a hotdog, he sighed, Koraline's sassy little tongue not having been well received. [i 'She needs a leash.'] Mukaku thought in amusement, eating but listening. Always listening. He hated silence, so this was about the most relaxed he'd been all day.

At the mention of gym, his tail whipped the seat in a momentary display of anger, remembering all the times he'd had to sit out of dodgeball after the first -and final- time he would ever be allowed to play any competitive contact sport in Delphinium Academy ever again. Well, he and his mother [i had] warned them what would happen if anyone around him ever got too aggressive. Game or no game, survival instincts only had an on switch. It wasn't as though he'd beaten everyone up? He'd just... started throwing balls at [i everyone], on [i either team]. He'd disregarded the boundary lines and threw balls at everyone, and some did, yes, hit a bit [i too] hard. Thus, Mukaku was now benched when dodgeball, football, or capture the flag came up in P.E. [b [#8360B9 "I will take tennis over dodgeball anyday."]] he grunted, rolling his eyes. THAT had definitely NOT helped his 'reputation' as a scary bastard at all.

[b [#8360B9 "Coach doesn't ask me to join wrestling anymore like he used to. I figure it is because he knows I will lose on a foul everytime. Stopping when the whistle blows is very hard."]] he said absently, though it might have been a mite chilling for anyone considering the prospect of a giant ball of muscle ignoring the whistle and continuing to destroy a chosen target indefinitely.
For a moment, he considered the swim team for a moment himself. Ah, but he would only join to use the pool, he knew himself too well; He'd never show up to the competitions. He grinned, shrugging at the idea innocently enough. He'd likely never join a sport, though he'd always loved soccer.

Koraline had scurried off, leaving Kai to comment accordingly. Mukaku snorted. [b [#8360B9 "YOU can't handle her? She is a devil, what is that funny cartoon monster that tears everything apart? Taz? Tasmanian Devil?"]]
  Moo / Killmonger / 248d 5h 51m 36s

[montserrat [center Ko stuck her tongue out at Mu, huffing as she flopped back onto the bench. She pouted for exactly a second before her normal smile returned.
[+pink "If it means anything i liked it."]

She said, grinning. Kai hummed his agreement. He had seen his work a couple of times in class and he was always really impressed, even a little jealous. He scraped the bottom of his empty pudding cup, a sigh escaping him against his will. He looked up at the others and shrugged, noting that Teague had mentioned gym.

[#c695d6 "I always skip gym. Coach doesnt reprimand me. I think he thinks I'll join the swim team if he lets me do what i want."]

The boy chuckled a little, shrugging. He did love to swim, but the idea of joining the team made his skin crawl. He didn't like to be in the spotlight or so exposed. Ko groaned at the boy and rolled her eyes.

[+pink "Oh come on. He's been onto this since we were in middle school. He needs to take a hint."]

She rested her chin on her palm, looking over at Tag.

[+pink "You guys might not like the class but I think its great. You get to just goof off the whole period."]

She plopped a bit of fruit onto her mouth before she stood up.

[+pink "Speaking of I told coach I would help him set up for class today so I gotta scram. See you in class."]

The girl said, running off and leaving her tray for someone else, meaning Kai would be the one to pick it up.

[#c695d6 "Geez I don't know if I can handle that girl."]

Kai said, grinning.

Arden saw both reactions to them. Noting that Syil seemed unhappy they decided to tone it done a tad, offering the others a very nice smile.

[+red "Able? Cool name, I feel like I've heard it before."]

they joked, stroking their chin as if in deep thought. They started at the outburst from the other table, snorting at themselves for visibly jumping before looking up to Able as he spoke.

[+red "My day has been grand. I taped an airhorn under the toilet seat in the bathroom before the math wing ."]

They said, resting their chin on their fists. It wasnt their best prank yet, but it sure was entertaining

[+red "And how was your day?"]
  Kai / AbracaFuckYou / 251d 17h 9m 29s
Tag smiled with relief. Oh, thank goodness, it'd turned out okay. He wasn't going to be beaten up, phew. He nodded at Mukaku's introduction. "Teague, but you can call me Tag for short."

He could barely believe it. Here he was, chatting with these guys? Kai and Ko were infamous, and so was Mukaku. This was insane. Normal old boring him, hanging with the troublemakers. So nuts! Maybe this was his life, this year. This year, he was gonna be one of the cool kids!

"Oh, it, uh..." he grimaced. He didn't really want to bring up that it'd been Koraline's fault that it'd gotten destroyed. It wasn't a great drawing--it was on lined paper, for one--so he didn't mind that it'd gotten destroyed too much, but he'd still rather not show her the what'd happened to it. Besides, the way things were going, it'd end up with pudding all over it, too, and he'd rather keep it still semi-visible than ruin it completely. Tag shrugged, dismissive. "It didn't turn out great. Not worth showing anyone."

He stole one of Mukaku's burgers from the boy's plate and took a big bite. He'd offered, right? So why not? Ugh, and why were the cafeteria burgers so much better than the chicken sandwiches? It wasn't fair.

"You guys looking forward to gym class after lunch?" he asked sarcastically. "What is it today, tennis? Man, I wish we could just have free play every day." He hated tennis. It was such a boring sport. No one could hit the ball over the net, so it was just walking around the court for half an hour. On the bright side, though, at least tennis balls didn't get stuck in his antlers. Last year they'd done a basketball segment, and he'd ended up in the nurse's office with a ball wedged between his points. It'd hurt, too, lodged up there and pushing the antlers apart. He'd gotten a horrible headache from it. In the end, they'd had to get the ball pump from the gym and deflate it to get it out. It'd taken ages before people finally forgot about it.
  Teague Kavanagh / kaitoXi / 252d 22h 38m 0s
[font calibri [center Abel was pleasantly surprised at Syil's reaction to his intrusion upon the boy's solitary lunch; he hadn't been turned away, as he'd expected to have been. Placing down his tray across from Syil, he sat, thinking of something else to say. Before the right words could come to mind, another voice arose in the bleak conversation--Abel recognized the rabbit-eared teen as Arden. Though Abel was a year older than both Syil and Arden, he knew who they were purely out of his desire to be as friendly as possible to everybody in the school. Knowing names and faces was a part of that.

Noticing Syil's hesitance at speaking, Abel greeted Arden, '[b [#c99e66 Good day! You haven't intruded, at least not on me.]]' A warm smile spread across his face, welcoming them to sit down with a hand gesture towards the chair to his left. He was unsure as to whether this was something Syil wanted, and judging from his reaction to Arden's enthusiasm it was unlikely, but it felt impolite not to offer Arden a place after they had come over here. Suddenly, he realised that he had not actually introduced himself, though there was a good chance Arden already knew his name--'[b [#c99e66 The name's Abel by the way. Pleasure to meet you; silagenyehuhi desi bilonyali.]]'

Briefly, Abel looked around the room; he could see several people from his classes deep in conversation--namely Kai and Koraline--thoroughly enjoying their break time. Returning his gaze back to the two with whom he was personally interacting, he pushed the pasta around his plate tentatively with his fork. Conversation was not a strong suit of his, though he really did try. Settling for a generic conversation starter, he queried, '[b [#c99e66 How are you.]]' It was open ended, aimed at either of the two, though he half expected Arden to be the only one to provide an answer. Lifting a single piece of pasta to his mouth, he eyed Syil, whose hair, he noted, was an almost unnatural shade of black. It contrasted his skin like ink on paper, and Abel felt strangely inadequate beside this boy, with his own monochrome bronze features. Perhaps it was due to his upbringing being in Ethiopia, but even though he had attended Delphinium Academy for some years by then, he was still amazed at the variety of shades of skin and hair that the students had. Turning away, feeling rather impertinent for his staring, he smiled again at Arden, watching their long ears curiously for a moment before drawing his gaze back to his food.]]
  አቤል አሸናፊ / TheCrow / 253d 16h 30m 56s
Every year, when the school year began, Lisette would reread [i Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland] as to calm her yearly nerves. It was her way of feeling like there was a place where she would be the normal one, and it brought her much comfort when she was feeling insecure. Even the Oddities discriminated against themselves, as she was reminded in class. Thinking about it, Lisette looked up from her torn-up, overly-loved book and scanned the cafeteria; Ginger was just a few tables away with her sophomore friends, seated so that she could watch over her big sis , the confident boy from class was sitting with a group a friends and a big pile of food on his tray, making Lisette joke to herself about how “all that protein” must be what makes his hair so beautiful, and last but not least, her eyes finally found the bully from class only a few tables away. She quickly looked away in minor fear, questioning how anyone could ever treat their own people so badly.

Ginger watched her sister scan the cafeteria, watching for micro expressions to analyze her sister’s thoughts. Lissy was always more nervous and jumpy around the beginning of the school year, and Ginger couldn’t help but worry about her. Hence why she always insisted on sitting somewhere near Lissy, but always made sure to stay far away enough to not suffocate her sister. [#D98880 [i I wish I could do something to help crack her shell a little more permanently.]]

[center [pic]]

Ginger jumped out of her seat and slammed her hands down on the table, dramatically looking all of her friends in the eyes with a big smile on her face. [#D98880 “Guys, I know you already know this…”] She starts, flipping her back a little, prideful. [#D98880 “But I’m a genius. I just came up with an amazing idea.”] She held her hands out over the table, pausing for dramatic effect, and she watched their faces turn up in antici……pation. [#D98880 “We’re totally gonna throw a raging party!”]

At first they all cheered, but then the debby-downer of the group, Emily, pointed out, [#0E2769 “Wait, we’re sophomores, no one cool is actually gonna show up except for our friends and few freshman. Not really a ‘raging’ party, Ginger.”]

Ginger sat down and sighed, upset because, as usual, Emily had a point. [#D98880 [i Well now I have to think about a different way to force Lissy to make friends…]] Her ears folded back as she pouted. [#749332 “Wait, Ginger, isn’t your sister a senior? Can’t she ask her friends to invite people?”] Perry, the newest addition to her friend group, asked.

Ginger scrunched her nose at that and stabbed her food with her fork a few times, not wanting to say it outloud, but thankfully Emily saved her from it. [#0E2769 “Lisette’s kind of… shy, to put it simply. She doesn’t really [i have] any friends…”]

[#D98880 [i For the love of god, guys, please don’t look at Lissy, she’ll know we were talking about her…]] Ginger willed. She pushed her food around for a few seconds, unsure how to break the somewhat awkward silence, before say, [#D98880 “Well, let’s do it anyways. I can tell her if she makes any friends to invite them, but if all else fails, then it’ll just be a small, intimate party. Small doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun.”]

Little to her knowledge, Lisette had heard her original declaration of a party, and was already planning the fake essay she was going to use as an excuse to not go if she didn’t have a real one by then. [#873600 [i There’s still almost twenty minutes until next period starts… Whatever, I’ll just go early and read there, at least it’ll be quiet in the art room.]] The young deer tucked her long hair behind her ears as she knelt to put her book back and leave, hoping to leave before Ginger could notice.

But whoever said nothing was impossible obviously didn’t have an obnoxiously overly-caring little sister. Lisette was intersected at the main doors to the lunchroom with a curt, [#D98880 “Where ya goin’?”]

[#873600 “To my next class early. It’s too loud to read in there,”] Lisette stated, walking around her sister.

Ginger groaned and jogged after her, wondering what had already crawled up her butt this morning. [#D98880 “Wait, Lissy, wait… I have a favour to ask you. I wanna throw a party on Saturday, so if you make any friends, will you invite them? Pretty please?”] Ginger folded her ears and her hands into her best and cutest begging face as she strode alongside Lisette.

[#873600 [i What a suck-up…]] she thought, breaking a small smile as she rolled her eyes and caved. [#873600 “Sure, fine. But don’t expect anything, Ginge,”]] she sighed.

The young fox squealed in glee, jumping up and down. [#D98880 “Oh, thank you so much, Lissy! Love you!”] She called out, turning to return to the cafeteria.

Lisette’s little smile lasted long after she entered the art room and started reading her book again.
  The Hale Sisters / Kaeleigh / 254d 28m 15s
[size14 [Old+Standard+TT Syil bit into a cucumber, rather enjoying the vegetables in his salad. He picked away the tomato since he was allergic, placing them to the side. He finished eating his salad, throwing it away in the trashcan next to the table before he reached into his pocket for a strawberry lollipop. He always had the urge to eat candy right after his main meal for some reason. His extreme sweet tooth demanded something sugary now. Even though his outer expression remained blank, he was very happy inside. Any kind of candy made him calm and relaxed. Enjoying his space away from the crowd, he rested his elbow on the table. He was in his own little world as he tuned out everyone.

He opened his eyes when he sensed someone approaching. [i Ah.. what was his name again...?] Syil found it hard to remember everyone's name, at least those who were in the same class as him. He doesn't really pay attention to anyone unless it's for a group project or something. Once the male greeted him, a light bulb went off in his head. [i Abel, I believe his name was...] He could flat out ignore him, but his grandmother taught him to at least be polite.

[#6a82d4 "Hi,"] he said. Quick and short. Why did saying Hi feel so strange to him? He gave a curt nod to welcome Abel to sit. Since there's limited seating at lunchtime, he's not rude enough to keep a table to himself. Besides, he didn't own the seats or the table.

Syil almost jumped out of his skin as another student made their way over. Just the hype in their voice made him nervous and uncomfortable. He sucked on his lollipop rather roughly, trying to not get overwhelmed. Yes, this was overwhelming for him. He gazed at Arden, then to their bunny ears. He wondered if those were heavy on their head. Syil, at a loss for words, only stared. He then looked to Abel, trying to see if he'd be the first to speak. Syil will pretend he can't speak due to his mouth being occupied by the lollipop. He did raise a hand up as a 'hello' gesture though.
  sʏɪʟ ✰ / Unisex / 256d 18h 1m 31s
He watched the trickle of familiar faces enter the cafeteria as he stuffed his face, taking note first of Syil's lovely obsidian hair and Abel's badass tattoos as they seated themselves elsewhere. A fuzzy bunny joined them, sweet looking despite Mu knowing full well the extent of his mischief thus far. Along came the sisters, the older of which he watched for just a [i bit] longer as she wandered over to a window and sat beneath it. She was undeniably lovely, but unfortunately didn't know much about Lisette aside from her name. She always seemed worried about something, though, and he wasn't sure if she would appreciate any prying on his end. Worse yet was his fear that she might be afraid of him, and he really couldn't handle that. It was already hard to get past peoples' misconceptions without the looks of abject terror in some of their faces when he appeared before them, which all but broke his heart. Try as he might, talking to people normally was so hard that it almost wasn't worth it.

He thought back to things his mother had often told him, about forgiveness and compassion, about grudges and violence. She had curbed his uncontrollable, all consuming confusion and savagery, but it lingered even now. Combative behavior put him on edge, and he would snap without warning when physically provoked. Always in self-defense, yes, but there were times that it was considered overkill, and those were the times that people remembered most. His handiwork was etched into their minds, like a warning sign of his very presence. It was a lonesome feeling, in light of which he encountered little relief.

Mukaku's attention shifted elsewhere as another deer filled his vision, this time a handsome, nervous-looking fellow with a half-smirk. It was... a bit saddening, to see how rumors had affected both his reputation and the comfort of others as they settled in around him. Honestly, what in the HELL were people saying? Which one of the people he'd gone after thus far was innocent of going after him first? He swallowed and set down what remained of his burger, a slow grin of his own having crept up on him as he processed the inflection of the deer's voice. Well, at least this one wasn't ducking for cover, he'd take nervous over terrified any day. How could he hope to make friends when so many levels of fear preceded him?

Teague seemed to regret his previous statement, but it was one such utterance that could not be so easily retracted. Mukaku was already trying not to laugh.

Name, name... He wasn't usually bad with names or birthdays and the like, but this one... Mu drummed his fingers on the table, amused. [b [#8360B9 "That is a very strange choice in ice breakers. I am Mukaku, what is your name?"]] he said with a soft chuckle, extending a hand in greeting. He'd have said more, but a spoonful of pudding hit him in the cheek, and he froze. [i Why him? Whyyyy?] He exhaled, irritated yes, but in no way violent as he turned to glare at the pair as they roughhoused there across the way. From the difference in posture and attitude... He could tell this one was on Koraline.

Again the look on Kai's face reflected nervousness, uncertainty. What had he done to warrant these faces and feelings? With a sigh, he nodded to Kai in thanks and took up the napkin, though didn't waste time. He bounced a grape off of Koraline's forehead, raising a brow in annoyance. [b [#8360B9 "Oi, [i chibi], settle down while people are eating. I want to eat food, not wear it."]] he advised gruffly, reminded of the innumerable instances in which Koraline had bulldozed the things around her in her excitement. Mu didn't want to deter her in her joyousness, BUT... It sure was hard to hold a conversation with a face covered in someone else's pudding. He wiped off his cheek and set the napkin down to the side, grumbling in his mother tongue for a moment as he composed himself. He again turned to the deer at his side and gestured at his food, unafraid to appreciate the joke from before by offering up one of his own with a flash of a smile. [b [#8360B9 "As you guys can see, I have plenty of meat. Feel free to take some for yourself."]]
  Moo / Killmonger / 256d 23h 25m 55s

[montserrat [center The hallways were so quiet most of the day, but right before lunch is when everyone was just itching to be out and about. Arden quickly noticed the students slowly strolling to the bathrooms, hands shoved into their pockets and tiny grins on some of their faces like they were being true little rebels. Arden found it so entertaining to see the look on the notoriously good students they would always chuckle a little. They were hanging by their usual water fountain, just waiting for someone to fall for their juvenile trap in the bathroom nearby. The little shrieks they heard from a few student were priceless, but really they were just waiting out for the best period of the day, lunch time. As the bell rang to signal the end of class they quickly walked to the cafeteria, not bothering with the lunch line and walking over to their usual table.
[+red "Oooh. I have never seen you two at this table."]
They said, looking at Syil in the spot they usually sat and sitting right next to him, looking up at Able.
[+red "Did I intrude? Sorry the names Arden, like that forest in that one play or whatever."]
They looked between the two innocently, grinning ear to ear, absolutely no shame at all that they were overdoing it a bit.

Kai nearly choked on his food, laughing a little as he shook his head.
[#c695d6 "No way dude that was golden."]
He said after he had composed himself, waving his hand around.
[+pink "Best way to introduce yourself to us is be gross."]
Ko said, smiling wide at the boy as she took a big bite of pudding. She narrowed her eyes for a second before a huge grin formed on her face.
[+pink "Wait a second i know you! You are the kid who's always drawing in history class. Sorry I'm kinda a stalker. How did your thing turn out?']
The girl was overly hyper and chirpy, causing Kai to roll his eyes and chuckle a little.
[#c695d6 "You are a creep Ko."]
He said, making the girl shove him hard enough to fling some food at Mu on accident. Kai stifled a laugh and produced a napkin, a sheepish smile on his face. ]]
  Arden / PinocchioTheRealBoi / 257d 22h 40m 47s
Class was boring, but that was fine. He traced the line of the face he was working on again, then erased the chin and started over, carefully sketching half an inch at a time down his notebook. There were notes, too, around the face, and even in it; the serene woman that stared back at him from the paper didn't seem to mind, her gaze focused on some distant point in the middle distance that neither of them could see. When Mr. Ness strode by to check they were paying attention, he laid his hand over the face with a practiced, casual gesture, and he passed on by. No one was going to steal his notebook today.

Just a little more. There was something off about the slant of her left eye... he squinted, then leaned in closer, ignoring the hubbub and the notes flying around him. Yes, the corner, right here. He erased it and started again. A little more downward, and--

The bell rang, and the class jumped into motion. Koraline, sitting to his right, jumped up and into his arm, jarring it and sending it flying across his paper, a deep, dark line left behind. He stared at her disbelievingly, but she didn't notice at all, instead, running out to the lunch room. He looked back down at his drawing, but it was ruined now. Instead of a distant gaze, now it was just... a scribble.

Tag let out a quiet sigh and gathered his stuff to leave. It wasn't like she'd listen to him anyways, even if he complained; she was too infatuated with Kai. Anything that wasn't about Kai slid off her brain like oil off water. Honestly, those two just needed to go out already.

He wasn't the last one out of the classroom, or the last in line for lunch, but he sure wasn't in the front of the line, either. By the time he got up there, there wasn't much selection; chicken sandwich or nothing. With a sigh, he got the chicken. Today wasn't off to a great start.

On top of everything else, by the time he went to sit down, it looked like all the tables were full except one, and that one was a weird mix of personalities: Kai and Koraline, the popular troublemakers, Mukaku, the scary jock, Syil, the nerd, Abel, the quiet one, and a few others he didn't recognize on sight. Not really sure if he was a part of that group or not, he settled in beside Mukaku, hoping that they'd be able to get along as fellow athletic types. Besides, maybe he could steal some of the guy's food. It was a big pile, after all. How could he finish it all?

"You like meat that much, huh?" he tried, inflecting his voice to refer to a different kind of "meat" as well. Then the idiocy of what he'd done hit him, and he tensed. No, what was he doing? That was a horrible idea! Opening with a dirty joke to Mukaku, who beat people to a bloody pulp for less? Bloody hell, what was he thinking? He gave Mukaku a hesitant grin, but was ready to bolt at a second's notice. "Uh, sorry. That was bad. Can I sit here?" he asked.
  Teague Kavanagh / kaitoXi / 258d 1h 2m 59s
[font calibri [center Abel sat quietly amidst the bickering of his classmates, a worn out textbook perched upright on his desk. Almost nobody took their history class seriously; Abel could see from his peripheral vision that one of his peers, Kai, was exchanging notes with another of his friends.
[i Friends]. The word left a bitter, mourning taste in his mouth. Abel had never really had any true friends before, only acquaintances and short-lived friendships with people that eventually decided his interest in the academic world was all too dull. That, and his bad-boy appearance was somewhat misleading; despite his tattoos and near constant shambles of hair, he was a quiet and polite boy. Nobody ever got far enough in his life to find this out.

When the teacher halted the class to scold Kai and Koraline, Abel took the moment to read through the next few pages of their textbook preemptively. He would write notes later, perhaps in Amharic--speaking and writing in English all day could get tiring.

By the time the bell came, Abel was lost in a trance. His stationery was in a state of chaos, sprawled across his desk like a battleground. He had spent the remainder of the class highlighting important information and writing bullet point notes to expand on and revise later; they would have a test some time in the near future, no doubt. Teachers at Delphinium Academy liked to give tests and quizzes without warning, and Abel was not about to let his perfect score streak go to waste.
It took a few minutes before Abel finally realized that the classroom was empty, bar the teacher. Mr. Ness had long since given up trying to hurry Abel from his classroom, so was already silently working on marking at his desk. '[b [#c99e66 Amesegnalehu Sir,]]' He praised his teacher with a thank you in his native tongue before hurriedly exiting the room, shoving all of his books and pens back in to the rucksack his father had made for him shortly before his arrival at the school several years ago.

Upon reaching the cafeteria, the large room was at near capacity. People were yelling and jumping out of seats. Abel moved in to the food line and retrieved a small plate of leftover pasta from the previous night's dinner before looking around to find an empty seat. He spotted Syil at a small table away from the horde of Oddities howling in the center of the room and decided to make his way towards him. Abel knew that Syil was not the friend-making type, and would likely discourage his company, but as a frequenter of the library figured there could be no serious harm done in trying again to befriend the younger boy.
When he was near enough, he smiled meekly at Syil and with a free hand raised it in hello; '[b [#c99e66 Selam--Err... Hello.]]'
  አቤል አሸናፊ / TheCrow / 258d 1h 31m 30s
Math was, far and away, Lisette's least favourite subject. There was something about it that just made her mind wander. With her gaze out the window and her mind in the clouds, Lisette was sitting with her chin in her hand, watching a pair of birds play together outside. [#873600 [i What would having wings instead be like?]] She thought, wondering if being able to fly would be worth continuing to be a freak. [#873600 [i No... I'd still rather be normal...]]

Lisette took a deep breath and her gaze shifted to the floor on the other side of her desk. In the corner of her eyes, she saw the boy next to her step on the guy's tail in front of him and winced internally. She looked up just as the guy turned slightly to flip the bully's desk before quickly turning around and acting perfectly casual. [#873600 [i That was so... elegant. And bold. I wish I were that confident, dang...]]

[i [size15 Meanwhile...]]

Ginger's English teacher had already sent her to the hall for talking too much. Personally, she just thought that her teacher was being a stuck-up prude, but let’s be real, Ginger really was the “chatty catty Kathy” the old croon said she was, minus the “catty” part… [#D98880 [i I’m a fox, dammit, that’s way cooler…]] She thought repeatedly as she meandered the hallways. No way was she just going to sit outside the room and wait for Ms. Hankey to come yell at her, she was getting out of there.

She purposefully pursed her lips more than natural as she approached her older sister’s class to await the bell, and therefore, Lissy. Ginger started planning out how she was going to dramatically complain about Ms. Hankey and the shrill voice she’s use to mock her, excited to use it as a chance to get a smile out of her favourite person in the world. She visibly jumped with anticipation as the bell rang, having to refocus her face back to its fake pout.

When she saw her sister, she cried out, [#D98880 “Lissy!”] pitifully, carrying out the end for effect. Lisette raised her eyebrows at her sister as she approached, skeptical as to what was going on. [#873600 [i Oh, deer, what am I about to walk in to?]] She thought, taking a deep breath before finding out.

[#873600 “Why are you not in class?”] Lisette asked as the pair started walking to the lunchroom.

[#D98880 “Ms. Hankey is [i so] mean, Lissy, she sent me out into the hallway. And she called me a freaking cat. A [b cat], Lissy, like… No cat has ears this fabulous, excuse me?”] Ginger lightly tapped the tips of her ears, face full of dramatic sass.

Lisette cocked her head to the side slightly and thought about how much pride her kid sister had in her mutation. Ginger adored her ears and thought they made her uniquely beautiful. [#D98880 [i “Normal people have to buy fake ears to look like me- but mine are] real[i, and I love them,”] she had once told Lisette. Lisette instinctively reached her hand up and scratched at her cheek spots, hidden under foundation. She’d seen other deer Oddities whose spots only looked like freckles, and she’d become slightly bitter about her big, white ones.

[#873600 “Okay, but why did you get thrown out?”] Lisette asked pointedly.

Ginger scuffed her foot on the ground and blew her cheeks full of air, letting out a big puff before putting her hands on her hips and a stern look on her face, practically shrieking, [#D98880 “Ms. Hale, I want you to go out to the hall and wait for me there! I’m sick of your chatty catty Kathy nonsense!”]

Lisette couldn’t help but giggle a little as she saw Ginger’s scrunched up face, and especially not with the voice she used. [#D98880 [i Yes! A laugh! Even better than a smile.]] Ginger thought triumphantly.

They parted ways as they entered the cafeteria, Ginger to go hang out with some of her friends and Lisette preferring to sit on the ground underneath a window by herself.
  The Hale Sisters / Kaeleigh / 258d 1h 57m 23s
[size14 [Old+Standard+TT A small sigh escaped his lips.

He absolutely loved the library. A quiet place. No people barking loud in his ear. The librarian, Mrs. Mills, was a kind woman, in her late 50s. She reminded him of his grandmother back home. Maybe that's why he has grown attached to her a bit. She does have a very strict side to her when it comes to students in acting out inside her sanctuary. He didn't mind being a library aide. He could easily study for his next class or even do some homework. Another perk, not too crowded. He worked the front desk for most of the first hour, checking out books for other students and helping with returns. Their library was quite big, having many various books on mostly everything.

The last of the hour before lunch, he helped Mrs. Mills put many of the books away.

[#6a82d4 "Mrs. Mills, you can go sit down,"] he said. [#6a82d4 "I can handle the rest here."]

He rolled the ladder over to him and placed some of the books back up on the higher shelves. He climbed back down and started on the third and forth batch of books. After he finished with that, he continued to help some students find and locate books, since he memorized where every single book sat. The loud ring of the bell signaled it was time for lunch. He grimaced. He hated lunchtime. An excuse for everyone to act like heathens, even worse when it came to P.E. Syil didn't rush. Why should he? Like he was meeting anyone? Students have tried to be his friend, but it was like hitting your head against the wall. He didn't need friends. He came.. to be safe and "enjoy" his teen years in silence.

Syil and Mrs. Mills watched all the students rush out of the library. He raised an eyebrow at them.

[#f68f54 "Shouldn't you go, Syil? Before all the best foods are picked over?"] she asked.

[#6a82d4 "I really don't want to,"] he said.

Syil walked over to the tables and grabbed the left books to place them back onto the shelf again. He saw some of the books written in and with pen. He shook his head. Before he reached for another book, Mrs. Mills stopped him.

[#f68f54 "Please go eat, at least for me,"] she said and smiled.

Syil sighed and nodded. Since he favored Mrs. Mills over everyone else, he won't go against her word. He said his goodbye and exited the library, making his way to the cafeteria. He took his time getting there. Once he stepped inside, the loud chatter of students banged against his eardrums. It all sounded like lions roaring to him. He grabbed a premade salad and some juice. He sat down at a smaller, round table and began munching on his leafy meal.
  sʏɪʟ ✰ / Unisex / 258d 4h 7m 7s
[b [#8B2414 "Hey, when you eat burgers, isn't it cannibalism?"]]

Nope. He wasn't going to respond, he wasn't going to humor it; He couldn't afford to. Unfortunately, despite their being in class, Brady continued his efforts to gain his attention. Brady had made it his foremost mission in life to get nice guys in trouble, Mukaku included. He'd already been in the counseling office four times this week alone, and he doubted he was going to get many more 'warnings', even with his mother's regular donations to the school. No, he had to deal with this himself, he had to ignore it. Blue eyes resolved to stare dead ahead, though his posture was unknowingly quite defensive in nature. [b [#8B2414 "Is your mommy a cow, too?"]] the cruel, cracking undertone breathed, mere inches from his ear. Mukaku did not move.

It wasn't words that he was most worried about. His adoptive mother was human, and so Brady's unfounded insults had little effect on their own. His indifference seemed to have annoyed the smaller teen, who then decided to resort to new tactics. Most of Mu's other classmates no longer found this mistreatment amusing, as they had seen his retaliations firsthand and, sadly, had come to avoid him. A number of them were watching this exchange in silence, though, clearly interested in the outcome. Brady slammed his boot down on the tip of Mukaku's tail as it stubbornly held itself above the cold floor below, now with Brady continuously grinding his heel into the long, raven-colored appendage with a vengeance. [b [#8B2414 "What's the matter, y'scared to get in a little trouble again? Boring!"]] the wolf whispered, snickering and never letting up on his tail.

What remained of his patience had [i just] run out. His tail stung, and he knew it was going to bruise, not that it made a difference. He was used to pain, but he did [i not] like when people he hated put their hands on him. As such, he opted to respond in one quick movement, turning to give his arm some extra power as he flipped Brady's desk backward, seat and all. Luckily, as their teacher was elderly, it took her a moment to pinpoint the clatter of the desk amidst the murmuring of the other students, but this was perfect for Mukaku. He had rested his chin in his palm, feigning innocence as he brought his tail up to his lap to rub it with his free hand. The teacher, brilliantly mislead, simply shook her head.

[b "Mr. Copeland, if you have time to tip back in your seat, then you've got the time to answer these questions on the board. Pick it up and come join me, will you?"]

[b [#8B2414 "Come ON, you all saw! Tell her! I wasn't-"]] he practically begged, a fruitless endeavor of course. Gladys Weller did not like being challenged. [b "Well! You can help me up here for the rest of the class today. Shouting at your peers will get you nowhere."] the older woman interrupted curtly, sniffing in her growing annoyance.

Anyone who had managed to stifle their laughter before, was utterly failing at it now. He heard Brady struggling with the desk behind him, as he was willing to bet he'd underestimated the weight of the desk as per his own trick but a moment ago. His ears were laid flat as he passed Mukaku's seat, glaring daggers at him before joining the teacher at the board.

When the class ended, Mu made certain that he was one of the first people out of the room. He was [i starving]. He stopped first to retrieve his drumsticks from his locker, setting them in his pants pocket for safe keeping. The music room was his happy place, and whether it was singing or percussion, it was his favorite place to be. MOST IMPORTANTLY, though, it was lunchtime, and it was not an event to be missed.

After securing a small [b mountain] of food and two bottles of water, he took a seat at the usual table. Kai and Koraline were already seated, and he figured they were waiting for the rest to arrive, as well. His mother had urged him to eat more since her having adopted him, and he'd gotten into the habit of doing so almost instinctively. He also knew all too well that she was monitoring his lunch fees, not because she worried he would overspend, but because if he didn't spend 'enough', she'd phone the school again. Just the thought made him wince.

Mu dug into his pile of random foods, starting first with a hamburger. The pleasure alone was enough to get the tip of his tail bouncing, curling and uncurling in contentment. Unable to contain his love for meat, he complimented it between bites, accent be damned. [b [#8360B9 "I am going to find and marry a meat butcher."]]
  Moo / Killmonger / 258d 5h 51m 45s

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