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"Thank you~" Chibi's hands started to travel, massaging his back and sides as well.
  Chibidragon / KommonKaiju / 4d 5h 41m 9s
Arian moaned his body relaxing as his shoulders were massaged -your really good at the chibi.” He purred his face in the bed
  Arian Evian / KasaiShadowFox / 4d 7h 22m 14s
Chibi replied, his knees on either side of Arian as he sat near the angel's lower back, leaning down a bit and continuing to massage Arian's shoulders, "Like this?~"
  Chibidragon / RamaAmor / 27d 20h 33m 28s
Arian picked up chu I bringing him to the room setting him down before laying in the bed -please rub my shoulders some more that felt nice
  Arian Evian / KasaiShadowFox / 27d 20h 37m 3s
Chibi kissed back and got up, massaging Arian's shoulders, "You just looked a bit tense~"
  Chibidragon / RamaAmor / 27d 20h 47m 11s
Arian got out of the shower smiling as he saw chu I. “Couldn’t be one second without me could you.” He chuckled playing around with him before leaning over kissing the dragon
  Arian Evian / KasaiShadowFox / 27d 21h 16m 15s
Chibi finished their food and explored as well, hearing the shower as they walked pass the bathroom. He finished exploring before going back to the bathroom, waiting quietly for Arian to finish.
  Chibidragon / RamaAmor / 37d 6h 7m 24s
"Your welcome." He finished his food then explored the house which was quiet big. he then walked to the shower taking his clothes off his shoulder black and throbbing he sighed letting the water run down his body
  Arian Evian / KasaiShadowFox / 37d 6h 20m 37s
Chibi was silent as they began to eat, "...Thank you for the food..."
  Chibidragon / RamaAmor / 37d 18h 57m 35s
Arian wiped away Chibi's tears kissing his forhead and continued to eat. " I can never leave you alone
  Arian Evian / KasaiShadowFox / 37d 22h 42m 41s
Chibi started wiping away the tears, then turned to Arian, "...Thank you..." Chibi then turned his attention to the plate of food.
  Chibidragon / RamaAmor / 47d 19h 6m 8s
Arian knelt at his side kissing his hand.”Chibi my dear I am here I will never leave you alone, you are mine and I am yours.”
  Arian Evian / KasaiShadowFox / 47d 19h 9m 33s
Chibi gave a shaky laughe as they smiled, tears starting to fall, "I don't...I don't want to be alone anymore..."
  Chibidragon / RamaAmor / 47d 19h 13m 13s
"I like to hear that Chibi." He showed him to the table before bringing their breakfast.
  Arian Evian / KasaiShadowFox / 47d 21h 41m 15s
Chibi nodded, "I-I am yours...mind, body, and soul~" Chibi hugged Arian again, his face bright red.
  Chibidragon / RamaAmor / 50d 20h 59m 53s

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