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Chibi turned red, their voice shaking and cracking, "Y-yes please, I-I would l-love to~"
  Chibidragon / RamaAmor / 3d 18h 16m 21s
His face flushed sitting on the bed putting his face close to his touching his face softly. "Mmmm, want me to earn that black feather right now want to join me in the shower?" he purred nibbling his ear softly
  Arian Evian / KasaiShadowFox / 3d 18h 19m 19s
Chibi laughed to themselves, finding it really funny how quickly they had forgotten. "No, I mean at the hotel, feathers." Chibi gave a flirty look.
  Chibidragon / RamaAmor / 3d 18h 23m 58s
YOu mean me protecting you? I meant what i said chibi i wont let them hurt you even if all my feathers turn black ill protect you." He winced and looked back at the showed. "I need to go take a shower and wash the blood off of me
  Arian Evian / KasaiShadowFox / 3d 18h 29m 10s
"N-no, I was just remembering w-wht you had said to me b-before we got the house. " Chibi felt embarrassed for thinking that way as they reached for a pillow.
  Chibidragon / RamaAmor / 3d 18h 32m 18s
whats wrong Chibi?" He said looking down at him laying him on the bed. "Did i do something i was just moving you to a more comfortable place to sleep. im sorry."
  Arian Evian / KasaiShadowFox / 3d 18h 34m 36s
Chibi woke up halfway through the trip to the bed, freezing up and turning bright red as they tried to hide their face in Arian's chest.
  Chibidragon / RamaAmor / 3d 18h 51m 47s
Arian woke up and grunted in pain looking at his wing. The angel stood up and healed the hole in his wing looking down at the sleeping dragon picking him up and cradling him in his arms carrying him to the bed in the main room.
  Arian Evian / KasaiShadowFox / 3d 18h 53m 29s
Chibi chuckled and petted the angel's hair, slowly falling asleep. "Of course...you...will..." Soon, Chibi was asleep, though he hadn't forgotten Arian's promise.
  Chibidragon / RamaAmor / 3d 19h 2m 16s
thank you." He spoke falling asleep as he laid his head down his wings not going away. "Again im so sorry Chibi, ill Protect you."
  Arian Evian / KasaiShadowFox / 3d 19h 6m 40s
Chibi looked at them for a bit before nodding, a caring smile on their face. "Of course."
  Chibidragon / RamaAmor / 3d 19h 10m 39s
Chibi you did nothing wrong, It is i who is sorry my kind did this to you." He spoke as he began to heal his torn wings back to normal panting out of breath a little weak from the blood loss. "Mind if i lay my head down in your lap?"
  Arian Evian / KasaiShadowFox / 3d 19h 11m 47s
Chibi stretched out his ripped wing, looking down as they waited for the angel to heal them. "I-I'm sorry, I-I should have been more careful, anyway..." Chibi seemed ashamed of themselves, though they had nothing to do with the attack.
  Chibidragon / RamaAmor / 3d 19h 15m 8s
The angel set him down putting his wings back walking to Chibi. "You didnt even do anything yet they came after you, i believe that now that i have seen with my own eyes that you dragons dont even have to do something to us and they attack im sorry chibi." Arian let his hands glow a bright blue surrounding his hands with water. "Let me see your wings let me heal them." he spoke at his own wings turned bright red from blood
  Arian Evian / KasaiShadowFox / 3d 19h 17m 30s
Chibi hid under their wing, still shaking from what had happened. "Th-there..." Chibi pointed to the wooden house, smiling. Once inside, he sat down on the couch, looking over his ripped up wing. "I'm not flying anytime soon..."
  Chibidragon / RamaAmor / 4d 15h 51m 9s

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