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Amanda kept her distance. It was better to watch. No way she’s going to attempt to dance. Not yet. Although she did notice Henry pulling Charlie to the side. A smile grew on her face. The girl walked back and forth. Out of anxiety. Nothing more. Her feet instantly stops seeing them return.

Henry began to speak. Shocking to hear he had a sister. Sacrificing is always complicated. However, now she knows why he acted the way he did. It is a touchy story. Almost made her feel bad about saying anything. Someone needed too though. [#Af18ae I thank you for that. I’m not your sister. If things get out of control I’ll speak up. Promise. It’s just Charlie and his vulgar mouth. I’m also sorry for your loss... nevertheless, I can defend myself. Want to find out?] she asks raising her hands. Giving him jazz hands. A hug to say thank you would’ve happened again but she doesn’t want the others to think she’s a hugger.

Amanda walks away before things get more personal. Her, well Henry’s, hoop was being used by Lettie as a swing. It gave her time to stretch. Listen to their gossip or practicing their vocals.
  Simply_Random / 255d 21h 19m 14s
[b "Lettie, not now,"] he sighed, hearing the door behind him.

To his surprise, it wasn't the singer. [b "Sorry. Usually it's her, coming to talk sense into me,"] he rubbed his fingers against his temple. [b "I just need a few minutes."]

Later on, he'd be grateful that she stayed to talk. At the moment, he just sat quietly and listened. She was right, he knew. He'd been harsh to Charles, without giving him a real chance to explain. The small man was harmless, aside from his careless mouth. Still, it was the words he'd said that triggered a memory in Henry and bolstered his anger, purposely or not.

The tobacco wasn't exactly doing what it usually did for him. Typically within a few breaths, he'd feel a bit more calm. Now it just coated his mouth like a bitter reminder of the shift in atmosphere inside. Henry set the pipe down on the step beside him, letting it smolder until the last bit of smoke subsided.

Turning to face her, he was met with the paper instead. His eyes scanned the article, feeling unsettled. Performers being attacked, yet the article barely received a blurb at the bottom of the page. It spoke volumes of how little society cared about their kind. He'd have to speak with O'Malley about adding extra locks and security measures to the building, if the close proximity of the murders were anything to go by. He wasn't going to take any chances with his friends.

Gathering the pipe and paper, he re-entered the building and handed both objects off to O'Malley. [b "We need to speak about this,"] he pointed at the article. [b "Meet us in the auditorium."]

He was somewhat grateful to see that Lettie managed to get the others practicing, instead of focusing on his previous outburst. He'd apologize to Charles personally, but not until they were alone where it would be more sincere.

Stepping next to Amanda, they stood off to the side of the stage to take in the choreography. [b "My sister,"] he began quietly. [b "People used to say those things about her. Dad died and we were going to lose the farm. We did whatever it took to survive. She sacrificed more than I did, and lost her reputation because of it."]

It stung, thinking of Sophie and how she'd withdrawn into herself, afraid to go into town and face the ridicule. [b "It made her sick. One night she went to sleep and just never woke up. My mother buried her baby girl, while the entire town gossiped about Sophie being a 'loose woman'. I was only sixteen, so I didn't know better to stand up for my sister. But I know better now."]

The bitterness was evident in his tone, but he refused to let himself grow angry again. [b "You're right. I was harsh to Charles. But please understand that it was with good reason,"] he finally looked at her.
  Henry Monaghan / Kooza / 256d 20h 39m 1s
Everyone was left shook. Amanda can’t speak for the others when she says she never seen heard him full of rage before. They way he spoke to Charlie. Poor guy. Jumping off the hoop she shook her head. [#Af18ae It’s fine. I’ll handle this. It’s my mess that keeps getting messier.] she fills them in about last night. Perhaps she should’ve done so earlier. Lettie and her agreed that Charlie should stay clear from him until Henry calms down.

Lettie is going to run the show as until Henry returns. Amanda went to get a jacket before stepping outside. Sitting a step behind. Amanda looks up at the sky. [#Af18ae If I may say this one thing we can sit I silence until I either get cold and head back inside or until your decide to go inside. They’re just words. It didn’t phase me. I knew the truth and so did you, but thank you for protecting me. A little harsh on the guy but maybe this would filter him just a smudge... I’m done. Oh and that’s a horrible habit. Drinking is better in my opinion. My lungs are now into dark liquor. Smoking makes me feel weird and suffocated... you must have good lungs. Okay. I’m done now.] Amanda pushes her hair forward to braid it as she hums as quirky as possible. She would wave to a few people. Listen to the passing by civilians conversation. She even picked up a newspaper someone tossed on the floor.

[#Af18ae Mr. Bennett isn’t nice. His daddy must’ve ruined is childhood. He doesn’t see the what we can. He should stick to the opera.] Manda turns to a small article about a traveling circus shutting dow. Their final show will be within a week. Some of the workers have been going missing or leaving kit of fear of being next. Two bodies were found with what made them, them. Freaks. It made her worry. The others need to know. Henry. [#Af18ae Read this. I’ll leave you alone. Small article. Bottom page.] she says folding the newspapers setting it down next to him before heading inside to see how the others are doing.

Mwhich was dancing. Amanda can’t dance. Well refuse to dance.
  Amanda / Simply_Random / 256d 22h 40m 36s
Henry was acting like a brat, but he couldn't help it. He'd dealt with enough snobs in his young life to know what the duke thought of them all. The troupe were nothing more than an inconvenience he felt he needed to win over, in order to have Amanda as his bride. The aristocrat thought he could buy their affections to turn a blind eye to his actions.

Henry was not a man that would be bought.

He watched her take the duke up on the hoop, and felt a sick surge of smugness at the man's evident fear. Sure, he'd had a similar reaction, but it put them more on an even playing field that Duke Richard was not fearless. Hell, the others were probably waiting with anticipation for the man to fall and injure himself.

From his place on the stairs, he could see the man's exit and sighed in relief. Back to work. However, he caught Charles' slimy remark aimed at Amanda. [b "What did you just say?"] Henry entered the stage with slow, steady steps.

[i "I just-"] Charles gestured over to her.

[b "If I hear something like that from any of you again, you'll be finding yourselves another place of employment,"] Henry snapped, cutting him off. [b "We get enough insults and jabs out there on the streets. I will not tolerate it from one another in here. We're a family, and families sure as hell do not make comments like that about each other."]

The group grew quiet, unsure of what to do. [b "It isn't our place, nor our right to comment on whatever relationship - professional or otherwise - she has with the duke. And to make assumptions like you just did, Charles, makes you no better than the monsters in those streets who sit on their high horses and mock us like they're somehow better than we are."]

His anger was probably misguided and he knew he was taking his frustration out on them, but he couldn't stop. [b "I won't stand for any of you shaming one another for things you don't even understand. Accept whatever the duke has sent, and move on. It isn't our place to question Amanda's judgment."]

God, he could use a smoke. Without another word, he stormed off the stage and headed for the door. He kept his pipe in the drawer of the ticket office for easy access. He added a pinch of tobacco to the bowl and struck the match, sitting on the steps of the building to calm his temper.
  Henry Monaghan / Kooza / 258d 19h 55m 49s
Amanda made sure she’s quick to change. They would devour someone like Duke Richards. By the time she reached the Duke, Henry left. The others seems to be enjoying the gifts. Amanda went to the hoop. The Duke following her. Talking. Giving ideas. He seems to be really invested in her and make sure she’s taken care of. At the moment this is her home and he wants it to work so she cans be set free.

Without even trying she got him in the hoop! They both held on to the hoop as the others raised them. Even spinned them around. Amanda was perfectly fine. However, the Duke was freaking out. She wrapped her legs around him to secure him in case he lets go. Which eventually he did. Amanda held on as tight as she can. Waiting for the others to stop and lower them. What she did was a mistake because he held on to her even when he got on the floor. The girl was winded from making sure he doesn’t die.

Amanda had to tell him to put her down a few times. The [i toy soldier] had to threaten him before he did so. He left saying there’s more gifts to come. Everyone assumed she put out for him to be giving them gifts. It was hard to tell them what really happened. Henry knows what really happened so that’s good enough for her.

However, she did get back on the hop to [ practice.] She’s a pro on ignoring the madness. It’s the only thing she’s good at. Dating isn’t her thing. Flirty isn’t either. The Duke is is for ride. Nothing he does will make her fall for him. He’s one of the worse snobs there is.

[i “Your snottt boyfriend purchase more seats again. You definitely allowed him into your new fancy skirt.”]
  Amanda / Simply_Random / 258d 23h 27m 6s
Henry was more refreshed when he joined the others the following morning, freshly shaven and bathed. [b "What's everyone all chatty about?"] he asked when he found them in a huddle.

[i "The sky princess left with this hoity toighty duke,"] Charles was the first to answer from his perch on Walter's shoulders. [i "That guy is worse than gum under your shoe."]

Duke Richard had come by? Henry visibly hesitated at the news, pausing on the stairs. If the others saw Amanda go with him, then he would have to hope that she went willingly and not under force. He doubted the others would have allowed him to manhandle her in any way. Thinking back to the night before, he knew he had no choice but to trust that she could take care of herself. After all, growing up in the circus meant dealing with creeps all the time.

[b "Well, we can have some food and read our reviews while we wait for her to get back,"] he put a smile on his face. [b "O'Malley, I think a full breakfast will do the trick,"] he requested of the maintenance man.

Excusing himself, Henry threw on his jacket and hat to go and fetch the papers from the newsies on the street. Four different publishers meant four different critics could potentially have written about their performance the previous night. He'd specifically set aside a few coins from his pay in order to get the papers first thing.

Back at the former museum, the others gathered around the stage with their plates of eggs and sausages, eager to hear what the critics had to say. Henry read aloud for them, pulling smiles for two of the papers, indifference from another, until finally getting to the negative review from a Mr Bennett of the New York Herald. His remarks were less than complimentary; accusing the troupe of nothing more than sideshow attractions with no entertainment substance.

Lettie snorted. [i "Please. I've seen that guy around here. He looks like he's got a broom shoved up his ass."]

Henry grinned at them all. [b "I'm not too worried about Mr Bennett. Those smiles last night seemed pretty real to me."]

After a few hours of relaxation and discussions on potential acts, Amanda's arrival detoured the conversation. [b "What's this?"] Henry looked from her to the bottle of whisky being held out to him by the Duke.

[i Mrs Richard?] His brain froze.

Henry tried to look for an answer from Amanda, but she'd already disappeared behind the curtain. The Duke tried a charming laugh and clapped him on the shoulder. [i "Women, young man, are fickle creatures, are they not?"]

Henry stepped out of the man's hold, steeling himself so as to not punch the aristocrat. [b "With talk like that, it's a wonder you've not found a wife yet, Duke Richard."]

Turning away, he stormed to his office, tossing the bottle to O'Clancy on his way up the stairs.
  Henry Monaghan / Kooza / 259d 20h 33m 31s
Amanda made a face. Sleep is for the lazy. When Henry was out of sight she claps her hands before pulling up the the hoop. She runs to the hoop. Never done before. It was hard to keep a grin with how it’s swinging. There were a few times of her body rolled and/or hit them ground with a thud. No matter what she kept going it it until she profect it.

The one fall made her stop. It’s exhausting. She did fall asleep on the ground. Hoop still swinging. In the morning she got smacked. To see if she’s alive.

“I think she fell to her death.”
“No way. She’s a pro remember. Maybe she got mugged.”
“Maybe the boss man hit her. Drunkenly.” They all said no. He’s not like that. Then it happened. Tiny hands smacked her.

Amanda pushes punches him. They all shouted. All mixed emotions about what happened. Amanda got on her feet. [#Af18ae Sorry. Self defense.] Amanda stretches. God she’s sore. Everyone spreader to do their own thing. She follows Lettie to see if she can make some tea. Something to help ask her up. If not a cup of hot coco would be as delicious.

O’Malley pulls Amanda to the side. Lily sent a carriage to get her with Duke Richard. Amanda’s head drops. She gathers hear things before leaving. She didn’t even tell Lettie to forget the coffee. She’s going to be mad..,

Like lily was according to the duke. He apologies to her for not saying farewell when she’s left. He was occupied. Amanda couldn’t tell him that’s why she left. Not to mention the dinner party was a snore fest. He afford to go see the show again. Bringing more people this time. He changed over night. He is now a chatter box. Even when they got to Lilly’s the kept talking. It was hard to shower and change. Breakfast was weird. The looks that the three shared. Lily even asked if she can give the hoop another shot. For her husband. She’ll pay too. Once again they’re sending her out with goodies such as books, herbs for teas, pastry, blankets, twin size mattesss that are old to them but they lools clean and new to her. Amanda didn’t want to say no to the gifts.

Amanda walks in dressed up with a face. The Duke following behind her. Announcing his arrival and gifts for a good show. He even asked for Lilly’s favor. Staring off with she’ll pay. The Duke approaches Henry with a bottle of whiskey. “For the mastermind to this circus and for hopefully the future Mrs. Richards.” Amanda smiles when he looks at her. When he turns around she pretends to gag. Lifting her dress up a little, she heads to the back to change.
  Amanda / Simply_Random / 260d 20h 17m 45s
Once again, she was full of ideas that he'd never even considered. Tipping his head back, Henry beamed up at her. [b "See? You'll have my job in no time! I wouldn't even have thought of that."]

With his feet once more safely on the stage, he stepped away from the hoop. [b "I meant what I said, by the way,"] he spoke. [b "You're part of this family, whether Lily believes that or not. Any time you have trouble, just come find us and we'll do whatever we can to help. You're stuck with us."]

Her hug took him by surprise. He froze for a moment before returning the gesture, a smile on his face. He could count on one hand the amount of times he'd been hugged in his life, family included. His parents weren't of the affectionate type and believed that indulging a child as such would only serve to spoil him and make him a weak man. They showed their love in other ways, like teaching him survival skills and making sure he was fed every night, even if it meant his parents got less food.

[b "I wouldn't dream of treating any of you differently. You're human, just like me. Just different in ways that people don't care to understand. But hopefully with this show,"] his eyes circled the stage and the decorations. [b "Their perspectives will change. They'll see you all like I do."]

Glancing at his watch, he figured it'd be best to follow her orders. [b "I'll go to sleep on the condition that you don't work yourself too hard. You need rest too. I'll see you in the morning, Amanda."]

With one last smile, he walked past her towards the stairs of his loft. With the soft sound of the rain on the roof, it didn't take him long to fall asleep. This time, however, he felt more at ease than he had the night before.
  Henry Monaghan / Kooza / 261d 2h 55m 55s
Henry has a okay voice. Just won’t admit it’s good. It’s exciting to see him over coming his fear. Even if it was temporary. Amanda lowered him enough for the tip of his toes to touch the ground. It’s enough to give him comfort. Ease his nausea.

Amanda went behind him. Placing her feet carefully on each side of him to climb the rope. [#Af18ae I think we should look for other circuses that are failing to see if we can gather equipment for a good price. Last I heard Mr. Beans of Freaks were about to go out of business. I also may need to go back to my old circus. Hopefully the rest of the things I couldn’t carry are still there... maybe I can have the Duke accompany me. Fall for someone else.] ‘Manda hung upside down using her legs. Shirt tucked in her pants. [#Af18ae You should go to sleep. I’m going to practice. It helps remove my worries. Can’t keep you up any longer. You have a job I wouldn’t want. Even if it meant being free.] there was no smile. Just petty for him. It’s a lot to handle. Financially and mentally. If it truly is his dream he’ll conquer it all. Hopefully he won’t lose sight of why he did this to begin with.

Amanda pulled herself up tossing herself onto the ground. It’s long overdue but she hugs him as she spoke. [#Af18ae Thank you. For everything. Yes it’s a bit messy but I also don’t over to constantly prove my worth or loyalty. Not to mention not once have you dragged anyone of us for being different. So thank you.] Amanda takes a step back. [#Af18ae This will workout. It will be successful. There will be hiccups but it’s worth it. If you’re truly into this. You may even pay me last. I’ve been doing this all my life. I’ll sirvive no matter what the outcome is.]

There’s a few cash stacked away. Savings from both her and her parents. Not enough to live a snob like life, but enough for her to be satisfied. Maybe even enough to get something nice for everyone. Something everyone can use. Not new but I’m good conditions. A round or two for everyone could be the answer. But the outcome can be horrible. If they all pick the hard liquor.

She may not sleep tonight. He may not approve. Her old life wasn’t picture perfect. They would practice for hours. Sleep for two. Perform. Repeat. They were treated poorly because it wasn’t one of their own who led them. It was someone normal. Greedy for money. For perfection at any cost.
  Amanda / Simply_Random / 262d 47m 19s
[b "Now?"] he blurted out, almost choking on his drink.

Before he knew it, he was following her directions and was hoisted up. [b "This is how I die,"] he white-knuckle gripped the hoop, forcing himself to stare straight ahead. [b "I'm sure I've had nightmares about this exact thing."]

It was almost pathetic just how frightened he was, given the fact that he was naturally taller than the hoop was currently sitting. [b "You actually enjoy this?"] he peaked down at her.

Taking her advice, Henry started singing to himself an old folk song his mother had taught him. His voice was shaky from nerves, but it did actually help him distract himself. Spinning. He could do that. She was right there, and he trusted her. He didn't, however, trust himself to speak so he just nodded in agreement.

Henry wasn't one to get motion sickness. He'd ridden in the bounciest of poorly constructed carriages and didn't bat an eyelash. Unfortunately, being elevated while spinning seemed to be his breaking point. [b "I really appreciate what you're trying to do here,"] he kept his eyes firmly shut. [b "But I think I'm going to be sick if we keep twirling like this."]
  Henry Monaghan / Kooza / 262d 18h 50m 57s
Amanda looks at her hoop. See, now she has a reason to play with it. They can start now. Removing the blanket she sets her mug down. [#Af18ae Let’s start now. Now that it’s just us. Can’t have the others make fun of you.] she carefully grabs his mug to put it down and pull him up on his feet so they can start. [#Af18ae we’re starting off with the hoop. You can sit on it. Hold on. I’ll slowly raise you just to see how far you can go before you panic... safe word is... apples.] she says grinning.

Amanda doesn’t know what to do. She decided to leave on her own. Lily was family. Lily is helping her out. She needs to figure out how to balance things out. Make all of this work. It’ll be okay. It’s good to know the girls are shacking up together. She can join them if she has too. But for now she can deal with lily and Duke Richards. But right now she can help Henry with his fear. It’ll definitely make her feel better. Not that he needs to know.

The girl practically skips. It’s exciting! Amanda told him him how to get on it. Where to hold on. Not to mention the key for him is [u not] to look down. To either look at her, look up, or close her eyes. Just don’t look down. Amanda runs to the rope to loosen it in order to pull him up. She’s pulled heavier so it wasn’t much of a struggle. [#Af18ae How are you doing? I found singing to to work when i was younger or having my mom up with me. But it’s only us two so i can’t help much... unless we find someone to help and keep a secret.] she says stopping at five feet off the ground. She doesn’t want to kill him. [#Af18ae can I spin you? I’ll place my hands on each side of your legs so you know I’m here or you can try to swing.] she’d poked his leg gently so he know she was close. [#Af18ae when we go higher we can tie you to the hoop as a extra precaution.] she adds humming.
  Amanda / Simply_Random / 263d 21h 23m 44s
Henry snorted a laugh. [b "I probably wouldn't even fight you for ownership,"] he rubbed a hand over his tired eyes. [b "You'd at least know what you're doing. I'm kind of scraping by the skin of my teeth here."]

He was almost entirely positive that most circuses didn't have musical numbers or singers in general, but it was part of what made him love the troupe he had; they were different in every way possible. He knew it was something that no one had seen before, just by watching the faces of audience members as Lettie sang, or Walter chased O'Clancy around the stage.

The idea of being up on any kind of rope drew his attention back to her. His eyes flew wide. [b "You mean up there?"] He pointed towards the ceiling. [b "Where I could fall to the stage and break every bone in my body?"]

Henry felt dizzy just thinking about it. It wasn't a bad idea, if he could only boost the courage to do it. Draining another gulp of cocoa, he sat up a little straighter. [b "If you teach me, I'll consider it. But we're starting slow. None of this twenty feet in the air right off the bat stuff. We'll start with four feet,"] he settled with a smile.

The weight of distractions were obvious to anyone looking. The way her shoulders weren't held as high as when she was performing. The sadness behind her eyes even when she smiled. Hearing her say that she was considering dropping contact with Lily, his heart broke for her. [b "I know she was a friend. I'm sorry that things got so messy. I didn't mean for this to negatively affect your life."]

Not for the first time, he wondered if he'd been selfish for begging her to join his show. He'd uprooted her from the life she'd been comfortable with. And now it appeared to be continuing her struggles.

He didn't acknowledge her what-if scenario, his eyebrows furrowed while trying to figure out some way to help her. Knowing she wouldn't agree to having his loft room for herself, Henry thought of another option. [b "Lettie and a few of the girls have been sharing an apartment close by. It's a women only residence, so you wouldn't have to worry about men making unwanted advances or anything. I'm sure they could make room for you, until you get on your feet and get enough for your own place?"]
  Henry Monaghan / Kooza / 265d 22h 40s
Poor Henry is out of his lead. He’s running a circus and most likely doesn’t know what he’s doing. But he’s doing a good job at it so far. Tea isn’t his forte. He is kind. Doing his best to make sure everyone is happy and safe. Henry may not have a lot but he does enough to have a gold heart. More than Duke Richard has. All that money and he wants a girl like her. A no one who performs for a living. She’s not a pet or a trophy that he can use to entertain his fellow snobs.

[#Af18ae I’m glad to know we’re friend.] she thanks him when he drapes another blanket on her. Right now, she wants to play with the hoop. It’ll be fun and easy for her to warm up. Leaning forward, she twists her hair to get rid of some excess water.

Henry returns with... oh. Coco. Jackpot. [#Af18ae We may be best friends now.] she says happily taking the mug. Amanda takes a small sip before looking at him. The Duke would never accept it. He barely showed interest tonight. It was easy for her to escape since there wasn’t anyone watching her. [#Af18ae Maybe I should hold it. If I get a full set it’ll be worth more. Possibly enough to buy this place right under your nose.] she says jokingly. Amanda wouldn’t do it. Maybe a big home for everyone to live in. Chip in. It’s possible doable.

[#Af18ae I know you’re scared of heights, but what if during one of your entrance you come down from a rope? A foot on a loop to keep you stable. It would be a bold move. Be different ringleader.] Amanda suggest looking down at her mug. She takes another sip. Still feeling guilty for coming here. Perhaps breaking a window to Lilly’s home would’ve been better. [#Af18ae I may cut ties with Lilly. I’ll do some labor to find a temporary home. Fancy doesn’t suit me. It’ll be nice, but requiring it the way lily wants me as if I’m a toy you can hand over for money isn’t the ideal way to be a civil snob... I think the first thing I would do is by one good pricey chocolate to see if it’s different as they claim to be. What would you do?] she asks taking another sip.
  Simply_Random / 267d 1h 19m 58s
The look on her face as she took a sip was more than enough to tell him he'd botched the tea. Grimacing, he took the cup back. [b "Sorry about that. Tea isn't really my specialty. Didn't have much of it around growing up. Lettie drinks it for her voice, and she said I needed to switch from coffee."]

Honestly, he hadn't been bothered by her waking him up. [b "I'd rather you wake me up than you being left out on the stoop in a thunderstorm. Especially if you've had a bad night. A few hours of lost sleep is worth helping a friend in need."]

He wrapped another blanket around her shoulders, just to be sure that she was warm enough. Her wet clothes were placed on the radiator to dry off, seeing as the clothes line was going to be useless in a storm. [b "I'll be right back,"] he grabbed the tea cup to go back to the kitchenette.

What he lacked in skill to make tea, he was quite proficient in making hot cocoa. A hot drink was needed to raise her body temperature. [b "This should be better,"] he returned to her with two cups, having helped himself to some cocoa as well.

The pearl necklace she'd been telling him about was quite luxurious. He sipped his cocoa, thinking of the money they could use but refused to let himself to consider the possibilities. It was not his money to spend. [b "You know, as much as I appreciate the offer to share the money, I think it's best that you keep it for yourself. I asked you to come here with nothing but the items you owned. You deserve some financial security until I can pay you all. Spend the money on yourself. Maybe the Duke will see his gift in the store window and finally take a hint,"] he grinned at her.
  Henry Monaghan / Kooza / 270d 21h 13m 58s
[#Af18ae Everything is fine. The dinner was a snob party. Just full of snobs. What they talk about is so...snobby like...] Amanda removes the wet coat. May it get dirty enough where Lilly would want to burn it. It is nice of him to to get her dry clothes and a blanket. [#Af18ae Thanks. I’m sorry for showing up. I didn’t know where else to go. I left without Lilly. She fancies Duke Richard more than her own husband.] she told his as she changes. Did it get colder removing the wet clothes or is it just cold tonight? [#Af18ae Done.] Amanda holds on to the blanket tightly. Slightly shivering.

Henry came back with tea. It made her laugh. [#Af18ae You poor soul. Never made tea before? You may have skipped a step or two. It takes about 5-8 minutes to make a tea. Lots is steps. So I’ve been told.] she takes a sip forcing it down. It reminded her of the time she accidentally ate dirty after falling. Not a great experience. [#Af18ae I give you my word I won’t wake you up in the middle of the night anymore. Two times should be enough.] she says handing him back the horrible tea. Shaking her head no chuckling. Henry has a lot to learn. She looks around wondering where everyone went. They should be celebrating. All night. At least that is how it was with her old circus.

[#Af18ae Duke Richard gave me a pearl necklace. It’s not what I expected. Think he would think I’m trash for pawning it. Get better things for the you. Us.] she asks playing with the necklace that’s still around her neck. Amanda doesn’t want it, but he wouldn’t accept her no. Something tells her this isn’t the end of the gifts. He probably thinks he can fancy his way into her life.
  Amanda / Simply_Random / 271d 2h 34m 9s

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