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“Zecora never fails to keep the fillies and colts surprised with her tales of Nightmare moon, does she?” He asked with a smile, and then he saw that they were about to begin with the songs for the night, and two artists were about to begin, which were Glaze and MicTheMicrophone. “I didn’t know Glaze was a songwriter...let alone a vocalist.” He said to Rain Storm, and he stood by her, hoping to hear the song.
  H8_Seed 2.0 / DoomGuy123 / 212d 1m 1s
They listened as she told tales of how Nightmare Night came to be. Tales of scary creatures and of Nightmare Moon. When she was done, they looked aroynd some more. It was about the time when the younger foals were falling asleep on their hooves. A lot of the younger ones going home to sleep. There were still plenty of older ponies enjoying the festivies though.
  Rain Storm / Leopard_dragon_Love / 212d 34m 50s
He smiled. “She lives in Everfree forest...” he told her, and sighed. “She does help others in need who ask for it.” He continued, and they sat down near the zebra, heading her tales
  H8_Seed 2.0 / DoomGuy123 / 215d 8h 10m 0s
"You've met her personally?" She asked. She had never actually seen a Zebra until she came to ponyville for the first time. "She probably had a hard time fitting in a first." She was sure learning a whole new set of customs had been difficult. "I wonder what made het want to come to Equestria." There weren't a whole lot of foreigners.
  Rain Storm / Leopard_dragon_Love / 215d 8h 16m 33s
He smiled, and looked around, his eyes glowing under the visor of the helmet, making him look like a haunted suit of armor. “Zecora is a very well known storyteller...and a very talented shaman.” He told her, having visited her once.
  H8_Seed 2.0 / DoomGuy123 / 216d 6h 42m 10s
Rain Storm nodded. "I doubt I will be too surprised by anything." She had worked at the factory for the past 5 years. The past year and a half as a live-in employee due to the constant supervision the inmates required. "Looks like it's story time." She said, watching as foals swarmed a Zebra. Their parents or older siblings struggling to keep up with the young, sugar crazy ponies.
  Rain Storm / Leopard_dragon_Love / 216d 8h 18m 14s
“Everyone’s nervous about their first day on the job. But as long as you know what to expect, it won’t surprise you that much.” He told her, and after several turns and straight paths, they made it out of the maze. “That was quite fun.” He said, smiling a bit.
  H8_Seed 2.0 / DoomGuy123 / 217d 5h 17m 58s
"A little nervous I suppose. But I think that's normal with a new job. It seems easier than what I am use to. From what I saw earlier it looks like I will be on the floor most of the time." Stormy said, thinking out loud. By floor, he ment not in an office. She guessed that any mishaps would be reported to Absentia immediately.
  Rain Storm / Leopard_dragon_Love / 217d 8h 30m 30s
The android looked at her, then lifted his visor, showing a small smile, showing he was enjoying the maze. “So, how do you feel about starting tomorrow?” He asked, as if he were an employer, to throw off the ponies that were within earshot.
  H8_Seed 2.0 / DoomGuy123 / 218d 1h 25m 49s
Rain Storm went with his choice. Half the fun of a maze was getting lost. So she was really just enjoying her time, getting to know her assistant. While he was a newly upgraded android he had his own personality. So far she felt like she could work with him. He was respectful, knew how to hold himself around ponies, and had proven to be very informative so far. She felt confident that if she stumbled over anything the upcoming day he would set her straight. The job itself sounded pretty easy though, considering the workload she was use to. No doubt just keeping track of that many ponies would be difficult, as they were not locked in cells. The ponies she would be watching were not frightened into obedience. Then there was also the malfunctioned Drone. Those could be hazardous to work with.
  Rain Storm / Leopard_dragon_Love / 218d 1h 59m 14s
H8_Seed looked a bit surprised under his helmet, and he looked at her. “Maybe we should head straight ahead?” He asked, and nodded to her, telling her he would follow her where she thought was appropriate. “After you, madame.” He said politely.
  H8_Seed 2.0 / DoomGuy123 / 218d 11h 53m 45s
"That was close." Stormy said, watching the stallion hit wipe off the substance. " as they continued they came to a small clearing with 5 different pathways to choose from. There was another group as well. She recognized them, especially her employer among them. Of course, she pretended not to know Rainbow Dash at all. It would be weird otherwise, as Rain Storm did not live in ponyville.
  Rain Storm / Leopard_dragon_Love / 218d 12h 19m 9s
He smiled, and almost got a pie to the face from hitting a tripwire. “Whoa!” He shouted, the pie flying past his head and hitting a stallion behind them, making him chuckle a little bit out of slight nervousness
  H8_Seed 2.0 / DoomGuy123 / 220d 22m 33s
"Sounds mysterious." Stormy said leading the way down the lesser used path. The air seemed to grow slightly chillier. The moon was full and bright and the sky was clear. She wondered if Princess Luna was watching Ponyville, or if she was planning on attending the festival at all. A lone howl echoed in the distance, carrying in the wind that blew around them gently. Rain Storm stopped to uncover a suspicious pile of leaves. Finding nothing under them, she continued on. She did not want to step in another trap.
  Rain Storm / Leopard_dragon_Love / 220d 27m 59s
The robotic stallion looked at her. “Most likely lost and jumpscared...” he said, and he looked to the left, “this path doesn’t have any hoof prints...shall we take the path less traveled?” He asked politely, his voice ringing slightly inside the helmet
  H8_Seed 2.0 / DoomGuy123 / 220d 5h 29m 36s

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