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"He had to be the one I love, didn't he?" Kenna shook her head. He seemed keen on the originals and Damon, that wasn't a good omen. "It would be nice to have you there. We missed Thanksgiving so maybe we could have our own. Sorry, I mean to use you. It would be nice to have you there."

She had on that call when she felt that urge again. "Just call me.when you come. Thsnks."

She hung up before taking a ginger lozenge. God, two months of this sickness and she was already done.
  Midnight / Turadh / 33d 20h 45m 13s
Lexie gave Kenna a look when she had called him her "boyfriend". It wasn't exactly like that. Or she didn't think so. [b "The last thing we need is to let Nik tear apart someone.. I'll ask him what his interest in all of this is."] The girl said quietly.

This wasn't exactly how she had imagined them getting to explore. But then what really had been normal for them since they met. [b "Having me along may help her finally tell you."] And as soon as she spoke, the phone rang and she went comepletely silent.


Her voice was even but just the words she had chosen. There was definitely something that had happened and now he wanted to know what it was. But for the moment he would behave and not ask too many questions.

"I will come to meet you in New York then. Tomorrow. Where would you like for us to meet so that we can talk?"
  Midnight / SheDevil / 33d 21h 48m 55s
"Maybe you should ask why he's so interested. Nik will tear your boyfriend apart if he means any harm to us," Kenna advised. Somehow she managed to not touch her stomach. She had thought that it was bloating from a period. "I want to show you my world. And, she won't tell me about dad."

Hearing the call she took it, but didn't want to say anything. He'd be all body guard even worse.

"I'm going to be in New York City. I need to talk to you in person," she said keeping her voice level.
  Midnight / Turadh / 33d 22h 1m 16s
Of course Kenna had to go into the technicality there. But she didn't call the other out on it. She just listened to what was said and leaned back in her own seat. [b "The magical night would have a lot to do with it.."] Lexie said and crossed her arms. As scared as she Kenna was, Lexie couldn't help being a little jealous. She loved children and well now...she had to push that thought out of her mind.

[b "Well there are rumours going around about a certain vampire being back. And if that's the case we're in for a whole world of hell... Vincent wants to figure out who and what the Originals truly are..."] It was the simplest answer she could give. And sadly the only one even after the four months she herself had gotten.

Her head tilted a little when the Rockerfeller City Lights was explained. But she nodded slowly. [b " will you explain my tagging along?"]


His phone went off as he had one hand wrapped around the throat of a vampire that he had beeb trying to get information from. There were rumours going around of Mikael and his return and he and the others had been trying to find the man before he found them. Well before he found their new friends.

Nik was quick to finish the kill and whipped his phone from his pocket, eyes on the screen. He and Kenna had not spoken or seen the other in months. His own choice since they were all on their own "projects".

He didn't even bother with a text back. Instead he called her immediately. "Hello, love.."
  Midnight / SheDevil / 33d 21h 58m 38s
"Werewolf first, vampire second. And I slept with him on a magical night," Kenna surmised with dread placing a hand on her stomach. Two rare babies with the world's most annoying, complicated man. "Twins."

Leaning back, she tried to not have a panic attack right now. This was her second greatest fear. And Nik...oh, god.

"So, he's even more important. Why is he doing this research?" She asked. "It's the Rockefeller City Lights. Um, Jenny at least took me to that every year, and wants to again."

Sending Nik a text saying simply saying:

We need to talk,asap!
  Midnight / Turadh / 33d 23h 21m 33s
Through the rest of their dinner, Lexie has fallen into silence. The girl had to let her mind focus and figure out how exactly to tell Kenna what it was she was going to. Because she had been blunt in telling her sister she eas pregnant and now felt guilty because clearly Kenna had not known it at all. So this was going to be "fun".

[b "What are the Rockerfeller City Lights?"] Lexie asked as the two went to the car. And as soon as they were safely inside, the girl turned on music just loud enough so their conversation would not be easily heard. [b "Okay..well first, Vincent is a werewolf. He has been learning about vampires and the history of the he was helping me look into that. And secondly...Nik is mostly 'the walking undead'...but the part of him that is a werewolf is still living. That being the case he is able to reproduce. Though because that part of him has been locked away for so long he doesn't know that..and it was something that neither Elijah nor Rebekah had known. This was in the translations from the story of first spell that had been put on Nik but it never saw the light of day.. And this one is the last thing... If a vampire is ever bitten by a werewolf...Nik is the only way to cure it...otherwise we're dead.."]
  Midnight / SheDevil / 33d 23h 11m 7s
This wasn't a prank, only a turned off sister would do that, she was not turned off. There was only the sense of dread and fear at the idea. Children were not in her plans, if anything she'd change like Lexie and never worry about that again.

"There goes my favorite sandwich, but today was the first day of the Rockefeller city lights," Kenna suggested. When in the safety of the car she rented from New York. "Now...spill...what were you going to say before I have a panic attack."
  Midnight / Turadh / 34d 14m 53s
When would it be good to explain to Kenna and the others that she has been spending time with a werewolf? And when would it be good to explain a little more of what she had found out along the way? Those were questions she eas toying with. Or at least she was until Kenna spoke and her attention was on her sister.

[b "I'll...there is something I need to explain but not here. And yes.. I know how he is."] It was much better a way to say things. Especially with the company that they were in. Saying "Original", "Vampire" or "Hybrid" could or rather would make a mess of things.

She took a sip from the tea she had been drinking and nodded slowly. [b "We all do things...And it's good that you are finding others..."] The part about coming to New York was both intriguing but scary. But she did miss Kenna. [b "Yeah...I think it's time I came back.."]
  Midnight / SheDevil / 34d 33m 7s
Saying vampires in public wasn't good, in fact anyone with those abilities could overhear this.

"That's impossible, he's....a know. One that hasn't reached out in months. There's no way," Kenna shook her head. This would mean twins.

Taking in the coffee like it was the last thing on earth. "It's okay, something you'll need to live with. I drove five more of those witches to insanity finding our family. Two of them killed themselves. Come with me to New York City for a week and then come home. I miss you."
  Midnight / Turadh / 34d 4h 39m 41s
The girl did flinch a little at the "your sort" comment but it was fair. Afterall, the girl wasn't human anymore..or not fully. But that also meant her hearing was much sharper and she was truly debating. [b "I can hear extra heartbeats...And before you say it I know we are in a room filled with other people...but the heartbears are coming from you. There are three..."] She said quietly.

[b "Umm..yes I did a lot I wasn't proud of. And what do you think?"] Lexie asked, leaving that open to Kenna's imagination. Because the truth was, she and Vincent had had a lot of fun and had gotten into a lot of trouble too.

She wanted to be back. Had missed everyone like crazy..but still this felt..well it felt like square one all over again.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 34d 12h 7m 44s
"What is it? Your sort get that alert dog look when hearing something," Kenna asked seeing that expression and frowned . She has no idea there was two little aliens inside of her. " did a lot of bad things then. Did he help you or help you?"

she asked, the second was obvious for them getting into trouble together. Vincent seemed that sort.

As much as she wanted Lexie to come back she wasn't sure if she was ready.
  Midnight / Turadh / 34d 12h 15m 12s
Lexie wondered if Kenna was aware of being pregnant or not. She had been hearing the extra beating of a heart but at first had not been completely sure. But the words had been enough to convince her. [b "It might be easier to stay away from the stronger smells like raw meats and fish.."] She said quietly as she picked up her own drink.

A weak smile traced her lips and she nodded. [b "I am...and lets just say I will not be turning it off again unless I truly have to."] God she never wanted to tell Kenna what had happened and what she had been up to.

Her weak smile turned to a smirk. [b "I was. He was actually the only one who could handle me at the time. Also helped me to turn it all back on."]
  Midnight / SheDevil / 34d 12h 21m 45s
"That," Kenna said, taking a drink to quell it. She didn't know vampires could hear fetus heartbeats, or he could get her pregnant. "So, uh, are you turned back on on then?"

She was afraid to ask what she had been up to. The Mikaelson's had been the dark, as well.

Looking her over she gave a chuckle. "You went with Vincent. That's one of his shirts, I remember it from the bar."
  Midnight / Turadh / 34d 12h 30m 8s
In the time she had left Soarse, Lexie had actually turned off her enotions and also become the exact thing she hated. Vampire, human, witch none of that mattered to her and she killed them all. It truly was a nightmare and something once her emotions were turned on happened to eat away at her. The young woman wished to hell she had listened to the others and kept her emotions on and could take it all back. But she had to live what she had done.

It seemed strange to her that she and Kenna had ended up in the same place. And after it appeared the same mark. What was even stranger was the fact that they had been saved by a tall figure and they ended up at some dinner.

[b "I did see dad too...which threw me.. And honestly I have no idea. Probably another of their lovely tricks we had no idea of. We're again in over our heads.."] The blonde whispered and looked at her sister. [b "You don't look like you're doing so well.."]
  Midnight / SheDevil / 34d 12h 26m 5s
That had to be the calmest session she had. They were actually slower, far more intimate and most surprising was how much she enjoyed it. They had fallen in love with each other.

Just like that the brothers were gone when Rebekah called and she didn't know why.


Four months later and she was more exhausted than she had been in her entire life. Soarse was coming along, Trish moved her and her two kids to help. She found more family members, witches and non, got items that has been Geraldine's.

In November she regretted being in Chicago but there was a girl that needed help and she felt awful.

She was wasn't sure what was happening, there had been three, then Lexie came in. Finally the tall figure that saved their asses. She wasn't even sure how they ended up at the dinner.

"Did you see dad, too? And why are we here?" Kenna asked, the smell of the tuna two tables away made her want to throw up.
  Midnight / Turadh / 34d 12h 46m 21s

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