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If he was honest, Klaus remembered saying he had not wanted this life and had even wanted a family at one point. But he has never thought it would happen. And the idea of children did have him scared. It was probably why he could not say the word babies. The moment it was said, the more real all of this would be.

"Do either of us truly learn?" The man countered. But she had a point. This was the longest he had truly kept anyone around and not tried to sabbotage things.

Nik raised an eyebrow at her as she next spoke. It was clear he wanted to argue the point with her. But they had just reunited and it would be one hell of a showdown he wasn't wanting to face so soon. "Fine but only because you asked it. Are you going to be keeping the other hybrid on a leash as well?" He asked, not sure if her sister was turned back on or not.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 33d 12h 14m 37s
Out of all this, they never said the word babies. It was as if they both were afraid to say that word. She was certainly easy for her to be afraid.

"We both will until we're tired and frustrated. This is why our type really don't keep long term people around often. And we are really bad about it," Kenna said honestly before finishing what she would eat. Paying for the meal she rose.

"That thought crossed my mind. This is my city, and my day. So shopping in the village, some Greek...and then Rockfeller Lights with Lexie and...Jenny. Don't kill her okay? Her liver is already doing that for us."
  Midnight / Turadh / 33d 12h 29m 56s
"You're right I'm not sorry for it. This was meant to try and protect you and I would do it again." She always did see the through the lies that he told. But he had been honest in the fact that perhaps he should not have done it. He knew that she has been lonely and out of her mind. And in truth without her, Nik had been slipping more and more into the darkness that had once been his home.

His eyes went to the ring that she had showed him. Now he understood why it had been hard for him to sense her when he had come in. Why he had had to rely on sight. "How do you suppose we strengthen the ring. And you know this means I am not letting you be on your own."
  Midnight / SheDevil / 33d 12h 44m 49s
"This changes everything. It's going to become a big weakness, literally," Kenna answered plainly. She wouldn't get into that debate here and now just as they were reuinted. It was awkward considering she was carrying miracle twins, and they had said they loved each other before poof.

"Did hell just freeze over when you admit you were wrong? No, you aren't. I had other things I needed to do...and great uncle Mort gave me this," she said showing the vintage ring. It had been the ring that Geraldine worn to mask her presence. It needed to be strenghtened but she knew it worked.
  Midnight / Turadh / 33d 13h 17m 17s
It took him a few seconds before he could fully grasp what was going on. The man was not stupid enough to question whose children they were. The question that he truly had was the how. He had not at all been aware he would even be able to have children and he knew she had not wanted them. This had never been a part of either of their plans.

"I didn't want to tell you because I did not want to get you involved with him. But perhaps it would have been better not to keep you in the dark as I have." He said quietly. And then he stood and moved to her side.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 33d 13h 24m 48s
"Of course he did," Kenna frowned, now having he urge to hurt him herself. It had been crazy controlling her emotions in these few months. At least now she knew she wasn't going crazy.

She didn't even have to say anything, he got the same look that Lexie did. She gave a nod still taking in that coffee. "That would be it, actually. Sorry to keep you from hunting down the person you should have told me about."

If there was question if it was his, she would hurt him.
  Midnight / Turadh / 33d 13h 44m 18s
[b "Nik made us all swear we wouldn't say anything. He wanted to keep you out of this if he could help it.. you know that man would do anything for you..But if you'll exscuse me I have to go."] Lexie said as she gave Kenna a quick hug. But the girl did give Nik a sharp look before she left.


He had given the other girl the same sharp look. He was not happy that she had told Kenna what she had. They were supposed to keep her out of it. And Lexie also spilled in that instant that they had crossed paths when her emotions had been turned off and she had damn near killed him. Had it not been for the little wolf she seemed fond on she would have. Nik had never seen anyone have control of a vampire who was turned off.

But he pushed those thoughts aside and took a seat accross from Kenna. "It's been a long time. And I am sorry for that.. what was it you wanted to talk to m--" But his words trailed as soon as he could hear the extra heartbeats and he stiffened.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 33d 13h 56m 8s
Kenna paled and not for the news she was receiving. Mikael, the man she heard so little about but knew it was bad.

"How does everyone else know?" She asked plainly. She had more composure than to hug him right there. After all, he had not spoken much to her since the second night together.

"Nik," Kenna said giving a half smile before going back for more coffee. Her plate had no meat, only potatoes and eggs stacked on top of each other. Cutting out meat had been a hard choice, but it kept her from being more sick.
  Midnight / Turadh / 33d 14h 3m 15s
[b "He's back Kenna and it has them all on edge. That is why Nik and Elijah are so tense and protective. A vampire I 'came across' while I was turned off had told me that he is coming. And this time he won't be stopping until he gets what he wants."] The girl said as stirred more sugar into her coffee. Not that she could taste it, but she remembered what sweet was.

Her hand moved across the table and she gave Kenna's hand a gentle squeeze. [b "I miss you and everyone like crazy.. It's time I came home."] The girl said gently. Her own eyes going to the door as the bell rung and opened.


The man had tried to call but it seemed he had not been able to get through. But it had not taken long before Kenna's text came in. Odd since she had said call. He read it and actually knew the area well enough.

About an hour later, Nik was at the shop that Kenna had texted the location of. His eyes did a sweep of the lounge and soon he caught sight of both the girls. And he made his way over, giving a faint smile and nod. "Hello love."
  Midnight / SheDevil / 33d 14h 15m 56s
"Yeah, well, they didn't give answers. Did they? Soule's mom said there were more. I have almost a list of names and possible networks," Kenna frowned. It was a pain. The best way to get to the village was the subway, and she enjoyed taking her sister on there. Newbies were the funnest people.

He did call, didn't he? She made sure to text him, possibly just the local place first.

"You don't have to come back if you're not ready. You can take all the time you'll need. They're on this big...I don't know what's going on but even Elijah is tense. Tenser."

She sighed stirring her coffee knowing this would be the only cup she could have. She looked to the door every minute or so despite her meaning not to.
  Midnight / Turadh / 33d 14h 26m 36s
[b "I wanted to get them back for making me into well this. And also make sure the others had the fighting chance we didn't."] The girl said as she gave a faint smile. Of course by the time she and Kenna had met up on this last hunt, Lexie was turned back on. So the murders here was her and for the reasons she said. Well that and she wanted to keep them off Kenna.

[b "I may hang back and play shadow. That way you and Nik can talk."] She said as she moved forward and moved some of Kenna's hair out of the necking of her jacket.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 33d 14h 36m 22s
It was more curious, and she wasn't sure how she didn't notice this before. Or how in California when the smell of seafood made her sick. She'd need to get prenatals, if those hybrids need those.

"It feels like butterflies inside of the stomach beating against the lining. guess that inner pain was organs shifting," Kenna analyzed before lowering the sweater. It was hard to tell with the red pleather jacket on. "Only because we were going after the same assholes, I was wondering who got to them before me."

She didn't want to think of the danger. "How about we go to one of my favorite places for food and coffee? It's in the Village. Maybe look at some furniture or whatever for Soarse."
  Midnight / Turadh / 33d 14h 50m 19s
Lexie was laying on the bed, watching Kenna. The other it seemed had been looking at the part where the 'bloating' had looked bad. Again she could not help feeling a little envious but said nothing. She could see it was a lot for her to take in as she remembered that the other had said she would never settle down and did not see children in her future.

Pushing herself from the bed, it seeming more like a child rolling off the bed and she landed nearly like a cat and moved closer. [b "Yes, I can feel them. They are the first of their kind and well rather powerful already. They aren't hard to feel or sense when he may be able to when the two of you see the other...I did but was not completely sure because well...look how we found the other again."]


The man had gotten in late in the night and had figured he would let Kenna sleep. She was still human after all. But that did not stop that he was impatient and wanting the hours to pass and the new day to come.

As soon as he was sure she would be up, Nik got his phone from where he had left it to charger and soon was calling her.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 33d 10h 35m 10s
"Taggert serial daters, yep..." Kenna nodded before leaning back into the seat. It would be a long drive back to New York City. There was rented apartment there where they got some sleep.

Before putting down her shirt she looked to the round part that did look like bad bloating. "Lex, can you feel them?" She asked still wondering how she was supposed to feel about this.

She'd be getting the call from Nik anytime, tonight she'd meet Jenny a second time this year, and the big news.
  Midnight / Turadh / 33d 18h 40m 27s
[b "We both fell for some pretty interesting characters, didn't we?"] Lexie muttered as she did look out the window. She still did miss Damon, though the time with Vincent had been nice. Real even. Slowly she shook her head. [b "It would be a good idea to know what his interest in all of this is...besides now there are two 'weapons' involved."] She was being a little salty over the fact that both she and Nik were hybrids and powerful at that.

[b "No...I know you don't. And a family get together might be nice. Something normal in a not so normal state of things.."] Those words were softer. More gentle and like the old her.


Nik listened to her words again. He didn't know why there was the unease. "Yes, I will make sure to call you." The man said before he hung up. It looked like he had a plane to catch.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 33d 15h 12m 28s

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