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They had been complicated before. Now it was beyond complicated.

Off and on lovers, mostly steady friends, people who had reached the point of love. Now they were going to be parents to twins. That was just enough to even give her a headache to think of.

Ralph extended his hand for him. "You two make a fine looking couple."

Only Jenny and Kenna looked the most uncomfortable.

Kenna glanced back and sighed leaning up to kiss his cheek taking the moment to respond. "I'll be okay here. Ralph will keep us from killing each other."


Vincent hugged her back running a hand through her hair. Taking the moment to kiss her softly. They did make an unlikely pair a newborn vampire and a werewolf.

"I couldn't wait, I got worried when you didn't come back. Are you going to go back with them?" He asked fearing the worse in this moment.
  Midnight / Turadh / 26d 15h 20m 45s
The girl had tried to stay around but the scent called to her. So did her curiosity of what the man was doing there. They had been together in nearly every way and he had been the one to..well set her free. He had shown her things she had never known and had been the ONLY one who managed to get through even when she had been turned off.

Her hands were in the back pockets of the jeans she wore as she walked to the entrance and saw the man. A smile came to her lips as she soon hugged him. [b "What are you doing here? I didn't expect for us to be meeting up again so soon"]


Nik could not help stiffening when it was said that Jenny would actually end up upsetting the girl. But before he could ask more, his hand was taken and a woman who did look like Kenna in hair and eyes was approaching. "Boyfriend would perhaps make this the easiest since as you said it is complicated." The man managed just before the man and woman had gotten to them.

Green-blue gaze went between them as Kenna introduced them and he gave a faint smile. "It's nice to be meeting the two of you." Were the only words that he could manage and still be polite.

He did lean over to Kenna's ear. "It looks like we lost your sister.."
  Midnight / SheDevil / 26d 20h 45m 38s
It had taken time, just as Mikael had assured her. Three months and they had been together in nearly every way. Vincent had shown her the ins and outs of the world. Shown her the Originals paste and now she was going to become close.

He waited by the entrance for her to come. He would stay in her life, and work on this goal.


"Oh, she's going to," Kenna said dryly. When she got tired of holding his arm she just took his hand as if they were a couple. "and I'll be saying your my boyfriend. It's too complicated to explain."

Spotting the woman who did look like her in eyes and face, but tired and obviously sick. it was more surprising to see Ralph next to her.

"Good to see you again, kid," Ralph hugged her and she surprisingly hugged back. And a small one for Jenny.

"This is Jenny, and Ralph my step dad," she said to Klaus knowing she didn't mention her past a lot. "This is my boyfriend, Klaus."

Jenny took them in before nodding. "This is good to see. and happy," she said awkwardly.

This was awkward but she was trying.
  Midnight / Turadh / 27d 1h 23m 55s
The girl had found that the others were right. Sure the old her had died..but there were still traces of the girl she had been. She found that once turned on she was still gentle and even felt guilty for things she had done. Well MOST the things she had done. [b "Hey it's okay. 'Mum's the word..'"] Lexie said with a soft laugh as she knew that Kenna would kill her for giving away the softness there.

To both the hybrids the lights were incredible. And it was interesting to see how many people had come out for this. Klaus stayed close to Kenna to make sure nothing happened and didn't mind her taking his arms. But he also had to keep his eye on her sister to make sure that they didn't set a pratically new born lose.

"Which one of us are you asking not to kill her, love? Because I will play nicely until the moment she upsets you." The man said quietly.

Lexie was bouncing as the lights and all the people was overwhelming to her sense. The girl looked to Nik and Kenna. But a scent she knew did catch her attention. [b "He's here..?"] She whispered
  Midnight / SheDevil / 27d 13h 49m 29s
"Before we go we at least need to go to my favorite place. There's so much...I'm just so happy that you're here to see my old life. I think my friend, Nate, would love you..." Kenna began before stopping. It wasn't like her. "Please don't tell anyone I did that."

Thinking about how it would be she gave a laugh. "Like Mardi Gras only a lot more people. Feel hungry, make a quick exit and take a cab."

It was likely a bad idea, but they still made their way there before it got dark. The lights was on all through the few blocks and people gathered. Music, performers, and all that.

Grabbing on to Klaus' arm and keeping close to Lexie. "Um...just know that...Jenny has a sharper tongue than I do and I actually care a lot more about my words. She doesn't. Don't kill her, please. I don't want to deal with the estate."
  Midnight / Turadh / 27d 14h 14m 32s
[b "I know..I'm just still getting used to it and haven't exactly been turned on for very long. So it's taking a little longer to adjust."] Lexie muttered as she took a bite from her food and then pushed the plate away. She was actually being more watchful of Kenna since they had found out.

[b "So she is like a rotten fruit?"] It was a weird way to think about it. But it was also the best way she figured to grasp Kenna's meaning. Even a terrible joke to try and lighten the mood a bit. Because she figured this was still A LOT on all of them.

Quickly she nodded her head and stood. [b "How crazy do these things get? Anything like back in New Orleans?"] She asked as she had never really been able to travel before.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 27d 21h 19m 12s
"You do know that...they eat food, too, right? Not just to appear normal. Coffee, whiskey and all that is normal. It might even help," Kenna suggested looking to the younger sister in some pain. She ate at least half which was good for being pregnant.

"I'd be more excited about the lights. Jenny is what happens when something is left in the hot sun for too many years," she said dryly. With the good parts eaten she would throw away the rest. When getting back home it wouldn't be a waste.

"We should get there soon before it becomes insane," she suggested.
  Midnight / Turadh / 30d 15h 6m 6s
Nik had left the two girls alone to take a call and she was pushing her food back and forth on the plate. Food didn't appeal to her but she did eat to make it look "normal" as she had been told that over and over again.

Crystal blue eyes moved from the plate in front of her to Kenna and she gave a weak smile. [b "I really want to see this and to meet Jenny.. Besides we'll never know if I can handle this unless we try... We also have you and Nik both who can if needed."] Her words were quiet as she spoke them.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 31d 15h 5m 58s
"Does it annoy you as much as it annoys me when he's right about something?" Kenna asked with a smile. Surprisingly she didn't object to him taking the bag or the arm. Instead she had missed this more than she liked to admit.

Chasing feelings away didn't work, and even thinking about being with another guy failed.

It was an awkward dinner with Lexie, while Nik took a phone call she looked to Lexie with concern. "Are you sure you can do this? There's going to be a lot of people there. It's okay if you can't. We have time."
  Midnight / Turadh / 32d 13h 45m 21s
"Elijah is one who is levelheaded and does easily get into people's heads.. But for you I want this to work and for you to be happy." And he did mean those words. The girl actually deserved it after everything she had been through over the years.

When she kissed his cheek it was tempting to wrap an arm around her waist and to kiss her. He had missed her and her kisses. But he was choosing to behave for the moment. The time was not right and there was only so much time. So he did take the bag from her and gently take her arm.

"We are..and I was hoping you would let me come."
  Midnight / SheDevil / 32d 14h 21m 19s
"I just want this with her. She's my family and this has always been one of my few good memories with Jenny. Maybe it's just Elijah rubbing off but it may be possible to forgive the path and forge on," Kenna answered hopefully before taking the bag. "I want you to be there, too. We're family now."

She took this moment to step forward to kiss his cheek before starting to the door. There was only so much time and she didn't want to dash the whole way to the Greek place.
  Midnight / Turadh / 32d 14h 48m 35s
Nik couldn't help the faint smirk that had come to his lips when she was speaking of the baby clothing and looking at it. "Then it appears you'll have some fun ahead for you. Just don't let her drag you too much." There was the underlying amusement in his words, though he was still as scared as she was.

He could not help wishing this would be easier for them. Maybe even more exciting. But the fact remained that they both had had horribly childhoods. And what scared him the most was that having children would surely make that resurface and even have old history repeat itself. And he NEVER wanted to be Mikael.

"Honestly having a newbie in a crowd is probably the worst we can do. Small groups are a distraction but still doable. And meeting Jenny might not exactly be a wise choice either." Nik muttered. He was meaning the Jenny part because he was wanting to make things hell for the woman because she had for Kenna.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 32d 15h 5m 20s
"The last time I remember looking at these things was when Trish was last pregnant. Oh, God, she's going to drag me to do this when she finds out," Kenna said with dread, it was more as an after thought.

Turning to him she gave a sigh, wishing this wasn't so awkward and hard. They both had crappy child hoods and children brought that out.

"It's about time to meet Lexie, who is turned back on, before we brave the crowds with a newbie, and meeting Jenny again. Uh, that's a bad idea, isn't it?" She asked with a sigh. Going to pay for what she did get, still cheap despite the fact that there was money now.
  Midnight / Turadh / 32d 15h 44m 24s
Nik was surprised when she said that Lexie had not been "on a leash". Last he knew the other girl was quite dangerous. A ripper with her emotions off and even it seemed more dangerous than Stefan had been. But he kept those thoughts to himself. No reason to have both girls digging into him just yet.

The man didn't mind when she had taken his arm to keep track. It was actually easier because he was able to stay with her. Be a guard if needed even as he had said.

It was the baby clothing they had stopped before that made him stiffen a bit. His eyes on them as he listened to her. "Yes...we'll do it together. But I am not really sure how it will work out. I never really had proper parenting examples..the closest had been my mother but that was ages ago.." He had to be honest and then blinked when said she thought one was moving. All of it was still so new to come back to.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 33d 8h 48m 9s
"She's not on a leash. Still want to thrash her. Killing half of the targets before I could send them to Wonderland," Kenna shook her head. She felt good and happy here. The streets, cars and noise. She knew where to go and took his arm to keep track.

There were several big items purchased at the vintage and antique stores, and she had some contacts for salvaged wood. She stopped at some old baby items feeling odd.

"We're going to do this together, right? I barely had either parent except for an amazing step dad. I don't think I could do that to the, uh, babies..." She said placing two fingers on her stomach where she felt that butterfly feel. "I think one is moving."
  Disaster / Turadh / 33d 10h 42m 41s

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