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[b "I guess it would be a curse to any..."] It had been a mistake to say anything to the man. She had known about some of his research on Niklaus and the others. But he had never really gone into full detail or explanation when around her. [b "Why do you study the Originals as much as you do?"] She asked quietly and looked down.

She was still and silent for a few moments as she was thinking how to explain it. Or even if she should. [b "It is being the hybrid and magical nights.."] She finally explained and looked up, giving the man a small smile. [b "I think it would be nice...I would go insane without having someone there who gets it."]


"I can understand wanting a choice. And when it's taken you find it unfair." He said quietly. But that was all he had said on the subject. All of this was still new and he was still scared. He knew how Mikael had been and the last he wanted was turning into the man.

Soon, Nik had his arms wrapped around Kenna and was returning her kiss. For the night though he wanted her and he wanted them. Slowly did he lift her and take her to the bedroom and the bed.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 19d 13h 3m 56s
That night remained locked away, even to him sometimes. That woman had held him back. Demanded he stopped being the monster he had been cursed, he had ended that.

"To grow up with this curse, it's cruel to those around you, and even more," Vincent said dully. That was when he caught the meaning. "How is that possible? And yes, I absolutely would love to."


"I mean, I never had plans to...It's just nice to have that choice in case some of the paranoia dissipates," Kenna sighed, but despite everything, she was glad he was there. The other news she'd hold on to, knowing he would likely kill Jenny.

Placing the food in the fridge when they got back to the place she rented, knowing she'd be there for at least a week to settle more business.

Walking up to him she kissed him softly. At least tonight she wanted him and them.
  Midnight / Turadh / 19d 13h 23m 33s
The man had to admit that he admired how as always she did not try to fake something she did not feel. Also admired that though something tough she told him and with a straight face. With her there was no sugar coating the truth. And since she could take it and obviously give it back, most the time he did the same. It was how some of their arguments had come about. But at least they knew what the otjer was thinking when they actually decided to let it be known.

"That is hard...and I'm sorry." The man said as it was really all he could. He couldn't say he understood. Nor could he pretend to. Though he truly did mean that he was sorry.

His hand gave hers a squeeze when it had taken his own and he gave her a smile. One that she was one of the few to see. "I've missed you too, love."


Her hands moved to the back pockets of her jeans as she gave the man a small smile. His words did hit hard and something did come to mind. Though she shook her head faintly as not to say it.

[b "I know asking for children in this life and supernatural world is like asking for hell to come raining down.. But before all of this I did want children.. and I guess I still I envy my sister.."] She said quietly. [b "You want to come with me when we go back?]
  Midnight / SheDevil / 19d 14h 4m 15s
Despite being in the city and the constant rush she didn't feel like there was anyone around. While waiting for the light she looked to him unable to even pretend to give a smile.

"It's genetic. Every child after...doesdon't go full term. It happened to my aunt and Jenny," Kenna grimaced, it wasn't as if that was planned. "I don't know how I'm supposed to feel about that."

Taking his hand again she squeezed it with a smile. "I missed you, Nik."


The true course of events would remain with him. A dying secret.

"Not anymore, she was a part of the old life. And children, I think that it might be better left alone. Children in this world is just asking for something bad to happen."

He smiled at her taking in the park. It was nice, he liked the feel and there were people here and there. "I'd like to come with you."
  Midnight / Turadh / 19d 15h 12m 9s
The girl listened to his words and couldn't help biting on her lip. His story did make her sad. But she also knew that the things they had gone through made them who they were.

[b "I'm sorry.. that must be you miss her?"] Lexie wasn't quite sure what to say. Never had she felt that way before. Nor had she really had relationships. Her father had ALWAYS been on top of that to make sure she couldn't or wouldn't be hurt.

So still she was like a child in a sense. She was still learning the harsh truth of the world. And what was worse was having magic as she did and being a vampire. A perfect recipe for disaster.


"I may regret asking this, but can you elaborate more? Why would they be the only?" He was just curious and wanting to know more. Besides it might help him better understand too.

And soon he was silent again. She knew about what she needed more than he did. But that did not mean he would not try and help. If even a little.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 20d 10h 37m 4s
"The last time I was here was four years ago with my wife. We were trying for a child and took a vacation to try to keep our relationship going," Vincent said keeping her close. They could walk to the park since neither seemed affected by the cold.

"Then we were attacked the next summer and I was triggered. I've forgotten her voice only that we argued a lot."


"These will probably be the only children I have. No choice in the matter, it's just genetics," Kenna gave a grim smile to him. it was awful, she left out where she was going to get the letters and birthday cards. He would kill her then.

She was already dying alone with pity.

At the store in the Village she picked up what seemed to be working for her stomach. This was nearly unfair
  Midnight / Turadh / 22d 20h 37m 6s
Being together as more than they were seemed almost too good to be true. A strange dream and desire to say the very least. The most Klaus was sure either could hope for was at least being friends as they had been and both being their for their children.

The lights were beautiful and seemed to have a calming affect on them both. It amazed him how he had never seen a show like this one before. Or rather allowed himself to truly enjoy it.

"The news she gave was really that bad?" Nik found himself asking quietly. And slowly he nodded when she said the place was near the 'Village' and she should get some food that wouldn't make her sick.


Lexie chewed the inside of her cheek and shook her head. [b "Too many people and things to overpower my senses...I am struggling just to not attack anyone.."] The hybrid whispered, being honest with him.

A small smile came to her lips when he suggested Central Park. It really would be easier for them both. [b "That sounds perfect.."] She whispered and gave his chin a quick kiss.

God this seemed to be what she needed.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 23d 14h 3m 26s
It still surprised her with having his hand. She wasn't one to think that this meant they'd be together and raise the twins as partners. That was a strange desire.

Seeing the lights was still amazing and calmed her down despite the news she had just received.

"It's amazing, I haven't seen her in eight years, and she still has the to crash the world," Kenna said once out of the crowd. "The place is in the Village. There's a store close by, I should get food that won't make me sick."


"Are you okay?" Xavier asked rubbing her back. Keeping her in this crowd was a terrible idea. "How about Central Park?"

Fewer crowds and it would be easier on both of them. How Klaus let him walk away was unknown to him unless they were both playing a game here. It was entirely possible that it was happening.

Wrapping an arm around her shoulder he kissed her forehead.
  Midnight / Turadh / 23d 14h 44m 17s
[b "It looks like you and Nik could use some time together.. And I think I want a little time with Vincent. But I will be back later."] Lexie said to Kenna, giving the other a quick hug. And she gave Nik a small smile and bow of her head. The man had always scared her a little bit.

Her hand then moved into the werewolf's and she gave a faint smile. [b "What do you want to do? They have dancing, shopping, all sorts of things.."] But she was actually bouncing slightly as she had not had a proper "bite to eat" since she had been in New York and it was starting to get to her.


This did not look good at all. Knowing what he had heard, Klaus was reluctant to even let Lexie go with the man. But she was not his concern. Kenna and their children were. Besides using the girl for information would be a good way to go.

"Come on love, lets get you back. Behave you two." The man said, giving a sharp look to the new hybrid and the little wolf.

His hand then moved into Kenna's and gave it a gentle tug.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 23d 14h 30m 4s
He knew the story.

The man under a fake name married her mom, but freaked out and had a side affair with a younger woman, but came back and gave her mom a child. Her.

It was painful for both of them and he felt bad, he gave her a squeeze. It was a complicated mess that only thinning could clean up.

"Exactly odd couple. It's nice to meet you, Kenna," Vincent held out his hand.

She gave an unenthusiastic shake before placing a hand on her chest.

"Just some heartburn, I'd like to go back now. Come back if you want, Lex otherwise enjoy yourself," Kenna smiled lightly and nodded to her sister.

Jenny had a good way of throwing sucker punches.
  Midnight / Turadh / 25d 13h 33m 37s
Lightly, Lexie nuzzled against Vincent's shoulder. Over the last few months, the two really had become the "odd couple" as the man had put it. They had been together in nearly every possible way and he had been the only one who had been able to keep her reigned in even when her emotions had been off.

When seeing Jenny, Lexie did freeze herself. It was hard for her to see the woman her father had been with before her mother. And it was hard to keep her emotions under control as she could feel it all again.

[b "Vincent...this is my sister, Kenna... Kenna this my boyfriend, Vincent."] She introduced the two when they had gotten away from Jenny and Ralph.


So this was the werewolf that he had been hearing of. The one who intended to try and bring him and his siblings down. Taller than he, but aside from that he did not look like much. Though for the moment, Klaus was going to be good. More for Kenna's sake than anything.

"So the odd couple as it appears Kenna and I are? Interesting." Klaus said. He almost onjected to Vincent's meeting Kenna but knew if he did that would make things worse somehow.

So slowly the man nodded and walked back with the others. When Lexie had frozen, the Original went to Kenna and kissed her cheek. "Are you alright there love?" He asked. The man wanted to know what all had come out.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 25d 14h 5m 20s
Thank God for there being hundreds of people out here. That information would remain between her and Jenny.

In the end, she felt drained, cursed, and somewhere between angry and sad. Jenny seemed to freeze at seeing Lexie and the likeness to their dad. It was hard on her as well as the dialysis.

"I'll see you guys before we get the items..." Kenna said making the step to give Jenny a one-armed hug and a nod to Ralph.


The great and mighty Klaus. Up close he didn't seem like much, in fact, was shorter than he was.

Vincent didn't shy away before giving Lexie a squeeze. "We're the odd couple," he explained and kissed her cheek. "I'd love to truly meet this sister you talked a lot about."

All the while, his mind was going.
  Midnight / Turadh / 25d 14h 20m 19s
How did Lexie get mixed up with this "riff raff?" The man as far as Klaus knew had had an interest in him and his family. And that there made the man a threat. Not just to him and his family, but now to Kenna and their children. There was no way he would be leaving the man along with them.

With his eyes still dark and lips taught, Klaus took the man's hand to shake it. "Niklaus Mikaelson. But I'm sure you know all about me and the others. So what would have brought you all the way here?"He asked. If he could not get a direct answer, then the man would be up to his usual tricks.


When Klaus got like this, it did scare Lexie. But it also annoyed the girl. Lightly she leaned against Vincent when his arm had gone around her shoulder. [b "I'm the one who brought him here, Nik. He knew I would be in this area."] She said almost sharply, a warning that she would give him a headache.

She like the others could hear Kenna and Jenny. [b "So should we get back to the others? Wouldn't want all of this seeming weirder than it already is."] She said as she perked up.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 25d 14h 14m 52s
How did someone remotely fall for these creatures? Centuries of death and destruction caused by their own hands.

It was obscene.

He smiled, however, kissing her forehead and looked to her knowing she did. Despite the time she thought of them as a form of family. Looking to Klaus he held his hand out.

"We didn't get properly introduced, I'm Vincent," he said cheerfully wrapping an arm around her shoulder.


Awkward wasn't the right word. She talked to Ralph fine, he had never been the problem. As of late, he had been the only man to hurt her but she forgave him and understood.

She had to sit down after a bit, feeling the heartburn starting to strike again. This pregnancy might kill her in a sense.

"You're pregnant and want to know about why I didn't say anything about your dad," Jenny said sitting next to her. "Is it twins?"

"How could you know?" She asked oddly.

And if Kenna had wanted information, she got it, and it wasn't pretty but in that moment she could feel bad for Jenny.
  Midnight / Turadh / 25d 15h 18m 15s
Nik didn't quite know how to respond to Kenna's step-father saying what he did. All of this was new to him. The most he was used ti was loving someone and it being more straightforward or becoming a mess because he could not deal with his emotions and became afraid of how things were heading. But with Kenna, they were beyond complicated. Off and on lovers, steady friends, and well now soon to be parents. It was frightening to say the least.

"Thank you." He was short but it was all he could say. When she kissed his cheek and responded, Klaus nodded to her. "I'll find her...and behave." He whispered and kissed her head before he began through the crowd and towards where he was sure he could smell Lexie...and...a werewolf.

Soon he came upon the two and his look was one of his darker. One that showed he was not pleased. "And what might I ask are you doing here, little wolf?" Nik asked, the words low and almost a growl. It was evident he did not trust the man.


As much as she did hate it, Vincent in his way made the girl feel whole. They really were an unlikely couple and gently she returned the kiss he had given her.

[b "I ran into my sister and well... I did plan to go back with them. At least for a little while. You know I've missed them like crazy."] The girl said with a pout.

Quickly she turned and moved in front of Vincent when Klaus made his way towards him. The man did not look pleased.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 25d 15h 34m 54s

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