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It was not fun. At least there was an artifact that had been gathered that purged a vampires essence. Kenna had that location moved, more secure, and done a lot of research into what the items were.

By the end of the night, she was ready for sleep. Since it had to do with vampires she had to take over and Nate was clean by the end. Vervain in the system for this entire time and someone watching for this week.

"I'm going to show Nik the room. Care to keep an eye on Nate?" She asked with a grin. "Don't worry....he's great at keeping company and with women."
  Midnight / Turadh / 12d 12h 41m 45s
The man seemed thoroughly confused. But then given there was every right for him to be. Nik had not exactly thought about his actions before he had taken them. And now they had to play clean-up which wasn't uncommon but she had hoped for maybe ONE day where they wouldn't have to.

[b "There's the vervain still in the cabinet there. They thought having it around the house would be a good idea."] Lexie muttered. She knew that it was one way to block a compulsion. It had actually been something both Damon and Vincent had told her.

Her eyes again went towards Nate as she and Kenna were aside. [b "This will be the best...but we have to see if Mikael or someone did get to him...We'll unfortunately have to test Trish too.."] The blonde said as she moved back into the room. She would have Kenna test it, but she would compell him to forget it all after.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 12d 13h 30m 50s
"Progress," Kenna said before kissing his cheek. "And Trish is coming tomorrow. She's a nurse so...lots of fun stuff ahead...We'll be with you guys in a while."

Nate wasn't sure what was going on but Kenna seemed okay with it and she was usually the calm sort. "Why was he so fast and so...angry..,? I mean I knew that whoever you'd end up with would be incredibly different."

"Well, I'm special, too...sorry for this, Nate," Kenna took his arm leading him to the side room. It had been two rooms once but they knocked down the other wall to make it into the entertainment room. Pool table, television and books.

Pulling her aside she sighed. "We should check if he has been compelled, and at the end forget....just about everything here including this..."
  Midnight / Turadh / 12d 13h 48m 27s
The only thing that stopped Klaus from killing the man, Nate as Kenna had called him was her. He had just been protective and as time passed had become even more so. To see what he had when coming in had instantly kicked into that protective side of him.

"I will not apologise.. But I should have at least asked." Those were the only words that Nik said as he nodded to Kenna when she had said she would see him in a bit.

[b "You're wanting to know what we are and why we move like that..? Trust me it's safer if you don't know.."] Lexie said quietly as her eyes went to Kenna.

[b "Do you want him knowing or do you want Nik, Rebekah, or me to..?"] But her words trailed as she motioned to the side room.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 12d 14h 19m 31s
"Oh, Klaus...that's wingman from New York City. Not that I do that anymore. It's just our words for friends," Kenna explained quickly. She didn't need to defend herself or the people she chose but it was easily understandable.

"Lex, maybe he know..." she said before placing a hand on Nate's arm. "'s complicated."

"What is..." Nate said before Kenna looked to Lexie. "I'll see you in a little bit, Nik."
  Midnight / Turadh / 12d 14h 28m 48s
He and Rebekah had both been out trying to see if they could get any word of Mikael or his whereabouts. But as always it seemed they had come up empty handed and with Kenna being pregnant that news always left the man in a foul mood. And so when they got back, the man opened the door in such a way that both sisters would recognize.

Blue-green eyes fell on the man who was near Kenna and had his hand upon her stomach. And without much thought, the man was quick to have the other against the wall. He was not in the mood for questions.

Lexie looked to Kenna as Nik had forgotten completely and used his vampiric speed rather than that of a human. This was not good and they didn't need him killing anyone. It was as his hand was still upon Nate's throat did Lexie flash to Nik's side and pull him off the man, all but dragging him back to Kenna's side.

[b "This would be the interesting man...Nik...or as I call him 'Satan'.."] The girl said, looking down. She was sure now there would have to be some form of explanation. Or their lovely compulsion tricks. What would they choose?
  Midnight / SheDevil / 12d 14h 26m 37s
"Well, I see that you also have the beautiful gene. I knew it wasn't from that bitch," Nate chuckled and shook her hand. She was stunning but also seemed insecure.

Kenna shook her head, knowing he might break the code at some point with Lexie. He turned his attention back giving her another hug before placing a hand on her stomach.

"I never thought I'd see this. Whenever she was asked, I think she almost spat at them," Nate chuckled. "So, whose the interesting guy?"

"Coming right up, he might not be happy," Kenna said seeing the door open a particular way only Nik did. Rebekah behind him. It must have gone badly, they both looked in bad moods.

  Midnight / Turadh / 13d 13h 56m 16s
[b "Well if you had a psychotic father who spent hundreds of years hunting you down and wanting you dead I think you would be tense and suspicious of someone wanting to know all about you.. And yes...I have noticed them being even more on guard with the miracle twins...even I am..."] Lexie said quietly, her words were more thoughtful than anything though.

She listened to Kenna's take on the guys and nodded slowly. Damon had been well Damon and it would be nice to see Soule again. So maybe the warlock would be the better choice. But she did still have a little time to think on that.

[b "Fewer stairs and closer to the kitchen might be the better option. Besides the other house does have a more homey feel."]

Her words had just left her lips when a male's voice was heard and she had to stop herself from smirking at the words. She had often wondered how Kenna had fallen for Nik herself. But made no comment. [b "It's nice to meet you.."] She managed as she took a couple steps back. New blood she had to get used to and she gave Kenna an almost pained glance.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 13d 13h 50m 30s
"I don't know. They don't seem keen on Vincent but they usually are tense when someone is interested in their history. I don't need to tell you that the three of them are even worse since Mikael is out, and...miracle twins, yay," Kenna gave a girmance.

"Damon isn't probably mad, just..doing his own thing. Soule would be good to see. I talked to him last week and he's doing great and rebuilding the community."

He hadn't been mad, it was just another awkward supernatural world. She didn't dare think of it as a home. "I don't know. I was thinking of moving into the other house, less stairs and closer to the kitchen."

"Did hell freeze over when this happened?" Asked the warm voice of Nate. She moved over to him quickly wrapping her friend in a tight hug. He was tall, warm, and Italian. Sexy but child like.

"Hell froze over when I fell in love with the dad. This is my sister, Lexie." She said leading him over to where the tree was.
  Midnight / Turadh / 14d 14h 12m 48s
[b "Does the place feel as much like home as you had wanted for it to when we first saw it? And I didn't saybit when we first got here but it looks amazing how you've been doing it up."] The young woman said, gaze slowly moving to her sister after the other had spoken her words.

It was the question that took her offguard a little. Not the fact of Kenna inviting a couple of people as she had. But just the idea of her herself inviting anyone. The only she had been around truly since she had left had been Vincent. She had not spoken to either Damon or Soule though she did sorely miss them both. But she also had remembered that Damon and Vincent seemed to have an animosity of sorts and it was hers and Kenna's fault Soule had lost his mother.

[b "I was thinking Vincent for sure..but I don't know about Damon or Soule...what would be your thoughts there?"] Her words were quiet as she moved the cup of blood to her lips and took a sip from it. It was helping her to stay focused.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 14d 14h 39m 43s
It was strange having a Christmas rush. The rooms had to be prepared and ready for a few Taggerts.

"I was amazed at this mansion when we first saw it. Now...two damn sets of stairs for one level and another one for the other. And the servant's stairs..." Kenna groaned. The tree was a six footer and looked small for the foyer.

"Are you inviting anyone, Lex? I have Trish and old friend Nate coming," she said. It seemed in just less than a month she gained at least three inches and was noticeable. There was always an original around, there was at least one while on the trail of their father while they were looking for a way to kill him.
  Midnight / Turadh / 15d 14h 32m 9s
As she curled up next to him, the man leaned over and kissed her head, soon brushing his fingers through her hair. He had missed her and them being close. But he had yet to fully say it.

"I've told you before how I feel..but nothing has changed and I still love you. I'm just glad to hear you finally say the words, love." The man said as he moved to where he could kiss her but still keep her close to him.


That actually made sense to her. If they were the first, then they would perhaps know how to break another curse. She had never wanted to become what she was and a "ripper" at that. So she knew how Vincent felt.

[b "You know what I'm like with no I would not."] The girl said, staying close the whole time. Instead of going back to Kenna that night, Lexie went with Vincent to his room. She wanted to give Kenna and Nik a night to themselves.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 16d 15h 23m 38s
It was nothing short of a miracle that she was able to have sex without getting sick. She knew that her case would be special considering her daily struggle with her stomach when not pregnant.

Curled next to him afterwards she rested one arm over his shoulder, one hand on her stomach.

"You know, I've never said those words, and I wished I had..." Kenna said thoughtfully. "I love you."


"They are the first vampires, maybe they can end this. That's the idea. To not...turn to turn into a beast that will rip people to shreds," he said honestly.

"Would you rather had been going insane?" He kept her close the entire time before taking her back to her to his room. He was sure that Kenna and Klaus was having a time and he didn't want to hear or see that.
  Midnight / Turadh / 16d 15h 59m 49s
Klaus lowered the young woman onto the bed and began to undo her shirt as she had already began on his. It was just everything about her that made it difficult to forget her. She was beautiful, smart, and cunning..All traits he so very admired about her. Loved even.

His hands pushed her shirt away as he had it undone and he oh so slowly let them wander as once more he kissed her deeply. This night he wanted to take his time with her.


[b "How would a cure work? And what makes them the key?"] She could not help questioning it. And he had been honest enough. What harm could be done with those questions?

When his arm was once more around her shoulders and he kissed her forehead, Lexie looked up at him finally and gave a soft smile. [b "I know...also the only one who could deal with an emotionless new born."] She teased as she kissed his chin.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 16d 17h 26s
Kenna had tried to take her mind off of him. It never went further than a conversation, it wasn't his voice or that smirk. Never the same feather touch. She only felt this for him.

Unable to wait or hold off, she began work on his shirt, kissing him with need.

There were only two obvious signs of pregnancy on her body and that was the small bump that still was able to be hidden under the right shirt. She actually felt self-conscious about that despite the fact that this was a miracle.


"It's been a life work to find out the origins of everything since my curse was activated. Now, and maybe soon there will be a cure for it all,"Vincent answered honestly. How the cure would be was entirely up to the person. "They are a part of it. And now...a child..."

He smiled to her softly wrapping an arm around her shoulder and kissed her forehead. "You can trust me, I've been here for you since this started."
  Midnight / Turadh / 18d 12h 42m 50s

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