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The last few weeks had been a strange and hard one. It wasn't a prison but he wasn't allowed any magic, then got hurt only to be healed by vampire blood. And here he was with the former members swearing to become tax accountants.

There was Kenna and Klaus around a body, that was Lexie's. Then there was his mom's dead body.

"I can get the others to perform the spell that will stop the binding of powers. Then...we can save her...a Taggert can't become a vampire without that spell," Soule said leaning down to take Lexie from a shaky Kenna.

"I'm not sorry," Kenna said looking to the body behind her before standing up. "Okay."

She'd ask how he knew later.

The five witches gathered around an item with the hair and what was needed, chanting and then burning an object. Kenna paced knowing they didn't have long, before going to get what was needed for this, not caring how her legs didn't want to work very well or she was panicking.
  Midnight / Turadh / 39d 15h 9m 19s
The man had taken a group of the witches off as he said he would and even had a little fun with them. He didn't kill them as he promised not to make a bigger mess of things, but that had not stopped him from ripping into them a bit and making them beg for their deaths. And he had to admit that he did so like the begging.

He had been about to rip into another and make his way back to get another group led away when he smelled blood. Well blood he knew that he had not been the cause of. And it was after the smell hit his senses did he hear Kenna call out for him.

Almost immediately he flashed back to the girls and was knelt at Kenna's side. "You're going to have to decide what you want done.." He muttered. They would also have to see what Damon and Elijah would say about this. Turning a witch had never been done and it went against nature.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 39d 15h 22m 57s
All caution was too the wind at this point. Charging after her, she barely saw the attacks, and heard the sounds before seeing Lexie drop. Growling she placed a hand to the woman's chest. Head Bitch, Soule's mom. Well, she had meant to keep that promise of keeping her alive.

"I was going to keep my promise to your son. Not anymore," Kenna hissed feeling everything warm up. The screams of pain was actually enjoyable.

"There are others...we're just a few..." the woman said between the sounds of pain.

"Then I'll do the same thing over and over again," Kenna answered levelly and took her hand off. It wasn't a second later that she dropped dead.

Running back to Lexie's side she knew just by the blood and response she'd probably die.

"Nik!" She called cradling Lexie, feeling the numb wash over her.
  Midnight / Turadh / 39d 15h 45m 34s
The girl was trying to be good. Was trying to stay back as she and Kenna had been told for the time being. But she had been able to hear some of it. See it. And then it seemed like she could see Damon out the back and before thinking, the girl ran out the back door and to where she had seen the man.

When she got to the trees, Lexie froze and cursed. She forgot that they could get into their heads if they were not careful. And guess what..she had not been careful. The girl got a good spell in before she found herself on her hands and knees, a curse very much like their first one seeming to be used.

Before she knew it, the blonde had screamed out for her sister and after everything went black. It felt like she was floating.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 39d 16h 13m 15s
Was Kenna supposed to feel this calm during a battle. It didn't take long for the three to go off. Naturally she kissed him back, hating the feeling of the attachment.

"Let's hope this works," Kenna breathed. And it was, she could hear some of it. Unable to stay in the house for too much longer she stepped out taking it all in. N

"I'm back, Lexie," she said before seeing the backdoor open. "Oh, fantastic."

She sighed before following after her. Couldn't this go easy?
  Midnight / Turadh / 39d 20h 4m 43s
"We know better than that. Though that doesn't mean we won't be harming them to slow them down and to keep them off the two of you." Klaus said and smirked when Damon had been flipped off.

"You should know better. Besides I kind of like the being a hardass." For the moment his was in well enough a mood. And after he spoke, Nik did kiss Kenna before he left. He had volunteered for their first group of witches.


If she and Kenna separated this could get dangerous. Well more than it already was. Neither girl had a lot of magic left but this was worth it. Besides they did have other "goodies" placed around to help and the three vampires as well. This couldn't end too badly. Right?

Lexie looked to Damon and gave a faint smile. [b "Be careful..."] The girl said and did move over to the man and kiss him quickly before she went with Kenna to get ready for the few Nik was leading their way.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 40d 13h 49m 26s
There was only a little bit left in the tank, if it hadn't been for Geraldine she would have died by now. Right now, it seemed if she had, she would actually be in a good place. Finding family, the closest thing to a romantic partner, causing some chaos. It was good.

"Good, I was getting impatient," Kenna rose, and slipped off the magical fit bit bracelet. This time it would be good. "We should stick together. And guys..try not to kill on this land. It's going to ruin the value and more angry spirits."

Damon placed a hand on his heart. "And here I thought that sex would put you in a easier mood."

Kenna just responded by flipping him off.
  Midnight / Turadh / 40d 14h 7m 50s
The girl pushed her eggs back and forth on the plate as she listened to the others going over what the plan would be. Easy enough once the weaknesses and the loopholes were taken care of. And if she knew Kenna, then the girl would want the main bitch. But she also knew that could be risky with her sister and Soule both linked too.

Lexie stood and without saying anything moved to where they had been keeping the ring which held the magic hey had sealed away. [b "So do we know what we're doing...which is good because they're here."] Lexie said as she tossed the ring to Kenna.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 40d 14h 23m 31s
"Yeah, I figured. I'm excited to see the upgraded you in action, wait, I sort of have already," Kenna looked to him brightly, with amused eyes, there was even the traces of affection in there. Kenna kissed him softly before nodding to Elijah. "I'm going to shower and change now."

She wasn't sure when they were going to come so she went with a tee shirt and jeans after a quick shower.

Joining the others for breakfast, the conversation changed to the plan. Pinpointing the weak points, it seemed easy enough. But Kenna wanted that bitch in charge.
  Midnight / Turadh / 40d 14h 35m 45s
"That has always been him. Most the time he is devoted to family and those he cares for..trying to protect them even when it ends badly for him. But he has always been afraid of that metaphorical door. What happens when he opens it and reveals that side that no one not even he knows is like.." Klaus said quietly. And as bad as it was, the man almost did pity his brother. This had not been the...but he had to let that thought go.

The man kept his arm around her and was thoughtful. "Damon, Elijah, and I were going to help as well. The two of you can't handle all the witches at once even if you lead them into their own personal pitfalls. We were thinking to divide them and keep a set busy until you were ready." There was not reason to lie to her.


[b "It was tempting...but staying with you won. You really know how to wear a girl out.
But being serious...we all are it seems making stupid choices right now."] She whispered and gave a small smile when he kissed her forehead.

When they got downstairs, the girl got some of the eggs and coffee. [b "I wondered when that would finally happen.."] She muttered, noticing that Elijah did seem different. What had happened while he was gone? But quickly she turned her attention to Kenna and Nik as the pair walked in
  Midnight / SheDevil / 40d 14h 29m 1s
"I almost thought after what we did, you would take that time and run off. Of course, we have the keys. You're not the only one doing stupid things when under this pressure," Damon kissed her forehead before they went down. Elijah seemed different since coming back, something must have changed for him there.

"Sounds like the love birds are coming back from their nice night out," he said taking some of the coffee and poured some whiskey in it.


"There's something about Elijah. It feels like half of him is open and then there's this door. I don't even think he knows what's behind that door, just has everything placed so neatly in front of the door," Kenna observed, but with some pity. He deserved much more.

"I have no idea. And yes, we should, there's weak points and we have all sorts of old goodies to help us," Kenna nodded as they approached the houses. It would be obvious so she wouldn't even hide any of it.
  Midnight / Turadh / 40d 15h 38m 46s
Being with her was somehow right. Felt nice and it was something at least for now he didn't want to end. From what he could see, Nik did note some bruises and could also see her being more tired than she was letting on. But if she woud not say it, then neither would he and his arm stayed around her.

"He does this because he is used to taking care of others..and he enjoys cooking." Nik said with a faint smirk and then his smirk became a frown. "How soon do you think they will be here? And do you think the two of you are really up to this?" He asked when she had said that there would be vistors soon.


The girl had also gotten the text from Soule with the code word. She just hid her phone when the door opened and gave a small smile. [b "It smells amazing. I still wonder why he does this though.."] The girl said softly as she moved to Damon.

Lexie was still thinking about the plan they had and where they would take the witches. [b "Thanks for last night...I was being stupid.. Soo what do you say we get back downstairs? I'm sure 'dad' is getting anxious that everyone hasn't had food."] She was trying to lighten the mood.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 40d 16h 1m 2s
Wrapping her arm around his waist she leaned her head into him. Feeling just the bit tired and sore, she wouldn't say that but leaning into him it felt nice.

"I don't understand why he does this when he doesn't need to eat this food. It's nice, and I learned some amazing Italian dishes from him," she mused out loud. Hearing her phone buzz, she picked it up seeing the text and code word from Soule. "Looks like we'll be having company soon."

She mapped out the spots, knowing where the spirits were most angry.


"Fantastic. Maybe those that can't die should lead," Damon said before sobering up. "It was all Klaus, sneaky plans are his expertise. I'll go check on Lexie."

Walking up the stairs, he opened the door slowly. "Knock, knock. We have a wonderful breakfast downstairs."
  Midnight / Turadh / 40d 21h 3s
She had deflected the question, which meant worse than she wanted them knowing. Stubborn and prideful little witch, but resilient as well. He did have to give her credit for not breaking to his fishing.

Quickly he returned her kiss and offered a smile. "Actually he is. He started about at hour ago and is actually quite good. So shower and breakfast then?" He asked her with a faint tilt of his head, keeping the glirl close

Still he wasn't sure where this would lead. But for now it was nice. For now it was something he could be content with.


"That would be the easiest way to handle this. Divide the witches so they don't know what is coming. Regardless though they will need to be led by either Kenna or Lexie to where the spirits are most and where they are angriest. We go there ourselves you know what will happen. It was amazing that you and Nik were able to go as far as where they found the challices."

Soon, the man was pouring a cup of coffee and looking over the paper. He had faith in the girls and their plan, but that didn't stop him acting the "worried father" part either.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 41d 13h 6m 30s
"It's a good thing that the plan isn't to have a stand off. What they have in mind is letting the spirits pick them off. Great plan, really, exactly what a sneaky person would do," Damon took a piece of bacon that was already done. "Doesn't mean we can't divide them into groups, give a good distraction."

They weren't doing good, and yet they were resilient, he had faith in them.


Kenna could feel him fishing, it was something Elijah still did. It was even worse when they were together. Instead she gave a quick smile kissing him softly.

"Hungry, I bet you that Elijah is cooking right now. And there's coffee and a shower. Shall we?" Kenna asked still close to him. It felt good, and was fun, she would be good with it for right now.
  Midnight / Turadh / 41d 14h 19m 9s

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