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The Mac an Tsagairt (Taggart) Witches

Witches from Scotland with Gaelic blood. They were classic Gaelic magic. They migrated in the 1700's first settling in Massachusetts then expanding all over. Two main branches is Louisiana and Massachusetts.

In 1750 era by unknown reasons or how The MacTaggerts, Bennett and Morgan magic combined making a powerful line. This upset the balance as they were marked by all forces and ill luck.

MacTaggerts are prone to over accomplishment and more desire for power.

Madeline Price -

A young, powerful witch in the 1880's from Boston. The strongest of that generation. Dies by magic failure when trying to be the first witch hybrid.

Geraldine Taggert Parrault

1920, a strong methodical witch. After death of husband, Edward, she travels with Klaus. Leaves him to raise her sister's kids. Becomes professor and legal guardian.

Constantine and Margaret Taggert

Born in the 70's. They are the great, great niece of Geraldine. Maggie embraces magic wanting more. Constantine wants nothing to do with it. befriends Damon in California after he became Adrian Storm. Marries (name) but in New York slept with Mary Redding thus producing Kenna. Months later had Lexie.

The House:


MacTaggert bought some land in Virginia. It was a one acre land and house after combining magic they grew into money. they bought all 100 acres. They started Soarse in 1780 and finished in 1800. The family was torn in 1840, some staying in Virginia, the others dividing between Boston and Baton Rouge.

There was a fire in 1880.

The house was rebuilt in 1890. It was fully not lived in after 1940 but taken care of and bought by Geraldine. Left trust with Elijah.

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This was something he would have never thought he and his siblings would experience again. The house was full of festivities and everyone actually seemed to be in the holiday spirit. Even his brother who was known for being rather serious. The meal had been nice and there was talk of magic, vanpires, and werewolves. Not at all the normal table conversations, but they were not at all a normal bunch so it was fitting.

When she took his hand outside, Klaus was surprised to find the starting to a bonfire and his eyes met with Kenna's. She was right that they were all a soft of family. And he was actually starting to have most the others grow on him. Well aside from that wretched werewolf who seemed to be getting moodier and moodier.

[b "Thank you for this. It means a lot to all three of us that we can share old traditions with you and thw others."] He said as he, Rebekah and Elijah began to take the lead.

Lexie stood off with a couple of the others and was watching. It was nice to see Kenna happy and to actually see Nik not wanting to tear anyone's head off. She was actually looking forwards to learning more about the Mikaelsons
  Midnight / SheDevil / 16h 20m 33s
"Yeah, of course," Kenna smiled before looking around. There was people, giant ass tree, and decorations everywhere. Was this really amazing? It was her family, friends, and there was life growing inside of her. Taking Lexie into a hug she gave a soft sound. "Glad you're here. Don't leave soon..."

The dinner was unusually festive, it was interesting, talk of magic, vampires and werewolves. Even Elijah seemed festive. It was time for the bonfire though.

Taking the time to gather the three siblings she smiled. "We thought we'd thank you again for everything you've all have a surprise."

Taking Klaus hand, outside was a decent sized start for a bonfire. "Elijah told me of your tradition with the bonfire. And we're all a strange sort of family now."

Handing Klaus what would be needed she gave him a smile.
  Midnight / Turadh / 17h 3m 12s
"You look like one drink won't be helping you. Maybe tonight I can help you take your mind off things?" Rebekah said as the man came in with a drink and seemed like he wanted to bug her. She could see that he seemed a little "blue".

The blonde Mikaelson rolled her eyes as she looked around the room. "It's turned into quite the circus around here since you left. All these witches, Kenna pregnant, and Lexie bringing home a dog." The blonde muttered, filling him faintly.


Her look was still one that was pained as Damon left the room and Kenna came back. The words that her sister spoke did hit and she looked down. [b "I just don't know what to do...I still..."] But she cut her words off.

In a flash, Lex was at Kenna's side and nodded. [b "Right. Better get everything started and in place.. Erm...later when everyone isn't around can I talk to you..?"]
  Midnight / SheDevil / 17h 57m 41s
"A werewolf helping control? That's a new one, of course, a hybrid has a witch pregnant. It's more interesting here now," Damon chuckled. It did bother him but he had chosen to walk away for her. It seemed that he had chosen wrong. "Well, who can argue with happiness? I hear a blonde vampire going crazy."

He smiled to her before going to get a drink and bother Rebekah.


The timing had to be right, she had been told, and according to hours of research when she had felt sick and Klaus had been gone.

The front was ready and looked like it would be a great time. She came in, noting the expression that Lexie had. "Remember, you don't have to pick the first guy that says he'll always be there. Anyway, let's get started on dinner and then the surprise."
  Midnight / Turadh / 18h 16m 31s
Why was Kenna leaving her alone with him? And when she remembered her own words after she and Kenna had reconnected a couple of months ago, Lexie let out an audible groan. This would be the LAST time she told her sister things like that. Besides she was dating Vincent and couldn't let her feelings for Damon resurface. That was dangerous as she knew the werewolf had something against the man and she also knew whatever she felt was amplified by the vampire half to her.

[b "You were right when you told me turning off your emotions were a bad idea. You have to live with the guilt and the shame of those things done. I found that I truly am a monster when that happens... But since having Vincent around he had helped me control that...Being back with Kenna too helped me to be more the old me.."] She figured she owed him that he was right.

[b "How have you been?"] She asked, giving a weak smile. She was afraid he would hear what she did. Lexie had not even told it to Vincent and she honestly had wanted Kenna's advice on what to do.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 18h 8m 4s
"Oh, so he's the uh..." Damon couldn't quite finish that sentence.

"Mhm...So be nice...I think he's feeling the hormones more than I am," Kenna tried to joke before shaking her head. "That's fine. Nate and one other is helping me. I just hope they like it."

Damon looked towards her wondering if he should do more. "Right, well, there's a lot of questions there. How have you adjusted? You seem to be doing alright after six months, which is impressive by any standards."
  Midnight / Turadh / 19h 10m 49s
Oh why did it have to be him? She was wanting to die at the moment. Well this time, literally die. The girl had not faced the Salvatore since he had tried to remind her of who she really was and since Kenna had set her free. So for him to be here and for her to not truly be over what she felt was hell.

[b "Nik's already tried to behead two of the party..."] Lexie said as she was finally able to unfreeze and regain herself. After a second, Lexie flashed to the man and gave him a quick hug and then moved back to Kenna's side.

[b "Do you want me to help you with it? I mean.."] God she was so awkward. And she really wanted to explain her words to Kenna without the others hearing.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 18h 55m 26s
"We've known these Mikaelson's for what, nine months. Trish still scares me more," Kenna chuckled. It was growing busy. There was at least ten cousins coming, the Mikaelson's, and what turned out Damon.

Damon entered with Rebekah inviting him in. Kenna looked to him before smiling going to give him a small hug.

"Something seems different about you...I just can't put my finger on it," Damon grinned.

"I wouldn't, actually, he's very particular about that," she smiled. "Speaking of which I'm going to get our surprise going, okay?" She smiled. Rebekah was too busy and Elijah was helping Klaus with something.
  Midnight / Turadh / 19h 32m 56s
At hearing Damon's name, Lexie did flush faintly. But she made no reply on the man or even Kenna's suggestion of there being others. Part of her knew Kenna was right, but the other part was subdued in a sense. It almost felt like she owed the man.

[b "Rebekah seems excited for whoever it is. As soon as you said you had no idea and an Original would deal with it she was out the door."] The girl muttered as she stood and brushed her hair over her shoulder.

A faint smirk came to her lips at Trish's words. [b "Hey at least you can get her to yield though. I have to give her a headache before she does anything I ask or want."] Lexie said with a faint pout and froze when Rebekah came back in and was followed by Damon
  Midnight / SheDevil / 1d 18h 3m 39s
"No matter the situation you don't have to deal with this asshole. Even I won't, you know what I mean," Kenna said before looking to her with that serious look. "Seriously, you do what is amazing for you. There's plenty of cousins, Mikaelson's and Nate is an amazing guy. Then there's Damon..."

Hearing that she shook her head. "I don't think so, I'm sure an Original will handle it."

"God, your boyfriend's sister is a tough cookie. You'll have to use those annoying crystal glass but the gold plates are off the table. Seriously? More guests, and a cousin of yours says they can tell the genders at less than six weeks," Trish said with a sigh.

"Witches, cuz," Kenna shrugged placing a hand on the growing stomach.
  Midnight / Turadh / 1d 18h 32m 13s
In two weeks and it seemed that Vincent's temper was becoming worse. She had watched him getting snippier and snippier. Once he that she knew of the werewolf had tried to take on Klaus and he showed his distaste for Kenna's friend. More than once, the girl had had to step in.

[b "I.. he wasn't like this before. He had been the only one who could handle me when my emotions were off...and somehow the only one I didn't.. I thought it would be okay...and I do have to stay.."] Lexie said quietly as her eyes were on Trish and Rebekah as the two women argued over the plates and god only knew what else as she had not been paying them much attention.

The look from Rebekah only made Lex stick her tongue out at the blonde Original. [b "I'm surprised she's not killed us yet."] The girl said with a laugh and tilted her head at hearing the engine of a car and then looked to Kenna. [b "Were you expecting anyone else?"]
  Midnight / SheDevil / 1d 18h 51m 41s
If it hadn't been for Trish and Rebekah there wouldn't be a party. Kenna watched as the five foot two Trish took on Rebekah over gawdy dishes. In two weeks she felt bigger and she was. There was a new back pain. So with the dignity, she took to the small house. It was easier, cozy, and for the first time there was time alone with Klaus was good though.

"You don't have to stick with him. He's tried to take on Klaus once, snipped at Nate...he's bad news..." Kenna said to Lexie. She leaned back watching Trish and Rebekah debate. "This is...beyond hilarious though."

That earned a look from Rebekah but it was funny.
  Midnight / Turadh / 1d 19h 10m 46s
[b "You have my for the holidays and then we can go whenever or wherever you want. I will even tell Kenna that some business came our way and we have to go... This was who I was..but it is also who I can never be again...I'm too different now."] Lexie said as she gave a weak smile.

The man knew all of it. How she had been frail and like a "mushroom in the dark" and he also knew that the change made her stronger and bolder. [b "Just a few more days...then we'll be free."] She said as she moved to the man and kissed his cheek.


Nik couldn't help the chuckle at her words. "You injure me. But a fair point as ever. You know I had wanted this from the start. Just never knew how far it would go." The man admitted. And he HAD wanted her since the beginning.

"Well I'm glad we are." He said, kissing her back. It was the first he had let hinself feel this way in along time. It was confusing but..what he had been missing out on. Oh wouldn't hos brother be pleased and even rub his face in it.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 5d 21h 14m 47s
"What that guy does is not our business. It's not any one's business," Vincent sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "This isn't you, is it? What you once were and what you are now..."

Giving a small look he sighed. "Holidays, that's it then?" He asked before looking around. If Mikael came he would not think of not striking out and killing her.

There was the case of that oak stake, no one else knew it.


"I never thought we'd be here from where we first met. I mean, that I remember officially. You were just that guy that wouldn't leave me alone and the idea of anyone sticking to me was annoying," Kenna mused before giving a nod. "I guess it means that we're together."

It was a strange idea but she liked that. Leaning up she kissed him softly, confused at the feelings between joy and confusion.
  Midnight / Turadh / 7d 17h 16m 48s
From the slowness in his words, it was obvious to Klaus she had not really thought of where they stood either. In his mind they were because that was what he wanted. But never had he said it out loud or had they established that. So to hear her words had him think about that.

"Basically I think we could say that we are. Unless you don't want to be?" The man asked, brow faintly raised. He had to admit he was curious of her answer to his question.


[b "We weren't meant to be baby sitters. Nik nearly ripped Nate's head off and she went to deal with that."] Lexie said quietly. She could see doing this and being here was harder on him than her. He did like to keep busy and here they were more restricted.

[b "I thought it would be nice seeing everyone and having a holiday with them.. Can't the mission wait a little longer?"]
  Midnight / SheDevil / 7d 19h 51m 33s

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