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{female} is an unactivated werewolf during a time when Klaus Mikaelson is turning werewolves into hybrids like himself. Female's is an activated werewolf that's in the clutches of The Hybrid. Female is told of a way to save the person they love.

They can go back in time and get a weapon that will kill him, or kill him, herself and activate the curse.

What happens when she goes back?

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It talked like him, it looked like him, but those eyes had been cruel. He had killed without a thought making only a wise comment. Callum had known what would happen and bravely walked away.

He looked different but exactly the same. Helen grabbed her arm gently and she only managed a nod. Being told and seeing, was an entirely different story.

Helen somehow convinced her to go, she slipped away to avoid the pig and Klaus, instead stood by the tree wondering why she had never seen it before.


Esther looked to her puzzled before smiling. "Ah, so you'll be helping. It's a pleasure to meet you. Those are my children Elijah and Niklaus, the other three are somewhere."

Elijah placed the sword to his side as he walked over seeing mother talking to a new woman, Niklaus was beside him with a smile.

"Hello," Elijah said with a smile. "Who is this, mother?"

"A lovely vision gracing us," Niklaus gave a wide smile, despite the look from his mother
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It had been hard to take her gaze from the men. And just for a moment, Clara couldn't help but wonder how someone who seemed so vibrant had become so dark and evil in his ways. But she was quick to push those thoughts out of her head. If she kept them, the woman would not be able to do what she was trying to do.

"And the best way would be with his mother's help.. you told me as much." She said slowly and quietly as the two approached Esther, who smiled when they came to her.

"Helen it is good to see you have returned. I almost feared you would miss the festivities. And who might this young woman be?" She asked, eyes falling on Clara.

Clara was quick to give the witch a look and then offered a small smile. "My name is Clara, ma'am.."


It was odd to see someone seem so very torn in their features and actions. Elijah had been studying the young woman and just the briefest instances it almost appeared that she wanted to spring. For a moment, the man wondered if he had been the only to have seen it. And he did glance to his mother and brother, both seeming to have not. So he chose to let it go.

"Very well. But do let us know if we can be of any help." He said and nudged Niklaus again as he had taken to staring at the girl and her stunning beauty again. "We'll see you later then, Helen?" He asked when the witch had come up

" my brother said. If we may be of any service don't hesitate in asking." Nik said, shaking his head before falling silent.
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Their village was a small one, and the second village was strictly forbidden by father. Niklaus watched as Helen, the witch from the outskirts returned, and this time with an unusual woman. Dark hair and tan skin, she was beautiful and fascinating.

He nearly stopped sword fighting with Elijah upon seeing the pair walking through the upcoming festival.

"They are a strong family, you wouldn't believe, so I would choose a woman's way," Helen said with a smile as she approached Esther.


Moira hadn't remembered ever feeling as torn as she did now. The stronger institute was to leap on the man now and kill him right now. It'd save time and her brother would be safe, they'd likely be back in West Virginia arguing about her mom.

"No," she said quickly shaking her head. "No, thank you."

Helen frowned at her before walking over. "I think a rest is in order, we'll both see you tonight."
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The device had not been all that tricky to use when she had been guided. But ending in the times before was what had thrown her a bit. However, Clara knew this had to be done. The devil had all but taken those she had known and forced them into his cletches. And right now he had her sister as his prisoner.

"So you said it would be best to fall into the part? Gain their trust before anything?" The woman asked as brown gaze fell to the two men sword fighting. It truly was hard to picture them becoming what they did.


Klaus had been wwtching the woman that his mother had been speaking with. Truly she was lovely and like none he had seen. And he had seen many. But he was quickly distracted or rather brought back to reality when his brotner nudged him and his mother had introduced them.

"Have you been to see what is waiting? Some of the games, tournaments or food?" He asked.

Elijah could not help a faint shake of his head. "What my brother means is would you allow for us to show your around?"
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Even in the other side, she would not forget him. The dashing man with charming accent, he had come in like a derelict wind demanding that the wolves joined him. Other than James, that had been the first death she had seen, and Callum had gallantly joined the band. For her. That smirk would haunt her.

"And how do you feel about peppermint?" Esther asked, gently analyzing her.

"Smells great but not completely useful. Valerian is useful though in the right amount," she answered tearing her cold eyes away from him.

"These are my sons Elijah and Niklaus, Rebekah is closeby. The festival will begin soon," Esther smiled to her.

She could only nod, trying not to throw up or kill him.


Helen had guided her on how to use the device, and lead her to the location. The bustling village was preparing for the feast and festival. She kept her close before nodding.

"That is the Mikaelson's, or Mikaelsens as they'd be known now," Helen said pointing to a pair of men sword fighting while others were working on preparing for the feast.
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Niklaus was walking with Elijah as the pair had been showing off their new sword fighting accomplishments. As always it seemed as if he had bested his brother and almost managed to have him lose his trousers. A trick that he had been using since they were young. And one he was sure the other would have learned to look out for.

"Ah, brother you still haven't learned?" He asked while laughing.

"I would be able to better concentrate if you did not have the girls helping you, Niklaus." Elijah said, a thin smile upon his lips.

Truth be told he could have had Niklaus. But he always let his brother think he got the upper hand. And now as they were making their way back to where their mother and father happened to be. And it was when they were close did he stop and put a hand on his brother's shoulder.

Niklaus too stopped and his gaze followed his brother's to a red haired woman he was sure they had never seen before. "And who do you think she might be?" He mumbled as his gaze caught hers.
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Moira didn't remember it being this damn cold out here. She had relocated to West Virginia for a new life last year, and it wasn't this cold. Then she remembered global warming. Al Gore would just love this.

Numbly she followed the blonde woman, her nose assaulted at the stench of meat and bodies. A pigs head on a stick walk past her, staring at her.

"Are you coming or not?" Helen asked not paying attention to the stares they were receiving. Especially from the man she'd know as Mikael.

Biting her cheek she followed after, until they were in front of a blonde woman. "Esther, good to see you, this is Moira. She's taking my place for the time being."

"Good travels," Esther smiled looking to Moira.

Moira didn't look to her, she saw him and froze, and understood why she was here. To kill him years in the past.
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