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[center [Scheherazade [size28 The Story]
[size20 The world was full of sinners, damned in the eyes of God, so a religious group called The Reckoning, created a special virus, called Ark, designed to wipe the worlds population, to cleanse the world of these sinners, and leave the purified few chosen to recreate the world-clean.

This virus attacks the mind, drives the body and mind into complete insanity, before ultimately killing the person off. It was a mass genocide, millions upon millions falling ill to the virus. All except its already delusional creators, it's church, and someone else.

A woman in Canada watches as her family goes mad and dies slowly around her, never once falling ill herself. No one knows why she has been unaffected, and she has been ostracized by those around her for not sharing her secrets, forcing her to live on the outside of what is left of society.

In America there is a scientist who has heard of the girl, and will do absolutely anything to find the cure, and stop the spreading of this disease. So they have set out to find the woman and get the answers they're looking for.

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[size28 Rules;]
• ES rules apply, if you don't know them you should read them.
• Slow posting is okay, and you can't post please let me know. I will understand. Just don't leave me hanging wondering if you're ever going to post.
• Real Pictures; nothing too over used; goth/emo, and nothing too large.
• There will be mature and dark themes in this roleplay.
• I am looking for quality posts with good grammar and spelling. Length isn't a big issue, however, I don't generally enjoy writing anything less than 1500 characters.
• This is a romance, however romance isn't the biggest aspect of the story, saving the world is.
• Finally, have fun with the roleplay. Create twists and turns, and feel free to bring in new ideas.

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[size28 Characters:]

[b The Girl] - Taken by Me
[center [pic https://imgur.com/GlVwAvw.png]]

---[b Name:] Charlize (Charlie) Wittmire
---[b Age:] 26
---[b Gender:] Female
---[b General Personality:] Closed off, quiet, keeps to herself.
---[b Bio:] In the opening post
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[b The Scientist] - Taken by SheDevil
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---[b Name:] Reagan (Rea) Bradshaw
---[b Age:] 27
---[b Gender:] Male
---[b General Personality:] Can seem older fashioned, but generally respectful and the gentleman
---[b Bio:] You'll see through the Rp

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/eZvh2eN.png]]

[size28 Skeleton:]

---[b Name:] First and Last
---[b Age:] Older than 24
---[b Gender:]
---[b General Personality:]
---[b Bio:] How were you affected by the virus?

[i PM me with your skeleton if you're interested!]


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The minutes were long and they were painful. Each felt as if another hour was passing anf that the time was running shorter and shorter. Such cheery thoughts, Reagan knew but what could he think? Every day there seemed a bew case, another death coming with it. And if he couldn't figure out a way to stop it, everyone would be gone. So he needed this girl's help somehow.

It was the soft knocks upon the door that dragged the man from his thoughts. That reminded him there was another world and one he needed to be a part of. And when able to pull it back together, the man stood and opened the door, offering Shirely a small smile as she ushered the girl whom he had read about in. [b "Thank you, Shirely I owe you."] Reagan said, closing the door as soon as Charlize was within the room.

Dark gaze was upon the girl and he was studying her. Upon the first goance even he could tell she was quite beautiful but she also didn't look much different that the others who had suffered. So what was so unique? What saved her? And it was as those thoughts played into his mind did his dog come bounding out from the next room and jump up on the girl trying to lick her. Almost immediately did the man step forwards to get Demetry off of her. [b "I'm sorry...he is easily excitable and doesn't get to be around many..."] He explained now holding a struggling near lab pup who was barely a year old, dark gaze never leaving the young woman
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[center [Raleway [size14 Charlize looked at the blond and closed her eyes for a moment and sighed. She would rather get this done and over with. Whoever wanted to see her probably had questions she didn't have answers too, namely about how and why she was still alive, despite all the odds. [#ae1378 "Let's just go Shirley, I don't want to wait, I would just like to be able to go back to bed."] Her accent filled the silence between the girls.

Shirley wasn't what Charlize would call a friend, it wasn't smart to have friends around here, friends meant attachments, and attachments meant you were likely to get hurt when they died--and they would most likely die.

She pulled her shirt over, to cover up her bloody chest and she grabbed the coat near her bed. [#ae1378 "Take me to whoever it is."] Her voice was soft as she stepped out of the room, arms wrapped around herself, not looking the blond girl in the eyes. Her plan to was to meet whoever it was that wanted her so she could get back to her bed and finish the job she began before she was interrupted.

The girl lead her outside, towards another safe house about five minutes away from the one she was staying at, run by the same person; someone named Gordon Somethingorother. As she walked Charlize's interest in who might be calling on her at this hour.

Shirley lead her down the dark and damp hallway and knocked on the dark door. [#77f953 [b "Reagan, It's me Shirley, I've brought her like you asked."]] Her voice was soft so she didn't wake the others, and she opened the door and ushered Charlize inside.
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A blonde with bright blue eyes who looked around Charlize's age stood outside the door. She had been asked by some letter to find the girl from the paper and to relay some sort of a message to her. The young woman had come up this way after she had been a research assistant and so had thought she could even understand better. But before even getting the chance, Shirely had been brought to this particular safe area. She had gotten to know those who lives there. Or watched them.

[#81e66b [b "Charlize, it's Shirley.. I was told by an old friend of mine that he wanted to meet you... Do you think that we can sneak out later and I can take you to him and where he is staying? He's not really given me anything much to go one.. Just that he read about you in the paper...and wanted to speak with you in person."]] Of course this could be a long shot in hell, but she had said she would try. So that was what she was doing now. Trying..

Reagan had learned Shirely was staying in the same place as the girl he had read about and figured since she had been an old friend she could help him. All he wanted or could think about was meeting this girl. Of figuring out what made her special and he hoped she could help him find a cure. He had already lost those who mattered most but he did not want to see others suffer it.

So now, the man was sitting in a room in a nearby safe house and praying they would come. It was all he could do.
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[center [Raleway [size14 It did not seem to matter how many of the infected came near her, the result was always the same. Absolutely nothing. She was unaffected aside from the times when the infected would launch themselves at her, grabbing and scratching, littering her pale skin with paler scars. Charlize didn't know why or how she was saved, she was no better a person than most people no less a sinner; with partying and drinking, having sex, even experimenting on drugs from time to time. There was no reason she should not be affected. Still here she was, laying in the dark, in the silent aftermath from the pair from earlier.

Shots had run out, and the sound of their bodies hitting the ground were the last things she'd heard before the night filled with silence. There was the faint smell of smoke, from when the bodies had been burned to prevent the spread.

Charlize often wondered wondered; if this was how humanity died, and, if it was, would she be the last one left, alone in this world with the psychos who created it? That thought alone made her feel sick. She didn't want to die from this disease, or be left to face the monsters who made it. Like many nights before this one, she picked up a knife that she had stuffed under her mattress, and pressed it to her breast. All it would take was one good shove and it would be over; by her own hand, by her own will.

Her hands shook doubt creeping into her mind, could she really do it? Yes. She'd already failed countless times before, she would not fail this time. As she pressed the blade harder and a small bead of blood ran down her chest, there came a knock at the door. The knife fell to the floor in surprise as the door cracked open and light poured in. [#ae1378 "Who's there?"] She asked to the figure, her eyes still adjusting to the harsh light.
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Dark eyes rested on the page of the book that he had been reading and trying to get any form of information from. But as all the rest, the most recent leather bound book was useless. It said the same as all the rest and the experiments that had been done had NO previous works or proofs that they even helped. All tested were killed off quite easily by the tests.

Would any of this have even interested one Reagan Bradshaw before? Truthfully he was a scientist and loved anything in the means of it but he had only thought this virus a myth. A story in the beginning and that had been four years ago. It started as a small break out and soon became world wide. He had been watching it and closely when it began to get closer and closer to where he lived with his family and lover at the time. And when it struck them all, the man was the only not to become ill. He was forced to watch it eat away at their brains and mental ability and then destroy the rest of their bodies. It had first steuck his mother and father and moved onto his brother and sisters..Last it had come to Natalia and took his love..his life away from him. And since all he loved had been taken, Rea began to throw himself into his work and TRYING to find a cure.

Now he grew frustrated and threw the book against the wall, running his fingers through dark hair. He hadn't been sleeping again. But he knew it was not the virus it was the need and want to try and FINALLY find some answers. It was the pawing at his leg and the light woof that called the man from his thoughts as a paper was dropped at his feet. [b "Ah, good boy Demetry.."] He said, petting the year old lab he had gotten as company and he bent down to pick up the paper and skim it. What was in it was the usual, but towards the back a safehouse of sorts in Canada was mentioned and as was a young woman just briefly he learned was not affected. Sitting there, the man contenplated what to do.

Here in America there was no answer for him. More and more people were getting sick and being killed off. Perhaps meeting with this girl could give him a clue. [b "I guess Dem we're going for a trip.."] He muttered and soon was making arrangements.
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[center [Raleway [size14 It started when Charlize was rather young. at first she'd only heard about the virus in the news, starting somewhere in America, hell if she remembered where. All she knew was it spread fast. Really fast. Within four years there wasn't a part of the world with people not infected. Of course not everyone had been infected yet. There were still people unaffected by the virus in safe houses. That is where she was right now, in one of the many safe houses designed as a reverse quarantine idea. Where the people who hadn't been touched by the virus went to try and stay healthy—and any sign of the virus within was eliminated immediately. Nobody knew really what happened to them, everyone assumed that the infected were killed, though, and nobody really cared because if you were infected, you were dead anyways.

How could they tell someone was infected, it started with insomnia; the infected mind would not let its host sleep, then hallucinations, followed by complete bodily failure. The kicker to this virus, its air bound, so basically, you were royally screwed if you were caught around one of the suckers. That was how it was, for everyone; there was no exception to this. Except Charlize knew personally that wasn’t exactly true, she had been there when her family got infected, watched them slowly die, without ever being touched but the virus. They weren’t the only people she’d been around like that, for it to be just a fluke, and people started talking, so she started keeping mostly to herself, trying to avoid people as much as possible.


[i “He’s infected! I know he is!”] Someone screamed from within the House, followed by incoherent shouting by many others.
[i “Kill him, before he kills us all!”]
The shrieking continued and Charlize cringed. What she heard following that was begging. Begging not to be killed, insisting he only coughed.

Charlize climbed out her bed slowly, walking to peer out her door-less room into the long hallway to watch the commotion going on. Over the yelling and shouting, Charlie heard someone say, [i “Isn’t that her brother?”] Sickness pooled into her stomach, she could remember the screamed accusations from her mother to her father, while she had fallen ill. In the end it was her mother’s sickness making her all paranoid.

Forcing herself to relax she turned away. “They both are infected now.” She whispered to herself, and she went back into her room again. She curled up against the wall, putting on her vintage headphones, and blasted her mixed tape into her ears to drown out the screams that would soon be silenced.
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