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Her eyes scanned around the room, a grin spreading across her face as she delves into the the nature of the picture. She looks amazed at some of the artwork, quite liking the style, as everyone has a unique style to them. Moon's eyes glances over to him who seemed to be opening up the shades. The light lit up the room revealing the hidden artistic value of her surroundings. Her breathe hitched as her fingers twitched, having the urge to paint. She looked at the other as he practically glowed in front of the window. She smiled back at him, he seemed genuinely happy.

She nodded at his question and walked over. Her eyes were glued to the scene as she marveled in amazement, lips parted ever so slightly. "Wow.." the scene was indeed beautiful. It was literally like one of those rich people backyard people see in tv, and she couldn't believe she was witnessing it in real life. It felt surreal to her. But at the same time it was different. "Its amazing," she muttered. She wanted to paint the view, or draw it.

Moon looked at him raising a brow, "Disorganized? I think it looks clean," much cleaner than her studio. She looked around and it seemed more tidy and more organized unlike hers which was a complete and utter chaos, but a magnificent one at that. That's just how she work. [i 'Having a glass of wine while looking out the window would seem nice.']

She grinned agreeing, "I would love that. I'm sure we would make a great piece." She chuckled the slightest. She never her interview would wind up like this, but this was something she can get use to.
  Moon / Sina13 / 340d 1h 59m 30s
The room was awash with the color of a proper champagne, coloring the air around the easels hidden by tarps in a faint yellow glow. After they had entered, Bastian strode to the window and breathed in deeply, a full smile creeping onto his face. He looked over his shoulder at Moon, the grin still there, the mostly unscarred side of his face facing her. He looked... almost normal, almost like the average man. Like someone you would see at the mall, perusing the shops. "Are you ready for my favorite view?" he asked, excited.

Before she could answer, he turned to the mostly sheer drapes and opened them wide, tying them back and getting out of the way of the large window as quickly as he could, getting behind Moon quickly. A contented sigh escaped his lips. Every time he saw it, it was like he was seeing it through the eyes of a kid, when the world was still bright and full of hope and happiness.

The view stretched for what seemed like an eternity. Plush green lawns, a gorgeous and intricate garden , a pond, a pool, plenty of trees, and a clear view of the sun when it would set. Another room faced the sun as it rose, but it was undecorated--he couldn't figure out what to do with that room, with that view.

"I know it's a bit dirty and disorganized, but I can have the staff clean up a bit and bring in more easels or anything else you may need. Perhaps we could work together one day?"
  Sebastian Bellvue / WickedWitch / 340d 14h 22m 13s
Moon followed him through the halls and her eyes couldn't stop looking around the place, it was absolutely lovely and pleasing to the eye. It definitely seemed something like from the movies or books she read. She hummed in agreement, the place looked very confusing. If she were ever to live here, it would take her a long time to get use to it and have a sense of directions. She wasn't very good with mazes, her sense of direction within mazes were like a fly trying to get out of a closed window.

She nodded as tried to look for the button, they must be inside. This house was really huge it had practically everything. If her brother were here he would make a mess. She chuckled at the thought and looked back infront. The interview seemed to be going well in her opinion, Moon seemed to be getting along well with Sebastian. She looked at the door and she found it enchanting. It was genuine, it looked as if the door held a story, like it was oozing out one. It definitely had history.

"I like the door." She smiled walking inside and her eyes was set on the roll before her.
  Moon / Sina13 / 364d 12h 55m 49s
Bastian's eyebrows raised slightly--not only at the petite woman's immediate agreement, but also at her brazen act of taking his hand. Hell, even when he still went out in public, his paid dates wouldn't do that!

He shook it off and grinned. "Follow me," he said as he lightly tugged her out of the room, through winding halls, up some stairs, and through several doors and large rooms. "This place is a bit like a maze at first," he said, "But you get used to it pretty quickly. And if you ever can't find a room you need to get to, every room has a little intercom box on the wall with a button you can press that'll patch you through to the kitchen immediately. There's always someone in the kitchen, so they can send one of their crew to find you and show you where to go."

They stopped in front of a huge oak door, lightly stained to enhance the beauty. There were several scratches on the door that were fairly noticeable, but Sebastian didn't want to replace it or refurbish the door--it was one of his favorite things of the room, and it was one of the things that reminded him of his mother. He looked at Moon and smiled. "Ladies first," he said, releasing her hand to bow deeply as he held the door open.
  Sebastian Bellvue / WickedWitch / 364d 13h 24m 44s
Moon stared at the man who spoke of all the opportunities that the man can provide. She felt her chest tighten, things could really go well for her. She bit her lips as she thought about it but it didn't feel right. "Thank you sir, but there are certain things I would like to accomplish myself and know that people like what I do." She finished her tea and watched the other start up.

She smiled as she stood up herself and had patted down her skirt, grabbing his hand after. "I would love that, I'm quite excited to see your work."

() yea xD lll you just have to refresh and it'll be there
  Moon / Sina13 / 1y 3d 22h 44m 1s

" ....be surrounded by at least a few familiar materials."
  Sebastian Bellvue / WickedWitch / 1y 4d 10h 58m 0s
Bastian nodded in understanding. He gave a wry smile and waved a hand around at the room around them. "Fortunately for you," he said, "I have money and connections that could get you many placed. Graduate school, art magazines, museums, you name it. Although the last two may be a bit more difficult and require a few more favors to be called in. But they are not out of reach. I could also introduce you to some art critics I know to get you comfortable with professional criticisms and praises. And, if they like your work, who knows? Commissions, deal signings, purchases, et cetera et cetera." Taking notice of her slight discomfort, he added, "Most of the people I know in the art world know how to keep their mouths shut and know I don't like publicity unless stated. I understand if you would rather face them via a mediator, such as internet contact or texting. I have direct access to several phones of critics, so if that is more comfortable for you than face-to-face contact, that is fine."

Seemingly very suddenly, Sebasian give one quick nod and stood. He brushed off his jacket and held a hand out to Moon, palm up. Thankfully, his palms were the least scarred part of his hands, and thus when shaking hands or offering them to people for help--not that he often did that, as he rarely left his estate--they were much less intimidating than the general rest of his visage. "Come," he said with a small smile. "I think you may prefer the rest of this interview in the painting room. It is much less... harsh in there. And you'll be surrounded by at least a few familiar materials."
  Sebastian Bellvue / WickedWitch / 1y 4d 10h 58m 59s
Moon was surprised to learn about the other's artistic abilities. Her interest has been piqued as she understood of not being Van Gogh. She didn't think she would find herself talking with a person like this. "Mixing mediums doesn't work sometimes but often enough it does make an interesting piece."

She sipped her tea again straightening up as they continued the interview. Her heart started to waver once again nervous. "I took this job because I wanted to further expand my experience with communicating with individuals." She started, a script she had made up. Moon fiddled with her fingers as she continued but her mouth had a mind of its own. "I've had-- a bit of difficulty getting somewhere with my work and graduate school is almost within my grasp, so I thought.. why not accompany someone who I can share to them with what I like and be able to support myself and my sibling as well." Moon was internally breaking down. She had no idea what she was saying, this wasn't what she wanted to speak at all.
  Moon / Sina13 / 1y 9d 16h 55m 39s
Sebastian nodded as he sipped his tea, giving a thoughtful lips-pressed-together frown like he wa weighing the merits of something. "You know," he said, "I never thought to mix mediums. I have a room--a small one, but a room, nonetheless--that I use for painting. Although, I must admit," he added with a chuckle, "I'm certainly no Van Gogh."

No, no he was not. His paintings were very basic, and not particularly amazing, and he knew that. But it was something to pass the time. The room he used to paint in--he would have to be sure to show it ot her, if she stayed--was absolutely enchanting. High ceiling, dark oak walls, and one gigantic floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall window that looked over the back of the estate. It showed the garden, the pond, the large expanse of lawn, the trees--everything. Covering the window were two translucent white drapes which, when closed, filtered light in in the most magical way, and when opened and tied back to reveal the view, framed the whole scene more beautifully than words could describe. Though his painting skills weren't the best, that was one of his favorite rooms in the whole estate. He loved to sit and just look out that huge window.

Petri giving a discreet throat clearing brough Bastian back to the present and he looked at Moon, contentedly sipping her tea. Clearing his own throat, he cleared the dream-like look off his face and continued, his voice now more businesslike. "Yes, well. Shall we continue with the interview?" He looked at the small notebook in his hands at the list of questions, as if he hadn't memorized them by asking them a hundred times.

He looked back up to Moon and asked simply, "What was the reason you responded to my ad?"
  Sebastian Bellvue / WickedWitch / 1y 10d 12h 16m 40s
Moon looked at him surprised. The other had completely read her intentions, which alerted her senses frankly. She had to be careful with her actions from now on. She's not fond of people reading her, though ironically she does the same to others. Vulnerability is not her strong suit. Moon is actually very hard to read as she can hide herself pretty well. Maybe that's why she was surprised by how Mr. Bellevue caught onto her pretty quickly. It would make sense. For someone like him, he probably had to read people's expression constantly with an appearance like that, even if he didn't want to. Though his appearance didn't bother her.

Looking up at the man, she smiled, "Do you know the famous painting of Vincent Van Gogh, The Starry Night? It's one of the most common paintings and one of my favorites. I'm doing a rendition of that painting in my own style. I'm visualizing the galaxy in the form of The Starry Night. Hence why.. I have phthalo blue on me everywhere," she gave out a small laugh lifting up her fingers and points to her face. She continued on, "Im using more than one medium, im adding oil pastels with oil painting... its.. interesting.."

She looked at the butler and thanked him for the tea, as she started to make her own cup. She wasn't fond of adding anything in it, just plain tea was her forte. Taking a sip of the steaming hot liquid, she hummed in content of the peppermint taste. She glanced at the honey and rose a brow. That was new. She never knew of anyone who used honey in their tea. She debated if she should try and just went for it.

Grabbing the bottle, she adding two drops of honey and stirred her tea. Taking a small sip, her eyes widened the slightest, surprised at the faint sweet taste. It had a natural sweet taste and not the sugary kind. It was delightful, and thought of buying a bottle of honey on her way home. She was definitely going to use it sometimes.

Taking another sip she nodded towards him. "Course Mr. Bellevue. I wouldn't mind showing you, although I'm not the greatest out there. I post them online as well."
  Moon / Sina13 / 1y 13d 10h 52m 45s
Sebastian nodded to Petri, who left the room silently. He smiled a little more ,attempting to put her at ease. "You don't need to hold back your smile. I can see you want to laugh. I don't mind. It's a bit of a silly situation, definitely chuckle-worthy." He paused for a moment.

Usually his first question was to ask why they responded to the ad, but he could see this poor girl practically quaking where she sat. Instead, he leaned forward a little, seeming interested, and asked gently, "What were you painting?" He wanted to reach forward and put a hand on hers to try to put her at ease, but he knew that owuld probably scare her even more--not only being touched by a complete stranger, but being touched by a complete stranger with rough, scarred hands. It wold likely just make her run out of the room.

Petri returned very quickly with a small silver tray containing two cups, a sugar container, a small milk container, a bottle of honey, and a lovely silver kettle. One cup was filled with water alone and the other had a tea bag steeping in it. Next to the empty cup were about 15 different tea bag packages for her to choose from. "If you don't like anything on here, I can go get another few to choose from," Petri said softly to the young woman, smiling. He liked the look of this girl--and he loved that she was unconventional. Most of the women that had come so far had been painted, but in a different way--many had painted their faces with makeup until they would be unrecognizable to their friends and family to try to impress Mr. Bellvue. She went for the simple look--not to mention the blue tint, which was quirky and interesting to Petri--with light makeup. It looked nice on her.

Bastian took his cup and added thanked Petri as he added a few spoonfuls of sugar, watching the cup as the substance dissolved. He looked back to Moon and said, "All of us here are fans of art. I would love to see some of your works, if you're comfortable showing me."
  Sebastian Bellvue / WickedWitch / 1y 13d 12h 48m 15s
Moon tried to stand up straight in front of the man, before the surprising question rose. She blinked, feeling her cheeks heat up in slight embarrassment. She knew it was still visible but didn't think the man before her would think it was a birthmark. She forced herself not to laugh but a smile did break out a bit, coughing slightly to get rid of the laughter. Moon pressed her lips together gripping onto her skirt. She didnt want this man to misunderstand.

"No it's alright, I think I have enough air," she attempted at a joke but her failing humor even made her ears bleed. "I- it's not--" clearing her throat she tried to compose herself and her words. "It's paint and oil pastel. I was doing my work before I came here... I had to rush a bit," she told him, "I apologize for my unprofessional appearance. You weren't rude at all." She glanced at her blue stained hands as well, hoping it will all come of tomorrow. Well this was going well.

She studied his face, and noticed a soften expression, a smile she presumes. Moon drew and painted faces often so she has a keen sense on even the slightest expression. He must hide his feelings very well and gives out a good facade.

She sat down in front of him, "Please call me Moon. And it's a pleasure to meet you Mr, Bellevue." Moon was shaking inside, this interview started off on a odd start. Hearing the offer of a drink, she could go for some tequila right now. Or any alcohol for that manner. Anything to ease herself.

"Peppermint tea please," [i 'With five shots of vodka.']

It's still daylight. She has to control herself and get through this.
  Moon / Sina13 / 1y 13d 11h 58m 9s
Sebastian didn't look at the woman as he approached his desk. Only when he rounded it and was in front of his chair, ready to sit, did he look at her. "The pleasure is all m...." He trailed off. On eyebrow, diced in two by a thick scar, raised itself. A small, lightly confused smile tugged at one corner of his mouth. She was pretty adorable, he had to admit, but....

"Ma'am, if you don't mind me asking--why is your face so...Blue? Do you need air?" He was sort of excited--maybe she, too, was disfigured by some accident or a facial birthmark and would understand him better.

"You don't have to answer that. I apologize, I shouldn't have asked that. I know how that question can come off," he said, his eyes trailing down to his desk, where his scarred, gnarled hands rested. "I didn't mean to sound rude. I was going to introduce myself and welcome you into my home, but I was caught off guard." He looked back up to her and gave a nearly invisible smile--his face would have looked flat and emotionless to anyone who didn't know him, or those who weren't overly perceptive.

"My name, as Petri said, is Sebastian Bellvue. I am the owner of this estate and the employer of all who work and live here. I put out the ad for a companion--as I'm sure you read." He sat in his chair and pulled out a small notepad and a pen. "Before we begin, would you like anything to drink? Water, soda, alcohol, tea? We have most everything here, so almost anything can be done." His tone was very business like, with no warmth in it. It was as if he had rehearsed this and was saying it for the thousandth time--which, to be fair, he was, but it was also just how he spoke to people he didn't know well. With his staff, he was a much more genuine person--with newcomers, those he didn't know, or people he didn't know would or wouldn't be staying in his life, he was relatively robotic.
  Sebastian Bellvue / WickedWitch / 1y 14d 10h 48m 17s
She held the end of her paintbrush by her teeth as she smeared the blue oil pastel on the 15lb cold press watercolor paper, rubbing it with her hand. She mentally praised herself for getting the good kind as it was easier to paint on. Taking the flatwash from her mouth, she dabbed the phthalo blue and gently brushed it along the coarse surface, covering it in strokes, fading it just slightly. Though she stopped abruptly, hearing her alarm blare off. Clicking her tongue in distain, she reached for her phone cursing at it for breaking her concentration. She was in the middle of her zone. Stopping the timer, her eyes widen at the reminder she set herself.

[i 'Shit!']

Moon dropped what she was doing making sure to cover her paints as they don't dry off. She completely forgot about the interview she scheduled for today. She looked at her hands and the her face, her fingertip mostly and part of her face was covered with the oil pastels and oil paint. To make matters worse, it was phthalo blue, one of the hardest color to wash off. She stood up and left her station to wash off the stains viciously. She had about two hours to get ready and to arrive there.

Not enough time.

She should've set her reminder in the early morning, and she should've not started her art piece today. She sighed, she completely forgot about today and the fact that she applied for this. She slowed to a stop, thinking how ridiculous this was. Was she that desperate to apply for something like this? It has a bad image for sure, others would definitely think of it in the wrong way. Staring at the blue stained water streaming down her hands, she closed her eyes and pulled herself together. She already applied, might as well go. Besides she couldn't be picky, she really needed this opportunity.

She had to skip the shower if she wanted to make it in time, luckily she took one this morning. She scourged through her closet wondering what to wear. Do people wear something formal for this kind of thing? She assumed so since it was kind of like a job interview. She pulled out a white frilled dress short and a med high black skirt that flowed freely. She quickly wore it along with leggings and a black wedges. Moon combed her hair doing it into a fish tail braid and finishing it a gold Bobby pin? Her bangs falling off nicely. Applying some light makeup she looked herself in the mirror and thought she seemed decent.

Except for the faint blue stain on her hands and her face, she couldn't manage to completely get rid of it. Shaking her head she walked out the door, petting her black kitty on the head, seeing him off. She rushed out her flat making sure to bring some things just in case. Going into her car she drove out and stepped on the gas pedal, driving away to her destination as fast and carefully as possible.

She regretted for not giving herself more time to get ready. A few good hours would've done. Moon rehearsed her lines for any questions that might be asked, feeling nervous.

As she arrived, with ten minutes to spare, she stared at the house in awe. This was a huge mansion like home, a place where she never thought she would step into. After parking she walked up to the gate, feeling incredibly nervous. Ringing the bell and telling what she was here for they opened the gate and led her inside where her were constantly glancing around at the luxurious house. This was definitely something out of her league. After coming into the room she sat down, Moon could feel her heart pound in her chest.

[i 'This was a bad idea, what the fuck was I thinking? There's no way I could do something like this.']

She flinched as she heard the door open and in came in the person she was going to meet. She tried to force her heart to calm down, as she hoped her stains weren't too obvious. It definitely wasn't professional. She stood up and stared at the man and she blinked in surprise. She has heard many things about him, and his disfigured face. But if she was honest, he didn't look that bad. She expected something... much worse looking.

She cleared her throat and bowed a little, "Um, hello. My name is Moon. It's a pleasure to meet you."
  Moon / Sina13 / 1y 15d 23h 30m 52s
Bastian grimaced at the mirror as one of the maids, a fifty-something woman who doted on him since he was a child, fluffed him up for his next interview. [i I never should have put that ad out,] he thought as the woman fiddles with his clothes to make him as presentable as possible. He was sure that if he had longer hair, she would be styling it in whatever she thought the latest fashion was. He sighed. [i I don't know how much more of this I can take. Each one is just as bad as the last--why do I even bother accepting the calls anymore?]

"Now, Sebby, you know how to act," the woman said sternly, holding his shoulders and looking at him in the mirror while standing behind him. "Sit up straight, don't scare the poor girl--she sounded quite polite on the phone--and BE. NICE!"

A swift tap to the back of the head made him smile. "Bethany, you aren't my mother. I know how to speak to people." He looked at the woman who was more like a mother to him than nayone else was since his mother had died long ago. He smiled softly for a split second, stopping mostly because of the feeling of his face pulling tight around his scars. He didn't like to smile much for that reason, the reminder of what he was. How he looked. He kissed the back of the older lady's hand and gave a half smile, across the non-scarred side of his face. "But thank you for the reminders. I may need them."

A knock at his door interrupted the pair. A man of about 40 opened upon hearing the gruff bark of "Enter!" from his employer. He gave a quick smile to Bethany and looked to Sebastian, where his smile dissolved into a stoic and flatly expressioned face. He knew Sebastian didn't find it very professional to smile at him. He looked at the air over the head of his seated "master" and said in a monotone voice, "The young lady has arrived. She's waiting for you in your study."

Bastian grunted. "Fine, let's get this over with," he grumbled as he stood, Bethany flitting her chubby hands over him to make rapid last-second improvements to his look. He flicked her hands away gently, like an annoyed teenager. "Bethany, I'm 27, you don't need to baby me. If I have a popped collar or a crooked tie, I can fix it myself."

The butler turned on his heel and began walking briskly away. Sebastian followed until they reached a carved cedar door--his favorite in the whole mansion. The entire room was dimly lit to accentuate the cedar floor and furnitures, casting a lightly red glow across the room--especially when the fire was lit in the hearth, as it was now. The walls inside were lined with books and expensive artifacts, as well as some pieces of art purchased from museums.The couch and his chair were both very soft and plushy--it was wonderful to sit in one of them and just sink down to comfort.

The man stood straight, took in a breath, and nodded while looking at the door. The bulter opened it and held it for his employer. Bastian strode into the room as the butler said, "Miss Moon, I present to you Mr. Sebastian Bellvue."
  Sebastian Bellvue / WickedWitch / 1y 16d 10h 13m 23s

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