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[center [size15 [font Lucida I'm looking to fill three roles. But if you like an idea and its already taken, feel free to send it my way. These are only a few that I have, and there are many more where they came from.]]]

[center [size15 [font Lucida •Please note that the paranormal/supernatural genre is my favorite, so of course that is my preferred style, but im open to trying new things.• If anything should strike your fancy, feel free to send me a PM and we can get something started! Or, if you have an original idea, don't hesitate to talk to me about it. After all, this will be a partnership! ]]]

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[center [b Plots]]

[b Title:] [ Shallow Graves]
[b Genre:] Supernatural
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[s [center [list
[b ] is an enigma. From the circumstances around her suspicious birth, to growing up in a coven of witches who all seem to know something about her that she doesnt, she has tried to live her life as normally as possible. During a raging, vicious storm, is sent to watch her every move. They incorporate themselves into her life to discover if any of the rumors around her birth are true. Does realize her potential to be something great? Will she learn that not everyone, even is not who they claim to be? And is she the child of the devil himself, or is it simply a mix-up that will end in wasted time? If she is everything believes her to be... what happens next?]]]

[b Title:] [ Twisted Fates]
[b Genre:] Supernatural
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[b ] are supposed to be just another set of twins in the world. Both infants were given up for adoption and taken into separate families, raised in completely different ways, and have no idea theyre a part of something much, much bigger than themselves... The possible end of the world. are lifelong childhood friends of the twins. They were raised together their entire lives, and became close over the years. But when the twins start gaining some interesting abilities in adulthood that they never had before, are given the orders to follow the twins every move. Why? Because a hidden society thats been around for centuries had been anonymously given information that the girls themselves would destroy everything. Unless the society, with help, destroyed them first. What will become of the twins? Will the world as we all know it end, or is it just the beginning?]]

[b Title:] Untouched
[b Genre:] Fiction (Romance)
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They kept track of every single life that she had lived; Stored in the facility that was hidden for the sake of humanity, there were hundreds of files about her past lives, even if -My Character, A- has zero recollection of any besides the one she is currently living. Treated as no more than a lab rat, who was kept in a frost white cage for years inside the institution before being released into the world, -Character A- has entirely shut down for this lifetime. Until she overhears a conversation about -Character B, You.-[i 'We've spent centuries looking, and they get away with it every time. No matter how unfair, they always get away. But when we find them again... there will be hell to pay.'] But -Character B- has been around all along, living in the shadows and completely unaware that theyre being hunted down. So the agents set a trap: let -Character A- roam free once more. And once -Character B- has been found, capture the couple and serve the justice that the agents have dying to get for centuries. What happens when the pair meet again for the first time in almost a hundred years? Will they manage to escape the clutches of their captors once more, or will their lives together be cut short? And why are the agents so eager to find -Character B-?]

[b Title:] [ The Legend]
[b Genre:] Paranormal
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If you're interested in an idea, just shoot me a message. I'm free most of the time, so getting a response shouldnt be hard at all.

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[center [b Preferences & Rules]]

[left [b Rules:]]
[i Proper grammar]
[i No GM]
[i Real photos]
[i No ditching]
[i Communicate with one another]

[right [b Preferences:]]
[right [i 1200+ characters, but quality over quantity]]
[right [i Each person plays two characters]]
[right [i F/F pairs, but I can work with F/M pairs as well]]

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[center [size15 [font Lucida Also, I understand that you have things going on in your personal life, I do as well. So I'm asking for a minimum of at [i least] 3 posts a week if possible. If you can post more, thats [i awesome]! If youre not able to post as much, just let me know.]]]

Thanks for reading! Shoot me a PM if youre interested!

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