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[size14 [font "Times" [center [B Detroit: Become Human]]

[left [pic]] Hi there! I'm looking for a roleplay based somewhere around this game's world and characters. I'm mostly intending this to attract folks willing to write canon, mostly looking at AU situations and expansions on the world, stuff like that. I'm also down for some good OCs.

I encourage writing multiple characters surrounding the main duo, or small handful we might have going on.

If'n you want to write an OC, I'd like to know a little about them before we start! I'm all for x OC writing, so I wanna kinda know what I'm in for.

Currently, I have the intense need to write for RK900. If you can indulge me that, I would be grateful. If you don't want to, that's fine too.

There are things I will ship, and things I won't ship, if we're going straight canon, and some stuff I don't really see happening romantically at all, so let's talk. I'll write for a lot of characters, but there are of course those I won't. As I said, I'm looking to do a sort of double-up situation here, with us both writing characters, at least two each. Sharing more background characters is super bound to happen.

[right [pic]] [B Ships I will do:]
+ RK900/Reed
+ Markus/Simon
+ RK800/RK900
+ Kamski/Chloe
+ OC x canon
+ original content
[B Ships I won't do:]
+ Kara/Connor
+ Kara/Todd
[B AUs:]
+ a/b/o
+ role reversal/switch
+ brothers/multiple RK8/900s

I'll likely do more than just these, this was all I could think of at the time.

This is a pretty mature game, and potentially a mature RP, so potentially taking some parts off site might be a good idea if you're cool with that. especially for the a/b/o. I want to respect the site's rules and its other writers. Or we can pander to my belief in asexual androids and such.

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[B Interested in an RK900 RP?? Read here!]

The idea I have is a single RK900 model which CyberLife, on the failure of the RK800 android Connor who has since been deactivated and put into display/storage in CyberLife Tower. It's a secondary prototype sent to be tested at DPD.

That's honestly the only background setup that's needed. I'm seeing a typically partnership with a detective, or even an exploration of a fixation with RK800, his previous model.

Most of the story would revolve around workplace sit and character driven interaction and building relationships, at least in my mind. The revolution is over though there is much to iron out between races.

Or perhaps Connor wasn't deactivated at all and RK900 is introduced after Connor succeeded and deviated and the newer model gets introduced.

[B [u Got an idea?? Throw it at me!]]

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[center [size14 [B Some Things I Need:]]]
+ do not OP. Even gods can fall.
+ casual posting, no schedule, just communicate what you need
+ Don't feel the need to be super secretive from me! If you're stuck, we can so easily talk about it. See about why, maybe restart or redo something. Who knows. Just talk to me, it's chill.
+ I write a lot. Expect long posts from me. I don't expect the same blowhard length that I come up with from you, don't stress. Just give me enough to work with in a response.
+ Multiple characters written is encouraged
+ Mature content welcomed within reason.
+ I won't tolerate your intolerance. If you're racist, homophobic, theologically rude or what I don't want you. That said if you have questions or some discomfort with some stuff we can probably work it out, so long as it's within reason.

[center [+indigo Any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to contact me. Please PM me with your favorite dessert so I know you were respectful of my needs as a writer. Thank you!]


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