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The parents of Valentina , of the royal Labonair bloodline, and the parents of ____ , of a second royal bloodline, knew each other, as they were all members of the Crescent Wolf Pack. Sometime after Valentina and ____ were born, their parents arranged for the two to be betrothed in an effort to finally unite the two bloodlines so they could provide a united front against the vampires.

However, the vampires attacked shortly afterward, and Valentina's parents were killed, resulting in Valentina being adopted by another family and leaving New Orleans. Afterward, the remaining Crescent werewolves were cursed by a witch who was working on the orders of the vampires' leader, Marcel, forcing all of the clan's werewolves to be stuck in their wolf forms at all times, except for the few hours during the full moon, when they were briefly returned to their human bodies.

while in his wolf form, watched over her while she stood outside by the pool at the Mikaelson Mansion. They stared at each other curiously until the witch Sabine arrived to keep watch over Valentina while everyone was out of the house. Sabine told her that the wolf was drawn to her because of her vampire ad Val being a hybrid. You know, vampire VS werewolves.
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Home. That’s something she’s never had. She never felt like she belonged anywhere. But lately home feels like New Orleans with the Originals. It’s like they welcomed her into the family. As if she’s adopted. Again. But for some reason she keeps going back to the bayou. It feels familiar and almost like home. Val nods. Whatever feels like home she guess. Her brown eyes looks up at Klaus and Elijah. They have no choice. Not if they want the treaty to work. Klaus raises a glass to her. She raised her beer. Elijah fixes his suit before walking away.

Adrian wasn’t by her side anymore. She finishes her beer. Elijah approaches her before she got the chance to walk away and asked her to dance. Elijah started talking about the future of the city. He mentions the council and who’s representing who. They argued because there isn’t a wolf seated at the council. He tried to explain that they’re not apart of New Orleans. She reminds him that’s because their kind ran them out forcing them to live in a dump. He wasn’t budging. She wasn’t going to back down. She knew Klaus was listening. Klaus appeases next to them and told his brother they should talk. They both told her to stay in the compound but out of anger she left. She used her vampire speed to head out. Of course shebcame back in front of the compound when she saw Adrian. [#Af18ae I’m heading back to the Bayou. There’s more stars out there.] she says noticing him staring at the sky. [#Af18ae I’ll race you.] she uses her fingers to count down from 3 before she used her hybrid speed to get there. She ends up laying on the docks. The tips of her fingers. Touching the water. [#Af18ae Is it weird that this feels like home to me? Kind of feels like deja vu in a way...]
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Adrian looked at the beer before him, and then around his at his pack who seemed to be enjoying themselves. It had been years since they could feel normal again, to not feel like monsters.
[b "Thanks."] He said as he took the beer and took a mouthful of it,
[b "As for us staying the Bayou it has been our home for many years."] He looked up at the vampires that leant over the upstairs balcony [b "Not to meantion I don't think you friends would like it."]
He lent in and moved the brown hair from her ear and whispered.
[b "However you are more then walking to stay in the Bayou for as long as you like."] He pulled back before she could even respond and finished his beer and left to go get another one. As he grabbed a new beer and then walked outside and looked at the stars that fought to shine even through the street lights over powered them.

Adrian sighed in content as we wouldn't what it would be like living when his pack once lived, but he also didn't have the heart to leave the Bayou.
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Valentina eyes the wolf that approached her. She stared into his eyes feeling as if she knows him. No one said or did anything. They left them alone. It must be the alpha. Since that day things have changed.

Despite everything changing, Valentina wasn’t sure what Klaus is up to. He always seems to be scheming. Marcel doesn’t approve of having the wolf back into New Orleans. But things have died down since they were allowed in. That’s when she was also told about the curse that’s upon that pack. It makes her skin crawl wondering how it’s been for that pack. Shifting hurts and to only have to nights a month to be human sucks. She swore that she’ll help them. She will find a way to help them. Marcel even told her about what happened many years ago. Although he kept a few things a secret. Like him saving her life when she was an infant. He’s going to use that as leverage when the time is right.

Valentina and Elijah hasn’t been seeing eye to eye. He doesn’t like her being around her kind. Yet he should be worrying about his dead witch lover killing the originals. Every full moon Val would have two tables filled with food and stashed clothes around the woods for the pack. At times Elijah would help.

One day one thing lead to another and the cure was made. Elijah stopped Val from giving it to the pack. It took four hours for him to give it back. Boy was she mad at him. But Klaus was beyond happy about it. He even hosted a party for them. Even inviting the witches and some humans. A way to make some peace between everyone.

[#Af18ae How does it feel to be human and it’s not even a full moon?] she asks Adrian handing him a cold beer. She looks up to see Elijah and Klaus staring. Klaus had a familiar grin. Unlike Elijah who looks concerned. [#Af18ae Are you guys going stay down by bayou?]
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Adien stepped through the pack of wolves, his paws bigging into the soil. The pack member made a path to allow him to see what they were staring it. He saw Val sitting on the fron steps, he sat down and front of her and placed his head on her lap. He was too on guard to change and talk to her, he was just glad she was still alive, that she was okay. Well for the time being anyway, but he'd be there to help her when she needed it. He can't keep holing a grudge with the Originals as Elijah did allow them to have a seat at the table. With Marcel not having control over the Frech Quarter anyone he wasn't that much of a threat to the pack anymore.

Although she was never part of his pack, Their packs have history and he was't going to help some stray vampires to take that away from him.
Before Marcel ran the werewolves out of the French Quarter Aiden and Val packs used to trade together, there was once rumors of the two packs merging and taking back the French Quarter.
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Valentina was up an hour later. She jolts up. Her breathing news hard as she pulls out the sticks from her body. It took a while to check out her surroundings. Her body is killing her. She tries to get up a few times. Is she at the Bayou?

Val opens the door and uses the door frame to pop her shoulder back into place. Before she could make it down the steps she was throwing towards the dock. The female vampire bitch returned. Bitten by a wolf. He or she took a chunk out of her. Looks painful. She demanded that Val convince Klaus to cure her.

All the hybrid did was give a very detailed description of what th expect before tossing her. There’s no point on fighting her when her life is already on the line. She did bite her to make it worse. To speed up the process. It just made the evil vampire leave. Valentina plops down on the dirt. [#Af18ae What. A. Day.] she pulls out her phone to call Rebecca to make sure everyone is okay. They were out searching for her. She told them she’ll be home soon. Just tying up loose ends. Looking up she saw a few pack members eyeing her. Most of them were in their wolf form. She hung up on the original vampire before getting up.

[#Af18ae Thank you for helping me...] she says putting her phone away. Who did save her? Why bother saving her if she’s not a part of their pack? Crap. What was tha guys name? It’s a bad time to forget. Valentina walks to the porch and sits down. In a few minutes she’ll leave. They can watch her. It’s not like she’s going to attack. Right now all she needs is a quick breather.
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As Aiden watched the stars twinkle in the night sky, the air no longer smelled of swamp water and damp wood but blood. Wolf blood. Quickly rising from his seat on the front patio he run towards the scent, pushing past the branches that hung from the trees, he tried to no fall as he lost his footing on a stray root that stuck up from the ground.
[b "Shit."] He mumbled to himself. Finally he reached the body that lay blood stained and motionless.
[b "No."] He whispered as he pick up the body and rushed it back to the pack house. He needed to keep her safe. He needed to make sure she was alive.

As he rushed back to the house, he placed her on the bed. If the originals came for her then he would deal with it. He brushed the hair from her fact and looked over her wounds. [b "The healing should kick in soon, it has to."] He said over and over again as he paced his bedroom. He tried to not pull his hair out. He needed to get out of here, he needed to get away from her. He walked down stairs and saw his beta sitting on the couch stuffing his mouth with chips.
[b "I need you too go on the patrol, exspand the area. We have some unfriendly visitors in the Bayou that have been hunting my friend."] He order.
The beta placed the bowl of chips down onto the table and nodded his head, before rounding up a few more wolves and headed out the door.
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Valentina tried to take a second to recover, but it only gave someone to beat her while she was down. Bastards. Hearing Elijah screaming she gained some random strength and snapped a vampires neck and went to go save Elijah. Rebecca helped her pick up the other Original. Val gave them a head start to fight off what's left. She did the best she could do. Two enemies left, but she can't keep going.

She tried to run away. They caught her in the trying to pass by the Bayou to get home. At that moment they were just messing with her. Six twigs pierced her body. She screamed in agony. Then [i snap] there goes her neck. Her body drops like a sack of potatoes. They left her to go look for a nice big and sharp stick to pierce her heart with.
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Before he could even say a word, she was gone. Adrian sighed and picked up the six pack before walking inside and relaxing on the couch as he cracked another open another can.

As the morning sun peeked through the curtains of his master bedroom he growned and pulled the covers over his head. He had gotten word of the fight that had broken out between the vampires and something else. and prayed that the hybrid would be okay, there was just something about her maybe it was that fact that although she was still part vampire but still had his blood running through her veins or that he could have finally could someone who could give take the pact off him. All he knew is taht he hoped she come back soon.
[b "Well the rest of the pack is awake."] He said to himself as he fiannly crawled about of bed and and walked down stairs.
[b "Good morning everyone."] The rest of the pack looked at him stood there.
[b "Something now needs to be said, there is a hybrid that walked around the Bayou and she will not be touched only protected. That is an order."] He didn't like using the his alpha tone bue when it comes to things like this it had to be done.
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He better tell his pack to back down. She doesn't want to kill her own kind. Hurt, maybe. But not kill them. As long as they don't push her buttons. Buttons that have been a little too thin lately. courtesy of the Mikaelson bullshit.

Her phone buzzes quickly. It was a text from Elijah. They need her to return home. They're putting up a protection spell. The girl sighs. [#af18ae I don't really have a home. I was adopted.] She quickly replies back to the original before turning to the stranger again. [#af18ae I need to go now. More vampire drama.] The girl was gone within a blink of an eye.

The family was on lock down for a few days. That was until they got attacked and the hot head had to take things into his own hands. The next few days was practically a war zone. Somehow things where taken into a forest outside of New Orleans, away from the Bayou. Val somehow got stuck in a tree with a branch impaled in her stomach. Rebecca was doing okay. Elijah on the other hand was about to lose. She breaks the branch and painfully pulls herself off... they so need a break from this constant battle.
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[b "You maybe be able to kick my ass dear, but I would give a damn good try in kicking yours."] He said as he laughed.
Adrian looked at the woman that stood before him, although she had his enermies blood running through her she seemed alright.
[b "If you plan on visiting the Bayou more often I will have to hell the others to leave you alone. My pack numbers a dwindling enough as it is, I don't need you killing more of them."] He said as he grabbed the rest of the six pack and put next to the door.
The words friend or foe kept ringing through his ears.
[b " As long as you treat my pack with respect then we will not have an issues here."]
As he looked at the special birth mark something clicked.
[b "You're along way from home Hybrid."] He hoped that would catch her, maybe she came here because she wanted to know more about the other side of her family. When you love with Orignals you tend to only know about the vampires.
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Valentina smiles. He's pretty cocky or maybe it's his way of being over protective. What she doesn't get is why they're hiding. Maybe it's one of Marcel's doing. He has the witches on a leash and now this. She shouldn't be surprised. Instead of sitting on the chair, she sat down on the deck.

[#af18ae Relax, they don't know I'm here. You know i'm a hybrid and I can easily kick your ass right? But since this is your place and something about this place makes me feel like I'm home I won't do anything.] Rotating her aching right shoulder she sighs. With her left hand she tries to feel for why it was hurting. It may be a splinter from when she staked in the back earlier. Stupid witches... Finishing her beer the hybrid stood put dusting her ass. So far she hasn't seen anyone else. Maybe he's lying? Or they could be hiding. She's not a bad person. It's understandable why he may fear her. The hybrid hangs with the originals and that she's also a hybrid...
[#af18ae I would be careful. Something is starting to brew in New Orleans. I can't tell who's friend or foe, but it's just a heads up...] She ties up her long hair, exposing her special birth mark. [#af18ae You can have the rest of the beer. I guess next time I want to set on the dock I'll bring food for your pack.] One step away from the house was when two of them popped out of the woods. Both blondes but different genders. Val looks back at the guy she was speaking too. Was he distracting her? She told him she came in peace. If she has to fight for her life again she would. No hesitation.
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[b "Yes, this is my place or should I say my packs's house."] He said [b "As for the lights, they were off last night because we all went hunting but tonight they're out patroling so I must stay here and gaurd the house from intruders like YOU!."] He growled at the end of the sentence. As he gulmped the last bit of beer down and crashed the can before throwing it to the ground.

[b "It maybe a full moon, but you are not pack. It would be a bit hard to find out what you are doing here if you I have no other way to communicate with you. You maybe part my kind but you still have vampire blood running through your veins."] His anger increased as he feared for his pack, they've lived here in secrect ever since Marcel ran the werewolves out of town. [b "No one knew we were here and I will ask you kindly to keep that secret and you can continue sit at the bayou and drink your alcohol for as long as you please. However if you utter one word to anyone I will make your life a living hell."] His eyes changed at the last bit of his threat, he walked up the wooden steps and to the wooden screen door and opened it.
[b "You can come in until your vampires start looking for you if you like."]
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The girl was ready to relax. That was until someone did approach her. He grows at her after asking a questions. Retracting her claws, her eyes to glowed. With her hands on her hips she checks him out. Not for the obvious reasons why one would check a person out. But because she hasn’t seen her own kind in a while. She hasn’t even heard from Tyler Lockwood. Then again Klaus hates him and most likely wants him dead.

[#Af18ae Is this your place? I thought this place was abandoned. I was here yesterday and not a soul in sight. Tonight the lights were left on so I assumed he owner returned or maybe it’s haunted...] she says chuckling trying to make this less awkward since she may be trespassing. Val went to go grab one off her beers. She offers him one without asking. If he doesn’t grab one soon she’ll assume it’s a no, but if he does take it cool. [#Af18ae I didn’t think there would be another werewolf around. It’s a full moon shouldn’t you be in your wolf form?] she asks stepping off the deck to look at the bright full moon. To her surprise more people began to lurk out of the woods. Val surprisingly huffs. There’s a pack in New Orleans. Did the others know? Why wasn’t she told about this? [#Af18ae I didn’t think there was a pack here at all... why do you guys live here out of all places?] she turns to look at the guy who approached her.
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His black paws hit the ground as his wondered around the grounds, He looked at the moon it was full and bright. As he reached the Bayou he saw someone sitting alone and brining a drink up to their lips, he didn't think much of it as it could have been a pack member.

[i The next night]

As park life continued to get harsh, he once again walked into the tree-line to clear his head, while everyone else was patrolling. He stoppedin this tracks claws digging into the soil. He knew he should turn back and look after the house while everyone is out. As he reached the tree-line he saw a woman working around, her blood smelt like a mixture of vamperic but werewolf at the same time. As she spoke he watch as she continued to look around the empty house. As she wondered around the house he shifted into his human form and grabbed the spare pants the kept behind tree before walking up to her.
[b Can I help you?] He said as he tried to hide the growl escaping his lips.
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Valentina's life has gotten crazier. She's been staying with the Mikaelsons at their mansion. It's a long and complicated story on how she got involved with them. Nevertheless, being with them in New Orleans feels like home. Like she has a family. A very complicated and full of drama family. When she's not helping them out with their problems she would walk around to discover new places. Just a few days ago she found a nice and possibly abandoned place in the Bayou.

For the second time today. Val was attacked defending one of the Mikaelsons. Sometimes being a hybrid is a blessing. With a six pack in her arms she uses her vampire speed to head out to the Bayou. It's a lot different at night, but it's nice. Sitting on the dock with a cold beer was life. It's so peaceful right now. This is what the [i doctor] recommended. Being away from the Mikaelson and actually having some time to think and not worry about being attacked.

[center [i TS to the next night]]

The hybrid returned back to the Bayou with another Six back. This time a bit bloody. After being attacked and arguing with Klaus for not sticking with the plan, she needed time to herself. This time around the lights were on in the house near the docks. Val set the pack of beer down on a chair and cautiously enter the house. [#af18ae Hello...] the place looks old. Not clean but not too dirty either. Stepping back outside, Val crosses her arms and looks around. Hearing a twig snap she prepared herself to attack.
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