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Inter dimensional crisis at hand, figures from different times and ages, even parallel universes mix and match, having to join forces to take on the evils of the worlds they end up on. A battle droid nicknamed Trigger who survived had somehow survived a Jedi attack first ends up in the world of Resident Evil, and is lost and confused, but eventually finds a companion.


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Immediately the beast lumbered on into the building, coughing and spitting up blood as soon as he fell over. His breathing was getting worse by the passing seconds as he tried to force himself to revert, but failing to do so.

After a few seconds of struggling, he gave up, weakly uttering, [b [i [+red "Please, I don't mean harm, this happens a lot-"]]]
He quickly put his weapons away, and he looked around, the building falling apart and old. [i I don’t know what the hell I got myself into...] he thought, looking around as he tried to figure out a way to deal with the problem that he had gotten mixed up in
  Rezolin / DoomGuy123 / 44d 10h 3m 24s
Within a few seconds he was back on his feet and shambling forth after the boy, grunting and growling in either annoyance or pain. He spoke, voice already a harsh growl that was drastically different from his regular voice. He still seemed sane to even speak. [b [i [+red "Wh... ere are yh...?"]]]

He saw movement in front of him, and he began to shuffle forward to that area more quickly, almost stumbling.
  the insomniac scientist / wxllbiirxiin / 85d 17h 26m 51s
The young Gerudo boy continued to flee, but when he came across a group of the undead, he drew his weapons and slashed at their necks, taking off their heads, then continued on his way and soon he came to an abandoned building where he hid
  Rezolin / DoomGuy123 / 85d 17h 41m 0s
The monster he was turning into let out a loud bellow, lurching forward and lashing out at nothing in particular. If Rezolin even looked close enough, he could see the pained caricature of Will's face as he struggled to stay normal, struggled against the change to not lose it.

He continued to cry out miserably, roaring at the other to stay there and then conflicting it with another bellow to run, until he collapsed against the ground, his strength against it failing as the change picked up in speed. Muffled cries escaped from him.
  the insomniac scientist / wxllbiirxiin / 85d 19h 27m 47s
The young Gerudo kept running, vaulting over obstacles with ease, even running on an occasional wall to keep running from the horrifying creature, not sure what to think or do about the threat. His mind raced with him, the amount of things that happened not making any sense to him
  Rezolin / DoomGuy123 / 86d 14h 41m 45s
His screams filled the air, slowly turning from the agonized cries to a low growl. Through the madness, he had shambled out, looking afraid as if he lost control of his limbs before he roared out again. His body quickly changed into a more foreboding form, an eye on his right bicep now staring directly at the young boy.

[b [i [+red "Nhhh... Please..."]]]
  the insomniac scientist / wxllbiirxiin / 86d 15h 27m 46s
The boy turned and looked horrified at the sight, and he backed away before bolting out the door and hurried down the street, being very startled by the sight of what just happened. *What the hell is going on here...?” He said to himself
  Rezolin / DoomGuy123 / 86d 17h 40m 7s
Will curled up upon the touch, shivering feverishly. He was getting sickly by the second, the other needed to go away before something bad would happen to him if the scientist were to even lose it-

He wrenched his eyes closed and grimaced as something moved underneath the surface of his skin, crying out through gnashed teeth. He grasped a nearby surface for support, gasping out and now uttering a clear warning.

[+red "Ru[i n, ple[b ase-]]"]
  the insomniac scientist / wxllbiirxiin / 86d 18h 17m 28s
The boy carefully set him down in a chair and started to rummage around for some clothing to cover his body and he looked at himself, wearing an outfit identical to what Alice wore years before. “Hmm, I actually don’t mind this...” he said to himself, and he found a couple of machetes.
  Rezolin / DoomGuy123 / 86d 18h 30m 36s
The scientist flinched and hissed out as he practically moved a wrong way, a growing soreness ebbing through his own body. He was coughing harder now, body frame shaking before he groaned out and lurched forward, holding his sides as he tried to take in deep breaths. "O-oh god... Please, I'm not... I'm not hurt, why is it...?"
  the insomniac scientist / wxllbiirxiin / 86d 20h 31m 42s
The boy helped him by putting Will’s arm around his shoulder, and he sighed as he headed to a shop that had not only clothing, but weapons. “Hold on there...” he said, and he sighed as he kicked open the door and hurried in with Will
  Rezolin / DoomGuy123 / 87d 13h 19m 30s
He flinched as he shuffled through, muttering to himself. He was getting paler by the seconds, already a pure bony white color as soon as they got to a nearby light source. Then he almost doubled over and wheezed, swearing under his breath and uttering about some sort of virus before coughing again.
  the insomniac scientist / wxllbiirxiin / 87d 16h 14m 50s
“Preferably somewhere with weapons to protect ourselves...as for what you said right before that...in Hyrule, we only have crossbows, bows, and swinging weapons.” He told Will, and he looked at the carnage around him
  Rezolin / DoomGuy123 / 87d 16h 26m 52s
"Bullets. Surprised you never heard of them." Will coughed with a grimace on his face, looking more sickly. "Nhh... Right then, uh... We have to move, now. I'm not so sure where you'd want to go, [sub but I'm pretty sure you might need to run from me as soon as everything goes wrong.]"
  wxllbiirxiin / 87d 16h 43m 47s

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