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[font "Times New Roman" [center [size18 Day 18]]

[right Cannot determine physical change of subject. Does not seem to be exhibiting adverse effects to tests. Continuing on tomorrow's tests. Notable: subject still performs extremely well with little sleep.]

[center [size18 Day 37]]

[right Subject exhibits extreme distress when not fed. Aggressive and violent. This cannot be quelled with oatmeal, wheat, or pasta. Subject exhibits disgust when presented with such foods. Attempted to offer blood--only blood. If anything, subject became more violent.]

[center [size18 Day 100]]

[right Subject is becoming mentally unstable. Well, moreso than usual. Subject has been given small morsels of flesh, but little change has come about. Subject's skin has become extremely sensitive and flaky. Subject also bruises very easily, eyes are constantly bloodshot, and hair has become thin. Becoming concerned for subject's health.]

[center [size18 Day 154]]

[right Have been told it is not my place to worry for subject. Strike last sentence of Day 100. Subject lolls into bouts of being comatose. Small pieces of flesh do not have much effect. Subject is not healing at all. Subject is given to me bruised and cut and bleeding.]

[center [size18 Day 180]]

[right Subject is unreachable.]

[center [size18 Day 201]]

[right Subject seemed present for a moment. Only a few seconds. Just stared at me.]

[center [size18 Day 226]]

[right Subject #P8-04556 has been removed from my care.]

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[center [size20 The Multi-Headed Dog]]

[center Enter the world of CERBERUS, the international leading organization of GHOUL HUNTERS.]

[center Ghouls have not become common knowledge solely because of the efforts of Cerberus. The organization has been around almost as long as ghouls have. A long, long time ago, ghouls ran the world in fear. Humans did horrifying things to ensure their own safety against the beasts. Well, that was until the common man became technologically empowered and the ghouls were the ones bargaining for their lives.]

[center Cerberus runs a very tight ship. Agents live extremely conservatively, their base is an island too far off any coast for any nation to claim it, and they operate in complete secrecy. This is where they carry out their horrific tests--just [i what makes a ghoul?].]

[center [b YOU] are an ambitious analyst in Cerberus's ranks. You've noticed a pattern of deaths over the years in a general area off in some random country. You've convinced your superiors to let you look into it in the field, of course with oversight. There you meet a young something who piques your interest. They seem to have knowledge into what you seek, but don't intend to give it up easily. You, afraid to lose the lead that could make your career, decide to chase them. Foolish.]

[center [size20 - - - - - - - - -]]

[b Notable:] [b THREAD] is left vaguely open for more efficient planning. I would like a partner who is good at communicating, let it be "I can't post for a week or two" or "I'd like to kill this bitch off". Additionally, said partner should be able to handle multiple characters at once. I will try my best to update the thread accordingly. [b POSTING] should not be a hassle. Let it be barely above 3000 characters or a novel, doesn't matter. Be exciting either way. [b CHARACTERS] should be late 20s or into 30s. [b MESSAGE] me for more information if you need. If you are applying as my collaborative writer, please include which role you're interested in most , whether or not you'd prefer real/illustrated/no pictures, and what you see in the future for this story. Include some of your favorite work for extra brownie points. Serious inquiries only. I can be picky.]


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It was hard to concentrate now after everything that had transpired that morning, far too early. Bale was nice, a sweet rookie who probably would have been a great cop at some point. Unlike her, playing the role of a rookie even if this was technically not where all of her experience was. A lab, studying, researching, that was her experience. Training and dedication was the only reason she was here, far too goal-oriented to remain safely within the facilities. Almost regretting that right now as she worried about Bale. Stupid, [i stupid,] sweet, bastard.

Fortunately, if nothing else, she could practically write a report in her sleep. The only question with this one was how much detail to add in? What was needed, what should she say... Not everything. Not that she thought the ghouls had made an appearance, that she had been using specialized equipment for pursuing them. All of that would have to stay very far outside of her report right now...

The ring would break her from her thoughts, picking it up only to blink confused at the number who was calling her. Partially because he never called her, and partly because they were in the same damned room. Flipping the device open she would just look in the direction of his desk.

[#24D6AD "Yes...?"] Confusion, of course, before she would hear him speak. Honestly, she had no idea if he just thought her last name was Grain, or if he was getting her back for the nicknames she constantly bestowed on him. Either way, he seemed to be holding it together pretty well... He did have a fair bit more experience in this. There would just be a small sigh from her before she hung up the phone.

Taking a moment she would save what she was doing before shutting the laptop down, putting it away in a back before hoisting that over her shoulder and making her way to his desk. If nothing else at least there was hope to keep things going, to some degree.

[#24D6AD "How about instead I'm hungry, it's lunchtime, and [i we] grab something to eat with some coffee."] Then maybe they could tackle the autopsy report.

[#24D6AD "It's important to take care of yourself while working, all work and no play makes Matty a dull boy~"] Trying to be herself, beyond the day, beyond the call she might have to make earlier to report in what happened... Two reports, because she didn't just answer to the police station here.
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[font "Times New Roman" [center [size20 pistol chillin on my shelf]]

Mather felt like he could've pissed himself in the moments it took for the bear to keel over. He exhaled so hard he almost passed out himself. The morning was... unreal. He couldn't even start to explain it to someone who wasn't there, but he would have to write a report.

He put his gun away and jogged over to Bale, who was still alive, albeit barely. Mather assessed his wounds with Kaylee next to him. He didn't want to admit that it looked bad because that would be an understatement. It looked like Bale would die here.

[b "Bale, you're a stupid motherfucker, you know that?"] Mather chuckled lightly. Bale coughed a bit trying to laugh. [b "I saw that movie where Leo DiCaprio got mauled by a bear a million times and lived, so I'm sure you'll be okay. I'm gonna... lift you up, okay? I'm gonna put you in my car and take you to the hospital."] Bale moaned. Mather couldn't tell if he was trying to confirm that it was a good or bad idea, so he decided to continue. [b "You owe me an interior job, man."]

His eyes turned to Kaylee, dark and unsure in his indecisiveness. He almost started to say something but swallowed it back down. He inched Bale up slowly before deciding it would be better to just rip the band-aid off. He picked the smaller man up, his heart going out to him as he screamed. But he'd probably be okay, right? People survived bear attacks all the time, right?

Mather rushed him to the car and put him in gently, buckling the seat belt quickly. [b "Ay Kaylee, you can meet me there or at the office. Makes no difference,"] he called out to the girl without waiting for an answer as he disappeared into his car.

[center [size20 i control my own death]]

Mather showed up to work later looking like he'd kill anyone who tried to talk to him. He sat at his computer, typing up the same report he'd been working on for the last hour. Bale was in critical condition in the hospital, but at least he was alive. Mather's car was ruined and in the shop. He was tired as hell and running on fumes. And starving.

He pushed his chair away from his desk and rubbed his eyes, standing up to stretch his legs a bit. He needed a goddamn break. He'd already been cursed out by the captain--whom he [i lovingly] called the Warden--and was over work for the day. He couldn't leave for the day until the report was done, though, and it hung over his head like a dark cloud.

Something had been nagging him, though. Kaylee Grahn was bothering him. She was something he couldn't figure out despite the fact that she seemed so forthcoming and honest. Something about her was off.

Mather whipped out his phone and dialed her number despite the fact that they were in the same office. He glanced over at her desk briefly as the line rang, turning back to continue typing the report. When she answered, he greeted her by saying, [b "Hey Grain, how's about we go check out that autopsy from the coroner for our Jane Doe? Or ya wanna play intern and get me a coffee?"]

[center [size20 i don't need no fuckin help]]
king of the dead by xxxtentacion
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Honestly, Kaylee felt as though a ghoul would have been easier for her to process than what she ended up seeing upon returning to the scene. Staring at Bale wide-eyed for a moment, a [i bear] of all things! The swear going off in her mind, a string of them actually, of course, a bear had come. Lazy beasts would have loved the smell of a carcass just outside of their territory!

Then Bale had probably pissed it off, probably had very little idea what to do with wildlife of any kind. He had probably shot at it, or something, rather than backing up to a vehicle to climb inside. The others... Probably gone. [i Get it together.] A thought pushed through, this wasn't the damned time to be obsessing over the finer poi-!

Torn away from her thoughts, plan, by the shot as her damned partner decided he was going to get it's attention next! This was going to bring up so many damned questions, as she aimed the dart gun to fire it into the bear. One would do little as she went to get another one strapped right on the inside of her outer jacket, there was a reason she never took it off around the others.

One question that was sure to come up was why she was carrying around a paralytic, instead of a sedative. An advanced formula that wasn't technically publicly available, or known. Something meant to be powerful enough to take down a ghoul, or apparently a bear... They were probably going to be pissed that she had [i wasted] it on this. [i Shit].

[#24D6AD "I have no idea how long this is going to keep a damned [i bear] down, but it normally lasts anywhere between four to five minutes. Which will hopefully be enough time for this sedative."] Kaylee would speak as she pulled out another dart, to fire into the creature. No more than that, any more and... she wasn't aiming to kill it.

This entire cluster-fuck had become a huge problem, but rather than focus on that she would holster the dart gun before hustling over to check on Bale. Nausea churning at her, it was different seeing a mangled corpse and seeing someone you knew. Someone you had joked around with, regardless of his condition she would have started to pull her phone out. The needed a bit more than just 'backup' here right now.
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[font "Times New Roman" [center [size20 i have these lucid dreams]]

[i I have two bullets left.] The thought echoed around his head like a loud voice in a dark, empty room as he stood, frozen to his spot. Suddenly he could feel how dirty he was from all the running and crashing into Kaylee. Suddenly he was painfully aware of the fact that he could die, or worse, expose everything trying to survive.

While the city was a hotbed for crime, he never imagined the ghouls could be this bold, or that they would be so active so far out from the actual interesting shit.

Or was he making assumptions? Was it a ghoul that did this? Maybe she had died of natural causes but eaten by wildlife. Maybe she was still killed, but by the average murderer, and eaten by wildlife. Maybe she was fucking killed by wildlife.

He glanced uncertainly at the stun gun in his hands. He'd rather take his chance with his two remaining rounds.

Mather stumbled into action, finally managing to get his buckling knees under control. Kaylee was stupid to move so irrationally, like she was unafraid. It was an ironic thought, considering how he'd run off before. He supposed he just preferred taking all the risk himself than sharing it with her.

The tall man brushed hair back from his face as he stumbled upon the scene. Bale lay on the ground, a bear pawing at his back. Mather's voice stuck in his throat. Bale tried to make noise, or at least that's what the pitiful moans sounded like, but he could barely get anything out.

Maybe the bear had smelled the decay on the scene and come for some food. Or maybe someone sent it... led it in the right direction...

There was an officer dead on the scene. The teens who'd found the body were gone; Mather assumed that was what the tires were: other officers getting them out of there. Bale probably tried to be a hero and stay behind, but the scrawny fucker couldn't exactly engage in fisticuffs with a huge ass fucking bear.

Well there goes the ghoul theory. And there also goes Fish and Wildlife chalking this up to a bear attack. It was too fucking easy to get away with.

[b "Hey!"] Mather's voice called out loud and clear as a shot rang off, hitting the animal in the neck. A tiny pistol probably only tickled it. He waved his arms around to get its attention and watched as it stopped playing with Bale to turn on him, releasing a roar that rattled Mather's bones. It started charging at him viciously. [b "Kaylee you better fucking shoot it with that toy gun or I'll beat your ass in hell!!"] He let off his last shot as he backed up, pulling out the stupid stun gun just in case it came to a life or death situation. Though, Mather admitted to himself, if he had to rely on it for life, he'd probably die.

[center [size20 where i can't move a thing]]]
lucid dreams by juice wrld
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[#24D6AD "Yes, yes, it's Mather [i Stiles]. Mathers.] Everything about all of this was horrifying, the work, the situations, the carnage. If she weren't so damned curious, if she didn't crave knowledge she probably wouldn't have been able to handle any of it. In that instance... If she thought she could live through it she might have even considered leaving it all, but Cerberus would likely never allow that.

He should have realized by now that some of her quirks, the way she acted, the nicknames, needling at him... It was all her coping mechanism, in a similar way to how he swore. Kaylee dismantled the situation, lessened its intensity to a degree as she tried to make it feel less... real, almost. It never completely worked, but she still had a grasp on her sanity so something was going right.

[#24D6AD "Apparently someone has to watch out for you."] Regardless of the fact that she had gotten lost in the words, a little twitch of her eye at the baby deer comment... Kaylee was no fawn, she had claws of her own in a way! But that settled soon enough, as he confirmed it was out here... Which raised the question, why would he think to chase an animal into the woods with a gun? It sure as hell wasn't a hunting rifle.

[#24D6AD "It's a tranquilizer gun, with enough in a dart to take down a fully grown bear."] She muttered, not thinking about giving that away too much. Instead, her mind more preoccupied with what he could have been thinking. If he noticed, she was going to have a hard time explaining why she carried something to take down an 'animal', as a rookie cop.

Later, when they weren't in the middle of a dark forest before sun-up, with a looming thread potentially in the area, she would have more questions for him. Questions she wanted to take her time formatting, considering. Finding the perfect balance between ignorance and revealing she, too, knew things. Accepting his help over the log, a small huff coming out.

[#24D6AD "[i Clearly] someone needs to watch out for you."] Almost a repetition, but reinforced, since she was right about the bullets. About ready to continue on, say something else, before those blasted sounds cut through the morning. Chest constricting for a few seconds it actually wouldn't take her long to jump into action. Pulling out her other weapon, that stun gun, Kaylee would try and rip her hand from his hold before passing the gun over to him. He was low on bullets and all.

[#24D6AD "Come on don't just stand there!"] Taking her tranquilizer gun for herself before racing off in that direction, too many reasons forcing her feet to move. Not wanting the other officers to be dead, though she had little hope on that, not wanting her quarry to get away... then the final concern... How long would it be before Cerberus decided to cut their losses with this town?
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[font "Times New Roman" [center [size20 for the body is but a piece of art]]

[b "For the last time, my name is [i Mather] with no 's'!"] Mather wiped underbrush off his clothes as he looked around. His heart was beating very clearly in his ears like it was trying to tap a Morse code message.

[b "I heard something out there."] He rubbed the back of his neck, looking her over a bit to make sure nothing was broken before starting back towards where he felt like the other officers were. In the distance he could see a flashlight lighting up the pre-dawn sky. [b "I didn't wanna have to hold your hand through it. You're like a baby deer. Thought you were gonna come protect me, did you?"] It didn't feel like an insult, so he didn't really think twice about saying it. He always felt like the precinct expected him to worry after her because she was so frail-looking, but he knew better. Besides, she was a grown woman and they weren't fucking, so what the hell did he have to hover over her for?

He didn't tell her about the voice. It was none of her business, assuming he hadn't hallucinated it in the first place. Sometimes he had delusions, but he could generally get a grip on them. He supposed it was a hazard of the job.

[b "What killed her is out here and you brought your--what is that? A damn ray gun?--to fight it."] Mather's laugh wasn't coming from a place of humor. [b "Maybe it likes pretty little things. Not that I can tell the other girl was pretty what with..."] He gestured over his face. [b "Sun'll be up soon. Maybe it'll get scared. I'll call Fish and Wildlife during business hours to see what did this. Maybe she was just an unfortunate Goldilocks."]

The dark-haired man slipped his gun back in its holster to help Kaylee up a downed tree that was blocking the path. He didn't know what to say to her. Whatever was running in the woods couldn't have honestly wanted her. She would've been mid-attack by the time he showed up, probably. Maybe it meant to scare him instead. Maybe it just wanted to play.

Still. The way her body was torn apart...?

[b "It's probably a good thing you called me. I only have two bullets left."] He chuckled, patting the holstered weapon. [b "Didn't know I was just gonna come out here playing target practice in the dark."]

He paused in their trek to catch his breath for a moment. Sweat dripped from his nose.

The flashlights that had been leading them back to camp flickered out and Mather heard the screeching of tires. Some blood-curdling wail cut through the early morning dread.

His heart stopped. Had the monster been so bold as to attack the other officers?

Without thinking, he held Kaylee's hand fast, in a grip not completely unparalleled to an anaconda. And he froze.

[center [size20 for you to tear to pieces]]]
a word of welcome and of warning by la dispute
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It was damned creepy in the darkness of the forest, alone with everything feeling like it was pressing in on her. One hand clutching at her phone, the other holding her tranquilizer gun in a grip that was too tight. Her knuckles were turning white, actually. It felt wrong in here like everything was pressing in on her, around on her. Kaylee had been trained well enough for field duty, had scored suitably. Yet, she had too little experience in it all to make the most of this situation. To really take advantage of her proximity to her quarry.

[#24D6AD "Where the hell are you, Mathers? I lost you in this damned forest."] Much as she might have teased him about his language, there were a few words she would slip in here and there... What would be really telling about her currently building anxiety would be the usage of his name, that and the fact that she had even called him in the first place.

She would never quite have a chance to hear if he answered or not, though, when of all things a god damned [i acorn] fell out of the tree on her head, a sudden shriek of a sound from her as she dropped her phone. Trying to be ready for whatever it was before she realized it was nothing, cheeks staining red at that moment over her response, a trained agent and she just...! How was she even going to explain that??

There was a lack of any response on the other end when she recollected her phone, taking a deep breath to try and settle herself while slipping it away. The noise of something running would snag at her attention, causing her to spin around and aim in that direction, not firing as he had so suddenly done, nor at all when she spotted him.

Anything she might have wanted to say to him died with a new shriek, a new damned shriek, when he plowed right into her. Unable to maintain her footing, sure as hell not expecting it to try and dodge, she would end up reduced to a flailing mess of [i something] in it all. Finally breaking away from him in the end, just laying there for a moment trying to process...

[#24D6AD "What... The... Hell... Mathers!"] Slipped out after he spoke, before she had really finished forming her thought, the entire situation just so... [i bizarre]. Taking the help to get up, moving first to get her gun that she never would have really taken out of the holster. Mostly because people might have questioned why she carried a tranquilizer gun rather than something standard issue for defense.

[#24D6AD "You just went running off in here like a madman with [i no] warning, what was I suppose to do? Stand there waiting, wondering, if you were about to be the next damned body in all of this? You're one man in all of this, out in the dark!"] Had he even reloaded after firing so much of a clip all at once? What made him so damned sure it wasn't an animal anyways, that it was something else he had chanced in this forest. What the hell did he know?

Besides, why would the ghoul, ghouls?, have stayed around so close after the kill. It would have been stupid for them, or a plan...? She needed to make a report.
  Kaylee Grahn / IdyllicDreamer / 1y 228d 21h 19m 20s
[font "Times New Roman" [center [size20 the tears never come]]

Something rustled in the near but equally dark immediate left. Mather turned accordingly, the pistol aching in his grip to be used. His hands tightened and loosened, unsure of what to do. Who was he even talking to?

Ghouls were common murderers in this town. They were why he had come in the first place. Some off-the-map shithole like this would never attract him. In fact, he was simply on loan from his original precinct. He had been for over a year now.

He would never work with Cerberus. He had his own organization to tend to. But these horrible murders were difficult to keep off the books; the man knew Cerberus had to start sniffing around at some point, and if it would kill a bunch of ghouls, he had no doubt they'd wipe the city off the map.

They'd done it before.

[b "You're making my job really fucking hard, asshole,"] he spewed into the void.

[i too loud...] It was almost like the trees were whispering, but he knew better. Of course the coward wouldn't show their face. [i they hear.]

[center [size20 my body is numb]]

[b [i "Who] hears?"] Mather turned in a precise circle, the gun raised with a steady arm.

[i i know who you are.]

He let off four more shots where he heard the voice coming from. Nothing else moved but his chest, his own labored breathing filling the emptiness.

Mather flinched when he felt his phone begin to vibrate. He hesitated for several moments before carefully reaching into his pocket to answer it. He listened to Kaylee speak, still spinning in a circle cautiously.

[i sacrifice...?]

The man took off once again, but this time it was like he was racing something running parallel to him. Fear spiked his heart. Would it come for Kaylee? Is that what it meant by "sacrifice"? Was she next?

He felt like he was losing the race. Whatever--[i whoever]--it was was outrunning him.

It turned out that Mather found Kaylee a lot faster than he meant to. He ran straight into her, tangling limbs as they tumbled. Between their individual grunts and reactions, they were a bundle of noise fucking around in the woods.

When they finally stopped, Mather lay on the ground groaning. [b "We have to tell the others... It's still... dangerous... Damn, kid, what are you, 90 pounds? Bony ass knees punctured a lung. Fuck."] He struggled to his legs before helping her up. Looking around, he wasn't completely lost, but whatever had been running alongside him definitely wasn't there anymore. The only thing disturbing the woods anymore was them. [b "Why'd you follow me, anyway? You could've died, stupid. Er... gotten hurt. Stupid."]

[center [size20 i feel like a god amongst the men]]]
king of the dead by xxxtentacion
  black OPS / versus / 1y 229d 2h 54m 28s
That almost playful expression that sat on her face, a look which defied the situation, would have fallen away for something a little more somber at that. Still alive for part of it, a horrifying thought for sure, the amount of pain something like that would have caused... Kaylee couldn't even blame Bale for his response really, unprofessional as it might have been. He certainly wasn't the first new officer to have done such, surely.

[#24D6AD "I saw the files for the previous cases."] More specifically she saw the photos of the previous cases, among other photos that were completely unconnected to the police force, from another source. The police force photos had been hard, going over so many to review the other cases, searching for... more. Yet it was before that when she had first become ill at the sight before her field work had begun. Not that she intended to tell him about that.

Stunned, though, for a short minute after that when she looked at his face. Was that... a smile, he knew how to smile? Something about the sight of it was unusually jarring to the girl, Kaylee almost thought he couldn't smile at all. Of course, she wouldn't comment on it, not that she had time to given the sudden shift in his attention.

Looking towards the forest with him, wondering what it was he was looking for, she would suddenly lurch away at the shots being fired off. A yelp slipping out, or something akin to that, in her surprise. It was so damn close to her, whirling on him to just look, about ready to ask him what the hell his problem was before he was off, damnit!

The forest, he saw something... was it one of them, lurking out in the forest...? He couldn't kill it then, no they needed it! A moment of panic, would he even back able to kill it? Or would he be the next... Before she finished the thought she would pull out her own tool, not a gun. No, she knew if she ever had this chance she would need it alive. Powerful tranquilizers, and a stun gun. Enough to take down a large animal for a time.

Unfortunately, she had no idea where exactly in the forest he had gone, it was far too dark and she was no expert in this environment, and soon enough... she would be hopelessly lost. [i Fuck.] There was only a moment of hesitation before she would pull her phone out of her pocket, and try calling Mathers.
  Kaylee Grahn / IdyllicDreamer / 1y 229d 8h 20m 43s
[font "Times New Roman" [center [size20 i lost my time here]]

The tall man glanced down to his companion's level. How could she be so perky in the ass of the night? Kaylee was known around the precinct for her outward friendliness, but for some reason, most of it rubbed Mather the wrong way.

[b "Yeah, it's like the usual, except a bit worse. She was probably alive for some of it."] The thought made him grimace. [b "Lower jaw is gone, an arm and both legs gone, one eye gone. Like some sick experimentation in symmetry if you have no idea what the hell symmetry actually is. And a blank business card in her pocket."] He paused to look over Kaylee's expression. [b "That's it. Just a Jane Doe with a nothing ass business card."]

He cringed at the nickname [i Matty]. He'd told her too many times not to call him that. She didn't seem to care when he didn't answer to it. Didn't make it any less bothersome.

[b "I told you not to call me that, it's annoying. The rookie telling me how to treat the other rookie, how ironic."] He turned to look at the man in question and subsequently noted, [b "The bastard's throwing up at the crime scene."] A stretched moment passed by before he added: [b "It's a rite of passage; I'm surprised you're holding it together."]

A small smile graced his face, a sight Kaylee wasn't usually in the presence of. It was almost like a mistake that he was doing it. [b "They're gonna chalk it up to another animal attack. The girl will have to be cremated because that funeral would be traumatizing, no doubt. Oh, and Kay--"]

The sentence trailed off. Mather's stare locked somewhere far off in the woods. He didn't move. He heard something, he was sure of it.

There it was again. He pulled out his gun and fired four times into the darkness, his precision uncanny in any other situation--but what the [i hell] was he shooting at? He said nothing to Kaylee or Bale or anyone else as he bounded off into the darkness. His long legs carried him like some terrified but swift animal reversing the roles and chasing a predator.

Eventually he stopped. It was very sudden, with his chest heaving and sweat dripping down his nose. It was a ways away from the original site, but the woods surrounding the Maisy Lakehouse didn't stretch on forever. There was an exit somewhere.

[b "Where the hell are you, fucker?"] he grumbled into the darkness. He [i knew] they were there. He knew it. [b "You want some attention, is that it? Huh?! Did you kill that girl?!"] His voice steadily grew in volume as anger crept up on him. [b "You're a pussy."]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center [size20 i lost my patience with it all]]]
the wolves by ben howard
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Receiving calls in the middle of the night was hardly unusual anymore, it had been at first... When had she even become so accustomed to it? Rubbing at her eyes as she grabbed for her phone, setting down a series of papers she was studying again. Reports, always going over them. There was never enough time in the day, too many mysteries to solve. Someone on the force. Not the difficult one she had to work with for the time, the day he called would have been an utter shock.

Another body fitting into her area of research, it seemed to fit in with regular... [i feeding] habits of course. A little check to add to some paper in these piles somewhere, or just a check in her mind. Still, she needed to examine the body herself, the place wasn't too far away. She could work it out. A bag and her jacket were all she needed on the way out, heading for her car.

Of course, he had arrived here before her, recognizing another car among the police cruisers as she climbed out of her own. Company issued, tracked and bugged she was sure. Kaylee knew the drill when it came to them, she may have been new to it all but she learned quickly about Cerberus' leash.

[#24D6AD "Language~"] Finding him wasn't an issue here, the least professional looking one here. The near scolding word slipping out as she made her way over to him, catching a few choice words, doubting he would care. Personally, she didn't either, he could say whatever he wanted. She just wanted to annoy him a little.

[#24D6AD "I didn't get all the details over the phone, same situation as the usual?"] Mostly she didn't get the details because she already assumed what they were, cut off the call sooner, so she could get out here to investigate for herself. Still, he always beat her here. Probably a perk of being familiar with this place, whereas she was still new.

Shifting a little more, a few steps away really, to look over towards the body. Expression falling slightly, sucking in a quick breath as she needed to glance away for a moment. Processing it, the knot forming in her stomach as she looked once again. Some of her seniors could look at these without flinching now, would she reach that level of restraint one day? Become numb to it all...? Did Kaylee really [i want] to become numb...?

She herself would have arrived looking professional, something akin to a feminine suit with her pencil skirt, and well-tailored jacket. Not the lab coat she was used to, but for now, it was better suited to field work, it looked better. Blending in better by appearing more professional.

[#24D6AD "And you weren't picking on poor Bale again before I got here, were you, Matty~?"]
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[font "Times New Roman" [center [size20 and cities grow weeds]]

It was four in the morning when the phone rang. Mather moaned, taking no time to become annoyed, as he struggled to locate his cell phone on the bedside table. The bright, sudden light blinded him as it lit up the empty apartment.

[b "Stiles."] He rubbed his eyes slowly, sitting up in bed. No way they'd be calling him and letting him go back to sleep.

"Sir! There's been a murder--the body is... it's..."

[b "Go on."]

"It looks like it was mauled by a bear... then a tiger... then coyotes. It's... It's fuckin' horrible, man. God. This woman--"

[b "Where?"]

"By the Maisy Lakehouse. Some drunk kids found her. [i Please], sir--"

[b "I'm twenty minutes away."] The dark-haired man hung up, lumbering out of bed and patting the floor to find his jeans. He heard his belt jingle and slid his legs into the right place, pulling the pants up swiftly. He didn't bother with a shirt under his hoodie. This was an urgent call, not a dress rehearsal.

Being the lead agent on this case was exhausting. People turned up dead time to time and there was the same cover for all of it: wild animals. Whatever monsters were up to this were too advanced to be taken lightly. It was almost impossible to find a suspect because the murders could be weeks or months in between and they're always made to look like animal attacks.

He sped up the highway still rubbing sleep out of his eyes. His messy black hair was a bit more disheveled than usual. Shit, at least he was showing up.

There were more policemen on the scene. The area was cordoned off with glaring yellow tape that Mather dipped below as he flashed his badge. The officer who had called him, a rookie everyone called Bale, instantly flocked to him and explained the situation. To be blunt, it was gruesome. The girl's hair was matted with blood, her mouth stuck in an eternal scream that was missing a lower jaw. One of her eyes was missing and the other was glazed over. The left arm was nowhere to be found. The ribcage was ripped open. Poor girl's legs were torn off; one was several yards away in a small ditch. Bale could barely hide his gag. Mather's heart broke for her.

[b "So who is she?"] He stepped closer to the body, covering his nose initially to block out some of the stench before giving up.

"We can't tell for sure yet, sir. The clothes she did have on when she was found contained nothing. Just--just..."

[b "Spit it out for Christ's sake."]

"Just a business card. Blank, though. A blank business card."

[font "Times New Roman" [center [size20 and cities grow]]

Mather kept his composure, but his heart leaped. He glanced at Bale, his brow low as he tried to focus. He recognized the blank business card MO, of course, but...

No. Couldn't be.

[b "Where's the other one at?"] He looked expectantly around before settling his gaze on the lesser officer, who looked completely lost. [b "The outta-towner. Perky, annoying little weasel. You called?"]

"I did! I - I did! I called your partner right after--"

[b "[i Don't] let me hear you say that again, Bale."]

Mather grumbled to himself a little more, scouting around the crime scene absently. The three teenagers who'd drunkenly stumbled upon the girl were definitely startled back to sobriety. Their eyes were wide and wild, darting around place to place. It was obvious they weren't sure what to make of this... and to see the body just by stretching your neck a little... nobody needed to see some shit like that.

A cool chill swept through the little patch of woods. Mather pulled himself in closer, rubbing his hands together idly. The Maisy Lakehouse was almost famous for its beautiful view of Wu Lake. It was relatively close to the city while also being far enough to not be disturbed. It belonged to the Maisy family, who vacationed there in the warm months. In October, it should've been empty. What could this woman possibly have been doing there? And [i what] tore her apart like this?

Of course, he suspected. But
w h o

[b "Fuck. A fuckin' mess. Nightmare. God[i damn] it."]

[center [size20 and cities keep secrets in the trees]]]
fulton street by la dispute
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