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[size14 [font "Times" Nathan's eyes were on the scene as they both barely paused on the edge of the scene, taking it in, neither truly stopping. The man's eyes landed on the aggressor of the situation, feeling a hard, violent heat shoot through his veins. He shot past Chris, not listening to him. He leapt forwards, a rough, animal sound tearing from him in the shape of a [i 'no!'] as his hands grasped the back of the smaller child's clothing and threw him to the ground.

The little boy struggled underneath him, Nathan arched over behind him as he felt his knees land on either side of the little thing's body. He snarled up at Nathan, trying to lash out. The doctor's hands clamped down on the flailing limbs to try and cage them, pulling them down to save his hands from opportunistic bites. The child was barely what looked like nine or ten, and so it was hardly a feat for him.

But down this close, the smell of all of the blood around him hit Nathan hard, alongside the adrenaline throwing itself against the walls of his veins. He caught sight of the boy's livid, glimmering eyes turned back at him balefully before they switched back up to where Christopher had plastered himself against the elder sister's body against the tree.

The screams, the color, the scent, the panic all pounded against the inside of Nathan's head. It was familiar, it was bringing with it panic welling within him that he tried to fight, tried not to tighten his grip too hard as he twitched at the scream directed at him; of rage and hatred; as the boy threw his head towards Nathan again. His eyes unfocused for a moment, and yet everything felt so [i in] focus.

Nathan heard Christopher's voice somewhere ahead of him and his head snapped up, leaning enough of his weight on the child to keep him restrained. [size12 [i This isn't quite possession is it...]]

Nathan's eyes were dim golden, reflecting it seemed from the centers of his irises as he looked at the priest, seeking direction. He didn't want to inhale. But he had to speak. He was bigger than this animal fear, bigger than a simple scent. "[#00CCFF What do I do?]"

His attention went to the girl behind him, seeing her wounds. He swallowed at the stains on her frock and his face creased in uncertainty before he returned down to the child, hearing Christopher's words on the matter barely over the enraged shrieks of the child. They were so savage, even coming from such a young child. Similar had been uttered in tantrums, but hardly in this register, in this cadence such mature, wild malice. He had been screamed at by his brother similarly, when they were fighting as children, but it would be only the one scream of frustration and anger, hardly the clawing animosity to be released to continue tearing into his elder sister. It sent a shiver down Nathan's spine as he heard the scream resonate against him.

Nathan's face twisted in illness at the sound, distracted by the smell around them, and the slickness of the girl's blood underneath his hands, restraining the arms that had torn into her. He could smell the older brother's as well, all of it pushing together in a hot, confusing swirl that was tinged in that same acrid taint in it. Nathan couldn't move, not knowing if Christopher would draw closer, of putting the other in danger, and not risking getting bit or scratched himself. Christopher didn't need to see the color of Nathan's own blood.
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[center [size15 [font "Edwardian" Sister Patrice was perhaps overly careful in the way he took the bandages. The way she made sure to use only the hand that was no bloody, the way she avoided getting even a spec on Nathan, going as far as to rip her arm away with the bandages quickly when she saw some running up her arm, and then eyeing the doctor for any that could have touched him. Only when she noted no blood on him did she respond, [b [#1e90ff "Thank you. You will not be getting these back."]], behind nervous lips.

When asked how many there were, the sister tilted her head, then hummed. [b [#1e90ff "Well...there were three, weren't there?"]] Merlot didn't know what to make of the responce, but they [i didn't have time] to question her. The children were in danger, possibly threatened by multiple people-

As the reality of the sitaution set in, Merlot's thoughts went to penance. They sent him here because they thought it would be safe- that nothing could go wrong- that those around him would be [i safe]. And yet, people were dying. And not just dying, people were [i killing]! These poor kids were [i in danger]. But really, what would penance do? So far, it had done nothing but covered him in scars. Yes, perhaps rectifying it would only by trying to save as many as he could.

Surely, he could save at least one. And if that was all he could do, at least he could face the lord saying he tried. He'd die trying, if he must.

Chrisopher nodded in response to Nathan, and the nun took the knife just as carefully as she had taken the bandages, but rose and held it with no hesitation when it was in her hand. [b [#1e90ff "I will head out and wait closer to edge."]] She nodded once, then turned, heels somehow not sinking into the dirt as she trotted out of the forest, leaving the priest and the doctor to their own devices.

The priest followed after Nathaniel like a life line, feeling tense, feeling his heart pick up in pace as they went. His eyes drifted up from the ground at the sound of a scream, and he sped up, pushing past Nathan, following the sound. Nor fear or violence, but a mixture of the two, it sounded like- Merlot had heard that kind of scream on many occasions, and it always made him feel sick.

It...confirmed something for him.

He paused when he got to the sight, putting an arm in front of Nathan to stop him from getting any closer until they could asses the exact way to go about it.

Now, Christopher knew what she meant by "one" and "three". As the eldest, a yound man nearing their teenage years, lie pushing up daises, the middle child, a young girl with blood on her chest and side, pressed herself up a tree trying to escape the youngest, who already had blood on their hands.

[b [#483D8B "Oh dear..."]] He put a hand to his mouth, closed his eyes, took a deep inhale through his nose, and descended down towards them. Surely, he could save the one. [b [#483D8B "Nathan, have bandages at the ready, please."]] He tossed his bag to the side, and just as he did, the child rushed for his sister.

Merlot was in front of her before he could get her. He eyed the gash in his robes, but he did not check it for blood. The child was in danger now- nothing else mattered. He could, at least, save one. It tried to attack again, and Merlot lifted the girl and raised her into a tree, telling her quickly to climb before realeasing her and dodging another claw attempt. [b [#483D8B "You're still there, I know you are."]] The child yelled. [b [#483D8B "You can keep fighting it-"]]

Another swing, but Merlot was quick on his feet. It came with the job, at least, the one he used to have. [b [#483D8B "This isn't quite possesion, is it?"]] He thought outloud, noticing the change in eyes, the cloudiness- and now, it seemed, a ring of golden red.

He shared eye contact, felt the familair burn in his own, and it turned, going to attack the tree, trying to climb. And Christopher knew there was little else he could do. There was no talking him down, no restraining him without risking it spreading- they still didn't know how it spread. All he knew, was that currently, the child was trying to kill his sister, and the dying tree would not hold. He glanced over at Nathan, then over at the girl, and calmly walked behind the boy and put a hand on the back of his neck to whisper [b [#483D8B "Somnum."]]

He stepped over the boy as he fell, reaching up to held the girl back down and into his arms, before placing her on the floor and walking her over to the doctor. [b [#483D8B "He won't be out for long, and this ones bleding. There's a chance I can restrain the other one as you take care of her, but you and the child should get away from here-"]] He could feel warmth under the fabric of his shirt. It might stain, but...

His own health wasn't his concern.

He wanted to save more than just the one.]]
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[size14 [font "Times" The symbol on Nathan's bag wasn't the whole front, staying gently in the corner where it was impressioned upon the leather. Inside, he knew what lay and his stature relaxed as a result of it. It was strange, however, to have it all on again, and it gve him pause for just a moment as he smoothed a hand over the front of his coat again. Back with these materials, rushing headlong into danger. He hated it. But it was familiar.

He could practically taste the anxiety next to him, however, that was bound up in Father Merlot. He tried to ignore it and focus on categorizing what he knew about the situation. Christopher looked functional, so he needn't concern himself just yet.

But the apology caught his attention, drawing his eyes over to the priest, surprised by the apology.

Nathan licked his lips, glancing away briefly. He didn't know how to respond just yet, and nodded to him, "[#00CCFF Wonderful chance to rectify that trying to rescue them.]"

As they were nearing the edge of the forest, he took a breath. Ready now, time to get to work. They didn't know what to

He was about to continue when Christopher stopped suddenly. His eyes followed the man's to land on the nun, his hand going out to stop Chris before he went forwards. He inhaled softly, following, and noticed that the blood he could taste in the air held no disease in it. His hands were already opening his bag and reaching into it as Chris got to her.

Nathan didn't want to approach, really, seeing how she eyed him. But from his bag, he retrieved a roll of bandages, crossing to the sister and handing it over. She looked shocked and a little disconcerted with him so he moved slowly. "[#00CCFF Here,]" he offered.

"[#00CCFF How many are there?]" Nathan asked, trying to think of how many people they would need to fend off. [i Wait,] he thought, [i only one of them has it? That implied multiple were just threatening the children. That was strange. For what reason?]

With that he looked in the direction she pointed them in, inhaling slowly, eyes alight. He felt his lungs stretch a little, turning back to Christopher, "[#00CCFF We need to go now,]" he said, pulling a knife from the inside of the coat and turning it, offering the handle to Sister Patrice. "[#00CCFF Please be safe.]" he nodded to her.

"[#00CCFF Father, this way,]" and with that he led the way, hearing a scream from up ahead. At this distance it was hard to tell if it was of fear or of violence.
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[center [size15 [font "Edwardian" The distaste in Nathaniel’s tone might have killed him, in other circumstances. The tension, the bitter anger, coming from a man Christopher had regarded as a comfort- it felt like rotting matter his in stomach. But he said nothing to change it. He pursed his lips, brought back the nun, and stood at her side patiently waiting for the doctor.

Sister Nancy looked over with her name, eyes gentle and curious and [i worried] as the doctor explained to take notes. It was a very good thing she had recently been taught to write, it seemed, for up until Father Merlot had shown her, she had been useless in this regard. This, however, she didn’t question.

She did question the stone she soon found in her hand, however. But not verbally, rather she rolled it around in her fingers, looking at it curiously, then back at the doctor with...mild suspicion. What would a stone do? Should she just throw it at the woman should the woman try and attack her? What good would this do? She brushed it off and pocketed the stone, grabbing a notebook and quill as she went to sit next to the widow on the bed, making a note of how she seemed now, so she could update any changes.

Merlot was able to keep Nathan’s gaze when he looked over, but it softened as the man looked away and grabbed his bag. Even angry at him, he was a comfort. A familiar face, something steady. There wasn’t much stability, here. Those that continued to show up to his sermon’s were an unsteady few, different people drifted in and out in the fear of the plague. Nathaniel was really the only stable face Christopher saw. And even angry at him, his presence was a sign that not everything was lost, yet.

Though sometimes, it felt close.

He nodded, following Nathaniel out of the church and into the streets, locking the church quickly behind him to keep any wandering folk from trying to enter when he was not there. There used to at least be someone there who could be of service at all times- but-

The deaths had changed things a lot.

Including how dead it was in town. Rather than talking to his partner in this, he found his eyes drifting to the few people out as they walked. How many of them had it? How soon would they die? Would anyone die by their hands, should they find someone else in the forest?

How many of them could he save?

He turned his eyes back to Nathan as they arrived, saying nothing as Nathan dropped his bag by the priest and went to retrieve his coat. He just stood there patiently, eyes eventually wandering, and glance eventually falling to the bag.

His breath ran cold and got stuck in his throat. No, surely Nathan wasn’t- but...that [i was] a pentagram he was looking at, was it not? Five points, circle, sigils. No, surely he-

His eyes trailed up the stairs. Was it truly that unbelievable?

Yet, he couldn’t just jump to conclusions. Maybe the man just didn’t know- maybe it was a hand-me-down, a gift- maybe he didn’t know the symbol! But then again, who didn’t, now? And wasn’t he afraid of being accused a witch? They’d accused people over smaller things-

He thought back to young Ms. Picket, the girl was only 7, she had only stumbled across the pin while on a picnic, it wasn’t even hers- He shuddered. Didn’t Nathan know what he was risking carrying that symbol around? Whether it meant anything to him or not, still, he should know the risks!

Fire and brimstone didn’t sound pleasant, whether eternal or not.

His eyes drifted up to the doctor when he heard him coming down, eyes leaving the pentagram in exchange of eyeing the man before him. He didn’t recognize the coat. He acknowledged, briefly, that the fact he could recognize the others, the black and the blue, was disconcerting, for he knew there was only one reason he would know of such things, only one reason his eyes would linger long enough to. He hated that they lingered now, hated that his breath stilled for a moment before turning.

[b [#483D8B “Alright.”]] He didn’t mention the bag. He adjusted his own, and headed for the forest. [b [#483D8B “I am sorry.”]] He managed to say as they got closer, keeping his voice low, but loud enough for the man to hear him. [b [#483D8B “I will admit I was in the wrong, I misunderstood. And you [i are] right-”]] He glanced over at the doctor, then back at the forest as they approached. [b [#483D8B “I should never have given up so easily on them.”]]

The moment his foot made contact with the bottom of the forest floor, he felt a familiar uneasiness. But he did not stall, did not hesitate. He pushed forward, motioning for Nathan to follow as he led the way. [b [#483D8B “We shouldn't separate while in here, there is no telling what we could-”]] He paused, stopping in his tracks. [b [#483D8B ...find. Sister Patrice?”]]

The nun looked up from a stump she was sitting on, arms crossed, eyes wide. [b [#1e90ff “They’re deeper in- the kids. The widows. I tried to stop them but-”]] She uncrossed her arms, or rather, lifted the hand that had been holding her arm, the hurt one, that Merlot only noticed now. [b [#1e90ff “One of them has it.”]]

Merlot quickened his pace and walked over, kneeling beside her to look at the injury briefly. It broke skin. She was bleeding. It didn’t look like teeth, though. [b [#483D8B “Nathaniel, do you have bandages?”]] The sister eyed the doctor, then placed her hand back on her arm. [b [#1e90ff “I will be fine, you two don’t have time to waste. They went off east, but I’m sure they didn’t go far.”]]

Chris shot a glance at Nathan, eyes questioning. Do they bandage the nun at the expense of the children, or do they run off? Merlot stood. [b [#483D8B “I know her well enough, she will be fine-”]] [b [#1e90ff “Go help the children.”]]]]]
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[size14 [font "Times" Nathan wasn't one for interrupting, but his eyes blew wide at Christopher's accusation. It was a moment before they narrowed, "[#00CCFF I said no such thing,]" he retorted. "[#00CCFF You would remember, I said it would be if you went [i alone].]" His face was cold. So, Father Merlot wasn't listening to him at all. He was so wound up in his own head that he was only being reactionary to Nathaniel calling him out.

However, the rest struck him speechless. Nathaniel's face was for the majority relatively smooth, as usual, but a crease was forming in between his brows as he listened to Christopher explain his helplessness.


That certainly put a damper on his reliance on holy support if things turned out the way he feared they may regarding this plague...

Nathan's lips pursed, trying to draw on what knowledge he still had in him to remember what to do. It had been years since he had hunted or done an investigation. And this town hardly had the library that the Hackett estate had... and neither did the church here.

"[#00CCFF Hm. I see...]" the man trailed off, eyes following as he thought, crossing towards the door. But Christopher's arm coming out to stop him made his eyes snap towards the man, features twitching with threat. Don't touch him.

"[#00CCFF No,]" Nathan responded in a flat, inarguable tone, moving to push Merlot's attempt at obstructing him out of his way, face frustrated. He was in [i no] mood for this self-sacrifice and was about to say so when the priest continued, mercifully, and Nathan just tightened his jaw and stood still, holding eye contact with the mousy little man as he scurried away.

Hissing, the man paced across the room, flexing his hands. Christopher reminded him of Zachary in all the worst ways at times. It took cajoling and pressure and mess in order to get him to act, too; more willing to try and avoid something. Reactionary. Unless he was dashing after Anna at the expense of everything they were working for, whoring himself out for her more willingly than himself. As if it mattered anymore. Perhaps that was what had frustrated Nathan the most, realizing this was a familiar situation.

He turned when he heard footsteps down the hallway and noted the two of the cloth returning. His eyes followed the nun curiously before turning towards her, "[#00CCFF Sister Nancy?]" he drew her attention, explaining to make note of any change in Mrs. Cannes' condition for him and went to his bag, pressing a little item into her hand. "[#00CCFF Keep this. I have a theory about what's going on, and this may help keep her from you.]"

When she opened her hand, it was a small, crystalline geometric piece of stone that looked like a piece of petrified, slightly oil-slick luminescent stone.

He then pulled away with a nod, switching his gaze to Merlot who seemed now to be holding his gaze. Nathan sighed through his nose- so now it was a contest, was it? And gathered his bag, taking it along with him.

"[#00CCFF I will take my coat from my rooms before we go,]" he said as they passed out of the room, taking the lead.

Walking was relatively silent, and short, as the distance on foot from the church to the mortuary only down the road and a few over. Once there, Nathan pushed the door open and swept inside. In his quarters now, he passed the body he was preparing in the back and quickly covered it, locking the door behind himself. If Nathan wasn't looking at Christopher before, he wasn't now as he dropped what looked to be a satchel by the man. It had a five pointed star on it seated within a ring that was marked with sigils on it perimeter.

Disappearing again, Nathan had to mount the stairs to the second floor, his private apartment, and went to the wardrobe.

When he appeared downstairs, Nathaniel had donned a coat. It was hardly the black or the dark blue one that the man was often seen wearing. This one was a heavy, long what looked to be either oiled canvas or potentially leather and closed up his throat , and black. His eyes were removed from the priest, knowing those eyes were on him for the change in attire, or perhaps they weren't. Perhaps he was still staring at him in that competitive, stalwart way, or he was looking for some form of response, assurance, something.

"[#00CCFF I'm ready now,]" he said colorlessly, looking to Christopher.
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[center [size15 [font "Edwardian" Saying he was caught off guard was an understatement. Nathan had already said it would be suicide to find them, and now he was yelling at Christopher for not doing it...

He flinched, forgetting about avoiding Nathan's gaze as he looked back in shock, feeling pain rise in his chest. [b [#483D8B "I didn't [i leave] her! You were the one that said it would be a suicide mission!"]]

It only took the next lines of Nathan's scolding him to get Father Merlot to clench his fists and feel panicked anger rise in his chest. [b [#483D8B "I'm not- I didn't-"]] He could barely get any words out before Nathan was continuing, calling him on his faith, questioning it, making Christopher question himself, for he knew he was no longer the pure man of god he used to be. [b [#483D8B "I am not [i hiding]!"]] His voice rose, but he was trying to hold back. He was trying to calm down.

But there was only so much he could hold back. [b [#483D8B "I'm not a [i pillar] of anything!"]] He was trembling now, nails digging into his clenched fists. [b [#483D8B "I'm only a [i man], Nathan! And look at how far my preaching has gotten me, they're not rallying together! They're hiding! Cowering in their homes, trying to escape town!"]]

The next words made him shut up for a moment- cutting him deeper than the rest. He used to be who was called for when people needed an exorcism. He was the best for it. And now look at him. His hands trembled in panic and anger and his eyes clenched closed. And he ignored [i everything else Nathan said]. [b [#483D8B "I [i can't]! At most I could [i bless] her but what good does that truly do?! I know, okay?! I don't need [i you] to tell me I'm sitting idly by! I have the scriptures memorized! I've done it countless times before, [i BUT ALL IT WOULD ACCOMPLISH WOULD BE PUTTING THE NAIL IN HER COFFIN!"]]] He looked up, trembling, tears streaming down his face as he glared at Nathan. [b [#483D8B "I don't need [i you] to remind me what I can't do! They sent me here so I'd never have to do another one! I can't [i do] them anymore, Nathan!"]] His voice broke, and he clenched his eyes again. [b [#483D8B "I can't do them anymore...not when they keep dying... They sent me here because I was useless. They sent me here because every exorcism I've done has ended in tragedy. This was supposed to be safe- I know I'm useless...I don't need you to remind me."]]

He put a hand in front of Nathan, stopping him from leaving. [b [#483D8B "You know it would be suicide, Nathan. I'll gather one of the sisters and go. I know Sister Nancy was cleaning the attic today, but someone must stay with Mrs. Cannes, and you have the most medical knowledge."]]

Screw his damned self, screw penance, Nathan was right. There was an illness they didn't understand. He could not sit idly by. He had to at least do what he could. [b [#483D8B "I'll be fine. I'll bring them back. Just...stay with the widow."]] he allowed himself a single glance at Nathan, wiped his tears away, and then paused. [b [#483D8B "Or...Sister Nancy can watch Mrs. Cannes. So far, both of us have the most experience with this, even if it's not much. We might stand a better chance together."]]

Screw hell. He needed Nathan in order to solve this, and he couldn't be idle anymore. If he could not exorcise her, he could at least find her children. [b [#483D8B "I will retrieve her, give me a moment."]] He pushed past Nathan to go up to the attic, lightly clearing his throat to get the nuns attention. [b [#87CEFA "Yes, Father Merlot?"]] She asked as she turned around and set a box down. [b [#87CEFA "I heard you calling for the doctor earlier, is everything alright?"]]

He couldn't lie to her, but he couldn't tell the truth either. [b [#483D8B "With luck, it will be. Mrs. Cannes is downstairs, I need you to watch after her while me and Nathaniel retrieve her children."]]

[b [#87CEFA "Oh...oh, dear. She didn't catch [i it], did she?"]] Christopher looked away, and Nancy Smith knew the answer. [b [#87CEFA "Alright, Father Merlot. I will head down now."]]

She entered the room with Nathan in it, nodding but keeping her head down until she passed him and sat next to the woman.

Father Merlot took a moment to follow behind her, stopping into his room to grab a...safety measure. Just in case. And grabbed some holy water, and salt, in hopes that it would help protect them. Only then did he come back to Nathan, not avoiding eye contact but forcing himself to keep it...un-soft. He didn't want to make it worse, but penance wasn't going to cure this. He had tried. Perhaps if he could stop this, however, God would go easy on him when he was judged.]]]
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[size14 [font "Times" Nathan stared at Christopher's sudden change in tone. He didn't want to go look for the children? He was stunned at the man's ease at abandoning them, at condemning them even if the odds weren't in their favor at even finding them. Without even trying. He was the one who had suggested it. It wouldn't have occurred to Nathan to look, but now he felt a tightness in his chest seize him and take his senses hostage. Nathan's eyes were hard on him, confused, taken aback by the sudden refusal, and it took him a moment to gather his thoughts.

"[#00CCFF Are you just going to leave them?]" he finally managed to say, incredulity lacing his tone and bridging dangerously close to accusation. He saw the shaken look in the man's eye as he turned to Nathan. "[#00CCFF Did you leave Sister Patrice as well?]"

"[#00CCFF They're [i children],]" Nathan breathed, shaking his head. "[#00CCFF Don't you care? They need you, you are a pillar of the community.]" he gestured at Christopher. "[#00CCFF They would pray to [i you] before they would god with how young they are. Too little to be indoctrinated like the rest; they see your face in His place. Will you abandon them?]"

His eyes distanced for a moment, twisting into disbelief as he looked at Christopher. Abandoned to the forest, to the monstrous world. Left because they were believed already gone. Nathan's lip curled, remembering what that felt like. In his eyes lit an energy that suddenly flared up from behind the shock.

"[#00CCFF You of all people, a man of god, aren't you? Aren't you supposed to be full of scripture, leading them, giving the people hope, direction in this time of crisis?]" Be it true or not. Be they dead words to Nathan. "[#00CCFF And yet you [i hide] and let them discover their dead alone. You stand there whimpering and shying from them, like they're the monsters.]"

Nathan's eyes traveled over him, recalling Father Crimmage's face. His steely brow, his condemnation. Nathan remembered believing him, believing lies, but [i being] led. And in Father Merlot's now all he saw was weakness. "[#00CCFF You're supposed to be a moral pillar of the community, aren't you? Telling them to work together, to love, to- to believe in something?]"

It was bringing him back to his village, images of portly men from the city, looming behind pulpits and pointing fingers at townspeople below them. Upon him. Condemning him after all he had done for them, all the blood on his hands. Anger and pain flashed in Nathan's eyes, trying to focus on the now, not then. But it was all squishing together, it was all coming out and he couldn't stop it. He had bottled it away so long it was all coming out now.

"[#00CCFF I have seen you preach action, activity and faith in the square,]" Nathan said, shaking his head, flexing his hands. He didn't understand.

It was insulting that [i he] was the one that kept being handed these fatalistic half-solutions from the priest, not the other way around. After all the church did to him and his family he was the one working; he had for years, actually solving the problems that the church ignored. And once he had moved, thinking perhaps those years were over, leaving Zachary and the remnants of Morvale he was back in it.

He knew they didn't understand, the church, and he still had much to learn about the situation, but it would at least be able to rally people to do [i something]. And yet, after all this time, after all they took from him it was still the faithless Nathan being the one who was about to go and save these stupid, god-fearing people. it would be he who would rally them behind him again, if there were any left by the time he managed to investigate properly.

Nathan now paced, pushing a hand over his face. He had to calm down. He had to be reasonable. His fingers pushed through his hair, letting out a sigh. He had to stay under control. But this- his thughts were already racing.

Nathan turned back to Christopher. "[#00CCFF Aren't you supposed to be the one with the power to cleanse this? Were you not taught your script, your Latin, your [i magic]?]" Nathan was almost begging now, confused. He had no conviction in him, this priest. There were almost no bones in Christopher. "[#00CCFF You keep [i saying] so. I've yet to see you give one thing more than a suggestion to me of your action. You [i could] bless, you [i could] exorcise, you [i could] do anything to help these people and yet all I see if you [i cower] like an apprentice boy.]"

He actually missed Zachary now. He at least would have been working alongside him in this. Looking at Merlot, was he wrong to expect his support? Nathan barely knew him. Perhaps he was arrogant to assume.

His tone harshened, as did his expression. The raven haired man's eyes flashed, literal and real; flickering for a moment in their depths an amber gold as he bared his teeth in anger. Nathan shook his head, "[#00CCFF 'Men of god',]" he sneered. "[#00CCFF are men of inaction and negligence, hypocrisy and superstition, all of you.]"

He turned, moving over to his open doctor's kit as his hands passed behind himself to untie his apron. "[#00CCFF I'll be cleaning up the church's mess just like I have been for [i ten years].]" he hissed, more to himself this time, frustration painting his pale face flushed. It was a good thing he still had his kit at the mortuary.

"[#00CCFF You watch Mrs. Cannes,]" he spat, balling the item up and tossing it into the leather bag. "[#00CCFF At least do that for me.]"

He then let his sleeves down from where he had shoved them up, buttoning the cuffs. "[#00CCFF I will go into the forest and see if I can find them myself, and bring them back. And then I will write my company and send for them.]"
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[center [pic https://imgur.com/fNfD7lE.png]]
[center [size15 [font "Edwardian" He felt dread. Anxiety bubbled up in his stomach and Father Merlot tried to keep his eyes off of Mrs. Cannes, off of Nathan- but his eyes wandered between both as Nathan spoke. This [i was] much better than he being dead, but he still found himself wishing for anything else right now. Wishing for wine. Wishing for time for penance.

But for now, having someone to study was enough. He just wished for time. Time to figure shit out. Time to study her. Luck to figure it out.

[b [#483D8B "Yes...I'm sure she does."]] He eyed the woman, eyeing her body, taking in the look of her eyes. She didn't look much different than the corpses they'd found. He felt he was staring at death as he looked at her, and he almost got lost in his stares.

He was really only brought out of his distraction by a demand to see his arm. He instictively pulled into himself defensively, turning away slightly. [b [#483D8B "I am fine, don't worry. Mrs. Cannes should be your focus right now."]]

He froze when called his first name, however, caught off gaurd, and it gave Nathan the perfect chance to grab Father Merlot's arm. And then he froze [i more], staring tensely at where Nathan's hand made contact with his sleeve, then his skin.

His mind wandered into corners it couldn't be and he dragged himself out of it with thoughts of death, thoughts of loss, thoughts of losing a loved one. For a moment, Nathan wasn't a comfort: he was a sign of Christopher's damnnation.

He needed to do penance. It didn't matter that Nathan was here, he needed to do penance. Beg for fogiveness. God forgive him, this was surely his fault. All of this started when his mind turned into those soft places. He should have ignored them better, he new it was a sin.

When Nathan realeased his arm, he released a breath he didn't even know he was holding. [b [#483D8B "...Okay."]] His response was deflated. His mind was wondering. He needed to purge this warmth in his stomach, kill the burning butterflies, because surely they were a sign from hell. And god, he hated people worrying about him anyway.

He glanced down, barely listening. He needed to find the kids somehow, he was sure he could handle it. And perhaps if he went into the forest anyway, and died, the curse would stop. After all, he was sure he was the cause-

He listened to the next response more, and sighed. [b [#483D8B "I suppose all we can truly do, is hope they leave. Eventually the search party will gather all the bodies they can find..."]] He almost glanced at Nathan, but stopped himself and looked away again. [b [#483D8B "Let us hope the children are not among them."]]

He paused, eyeing the floorboard, tracing a certain wine stain in the wood. It tempted him more than it should have.

[b [#483D8B "Do you need help with anything else, Nathan? I'm afraid I...have a few things in the church I need to do-"]] All of which included future scars. After all, flogging himself until he bled wasn't necessarily going to leave his back in pristine condition, but for the penance...he'd do it for the penance. He knew he was full of sin. He knew he deserved it. [b [#483D8B "But I can put them on hold, should you still need me."]] He still couldn't allow himself even a glance.]]
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[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/54/3a/35/543a359e5216277a705047c8e50017d1.jpg]]
[size14 [font "Times" Nathan's brows arched that she could not see, his hands coming out to immediately examine the woman, but he stayed his hand for now, especially as Father Merlot continued speaking with her. She was in a delicate condition and it was best, especially if she couldn't see, not to come at her for now. He had wondered at the cloudiness of the eyes- but then again, he rarely ever had the chance to look at a body living, let alone intact enough to observe all of its tells around decay and destruction of course. But there was no hiding the interest in his gaze as he listened to the exchange.

He got down on a knee next to her, laying his fingers across the woman's pulse point at her throat. "[i Just me, Mrs. Cannes,]" Nathan said softly as he took his watch out by the chain and timed her pulse. The man's brows pushed together again, watching the minute tick by. His lips pursed, taking out a pen and pad from his pocket and jotting it down, and a few other notes.

With that the items were set aside again and he reached forwards, introducing everything he was about to do again in as soothing a voice as he could muster now. A pad of his finger raised her eyelid, soothing her as she startled at his touch, telling her she was fine, just fine. Pupils near covered with cloud, how interesting. A sign of decay, usually, like this. It wasn't a cataract visibly for what he could tell; it wasn't white. The pale pallor, the lack of air in the blood. His frown deepened, humming in his throat.

Was this... undeath?

It could be... That would explain the hunger, he had seen shambling creatures like this. Sick and sad, and suddenly wild dogs, tearing at the nearest warm body within reach. Sinking in and out of sanity. It was all so familiar. He remembered...

Anxiety pulled tremors into his touch as he then went to the woman's ashen mouth, pushing up her upper lip and peeking at her gums, seeking, seeking... what? No slits, no fangs that he could see. So. Was this [i just] undeath?

He was barely listening to Christopher. "[#00CCFF Catatonic and intact for observation is better than missing in the woods,]" he responded in a curt tone. He was thinking, he was [i thinking] Christopher. It was hard to differentiate his own thoughts from the man's voice and he didn't want to lose them. He didn't want to lose his train of thinking.

Nathan's fingers pushed through his hair, writing this down, and then turned to the priest, "[#00CCFF It's a start,]" he said, looking up at him. "[#00CCFF there have been no extant victims to observe. I believe Mrs. Cannes has many secrets for us.]"

Blood? He blinked. Blood. [i Arm.] "[#00CCFF I need to see your arm.]" he said, not in an arguable tone, putting a hand out for it; but was met with resistance.

"[#00CCFF [i Christopher], this is no time to be [i modest]!]" he hissed, advancing on him and taking his arm in his, wrenching up the man's sleeve to see a blue and purple half moon of teeth. No broken skin that he could see, no blood... His eyes, wide, searched over the bite, turning his arm. Nothing that showed any sign of irritation, or infection. A breath escaped him in relief.

Nathan's light eyes flicked to Christopher's. "[#00CCFF I will need to observe you, as well, you understand. We don't yet- completely know what we are facing.]" He released his arm and sleeve, nodding his head in a sort of an apology that was mostly half-hearted. Usually he wouold advocate for the lack of touch in a plague situation, but he the doctor needed to see his patient, and being difficult would mean rough treatment in the interest of the whole.

"[#00CCFF You can't go alone,]" he said. "[#00CCFF That's suicide, certainly. Why don't we gather- why don't we get-]"

Nathan couldn't finish his thought again, derailed by Christopher speaking over him and pushed a breath out, eyes twitching away. "[#00CCFF I don't know, I haven't seen the family,]" he explained, words rushed. "[#00CCFF Not since their eldest was ill two summers ago.]"
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[center [pic https://imgur.com/fNfD7lE.png]]
[center [size15 [font "Edwardian" His first thought was [i Oh, dear.] She was coming off it. He didn't know what to expect. If she would be alright, or if she would go to ripping at her throat, or theirs- He glanced over at Nathan, eyes lingering on his face, taking it in as if it would be the last time he saw it. There was no telling in this town anymore, when would be the last time he saw someone. There was no pattern that he'd been able to spot, so far, just bodies piling up in the woods, and closed casket funerals.

He glanced back when she asked where she was. He stared at her in worry as Nathan replied. Her eyes seemed to drift, still grey, still kind of unfocused. But...more there than they were earlier.

[b [#483D8B "Mrs. Cannes."]] He moves in front of her eyes, and they found their way to his eyes. [b [#483D8B "How are you feeling?"]] He repeated the unanswered question. [b [#5F9EA0 "Where am I?"]] He narrowed his eyes at her, eyeing her up and down in concern. [b [#483D8B "The church."]]

[b [#5F9EA0 "Can you turn the lights on?"]] He glanced over. [b [#483D8B "They are lit, Ma'am."]] [b [#5F9EA0 "But I can't see a thing. Are you sure, Father?"]]

He paused, glancing down at her in intense worry. But also relief. She was speaking to him. [b [#483D8B "Positive, Mrs. Cannes."]] He paused again, then glanced at the doctor. [b [#483D8B "Mrs. Cannes, I've the doctor here. Would you let him talk to you about what was going on?"]] he went to grab a notebook and quill, ready to take notes of need be. He wanted to aid as much as he could, in this.

Especially if it was his fault. God, he felt punished. His eyes should not have lingered. Their lips should have never been so close, hand never should have been on his robes. This was his fault. This trail of death was following him. He crossed himself, and waited for the woman to speak. [b [#5F9EA0 "What was going on? I don't... Where was I last? I remember being in the kitchen cooking and...how did I get here?"]]

Could she really not recall? [b [#483D8B "You left town recently, didn't you Mrs. Cannes?"]]

She paused, seeming to think it over. [b [#5F9EA0 "Yes, I took the kids and...um...what was I saying?"]] [b [#483D8B "You took your children?"]] [b [#5F9EA0 "Yes, I took them and then when I came back I told them to wait in the woods for me-"]]

He dropped the notebook. He suddenly felt sick. [b [#483D8B "Mrs. Cannes I-"]] [b [#5F9EA0 "I need to get back to my children!"]] He flinched. Her voice was doing it again. It didn't sound quite like her. But she made no effort to move. Just...spoke and gripped at the blankets.

[b [#5F9EA0 "I need to get to them! We need to go in deeper! I told them I would come with them!"]] Merlot stood, rushing to her bedside. [b [#483D8B "Mrs. Cannes why did you take your children into the woods? What were you thinking?"]] [b [#5F9EA0 "It calls me so loudly!"]] he grabbed her in a panic. [b [#483D8B "What does?! What calls you?!"]]

She bit him, tried to rip flesh, and he yanked his arms away. And then she fell into quiet mumbling again, incomprehensible. He remained where he was, shaking mildly, near tense, but he brushed it off. [b [#483D8B "Well,"]] He started, [b [#483D8B "She's not running. Yet, at least. And at least we got some information out of here before she..."]] He eyed the woman with sadness. [b [#483D8B "Went back to that..."]]

Stay on the positive. It'd make the pain fade a bit. He glanced at Nathan, but wouldn't allow his eyes to linger. He was being punished enough. [b [#483D8B "Her blood still worries me, Nathan. Is there some sort of test you can run on it?"]]

He frowned again, thinking of what she said. [b [#483D8B "Should I...try and find her children, Nathan? Do you...think they stand a chance? Maybe they're still alive...it's possible, right?"]] It was unlikely.

And despite everything, Nathan was a comfort. [b [#483D8B "I could...take some holy water. My rosary. I'm not showing any signs, and I could fend off the ones who-"]] He didn't finish it. He knew Nathan had seen the bodies torn up. [b [#483D8B "I could make it back..."]]

The forest didn't call him, as it did the others. But the wine did, and the cheese and bread, and then the gun he kept hidden in his bed chamber.

And the bites of Mrs. Cannes, that he was avoiding letting to doctor check. [b [#483D8B "Were the children showing any symptoms? Do you know?"]]]]
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[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/54/3a/35/543a359e5216277a705047c8e50017d1.jpg]]

[size14 [font "Times" Nathan's brows drew together at Father Merlot's saturated pessimism, glancing up at him. Had he no faith? What a question to ask. This was a terrible time to be critical. But. It was disheartening, to say the least, that even he sounded like he had no hope. Had she been showing signs?

"[#00CCFF Thank you,]" he responded with a glance at Merlot. He wouldn't look at him. Nathan felt himself bristle slightly. He knew he was imposing, but in this big empty church, nothing else was going on other than amassing in prayer. It was hardly the stronghold of goodness and protection people thought it was. If he had another option, Nathan would be out of his hair. But for now he had to swallow it, whatever Merlot's opinion of him.

Nathan nodded to the father again, thanking him again as the man of the cloth swept out of the room and down the hallway. Once alone, he sighed. "[#00CCFF Oh, Mrs. Cannes, if only you had come down ill closer to home.]" he said, dabbing a little at her forehead.

When Father Merlot appeared again, Nathan had arisen, pacing quietly to keep himself busy as he started formulating his letters in his mind. He would request Merlot watch her later and then write. But he must do it soon. They [i needed] the help. His forehead was leaned in the crook of his index and thumb, leaned on an arm crossed over his body, and from that he looked up at Merlot, hair falling over his shoulder.

"[#00CCFF Never bored in this town,]" Nathan said, exhaling. "[#00CCFF I'm sorry to hear that.]"

The man nodded towards the still form of Mrs. Cannes, "[#00CCFF No change. She's been sleeping. I imagine the draught still has her down for now.]"

But his words were skirted by the sound of the woman beside him. It wasn't like she was comatose still, she still had a small amount of movement to her, so initially Nathan didn't put anything behind Father Merlot until he heard a bit of the woman's voice. That drew his attention down to her.

Nathan looked at her as sluggish eyes opened. She wouldn't be up and about for a little while, during which the draught worked out of her system. But she was mumbling in slurred speech, asking where she was.

"[#00CCFF Hello, Mrs. Cannes,]" Nathan greeted, leaning down a little towards her. "[#00CCFF You're in the church. You had a nasty spell while you were here earlier, and have been resting. How are you feeling?]"
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[center [pic https://imgur.com/fNfD7lE.png]]
[center [size15 [font "Edwardian" Father Merlot merely shook his head at his questions. She broke skin. He should really get it checked. They didn't know [i how] this spread. But...he just couldn't allow himself that. Especially when he knew Nathan's touch would likely be kind and-

He gulped. [b [#483D8B "Yes...sooner than later. I believe Sister Patrice was close to Mrs. Cannes, she will likely be able to do the job. Once she comes back from the market."]] He paused. [b [#483D8B "[i If] she comes back from the market."]]

He nodded at Nathan's response, avoiding glancing back as his head originally turned to do. [b [#483D8B "I will make up a room tonight, so you at least have somewhere to retire when you can."]]

An hour or less...god, that wasn't much time. [b [#483D8B "I will...see if I can find Sister Patrice, and be back shortly to bless her and lend a hand with watching her. But for now, feel free to find anything you need within the church."]]

And with that he hurried out.

Yes, he needed to find the nun. But he also needed air. Purge these thoughts out while they could, who knows when they'd find the time to do penance again. For now, he just needed air.

...But Sister Patrice was no longer picking up bread at the market. His eyes wandered up into the distance of the forest and his steps found it's way to the edge.

A discarded basket, and bread.

He crossed himself and turned around. He was no fool. He would not wander in after her. So he went back to the market, bought a loaf of bread and some cheese that looked appealing, and headed back to the church, and back to the doctor who had occupied his thoughts more than Father Merlot would like to admit. [b [#483D8B "You may have another body to prepare come morning, Nathaniel."]] He mumbled, voice heavy. [b [#483D8B "Should the wolves not get to her first."]]

[b [#483D8B "How is she doing? Any changes?]] He couldn't keep this up. He set the basket down and put his hands against a table, leaning over it and taking an inhale of breath to stabalize himself. [b [#483D8B "I will...have to find some other way to find her children. I'll have someone call for the mayor, I'm sure he has something in his records- he can handle it but I-"]]

Another deep breath. [b [#483D8B "I'm not sure how many more funeral rights I can give."]] He heard the blankets shift-

[b [#483D8B "Mrs. Cannes?"]] His gaze fell toward the woman.]]
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[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/54/3a/35/543a359e5216277a705047c8e50017d1.jpg]]

[size14 [font "Times" Nathan's head tilted to the side, frowning at the refusal. At a time like this, reserve wasn't a helpful emotion to possess. He dropped his arm at his side,"[#00CCFF Did she bleed on you at all? Bite you, anything?]" the doctor asked in place of pressing the issue.

His eyes returned to the man as he spoke about the children, feeling relief soften his features. Visibly, he sighed, shoulders loosening. Nathan nodded. "[#00CCFF Best do that sooner than later,]" he suggested, glancing at Mrs. Cannes. "[#00CCFF Who can you send to find out?]"

He nodded again at the man's thoughts aloud. "[#00CCFF Thank you,]" he responded. "[#00CCFF But this night, perhaps, I will stay with her. The affliction is in her now, active. And I wish to see its effects myself.]" Perhaps then he could root out whether or not it was an affliction like his own, or like he suspected otherwise. Or to stop her attempting to harm herself.

Nathan nodded again at Father Merlot's agreement. Half of himself stinged, howling at the fact that now it was certain. He had to write. He had to bring Armand into this mess after telling him to stay away, and he had to find Zachary and hope he would be swayed to assist.

"[#00CCFF Perhaps an hour, maybe less,]" the doctor responded, lifting the handkerchief from the injection site. She bled no more. Good. Her body was still healing. That was good.

"[#00CCFF You may bless her at your leisure,]" he said to Merlot again, inclining his head.

But his eyes remained on Mrs. Cannes, bringing the kerchief to himself and inhaling the scent of the blood. Acrid. But there was a hint of iron beneath. That too was promising. His eyes narrowed, bemused. What [i extra] was this then?
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[center [pic https://imgur.com/fNfD7lE.png]]
[center [size15 [font "Edwardian" Yes, a good thing he stopped her. He let his eyes wander to the womans face, taking it in to remember in case she...she ended up like the others. If it was a closed casket, he wanted to remember who was in it.

He was brought out of that train of thought as the doctor asked to see his arm, though. He looked over with an expression of mild shock and worry, and then looked away, shaking his head. [b [#483D8B "It will be fine. She didn't do any damage."]] A clear lie. But he just couldn't have the doctor check.

[b [#483D8B "I am experienced with the children. I...I should be able to take them in, until we can find someone else for them. I'm sure there's a member of the church that would take them in until their mother recovers...[i if] their mother recovers."]] He glanced back at the doctor, giving him a comforting gaze. [b [#483D8B "I will find somewhere for them, that, at least, you don't have to worry about, Nathaniel."]]

He sighed and looked back at the woman. He'd have to ask around for her family. Ask if anyone knew of any relatives he could send the children to. Perhaps the mayor would allow them to leave town, at least, if there was no family elsewhere.

Once again, he was brought out of his thoughts by the doctor. And he felt anxiety well up in his chest.

Was his will being tested? Was God throwing temptation at him to see if he'd take the bait? He allowed himself a quick, worried glance at Nathaniel, and then fully turned away. No, no, it would be fine. The doctor was right. They were both needed to care for Mrs. Cannes. He was being selfish. He could purge the thought out of him.

Perhaps more penance would be in order...

[b [#483D8B "I can set up a room for you, if need be, but you are correct. I have no idea what to expect from her...but surely if I neglect my sermons a bit to take care of her they would understand-"]] He paused, eyes landing on his own nail marks in her arms. And he just...stared.

Until Nathan spoke again. He turned his head a tiny bit to catch what was said, and took a deep inhale at the last words, turning away again.

His chest felt warm and then [i sharp]. [b You and I]. Surely, he was being tested. His mind curved into corners it was not allowed and he was being punished for it. It curled up in soft corners and lingered around comforts it was not allowed and he felt sick. Penance, yes, was definately needed. To cleanse his mind. To purge this sin from himself. Who did a priest confess to when they were the one being tempted to sin?

[b [#483D8B "Ah, yes. Any...help we can recieve would be useful. The more time we can dedicate to this, perhaps, the quicker we can find the cause and-"]] He glanced at Nathaniel, eyes full of stress he was trying to ignore before he turned his gaze away again, running his fingers along his rosary beads to remind himself of who he was. [b [#483D8B "And put a stop to this tragedy."]]

Tragedy. Tragedy. It was all his fault. It had always been. Edgar's face filled his mind. He should not have been tempted. He should not have felt warm. He should not have let his heart wander into those places, should not have let the man hold it. Should not have gotten so close-

It was his fault. He should have been able to save the girl, but his mind was blurry. He was jealous. He was saddened by that ring on her finger. His words weren't as strong. And the demon was...god, the way her body twisted. He should have been able to stop it, and all of the rest, he'd done it before. He used to be so good...

[b [#483D8B "How long will she be out?"]] His voice barely came out. It burned, and he could not look at Nathaniel. He needed to purge this. [b [#483D8B "Mrs. Cannes, that is. I'm wondering how much time I've got to prepare before I have to worry about keeping her from leaving, again."]]]]
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[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/54/3a/35/543a359e5216277a705047c8e50017d1.jpg]]

[size14 [font "Times" Father Merlot didn't look convinced. Dr. Crane's lips thinned, chewing on the inside as he felt the press of obligation. He would need the father to be able to help him get rid of this in some capacity, he was sure. He had to give him some form of validation, or confidence. Notoriously Nathaniel Crane was incredibly unskilled at this. However, that the opportunity was arising, he felt himself compelled to speak. "[#00CCFF Logically,]" he began. "[#00CCFF we cannot move forwards without a subject to observe. Much better to see her here, than have her disappear to either commit some atrocity against herself or others. It is good that you stopped her.]" He tried to put some sincerity in his tone, his brows coming together over his eyes as he searched the father's to see if that helped at all.

Nathan's eyes returned to Father Merlot's being then as something occurred to him. "[#00CCFF May I see your arm?]" he asked, holding a hand out to him.

Nerves pulled at him as it was looking slim whether or not they could find a place for the children. Nathan's mouth tightened, eyes darting down. "[#00CCFF I'm not... good with children.]" he said quietly, "[#00CCFF Else I would offer myself. But. If it's impossible otherwise...]" he said in a low tone. The idea of having children in his space wasn't appealing in the slightest. It was dangerous, and he often was accused of saying awful things to them. Children asked questions, and Nathan just answered them. [i What was that device?] It was a suctioned pump that he drained the blood out of a body with and may replace it, if desired, with embalming fluid. [i What's that?] And so on.

At Mrs. Cannes side, Nathan sighed, "[#00CCFF I'll just have to research then...]" It was more to himself, but he did say it aloud. Hopefully the notary, or town gossipers would be willing to speak. He didn't want to be seen asking after morbidity in town too much. It would make people mistrust him. But they hardly knew how important it was that he knew. Was this curse a manifestation of his own? Or something similar? Pain, agony and anger manifested themselves in many forms among people in the immaterial, and then became very material. Perhaps it was someone's gift gone awry, or some blood-related feud. The options were endless. And he didn't have the time to be thorough in exhausting his options, he had to be [i sure].

His thoughts were interrupted by Father Merlot again. Nathan looked at him, then back at Mrs. Cannes. "[#00CCFF As do I...]"

After a moment's deliberation, Nathan shook his head, "[#00CCFF No,]" he responded. "[#00CCFF You have enough on your plate caring for the people. We have no idea how much time and energy she will require. I cannot leave you to do that alone.]"

He needed help. They needed help. Father Merlot was right, he did have families of his own to attend to, and bodies to prepare. He knew he wouldn't succumb to this disease, if a physical disease it truly was. But his assistant could. But Armand could run the mortuary. Nathan was loathe to write to Armand to ask him back. Not when Nathan felt assured that he was away from all of this. But who else, then? He needed aid. Nathan's eyes searched absently as he thought.

His face tightened, reluctance lining it as he came to a potential solution. Zachary. He didn't want to write to Zachary, but, circumstances being what they are, he would need his expertise in their shared field. Anna was gone, missing. And he and Zach weren't on the best of terms in the wake of her departure. But who else had the background that they needed other than sweet Armand who was- willing, but common. He had the medical ability to avail himself, at least, but he was vulnerable.

Nathan swallowed, preparing himself. "[#00CCFF I can-]" his lips twitched just a moment, hesitating, "[#00CCFF write to my assistant. And another. Get us some assistance,]" he looked to Merlot again. "[#00CCFF You and I.]"
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