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[right [pic https://imgur.com/ApSscIo.png]] [font "Trebuchet MS" Okay, yeah, Nova couldn't even be mad about the guy being kind of mad that Nova almost head-butted him. Especially because y'know, his horns could possibly do some damage. But he just let out a tiny laugh and moved on until the dward responded to Nova's trying to get a job-

Nova was going to shrug and move on with his life until the last comment. Don't do guys? Don't...do guys? What did that have to do with anything??? He narrowed his eyes, thinking about how that was at all related before realizing what he said-

And instantly burst out into loud nervous laugher, putting a hand over his mouth and using the other one to kinda wave in a "no, no" motion until he could talk. [b [#B22222 "Oh my gods. No, no, that's not- pfft- that's not what I meant. I meant like. An actual job. Keeping my clothes on. Hitting things with an axe. That kind of stuff."]] But alas, looks like he was not going to find one. [b [#B22222 "But if that's the case, I'm gonna- hic- just kinda. Do what I was doing and get myself another drink-"]]

Because that was. A fucking wonderful idea, right?

Absolutely. So after having about three more drinks and already bordering on alcohol posing he decided to look for a job again. See who else was around that looked funnnn.

Spooky guy in the corner looked kinda interesting? Also hooded and secluded in a corner? Totally would have a job! [s Or, y'know, just wants to be alone, Nova, but you're too drunk to realize that.]

Here's the thing though. Nova was even more drunk.

This was going to be even worse.

Rather than approach calmly Nova slammed the last bit of his drink and walked over, sliding into the seat next to the guy and grinning. [b [#B22222 "Hey, need some company over here? You look so lonely by yourself."]] He winked.

God, Nova, this is why your last group didn't let you be alone in bars. You gay fuck. [b [#B22222 "So...got any interesting plans for when we dock?"]] Nova, you are [i literally] the only person who understands that your asking for a job. You are. So bad at this.]
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[size12 Hogan was expecting to be left alone. He wasn't used to ship bar culture, he was used to land bar culture. Frankly he was used to land. He hated this ship business. Catacombs and dwarf warrens aside, he was feeling claustrophobic. Which is amazing. For a dwarf. There was no space, and people everywhere and nowhere to go and be alone. Not even in the bar, it seemed, as the goat-legged tiefling he had been seeing out and about around the ship now and again ran into him.

And not in the way like- oh hi hello- you run into someone, he physically ran into him as the ship heaved a little to one side and almost knocked Hogan off of his barrel perch, clinging to the crate next to it. "[+crimson What in the seven hells are you trying to [i do], kill me??]" he demanded, dark eyes narrowing on the drunken man.

That wasn't to say that he wasn't drunk himself, but he was holding himself together a hell of a lot better than this sod. Hogan was a dark headed dwarf, with dark eyes, and smelled like a distillery. The part where the mash that has been fermenting for ages is dumped to go stink up the unfortunate environment. His beard was snaggly and tangled and had bits of- stuff in it. Stuff was the only word that would be used to describe it because it wasn't recognizable stuff. Much in the same way that a puddle of vomit had "stuff" in it, but one had no intention to pay any mind to what the dots of color or texture were. This man was filthy.

Apparently a response to the angry question wasn't coming as the satyr thing continued on, grinning sloppily at him. Hogan's eyes narrowed at the fellow. He had been as much as possible avoiding people. For reasons. Being a stowaway was potentially, maybe, possibly one of them.

There were only certain kinds of people who knew where to find certain people. And the certain people who usually had the coin to buy their way on a ship weren't those people. Especially the few hoity toity, skivvies in knots types he saw wandering around topside . Well, one elf had done that, saying something airy and frustrating about 'taking the air' with his eyes slitted in the corners of their sockets turned towards Hogan. The other, darker elf one kept skulking around bottomside. Hogan assumed that they were a stowaway just like him. Maybe. They had exchanged a nod or two when they had snuck around trying to find spaces to sleep in the alcoves of the hold. But this stranger in front of him didn't need to know that.

"[+crimson Yeah, I'm sure you're all sorts of something on land,]" the dwarf responded, flexing his shoulders and turning away from the tiefling. But his eyes stayed on him from his periphery.

"[+crimson Don't got anything int'restin', don't need no company,]" he responded in a gruff tone.

His face hardened a little in that sort of hackles raised, shocked to be flirted with manner and soooo not into it way as his eyes widened. "[+crimson I don't do guys, no be on your way, thank you.]"
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[right [pic https://imgur.com/ApSscIo.png]] [font "Trebuchet MS" Okay, so it was worth noting that Nova had never been on a boat in his [i entire god damn life]. Not that he'd been avoiding them, per say, but he hadn't really had the [i need] to take a boat anywhere. Up until now, Nova had been able to walk everywhere he'd wanted to go. But new adventures called for new means of travel!

Very, [i very] new means of travel. Saying Nova didn't have his sea legs was an understatement. Listen, he grew up in the fucking [i forest]. He was new to this open water bullshit and oh boy he did [i not] like it.

So what did he decide was a [b briliant] idea to distracted from the sea sickeness? Getting drunk! Makes sense, right?

[s Gods help you, Nova, you are a giant idiot.]

So he headed down to the ships bar to get thoughally drunk, and then decided, despite the sickness he just made [i worse] by getting shit faced, that this was the [i perfect] time to go see if he could find a job for once he got back on land.

So after talking to multiple people and having [b no luck because who the fuck wants to hire a very drunk and very seasick tiefling? saytr? thing?], he stumbled back over to the bar to get another drink-

Or at least [i attempted] to. But then the ship rocked again and he all but [i fell], barley managing to catch himself on his hooves before almost headbutting some poor drwarf who was clearly just trying to do the same thing Nova was- get another damned drink. [b [#B22222 "Holy shit I could have died-"]]

Nova rebalanced himself and let out a laugh, pushing some hair out of his eyes. [b [#B22222 "Sorry about that I don't-"]] He paused, covering his mouth for a moment cause god he felt sick. [b [#B22222 "I don't really have my sea legs... I'm [i much] better once I'm on land."]] He smiled at the stranger in front of him, pushing some black locks out of his face only for them to fall right back into place. Hm. This dwarf might have a job. [b [#B22222 "So, what brings a man like you into...or uh...onto this ship? Got anything [i interesting] coming up you'd like some company for?"]] That already sounded mildly wrong [i without] the wink Nova tossed his way.

But you see, Nova Nevamir has always been a damned mess. None of this was surprising.]
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