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[center [font "Times" What possibly could go wrong, asking someone for a job whilst completely sauced and seasick?]]


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[font "Times" [size15 [u [B The City:]]

C'est-Vrais is a large city on the coast, threaded with rivers, and two main, large ones that allow it incredible shipping potential, and skirted by a vast, magical swamp. . Rows of old buildings, beautiful townhouses and character-filled storefronts, vast and numerous cemeteries, and a hub of temples and libraries, and a mage college.

It was originally wood elf country, then the high elves came in and created a settlement that ended up growing way beyond where the wood elves had thought it would. And so, the wood elves retreated, their village hidden in the swamps.

It's a highly diverse city, with a surprising amount of tieflings either living or working in the area. Sailing being a major draw for a race that has little else available to them to get hired for. Or coming to the city hoping for opportunity.

Being diverse, however, the city is still very divided. From the beautiful Hill full of theaters, lovely wealthy homes, halls and libraries and temples, to the Fisherman's Village where most of the wood elf diaspora and the less fortunate live, huddled by the sea. Like a scar across the city, in its center, separating the rich from the working class and the ports.

[u [B The Tavern:]]

Just a street away from the waterfront, it houses the most well-known adventurer's guild in the city. If you know where to look.

On the outside, it's the most tavern-looking tavern in the district. Raw wood, heavy beams, and a carved sign that says 'The Tavern' with a beer stein on it. Exactly what it says it is. Adventurer types flock there, as it is close-ish to the edge of the city and to the swamps, where the adventures mostly await. Standing outside of it are hulking half-orcs with bare, scarred, tattooed chests, and rough-looking types. Locals.

Vall'ell, the guildmaster and owner, is an auburn-haired, one-eyed swordsman high elf who bought the place decades ago. It was this man that Nova approached right as he walked in, after being pointed to him by the bartender- a half-giantess woman named Brenda with a mustache she slicks and curls at the edge, just shading full, painted lips.

The elf arched a brow, stopping between the two incredibly large half-orc men who were skirting him. He glanced to the side, one eye rolling up under his lashes in thought.

"[+maroon Ah. No. Why- would I?]" he said, referring to the party. Sarcasm dripped from his lips. Natural. Like the air he breathed.

He glanced over the smallish tiefling in front of him, eyes knowledgeable. His head tipped to the side, "[+maroon You're looking for a job?]" He sighed, shaking his head a bit, long hair shivering at his shoulders. At least he got a hello from this one. "[+maroon Well, there's a certain way this works, but it doesn't sound like you're [i interested] in that,]" the elf said, a sneer in his voice, and gently in a curl of his lip. Impatient youth. He turned slightly, gesturing absently towards the cork board at the long wall of the tavern. "[+maroon Take a look at the free notice board outside. Bring your choice to me, and I'll write you a receipt.]"
  Tweedy / 11d 21h 48m 55s
[right [pic https://imgur.com/ApSscIo.png]] [font "Trebuchet MS" There were many things that could be said about the satyr-tiefling known as Nova Nevamir. For starters, if you told him the toll for entrance into the town was 100 gold, because the town was to be hosting a party for the politicals, he would believe you, even if it made no sense for a guard to be collecting an enterance fee just because a party was being hosted- especially not when they've never charged any enterance fee when he's come through before. Another thing to note about Nova, is that if you tell him about a party happening in town, he will plan to go it whether he has been invited or not.

They're great places to meet men, you see. That was another thing about Nova; he was, how you say, a hopeless romantic.

So before he even knew how to get in, he went to the market and spent money on new clothing, jewelry for his horns and fingers, a gorgeous carved comb, and a tube of fiery red and orange pigment. Only after having tucked all these luxuries into his bag did he decide to go to the nearest guild building to ask around about the party. Likely a job to go with it, as well...he [I had] just spent...almost all of his coin.

So he walked in, an image of fire with an axe on his back, and asked around.

[#FF4500 [b "Know anything about that fancy party the guards are talking about?"]]
[#FF4500 [B "Do you know how to get in?"]]
[#FF4500 [b "It needs money?"]]

After a bit of questioning around he decided to go straight to the guild master, flashing a charming smile and resting his weight on one hip. [#FF4500 [b "Hi, I'm Nova. Do you know how much money it is to get into that party everyone's talking about and do you have a job I can do for that much?"]]]
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[right [pic https://imgur.com/ApSscIo.png]] [font "Trebuchet MS" When the hand was extended to him he grabbed it like he'd just found an ancient flaming weapon: as in, with no grace, a very strong grip, and seemingly no intentions of letting it go anytime soon. He slurred out a [b [#B22222 "You're so nice, thank you."]] As he clung to the half-orc. Once he got to the bench he hesitated, swaying slightly with the rocking of the boat and wondering if sitting down was actually the best bet, or if he should be asking this nice [s and attractive] half-orc if he could take him up to the top so he could get sick.

He decided just sort of standing there staring at the bench was the best option until the man suggested water and made eye contact. [b [#B22222 "Poisoned?"]] He gasped. [b [#B22222 "The elf was right I won't make it that far! I was poisoned and I didn't even know..!"]] Nova, sweetie, no-

[b [#B22222 "This isn't fair I'm too cute to die!"]] Nova if you start crying in here- and there he goes. [b [#B22222 "And it was gonna be the next place I'm sure of it! But I'm gonna die alone on this stupid wood thing in the water before I even get there!"]]

The bar keep was starting to get annoyed, mostly at himself for continuing to serve the teifling alcohol in the first place, but the rest of his annoyance was reserved for Nova and Nova alone. Nova finally released the half-orcs arm, flopping down on the bench and sadly looking at the floor, and then narrowing his eyes at the floor. Was it always swirly? Or this close-


He rolled over to lay on his back after his face had a proper introduction with the floor, laying half under the table and starting up at the half-orc. [b [#B22222 "If I give you some gold would you help me to my room so I can die there? I don't think I can stay down here."]] He glanced around, that look on his drunk face of "I'm about to tell you something important" and then [b [#B22222 "I think the alcohol had the poison in it."]]]
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Dizz'dain let his gaze remain on the stranger's as his words finally seemed to seep in. He couldn't help the little quirk of amusement that tugged at the corner of his lips at the response it garnered. And when the cloven hoofed tiefling turned away finally he allowed himself a quiet laugh. The mirth felt good and he shifted, pulling his other knee up towards himself and crossed his arms over top to continue people-watching.

[i The half-orc] that Nova stumbled into chuckled, arching a dark brow as he saw the glazed affect in the smaller creature's eyes. He tilted his head, broad arms crossing over his mostly bare chest, "[+maroon Well, thank you,]" he responded.

His mouth pushed to the side a little, a tip of a tooth poking out of one side as he seemed to consider that for a moment. This was a stranger after all, and he didn't want to overstep, but he had been asked to bring him over.

"[+maroon S'pose I can do that,]" he offered, unfurling a large hand and extending it to the tiefling so he could take it or ahold of the arm itself. With that he shifted and walked the smaller man to one of the bench tables. "[+maroon You might want some water if you're this poisoned,]" he suggested, tilting his head again to see if he could catch the gaze of the stranger.
  Tweedy / 288d 2h 23m 27s
[right [pic https://imgur.com/ApSscIo.png]] [font "Trebuchet MS" Get back to him on that last option? Nova narrowed his eyes, staring the elf down. Okay. So. He needed to make a note to watch this guy.

He made a quick [i I'm watching you] motion and decided to calm himself down and make sure he wasn't stressed out: he's get another drink.

This one he could not handle [i at all]. He stumbled drunken and mildly sick into someone as he tried to find somewhere to sit down and put his head down, looking up after a second of just standing there trying to regain his balance. [b [#B22222 "Oh hey. Your tusks are cool."]] Was this guy an orc? He could barely tell while completely wasted. [b [#B22222 "Hey, hey, could you help me to a table? I feel like I'm maybe dying."]]

Was this a better impression than accidentally hitting on people? Probably not. But god this poor goat goat was not good at handling this much alcohol especially combined with the fact he did not at all have his sea legs and this boat was rocking like crazy.]
  Nova / indulgence- / 332d 6h 35m 46s
Dizz'dain stared hard at the fellow next to him as he started rambling on with himself. He was filling his own silences, so even though Dizz'dain didn't want to interact in the first place, it meant he didn't have to at all. It was amazing, though annoying, that the man was so able to draw so much out of such a little, common tease about drunkenness.

"[+purple It was a joke,]" he responded curtly, staring the tiefling down. Despite popular belief, elves were capable of such. He took a look over the tiefling next to him and looked him over. "[+purple I'll get back to you on the last option.]"

With that, Dizz'dain's eyes traveled across the room. He wasn't looking for anyone or anything in particular, but looking elsewhere. People watching had been what he was doing before, and the tiefling next to him had somehow, unfortunately, had perhaps felt Dizz's eyes on his back.

He didn't want to let his mind wander with a stranger next to him, but much had happened of late and so his eyes sunk for a few moments in thought as Dizz'dain asked himself how he got here on a boat of all places. He wasn't sure he liked where he was right now, but that was why he was here. To improve. And at least he hadn't drank himself into a stupor. That, if he [i really] wanted to be killed, would be how that would happen.
  Tweedy / 338d 3h 33m 19s
[right [pic https://imgur.com/ApSscIo.png]] [font "Trebuchet MS" Although he was wasted, Nova [i did] take a note of Hogan looking for a job. Maybe Nova could lend a hand once he figured out who all had jobs he could swing back and tell the guy! So he gave a friendly little nod in response.

Purposeful? But he looked so alooooone. As in nobody was over here. [s Which was clearly for a fucking [i reason], Nova.] And that was a shame! He looked intriquing. [s Or sketchy? You don't approach people wearing hoods and avoiding everyone, Nova, especially when super wasted.]

Wait gangplank? Nova looked away for a second as he tried to place that word but [i he knew nothing about boats] so- [b [#B22222 "The what? Wait why wouldn't I make it that far is someone planning my murder-"]] Just yourself and your alcohol consumption, Nova. [b [#B22222 "Do you know who it cause I've got a lot of oil and- oh wait no the boat would also catch on fire-"]] He paused, biting his lip and [i actually] looking like he was thinking really hard about this. God, Nova...you're too drunk for this shit. [b [#B22222 "In retrospect, I probably...shouldn't have...only fire weapons...on a wooden boat. Wait! It'll be fine cause we're in water!"]] Nova that's not...no...

[b [#B22222 "So if you know who's planning my murder you should tell me so I don't uh...y'know...get murdered."]] He paused, narrowing his eyes. [b [#B22222 "Unless *you're* planning my murder, in which case I bet you won't tell me."]] Nova, you are wonderful at first impressions.]
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[https://i.pinimg.com/564x/bf/a4/d0/bfa4d0acce0d1fcec320147f3cefa8b9.jpg Hogan] grew red- well rather a deeper red than his inebriated flush already rendered him- at the laughter from the other. His fists clenched on his knees where he was sitting and he stared down the hoofed tiefling next to him. Red. Just like her. Same smirk- if sloppily askance now- same easy manner. Same black eyes. It was a lot of emotions, ugly things, swimming inside of him right now. And some of that was deciding to swim on his lashline and he looked away.

An unhappy [i snrfl] pulled in through his nose and he pushed a finger under it to brush it off. He wasn't feeling things right now. He was numb with alcohol. Yeah. He also totally didn't get his toes stepped on by hooves, that definitely wasn't smarting at all.

"[+red Don't have any jobs. I'm looking for one myself.]"

He glanced back over the already tipsy- in the he didn't seem steady on his feet [i now] let alone further sauced- tiefling and watched him sway around.

The elf the tielfing approached was curled up, arm leaning on one knee, and the other foot booted in a dark, well-loved leather under a cloak. The cloaked head glanced towards the body approaching him, sighing, and looked away, shifting a little in a "don't approach me" manner.

However, he was in fact approached.

"[+purple It's purposeful,]" the elf responded, only his chin visible in the low light under the cloak hood.

He leaned a little away from the alcohol-breathed individual. Dizz'dain looked the stranger over. He was sweating, eyes glazed, and grin sloppy. Sloppy drunk and trying to hit on him. His face grew hot and his mouth turned down.

"[+purple You mean tomorrow? When you'll be spilled down the gangplank? If you make it that far?]"
  Tweedy / 352d 20h 37m 15s
[right [pic https://imgur.com/ApSscIo.png]] [font "Trebuchet MS" Okay, yeah, Nova couldn't even be mad about the guy being kind of mad that Nova almost head-butted him. Especially because y'know, his horns could possibly do some damage. But he just let out a tiny laugh and moved on until the dward responded to Nova's trying to get a job-

Nova was going to shrug and move on with his life until the last comment. Don't do guys? Don't...do guys? What did that have to do with anything??? He narrowed his eyes, thinking about how that was at all related before realizing what he said-

And instantly burst out into loud nervous laugher, putting a hand over his mouth and using the other one to kinda wave in a "no, no" motion until he could talk. [b [#B22222 "Oh my gods. No, no, that's not- pfft- that's not what I meant. I meant like. An actual job. Keeping my clothes on. Hitting things with an axe. That kind of stuff."]] But alas, looks like he was not going to find one. [b [#B22222 "But if that's the case, I'm gonna- hic- just kinda. Do what I was doing and get myself another drink-"]]

Because that was. A fucking wonderful idea, right?

Absolutely. So after having about three more drinks and already bordering on alcohol posing he decided to look for a job again. See who else was around that looked funnnn.

Spooky guy in the corner looked kinda interesting? Also hooded and secluded in a corner? Totally would have a job! [s Or, y'know, just wants to be alone, Nova, but you're too drunk to realize that.]

Here's the thing though. Nova was even more drunk.

This was going to be even worse.

Rather than approach calmly Nova slammed the last bit of his drink and walked over, sliding into the seat next to the guy and grinning. [b [#B22222 "Hey, need some company over here? You look so lonely by yourself."]] He winked.

God, Nova, this is why your last group didn't let you be alone in bars. You gay fuck. [b [#B22222 "So...got any interesting plans for when we dock?"]] Nova, you are [i literally] the only person who understands that your asking for a job. You are. So bad at this.]
  indulgence- / 352d 21h 41m 35s
[size12 Hogan was expecting to be left alone. He wasn't used to ship bar culture, he was used to land bar culture. Frankly he was used to land. He hated this ship business. Catacombs and dwarf warrens aside, he was feeling claustrophobic. Which is amazing. For a dwarf. There was no space, and people everywhere and nowhere to go and be alone. Not even in the bar, it seemed, as the goat-legged tiefling he had been seeing out and about around the ship now and again ran into him.

And not in the way like- oh hi hello- you run into someone, he physically ran into him as the ship heaved a little to one side and almost knocked Hogan off of his barrel perch, clinging to the crate next to it. "[+crimson What in the seven hells are you trying to [i do], kill me??]" he demanded, dark eyes narrowing on the drunken man.

That wasn't to say that he wasn't drunk himself, but he was holding himself together a hell of a lot better than this sod. Hogan was a dark headed dwarf, with dark eyes, and smelled like a distillery. The part where the mash that has been fermenting for ages is dumped to go stink up the unfortunate environment. His beard was snaggly and tangled and had bits of- stuff in it. Stuff was the only word that would be used to describe it because it wasn't recognizable stuff. Much in the same way that a puddle of vomit had "stuff" in it, but one had no intention to pay any mind to what the dots of color or texture were. This man was filthy.

Apparently a response to the angry question wasn't coming as the satyr thing continued on, grinning sloppily at him. Hogan's eyes narrowed at the fellow. He had been as much as possible avoiding people. For reasons. Being a stowaway was potentially, maybe, possibly one of them.

There were only certain kinds of people who knew where to find certain people. And the certain people who usually had the coin to buy their way on a ship weren't those people. Especially the few hoity toity, skivvies in knots types he saw wandering around topside . Well, one elf had done that, saying something airy and frustrating about 'taking the air' with his eyes slitted in the corners of their sockets turned towards Hogan. The other, darker elf one kept skulking around bottomside. Hogan assumed that they were a stowaway just like him. Maybe. They had exchanged a nod or two when they had snuck around trying to find spaces to sleep in the alcoves of the hold. But this stranger in front of him didn't need to know that.

"[+crimson Yeah, I'm sure you're all sorts of something on land,]" the dwarf responded, flexing his shoulders and turning away from the tiefling. But his eyes stayed on him from his periphery.

"[+crimson Don't got anything int'restin', don't need no company,]" he responded in a gruff tone.

His face hardened a little in that sort of hackles raised, shocked to be flirted with manner and soooo not into it way as his eyes widened. "[+crimson I don't do guys, no be on your way, thank you.]"
  Tweedy / 358d 23h 16m 9s
[right [pic https://imgur.com/ApSscIo.png]] [font "Trebuchet MS" Okay, so it was worth noting that Nova had never been on a boat in his [i entire god damn life]. Not that he'd been avoiding them, per say, but he hadn't really had the [i need] to take a boat anywhere. Up until now, Nova had been able to walk everywhere he'd wanted to go. But new adventures called for new means of travel!

Very, [i very] new means of travel. Saying Nova didn't have his sea legs was an understatement. Listen, he grew up in the fucking [i forest]. He was new to this open water bullshit and oh boy he did [i not] like it.

So what did he decide was a [b briliant] idea to distracted from the sea sickeness? Getting drunk! Makes sense, right?

[s Gods help you, Nova, you are a giant idiot.]

So he headed down to the ships bar to get thoughally drunk, and then decided, despite the sickness he just made [i worse] by getting shit faced, that this was the [i perfect] time to go see if he could find a job for once he got back on land.

So after talking to multiple people and having [b no luck because who the fuck wants to hire a very drunk and very seasick tiefling? saytr? thing?], he stumbled back over to the bar to get another drink-

Or at least [i attempted] to. But then the ship rocked again and he all but [i fell], barley managing to catch himself on his hooves before almost headbutting some poor drwarf who was clearly just trying to do the same thing Nova was- get another damned drink. [b [#B22222 "Holy shit I could have died-"]]

Nova rebalanced himself and let out a laugh, pushing some hair out of his eyes. [b [#B22222 "Sorry about that I don't-"]] He paused, covering his mouth for a moment cause god he felt sick. [b [#B22222 "I don't really have my sea legs... I'm [i much] better once I'm on land."]] He smiled at the stranger in front of him, pushing some black locks out of his face only for them to fall right back into place. Hm. This dwarf might have a job. [b [#B22222 "So, what brings a man like you into...or uh...onto this ship? Got anything [i interesting] coming up you'd like some company for?"]] That already sounded mildly wrong [i without] the wink Nova tossed his way.

But you see, Nova Nevamir has always been a damned mess. None of this was surprising.]
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