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[center [font "Times" What possibly could go wrong, asking someone for a job whilst completely sauced and seasick?]]


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[right [pic https://imgur.com/ApSscIo.png]] [font "Trebuchet MS" The longer the internal satyr stood there, the most he questioned what he was speaking with. He assumed undead and wanted to leave it at that, but his curiosity piqued and he found himself wanting to see into the darkness, wanting to understand- and not at the same time. [I "Little creature, if I wanted to harm you, I would have done so already."] Nova found that he believed that. They likely could do a bit of damage, too…

Nova thought he could take them if he needed to, though.

But he didn't seem to need to. Though their reluctance to show themself made him...uneasy. He pushed through it. Still better than the Fey wilds, and if he could do this he'd have enough to do what he wanted. [b [#FF4500 "I doubt it would scare me more. I'm adjusting fine to your unsettling-ness."]] Nova commented, [b [#FF4500 "But if you are more comfortable in the dark, then I won't ask you to leave it."]] Though being unable to see through it was...new to Nova. Magic darkness was a pain. It mooted his eyesight entirely.

Was that a jingle? He watched them procure something to the best of his ability. A coat of arms, was it? He eyed it carefully, taking a half step forward to get closer and... hesitantly reaching out to take it, eyeing the creature to see if they actually [I wanted] him to take it. He didn't want to push anything.

Wait, an elf? Ugh. Nova's ears went down, visibly unexcited. But it was a job. He never turned down a job. Even if he may deal with an elf, who may entirely hate him for being half tiefling.

...but this was far from the Fey Wilds, maybe they wouldn't be so calloused and hateful out here. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad. [b [#FF4500 "Do you know they were seen last?"]] He inquired. He needed somewhere to start. He hoped they had some hint as to where Errol's last traces were. [B [#FF4500 "Or anything else I can go off of? I need a lead, to find him. But I will find him.]] He imagined the coat of arms itself would be wildly helpful. Surely someone would recognize it. It was a start.]
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The creature's face, for what Nova could see, in amusement curled what 'flesh' was still around the mouth and teeth into something of a smile. The light at the backs of those eyes flickered just a little brighter, like a flame. It was uncertain if it was flesh, or bone with how it seemed to be the same color and texture as the tissue elsewhere.

The creature's laugh crawled out of the darkness like smoke from an unfound fire as the creature stepped back. The only thing visible were the folded bands in front of it; clasped, expectant.

"[B Little creature,]" came a low curl of voice from the being. "[B If I wanted to harm you, I would have done so already.]"

It chuckled again, drawing further back at Nova's invitation forward. It knew the little fey tiefling was alone. It could taste the magic of only one creature in this cemetery by the water.

"[B Now, if I did that, you would be even more afraid.]"

Something jingled from the darkness. "[B The creature I want you to find is a man,]" the voice of the creature instructed from its refuge. A spidery, gray hand produced an item from its sleeve, from the darkness inside its robes.

The thing that dangled, clinking gently, from its hand was what looked like a silver- very tarnished- coat of arms on a long chain. But the coat wasn't on a human shield like many were. No straight or peaked top and slope to a point. This one was a diamond shape, with a jet stone set in the center of an emblem that looked like two crossed weapons, sword and sickle, and a spider at the center.

The being's hand held the chain in long fingers, the other hand hovering beneath the dangling object.

"[B An elf,]" it explained further. "[B It is as if he has disappeared off the face of the earth.]"

"[B Erroll,]" it said. "[B find him. Tell me what's become of him.]"
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[right [pic https://imgur.com/ApSscIo.png]] [font "Trebuchet MS" The creature breathed out a yes, the lights bobbing up and then down in a nod at Nova. The light spread out and as dark as it was Nova felt drowned in it. The longer he was near the creature, the more tense he grew. He'd seen his fair share of death- but undeath...he wanted to shudder. There was something unnerving about staring at your future- of bones long cleaned.

It begged him closer and Nova gulped, but stepped forward anyway. What's the worst that could happen? It attacks him? He had his axe- surely bones were flammable…

He let them take the letter, trying to eye them through the darkness. They seemed no harm, but he remained on guard as they spoke. It lessened only slightly as the being explained what he wanted- in a voice that Nova had...mixed feelings about. On anyone else, he'd find it incredibly attractive. On this being- he wasn't sure how to feel. For one, they were clearly undead- for two...well, they were mostly hiding. Hard to really judge the look of someone you could barely see. Though just judging by how…interesting this encounter was, Nova definitely knew that they were an interesting individual. He wasn't yet sure if he meant that in a good way or not.

Though as they continued on with the reason for this job, explaining a bit of what they wanted, Nova lessened in tension a little bit more. They just wanted to know...how this person was faring? He couldn't sense any ill intentions with this, right off the bat. So he tilted his head, gave a cautious, curious smile up at the being, and kept listening to them. "I can... imagine it would cause issues, yes…" He answered, debating...just who was this person? Someone in town? Or...clearly they were alive... somewhere…

The snout broke out of the darkness again and Nova gulped against his will. Something about the size, and how hidden they were, sent signals to Nova's instincts to run. But he took this job, he needed the money for the party, and he'd see this through. [B [#FF4500 "I-"]] He barely got any noise out before they asked him what he thought they'd do.

Only then did Nova [i truly] tense. [b [#FF4500 "I...I don't know."]] He started, voice clearly anxious. [b [#FF4500 "I thought you'd attack me but- I-I feel you would have done so already."]] Why did he feel compelled to tell them? [b [#FF4500 "Maybe you'll send me into another plane- maybe this person isn't on this one. Or you'll trick me into drinking poison to find them on the other side."]] He bit his lip, stopping himself from going on, stopping his mind from thinking up more ways this could go wrong.

He often thought of what could go wrong surfing these adventures- all the ways he could die. Even here, however, with his kind racing with all the ways this undead could lead to his early death, he decided this was better than the Fey Wilds, and was worth it.

[b [#FF4500 "But regardless of any fear I feel facing you-"]] He started, straightening up and calming down as he looked up to make eye contact with the creature. [b [#FF4500 "I'll do this for you. I'll just need to know about the person in question- where there located and such."]] He paused, eyeing the glowing eyes. [b [#FF4500 "You can...you can step out of the dark, if you wish. Nobody is here and- I'm not going to say anything about this to anyone. I have no intentions of causing you any trouble. I just want to do this job...so I can get paid. And help you out in the process."]]

He did stop to ponder how this person got the notice on the board in the first place, as they were...well...massive, and undead.]
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[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/cd/c9/10/cdc910fa5d8e0985702ed9bb3d5c053b.jpg]]
"[B Yes...]" came the exhaling hiss of a malformed mouth, a nod evident in the single, slow bob of those eyes. Their ghostly light seemed to brighten a little, or spread was a better word. Seep wider, rounder... But the light was barely there, and yet in such complete darkness underneath this tree, inescapable.

The darkness spoke, the creature inside of it staying hidden save for those little dots of light that stared directly at, and through Nova. "[B Come closer,]" came the creature's voice as Nova held out the notice. A long, long arm reached out- long, thin fingers on a big hand reached out from what seemed tattered, worn cloaks. A type of thin, vinelike appendage was wrapped around a part of the arm, slithering back and falling into darkness as the thing reached for the paper. But even with the long arm, the creature's reach was only so long.

The fingers curled softly in a beckoning motion. And as/if Nova drew closer, they took charge of the paper he held out, drawing back into the darkness.

"[B No one has answered my summons. For so long...]" It didn't finish that sentence, voice trailing off in a rumble.

"[B I am missing someone. I want you to find them, and tell me...]" A curl of spidery fingers gestured out fluidly, briefly appearing and then melting away once more. "[B Where are they? How does their existence stand now?]"

"[B As you can imagine,]" it explained, voice deep, husky, masculine. "[B I cannot be seen as this... thing.]"

The little tip of that skeletal nose and mouth appeared again, head tipped to the side a bit. "[B Will you do this thing for me?]" The face drew a bit more into the light, "[B I can taste your fears. Tell me. What do you believe I will do to you?]"
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[right [pic https://imgur.com/ApSscIo.png]] [font "Trebuchet MS" When Nova heard the Black Hope Cemetery was a Wood Elf cemetery, he expected to find a Wood Elf there, and likely a tragic story for the memory banks. But when he rolled up to the cemetery of trees there was nothing- just silence and the sounds of home- of nature. He was careful of the candles and candelabras, careful not to step directly on any mounds, as he rounded his way through the cemetery to the ponds edge. They were supposed to be here- why did it seem so silent. He dug out the paper from his bag, glancing around. Would be best just to call out- he didn't want to waste his whole night here if they didn't show up. He'd have to replace it with another contract if they didn't show- hopefully he'd have time to fill one and get enough money for this…

[b [#FF4500 "Hello?"]] He called out, hands brought up to his face to make him be heard as well as he could. [b [#FF4500 "Is anyone here? The notice said to meet you here?"]] No answer. He waited. Maybe they were nervous- it...had admittedly been a weird letter. He went to call again-

[b "I see the crest-"]

His voice got caught in his throat as he turned, freezing in place and assessing the risk, debating if he should be reaching for a weapon. He watched them move carefully, tense and fearful until- [b "You answered my letter."]

His tension didn't fade much, but he did smile and hold the letter out a bit. [b [#FF4500 "Ah- yes, I did. The notice…"]] He had to stop and remember what it was for- as he craned his neck to try and see the being in from of him. [b [#FF4500 "You wanted to be reunited with someone? I'm...I'm here to help with that. However I can…"]]

This person was...undead, though. Hopefully he even had the skills required. He supposed he'd cross the bridge when it came. [b [#FF4500 "So if you don't mind telling me the details...we can start on this, yeah?"]] God, was he even reacting right to this? Should he be freaking out that they were...well, very clearly dead? Nah...just focus on the job. It...it would probably be fine.]
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[center [pic https://media1.giphy.com/media/FO8E1zkb9aC08/source.gif]]
Black Hope cemetery sat on the edge of a pond. The night of the full moon was clear and misty. So clear that the shapes of the trees were stark against the starry sky, and the mists crawling across the floor, and throwing shadows across the place, were illuminated by the moon.

The night was full of the sounds of the night creatures. It was a stinging song that filled the air with the tepid, clinging moisture that the floodlands the city slept on near the river was choked with.

When Nova had been asking for directions to the place, it became clear to him that it was known as a wood elf burial site. In that there weren't stone markers in the sense that he knew, at least not all of them. Grave markers and caskets and vaults were here but in between other things. There were mounds. Everywhere. With tiny doorways in them. Nestled against trees, that trees grew out of, all lit with candles, some in elaborate, standing candelabras nestled in everything from the trees themselves, hiding against the stones that were all lit by someone, surely.

There was something in the air that smelled like magic. And Nova knew that corpses slumbered underneath all of these mounds.

He was drawn by the light of the moon to the edge of the pond, where he stood with the paper out, and announced himself to the empty air about him.

The uninterrupted sound of frogs, crickets and cicadas was all that answered him. And the breeze, swaying in the moss hanging from the tree branches. Nova waited a few moments to hear a response.

There was none.

"[B I see the crest...]"

He had taken a deep breath to call out again, and the only thing that came out was a ragged, squeaking shout.

Turning around, in the deep, dark depths of a willow tree, barely disturbed by the breeze off the water, was the glimmer of two eyes in the darkness.

"[B [font "Times" That crest... I know that.]]" the voice was deep, breathy. The glimmer was as if two embers were glowing from the back of a grate. They moved, and a small heart, surrounded by pale white came into the moonlight. Teeth. Sharp, long, canine teeth, a snout. It was the skeletal snout of a canid. "[B [font "Times" You answered my letter...]]"

The part of the face pulled back into the darkness almost as soon as it came out of it. The area of the face was so high off the ground, Nova had to wonder at how tall its owner was.
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[right [pic https://imgur.com/ApSscIo.png]] [font "Trebuchet MS" He wasn't turned out, and that was really all he could ask for. Nova smiled slightly in a relief, readying himself to take the paper from the High Elf in front of him, hand pausing when it was turned away from him. He smiled a little more, listening to the job description and feeling, admitedly, appretiative. He hated spending his gold on readers- it was much nicer when they told him what to do. The job did pique his interest, though... Reunited...Black Hope park. He kept repeating the details in his head, adding more as the elf continued. The four days around the full moon- two days away. Black Hope park, full moon. Black Hope park, full moon-

It sounded vaguely...sketchy? Who was this person he wanted to be reunited with? He'd be catious, with this one... But either way, it was a job. He'd draw the information down when he got the chance-

He nodded as the elf finished what he was saying, and repeated it verbally to get it to stick until he had a chance to get out his journal. [b [#FF4500 "Black Hope park, full moon, take the notice. Got it."]] He followed Vall'ell through the tavern as he turned, glancing around as the reached the top of the stairs. Half-orc's must make good guards, he thought, they were almost always in these kinds of places. He gave them a friendly smile and wave as they went past, and let his eyes wander the office they ended in.

...wonder what it was like, being the leader of one of these guilds...getting an office like this...

He glanced back at the high elf as he gestured for Nova to come closer.

He probably had a bed, somewhere- a proper one. Maybe one day, Nova. Nova stepped closer.

[b [#FF4500 "I [i can] sign for it, it just won't be legible to anyone-"]] He joked, [b [#FF4500 "So your ways probably better."]] He'd offer to shake the elfs hand, but since he was busy he answered simply. [b [#FF4500 "Nova Nevamir, it's been a pleasure to meet you- uh-"]] He paused. [b [#FF4500 "I forgot to ask your name, I'm sorry- I...probably need to know it so I know who to bring this back to when it's done-"]] He was normally so much better at introductions and keeping track of names- whoops...

He stood patiently waiting the receipt and the name and when he was free he repeated it one more time- he'd write it down when he got back downstairs, maybe get himself a drink or two- [b [#FF4500 "Black Hope park, full moon."]] He put the paper in a pocket in his bag and smiled at the High Elf. [b [#FF4500 "Thank you, Vall'ell...I'll bring this back when it's done."]]]
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The elven man, his arms crossed, arched a brow at the spunk of the young man before him. Once the initial twinge of insult passed, he felt himself nod. Approval flooded him. Of all things, he felt impressed.

"[+maroon Alright, alright, I don't need to hear your whole story,]" the elf said, waving a gloved hand. He passed the "[+maroon There's this one that's been sitting here for a while,]" Vall'ell said, turning the paper and handing it to the tiefling. Then he remembered he wouldn't be able to read it and turned it back to himself, his eye flickering over it. "[+maroon Looks like someone wants to be 'reunited with someone they miss'.]" he said, frowning a little. "[+maroon Says the meeting place is Black Hope park...]" Vall'ell's voice dropped off a bit at that, glancing to Nova. He never saw who posted any of these jobs, and with this sort of a job description he wondered at its nature.

"[+maroon It sets out a meeting time, the four days around the full moon, which you're in luck, the full moon is two days away. You're to take this notice with you so they know you're the one who took the job.]" The elf said, frowning a bit. That sounded a bit dangerous. He looked to the rather smalling individual standing in front of him, wondering if this was a good idea. And of all the things, he chose this one.

But the tiefling seemed sure, so he shrugged and gestured for the man to follow him. From there, Vall'ell led Nova to the back of the tavern, between the tables, and up the set of stairs to the next floor. In the hall, there were a couple of large, half-orc men were standing, leaning against the banister who glanced over to the duo coming up the stairs. One was a pale gray, with a leather sleeveless shirt and a full, black beard, and the other was a red head, clean-shaven and with protruding tusks and no shirt. Just a mess of straps and bracers and little pouches that made up an approximation of a shirt.

The auburn elf gave a wave to them and kept going, bringing Nova into an office. There, he got out a ledger and started making notes in it, still standing, just leaned against the desk.

"[+maroon I'll let you take the original, but I'm making a copy of it, and then send you with the receipt as well.]" He said, speech halting as he paid attention to both writing and speaking. When he finished, he turned back around and gestured Nova to come nearer.

"[+maroon My guild takes 50% of your job's pay for our upkeep, and I'll need you to sign for it. You say you can't read, so I'm assuming that means you can't write either, so I'll have to make a different kind of receipt here...]" He said, bringing up another piece of parchment and writing on it for a few more moments. "[+maroon What's your name, kid?]"
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[right [pic https://imgur.com/ApSscIo.png]] [font "Trebuchet MS" Nova was used to sarcasm. More so used to people sneering at him. This was not much new to him. Disappointing, but not unusual. He remembered growing up in the fey wilds, right after the war. He was lucky to be alive with his Tiefling blood. His parents probably weren't that lucky. So the sneer didn't phase him. Maybe he'd be turned out of this one, when he continued. Maybe he wouldn't. There was no point pouting about it. Getting hurt by it never helped anyone.

[B [#FF4500 "You see, I'd really love to grab one from that nice notice board over there, get the receipt, and be out of your hair- but the thing is- I don't really know how to read. I didn't have a town like this to welcome me enough to teach me to read-]] Though he wished he did. The amount of Tieflings in C'esr-Vrais brought him a lot of comfort. [b [#FF4500 "I grew up right where the war ended and let's just say- nobody really wanted anything to do with me."]] Thinking about home was making him anxious, back to the task at hand. [b [#FF4500 "If I bring you one and you're kind enough to read it to me I can get it done- I have my own way of keeping track of jobs, but if not you can just write a receipt and I'll just find someone else to read it."]]

Either he'd get thrown out for not being [I competent], get lucky and get told what to do, or have to find someone to read it. No matter what, he'd find someone to pay him for something. He wanted into that party, he'd get into it one way or another. He went over and grabbed one off the board by just looking to see which looked vaguely like it was worth a decent price- basically looking for the symbol he was starting to recognize as gold. And he brought it back, giving a hopeful smile to the guild keeper. [B [#FF4500 "So, can I get the receipt for this or..?"]] He knew he could do whatever job was thrown at him, so long as he had the chance to do it. He hoped he'd have the chance to do it.]
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[font "Times" [size15 [u [B The City:]]

C'est-Vrais is a large city on the coast, threaded with rivers, and two main, large ones that allow it incredible shipping potential, and skirted by a vast, magical swamp. . Rows of old buildings, beautiful townhouses and character-filled storefronts, vast and numerous cemeteries, and a hub of temples and libraries, and a mage college.

It was originally wood elf country, then the high elves came in and created a settlement that ended up growing way beyond where the wood elves had thought it would. And so, the wood elves retreated, their village hidden in the swamps.

It's a highly diverse city, with a surprising amount of tieflings either living or working in the area. Sailing being a major draw for a race that has little else available to them to get hired for. Or coming to the city hoping for opportunity.

Being diverse, however, the city is still very divided. From the beautiful Hill full of theaters, lovely wealthy homes, halls and libraries and temples, to the Fisherman's Village where most of the wood elf diaspora and the less fortunate live, huddled by the sea. Like a scar across the city, in its center, separating the rich from the working class and the ports.

[u [B The Tavern:]]

Just a street away from the waterfront, it houses the most well-known adventurer's guild in the city. If you know where to look.

On the outside, it's the most tavern-looking tavern in the district. Raw wood, heavy beams, and a carved sign that says 'The Tavern' with a beer stein on it. Exactly what it says it is. Adventurer types flock there, as it is close-ish to the edge of the city and to the swamps, where the adventures mostly await. Standing outside of it are hulking half-orcs with bare, scarred, tattooed chests, and rough-looking types. Locals.

Vall'ell, the guildmaster and owner, is an auburn-haired, one-eyed swordsman high elf who bought the place decades ago. It was this man that Nova approached right as he walked in, after being pointed to him by the bartender- a half-giantess woman named Brenda with a mustache she slicks and curls at the edge, just shading full, painted lips.

The elf arched a brow, stopping between the two incredibly large half-orc men who were skirting him. He glanced to the side, one eye rolling up under his lashes in thought.

"[+maroon Ah. No. Why- would I?]" he said, referring to the party. Sarcasm dripped from his lips. Natural. Like the air he breathed.

He glanced over the smallish tiefling in front of him, eyes knowledgeable. His head tipped to the side, "[+maroon You're looking for a job?]" He sighed, shaking his head a bit, long hair shivering at his shoulders. At least he got a hello from this one. "[+maroon Well, there's a certain way this works, but it doesn't sound like you're [i interested] in that,]" the elf said, a sneer in his voice, and gently in a curl of his lip. Impatient youth. He turned slightly, gesturing absently towards the cork board at the long wall of the tavern. "[+maroon Take a look at the free notice board outside. Bring your choice to me, and I'll write you a receipt.]"
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[right [pic https://imgur.com/ApSscIo.png]] [font "Trebuchet MS" There were many things that could be said about the satyr-tiefling known as Nova Nevamir. For starters, if you told him the toll for entrance into the town was 100 gold, because the town was to be hosting a party for the politicals, he would believe you, even if it made no sense for a guard to be collecting an enterance fee just because a party was being hosted- especially not when they've never charged any enterance fee when he's come through before. Another thing to note about Nova, is that if you tell him about a party happening in town, he will plan to go it whether he has been invited or not.

They're great places to meet men, you see. That was another thing about Nova; he was, how you say, a hopeless romantic.

So before he even knew how to get in, he went to the market and spent money on new clothing, jewelry for his horns and fingers, a gorgeous carved comb, and a tube of fiery red and orange pigment. Only after having tucked all these luxuries into his bag did he decide to go to the nearest guild building to ask around about the party. Likely a job to go with it, as well...he [I had] just spent...almost all of his coin.

So he walked in, an image of fire with an axe on his back, and asked around.

[#FF4500 [b "Know anything about that fancy party the guards are talking about?"]]
[#FF4500 [B "Do you know how to get in?"]]
[#FF4500 [b "It needs money?"]]

After a bit of questioning around he decided to go straight to the guild master, flashing a charming smile and resting his weight on one hip. [#FF4500 [b "Hi, I'm Nova. Do you know how much money it is to get into that party everyone's talking about and do you have a job I can do for that much?"]]]
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[right [pic https://imgur.com/ApSscIo.png]] [font "Trebuchet MS" When the hand was extended to him he grabbed it like he'd just found an ancient flaming weapon: as in, with no grace, a very strong grip, and seemingly no intentions of letting it go anytime soon. He slurred out a [b [#B22222 "You're so nice, thank you."]] As he clung to the half-orc. Once he got to the bench he hesitated, swaying slightly with the rocking of the boat and wondering if sitting down was actually the best bet, or if he should be asking this nice [s and attractive] half-orc if he could take him up to the top so he could get sick.

He decided just sort of standing there staring at the bench was the best option until the man suggested water and made eye contact. [b [#B22222 "Poisoned?"]] He gasped. [b [#B22222 "The elf was right I won't make it that far! I was poisoned and I didn't even know..!"]] Nova, sweetie, no-

[b [#B22222 "This isn't fair I'm too cute to die!"]] Nova if you start crying in here- and there he goes. [b [#B22222 "And it was gonna be the next place I'm sure of it! But I'm gonna die alone on this stupid wood thing in the water before I even get there!"]]

The bar keep was starting to get annoyed, mostly at himself for continuing to serve the teifling alcohol in the first place, but the rest of his annoyance was reserved for Nova and Nova alone. Nova finally released the half-orcs arm, flopping down on the bench and sadly looking at the floor, and then narrowing his eyes at the floor. Was it always swirly? Or this close-


He rolled over to lay on his back after his face had a proper introduction with the floor, laying half under the table and starting up at the half-orc. [b [#B22222 "If I give you some gold would you help me to my room so I can die there? I don't think I can stay down here."]] He glanced around, that look on his drunk face of "I'm about to tell you something important" and then [b [#B22222 "I think the alcohol had the poison in it."]]]
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Dizz'dain let his gaze remain on the stranger's as his words finally seemed to seep in. He couldn't help the little quirk of amusement that tugged at the corner of his lips at the response it garnered. And when the cloven hoofed tiefling turned away finally he allowed himself a quiet laugh. The mirth felt good and he shifted, pulling his other knee up towards himself and crossed his arms over top to continue people-watching.

[i The half-orc] that Nova stumbled into chuckled, arching a dark brow as he saw the glazed affect in the smaller creature's eyes. He tilted his head, broad arms crossing over his mostly bare chest, "[+maroon Well, thank you,]" he responded.

His mouth pushed to the side a little, a tip of a tooth poking out of one side as he seemed to consider that for a moment. This was a stranger after all, and he didn't want to overstep, but he had been asked to bring him over.

"[+maroon S'pose I can do that,]" he offered, unfurling a large hand and extending it to the tiefling so he could take it or ahold of the arm itself. With that he shifted and walked the smaller man to one of the bench tables. "[+maroon You might want some water if you're this poisoned,]" he suggested, tilting his head again to see if he could catch the gaze of the stranger.
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[right [pic https://imgur.com/ApSscIo.png]] [font "Trebuchet MS" Get back to him on that last option? Nova narrowed his eyes, staring the elf down. Okay. So. He needed to make a note to watch this guy.

He made a quick [i I'm watching you] motion and decided to calm himself down and make sure he wasn't stressed out: he's get another drink.

This one he could not handle [i at all]. He stumbled drunken and mildly sick into someone as he tried to find somewhere to sit down and put his head down, looking up after a second of just standing there trying to regain his balance. [b [#B22222 "Oh hey. Your tusks are cool."]] Was this guy an orc? He could barely tell while completely wasted. [b [#B22222 "Hey, hey, could you help me to a table? I feel like I'm maybe dying."]]

Was this a better impression than accidentally hitting on people? Probably not. But god this poor goat goat was not good at handling this much alcohol especially combined with the fact he did not at all have his sea legs and this boat was rocking like crazy.]
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Dizz'dain stared hard at the fellow next to him as he started rambling on with himself. He was filling his own silences, so even though Dizz'dain didn't want to interact in the first place, it meant he didn't have to at all. It was amazing, though annoying, that the man was so able to draw so much out of such a little, common tease about drunkenness.

"[+purple It was a joke,]" he responded curtly, staring the tiefling down. Despite popular belief, elves were capable of such. He took a look over the tiefling next to him and looked him over. "[+purple I'll get back to you on the last option.]"

With that, Dizz'dain's eyes traveled across the room. He wasn't looking for anyone or anything in particular, but looking elsewhere. People watching had been what he was doing before, and the tiefling next to him had somehow, unfortunately, had perhaps felt Dizz's eyes on his back.

He didn't want to let his mind wander with a stranger next to him, but much had happened of late and so his eyes sunk for a few moments in thought as Dizz'dain asked himself how he got here on a boat of all places. He wasn't sure he liked where he was right now, but that was why he was here. To improve. And at least he hadn't drank himself into a stupor. That, if he [i really] wanted to be killed, would be how that would happen.
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