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Lana couldn't help the content smile when Sara agreed to help her with the radio. The people in the encampment who had some authority all disagreed with her on this, but she knew it was because they didn't want to give up what they had here. She could understand; this encampment was important to her and even the people were, but she had to be the realistic one. If this place was sustainable and more secure then she wouldn't be looking for other alternatives in the first place. They were well-hidden, but all it took was [i one] person or scab to find this place to make it buckle under its own weight.

[b “What I need is to get a better frequency and to increase its power for more range.”] Lana tells Sara, eating another piece of breed and hummus. She was sure her new lady friend wasn't going to like this next part. [b “There's a radio station in the middle of Billings and when the attack first happened it got fortified in to a fortress by the military. Its more than likely they're all gone by now and its abandoned, the city itself has been quiet for some time now, so I'm not too worried about any opposition inside. If we can hook up my radio to something then we can make it work.”] It seemed like a pretty simple in and out kind of mission, and just like the last one they went on, it wasn't one many people were going to know about... Actually, if Lana had it her way, only the two of them would know about it. Lana herself would do this in her own company, but it was just luck that Sara had happened to join them. Although Lana was confident in her own skills, she wasn't going to kid herself when it came to strength in numbers and having someone watch your back.

At this point Lana figured she said all that needed saying and the rest would be their actions. For the moment, the only distressing thing was finding a place for Sara to stay. They had the barn, but that wasn't exactly welcoming with all the animals and the smells. And at the moment they didn't have any free rooms in the house or any of the campers or tents... Plus, it'd be a little harder to whisk Sara away in the early hours of the morning if she was bunked with other people who could act as potential witnesses... Lana glances passed Sara at the bed and frowns a little bit. [b “For the time being, I say we get some rest. Its been an eventful day so we'll head out in the morning. Until we can find somewhere for you to stay on site, you'll bunk with me...”] She looks suddenly more detached; the usual Lana. [b “We'll put a pillow between us or something... If you have anything you need to do before sleep, go do it now; I'm going to do the same.”]
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The rest of the drive back to their home was quiet and Sara didn’t want to break that silence, knowing that they all had a lot of process. Whilst the people in the back of the truck had been saved, there had been a significant amount of loss experienced by these people and she was sure that Lana would take it rather personally that she had not been able to get there in time to save them all. She kept her thoughts to herself though, occasionally glancing around at the people in the back of the truck until they arrived at their encampment and she waited until the vehicle came to a halt for her to help those who were too weak or injured to climb out of the back of the truck.

Lana seemed to be back to herself, barking orders at people so that they could get settled back in quickly and Ben had come around the back of the truck to help with the man who had sustained some more serious injuries. She gave him a nod as she helped him out of the truck alongside him before watching to two walk off, probably towards and infirmary of some kind. She remained stood in the back of the truck for a moment and let out a sigh. She would soon be leaving the encampment and getting back to her life of solitude, but this had definitely been a welcome break from her lonely existence.

She was snapped out of her thoughts when Lana appeared at the rear of the truck and helped her out. Sara simply nodded as the woman thanked her once more for her assistance and she looked around for a moment as if to take one last look at the encampment before she was sent on her way. Sara shook her head and shrugged her shoulders. [b “I don’t have a base or a home if that’s what you mean? I keep moving. That’s how it’s always been for me.”] She said without an ounce of sorrow in her tone. It was what she had become accustomed to and it was what she expected to continue doing after this little side adventure.

She had expected Lana to let her leave, not wanting another mouth to feed or needing to find shelter for another person but it seemed that the time of day meant that she would insist that she should stay for the night and deep down, Sara was glad she didn’t have to find somewhere for the night in the dark. So, without hesitation or argument, she followed Lana back to the house she had been taken when she fixed her up earlier that day. She had expected the woman to lead her to somewhere for her to get a good night sleep before being sent in her way in the morning but when she opened the door she was greeted with something else. It almost looked like her detective office from back in the day. Pins and string leading from different locations on the map and a desk where one might do most of their thinking and she couldn’t help but smile at the memory of her doing the same when she was working cases that she found challenging.

Sara watched as Lana started to eat the food they had picked up on the way and nodded towards her as she motioned for her to eat too. As she took some of the bread, she listened to the woman begin to explain what they were doing in this room. She laughed inwardly as she began to explain that if she tried to tell anyone what she was about to say, no one would believe her, and she nodded as she ate the bread to let the woman know that she understood.

When Lana mentioned San Francisco, her interest was heightened. Now she knew that San Francisco was [I not] a paradise. She had been there only a few months ago and everything was destroyed, and she found no evidence of human life there. Only the dead but she wasn’t about the interrupt her. She kept listening and showing intrigue but when she mentioned Alcatraz island, things began to make sense to her. It had been strange that she had no bumped into one living person in San Francisco. In such a big city she would have expected an encampment much like this one, but she had not seen any evidence of such. If they had all made it out to Alcatraz, that would make sense.

Sara could see the sense in what she was saying and it definitely seemed like a good idea. What she didn’t expect was for Lana to ask Sara to be a part of this. She held onto the piece of bread that she was about to put in her mouth and waited a moment as she thought things through. Maybe now was the time to start thinking about the best way to stay alive rather than the best way to stay alone.

[b “What exactly do you need for a better radio?”] She asked as if that was her answer to her proposal.
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The drive back was relatively quiet as one would expect from Lana. She sat looking out the window, letting thee events that just transpired percolate as the dark surroundings whipped by. Every now and again they would hear the howl of a scab that had been attracted to by the flare, and Lana had to suppress the small feelings of vindication she had. If she had it her way, she'd have went to war with those sons of bitches, but that was a reactive response... Well, to be fair, letting off a flare was also a little reactive on her part as well, but it also worked to cover their escape. It all worked out in the end, and they had no idea who hit them.

They came back to the encampment just as fast as they left, it was nearly impossible to see in the dark because of all the trees, and they had tactically placed a lot of the camper vehicles to act as a barricade for escaping light. Quickly Lana was out of the vehicle, pointing to people and ordering them around to help. She had John buzz off to explain some of the situation to the people who needed to know that some of their crew had been dead. Ben came in and before he could say anything, she redirected him to help Henry out of the truck and tend to his wounds or find someone who would and oversee them. She didn't want to deal with him right now; she wanted something to eat, get dry, and sleep.

However, instead of just running off in to whatever she pleased she lingered and helped Sara out of the truck again. [b “Again, thanks for the help.”] She paused for a second, looking at Sara as if searching. [b “I'm assuming you don't have anywhere to stay or at least anywhere close-by, correct?”] She beckons the woman to follow her again, and they head back to the house from before. On the way they pick up a loaf of freshly made bread and hummus. They ate a lot of bread, hummus, and soup around here. But once that quick errand was done, she brings Sara back to the house, but instead of bringing her upstairs to the 'war room' like last time, she brings her to one of the closed doors on the main floor, unlocking it, opening it up, and flips on the lights.

It shared a lot of similar qualities from the war room. Not a lot of furnishing, lots of what appeared to be in the bedroom had previously been stripped and ripped, and on one wall there was a large map with pins and string hung up, but in a different fashion from the war room. There was also a bed pushed far off to the side to maximize the space. There was also a desk in front of the map with a ham radio. Lana quickly sits at the desk, pulling a knife from the drawer and starts carving in to the bread, dipping it in the hummus and then eating it. She motions for Sara to partake in the food with her.

[b “I have a secret to share with you, one that only a very few people know about me.”] She nods at the map and it appeared to be a map of the country, then of California, particularly San Francisco. There were also some sticky notes with unintelligible numbers and a mess of words on them. [b “You're not from around here so I know you won't say anything, and plus,”] She turns to look at Sara and smirks ever so slightly. [b “No one would ever believe you.”] She takes another piece of bread and hummus and eats it.

[b “There's a place in San Francisco that has been said to be a paradise during this End of the World. I've been able to contact it a few times every now and again, but my radio is old and as you can imagine, long distance transmissions are hard to make happen or receive.”] And here came the crazy part. [b “Its on Alcatraz island, totally surrounded on all sides by water, and the prison building is still sustained and sustainable... I was told it was crazy to even think we could get out there, but after encountering those bandits I got to thinking on perhaps it was worth the risk. Its not sustainable here, we have more mouths to feed than we can afford and supplies around this area are running low; its only a matter of time before we have to start picking who eats in shifts. [i And] that's if a herd of the dead doesn't walk right through us.”] They've had several close calls, and they were able to divert them, but there was a growing number of these occurrences now.

[b “Now I'm not saying we should pack up and leave immediately; that's the nuclear option. But I'm saying its worth looking in to. If there's a more sustainable place for us than this place then we have to do whatever we can to get to it. First I need a better radio and then I plan on setting up a meeting with one of the scouts. I know its a lot to ask of you, but you're one of the most skilled people in this encampment, so I want you watching my back. Are you in?”]
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Sara nodded as she took hold of her hand and pulled herself up into the truck. She looked around at the new faces. She couldn’t even begin to imagine what they had been through in their make-shift prisons and she wasn’t about to pretend that she understood. All she could do was offer them any support they needed and as they truck began to travel back she couldn’t help but wonder if she had subconsciously decided to stay and if she had, would Lana be accepting of that desire.

She kept her thoughts to herself whilst they travelled back, noticing that Damien had decided to do his own thing with the men that he had pulled up as his acquaintances when they raided that place. Maybe Lana would be happier having some of her people back home and now she had used Sara’s services, she would just want to see the back of her and she wouldn’t blame her. If she had been in charge of a settlement she would be hesitant about letting anyone stay herself. She let out a sigh and allowed herself to relax momentarily as they journeyed towards their home. At least for tonight she figured she would have somewhere to stay and then maybe she would talk to Lana and perhaps even John tomorrow. Maybe their settlement could benefit from having someone who used to work in law enforcement.

Sara spent a few more minutes looking around at the people in the truck and checked a few of them over, cleaning some of the minor injuries that were visibility to her, just to be useful while Lana conversed with John at the front on the truck. She couldn’t remember how long it took them to get here but she was sure that it would feel like longer going back, especially now that they had so much more on their minds and so much to process. These people had lost loved ones and Lana had lost good people; people she had hoped to be able to save but she found them lacking in numbers and she couldn’t imagine what she must be thinking. She seemed like the kind of woman who wanted vengeance and it wouldn’t surprise her if she decided to come back out here at some point, even if it was to make sure they were all dead.
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Damien climbed back into the truck and headed in the opposite direction. With one of Lana's maps in his pack he could navigate his way back to collect on what Lana owed him. In the mean time he had other business to take care of. Michael eventually directed Damien towards the encampment his friends were with. It wasn't long before they arrived at what Michaels former home that was surrounded with Viking period tents. The area was fairly secluded which prevented a lot of the undead from just stumbling through.

When Damien stopped the truck he noticed the camp was in the process of being torn down for relocation. Though everything stopped when they pulled up. Damien was seeing some familiar faces in the camp and a few not so familiar. Most of them were reenactors that like Damien. Thankfully there were others that committed to the role so there were blacksmiths wood workers and even a few farmers among the lot. though only a few knew these trades. The rest were only part time reenactors that only knew how to fight the the various swords, axes and spears that they carried with them around camp. There were some livestock around them mostly pigs, chickens and horses that were already fixed to carts. Damien was almost ecstatic, the concept of Vikings in the apocalypse tickled him.
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It was quiet this far out from the resort, but there were still tell-tale sounds coming from that direction; gunfire mostly and a few shouts. She wasn't exactly concerned with an immediate retaliation, tactically it made no sense and they would have a lot of clean up to do, and not to mention they'd have to deal with the undead coming for them within forty klicks of the flare. Not to mention all the noise they were still intent on making. She could hear the whine of a rotary machine gun and assumed the insurrection would be over soon.

When Sara speaks to Lana, she looks and nods at the woman. [b “Agreed. A little rest and getting out of the cold will do everyone good.”] And she was right about the undead. With the truck shut off, the moonlight was the only thing they had as a source of light, so the dead she had called this way could come from anywhere. A slight inconvenience, but one she was aware of when she took the shot. That said, she still didn't want to deal with any runners, but the living were always more of a threat than the dead.

It took a moment, but Damien stood next to the bed of the truck, and when inquired on what to do next, Lana opened her mouth to say something, but it seemed his friend Michael beat her to the punch. A group that has been raiding military outposts and police stations? Sounds familiar. But Lana and her gang didn't eat people, so at least there was a line for them. If these people were as dangerous as Michael seemed to believe, then it would be most auspicious of them to prepare for a fight.

Lana was quiet for a moment longer, chewing on the information. Right now there wasn't much they could do except follow Sara's suggestion. The ex-soldier stands up and hopes over the bed of the truck and on to the ground, holding her hand out to Sara to also hop out. Lana assumed she'd need a ride. She nods to John who begins helping Henry to their jeep, but she stays for a moment longer to address her new acquaintances.

[b “Appreciate the help.”] And she nods her head to Michael. [b “And the information. If you plan on coming back home with us, you're more than welcome. If not, we'll be in touch, I'm sure.”] She did still owe Damien marksmanship lessons after all. She gives them a mock salute in passing as she moves back to her own Jeep, getting in to the passenger's seat. She had thins to think about now, not too much, but enough. She wasn't worried about a fight, they were far away from here, but it might be in their best interest to attack again before they themselves were attacked... And perhaps it was time to look at the 'paradise' that existed in this apocalypse. A safe place with food, water, farming, and uninfected people. A 'fantasy' in this life, but something Lana knew was real. It had to be.

[+red “Somethin' on your mind, boss?”] John asked as he started the engine and began to reverse back on to the road. The corner of her mouth twitches as she looks out the window at the other men.

[b “Something.”] She responds.
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Sara's heart rate was a lot higher than normal, with the adrenaline running through her body as though it would never settle again but it reminded her of the old days when she used to work on the street, protecting the innocent from criminals who decided that the law did not apply to them. Though she would never say it aloud, this was what she had been missing these last few years. Perhaps behind alone was not all she had made it up to be because protecting these people gave her a sense of purpose that she had not felt in a long time.

It wasn't too long before John was confirming that their path was clear and she nodded when he told them to get there as quickly as they could, knowing that he wouldn't need a verbal response. Sara climbed into the back of the truck when the last person climbed in and before they knew it they were pulling to a stop near where John had been stationed. Lana seemed to busy herself by looking through her pack now, as if she was looking for something that would finish off the mission. She did say that she planned on making this personal and Sara figured that this would certainly be her way of making it personal. She couldn't help but watch as she pulled out a flare gun and all of the dots connected in her mind, telling her exactly what Lana's plan was. It was something that she would have done herself if these people were as close to her as they seemed to be to Lana.

There was a minute or two of silence before Sara decided to call out. [b "We had better get a move on Lana. We don't know how close the dead are and I think most of us are spent of energy to fight again this evening."]
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Damien slowly creeped the truck over fallen logs and rocks as he slowly made his way to more even ground. using a the mounted bull bar he drove over saplings and cleared his own path to the jeep they left at the insertion point. Michael looked at Damien and just laughed as though someone told a joke. when Damien prompted for an explanation Michael said, "you have no clue what kind of pissing match you just started." by that time a loud buzzing could be heard a mile in the distance. "XM134," was Michael's only response.

this unsettled Damien but at the same time he relished in the challenge of a fight. for now they would retreat and the survivors can spill more details and see what's what. when they reached the jeep Damien stopped and killed the engine. in five minutes they would be gone from the area in a hurry. grabbing the homemade SMG Damien stepped out and looked around before standing next to the bed of the truck. "whats next?"

"prepare for a fight," Michael commented. "that was just an outpost for a group thats been hitting military bases and police stations for weapons and ammo. most they have are humvees with mounted weapons. you guys caught them off guard and by now they've corralled anyone who wasn't fast enough to escape."
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Calling it 'chaos' would be putting it nicely. All Hell was breaking loose with survivor on survivor mayhem. Bandits shot at the freed prisoners, and even each other when everything became too hectic. They forced each other in to close quarters, so at this point, especially since they probably weren't formally trained, friendly fire was inevitable. But that suited her just fine.

Lana puts a hole in another bandit, and a prisoner who was close-by quickly scoops up the fallen man's gun and begins contributing to the party. It was like a damn work of art when a plan like this worked out the way it did, but she wasn't about to pat herself on the back just yet, they still had to get out of here. However, it seemed Damien and his pals had already divined a means of escape that wasn't on foot, and she eagerly followed behind them, her charge slowing her down with his injured leg. But with very little resistance , they make it to a Chevy, Lana and Henry piling in the back with the giant.

[+red “The path is clear. You guys just get here as fast as you can.”] John responded to Sara's question over the radio. They went back for John as their group sat uncomfortably close to each other in the back of the truck. The second they pulled in and John began hopping in to the truck, Lana hopped out, quickly vaulting in to the bed of the truck with Damian's pack. She begins rummaging through her own pack, looking for the last piece of her mission; making it personal.

Samantha. Quiet and efficient. She didn't like to talk, but when you got her talking about something she liked, it'd be a miracle if she would ever stop. She was quick witted and had a keen eye for detail, and exceptional on supply runs.

Chris was a soft spoken young man who put himself before everyone else. He had a bit of a temper, but he often would just storm off to be with himself when he got mad enough. He had a penchant for stupid jokes, and him and Bran were attached at the hip.

Bran was like an older brother to Chris, but not nearly as soft spoken. His temperament was often obnoxious, but he was a hard worker and good with his hands. When they needed to 'renovate' the farm house, his hand was the first to rise to help. He was the one who taught Lana this valuable lesson she was about to teach the bandits: it didn't matter if someone scuffed your car, messed up your order, or told a little white lie. You were important, you had value, your time always costs money. Something against you, even just an inconvenience, was a slight, and you should always treat it as such or you'll get walked all over. No matter what, you [i make it fucking personal].

[b “That's probably why you were such a fucking hot head.”] Lana whispers to herself as she finally finds what she was looking for: a flare gun. Immediately, she aims it in to the air and fires it, the bright red ball glowing like a comet in the night sky. It went over the trees and then some, lingering in the air before descending slowly towards the ground. It would be seen by the living and the dead, but either way, this holiday resort the bandits called home would now be having an army of the undead descending upon it. Even if they got out, they just lost their home. And Lana would sleep like a baby tonight for it.
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Sara took a step back from Lana as she pulled out her pistol to shoot at the lock. It was clear at that point that their presence would be known by now and their only task now was to get out of there alive. She did not hesitate to rush to the aid of those who were trying to make their way out of their make-shift prison. It was clear that their time here had not exactly been easy and many of them sported injuries or were malnourished which meant that they were slow to move at the very beginning but soon enough they were moving.

Lana did not need to say anything for them to know that they were needing to get out of there as soon as possible. The moment that they were out of there the bandits were attempting to stop them but along with Lana, she used her weapons to ensure that the bandits could not get close to them. Damien was already making his way a car with the people that he knew, and Sara was shooting at some of the bandits that had come from behind them while they kept moving forward.

[b “It’s not too far to the van from here. We just need to keep moving. John we are heading you way. Is our path clear out?”] She asked as she continued to run backwards as she aimed her gun at the head of another bandit, taking him out within a matter of seconds. The sound of a car engine caught her attention and when she was confident that there were no more people coming out of the building she turned her head and watched Damien pull off in the car.

A part of her wondered if Damien would be making his way back to the encampment or whether he would simply go back to him farm with his friend now that he got in there and got them out. In fairness, he did not know that they were going to be there, and he had made a deal with Lana and it didn’t seem like he would bail on that deal. Sara looked over to Lana to check her progress at the front and continued to move along with the group.
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The world was always ugly. The zombie outbreak just made people show their true colors at first sight instead of months or years down the road. Now more than ever is the world a fight for survival. Any means necessary. You either do what you have to for yourself or for a few loved ones. Although the second one tends to get you killed sooner than later.

Mavis was with two groups. The first one was with people she loves and mixed with her people’s people. Then things got messy. Claims of stealing and he said, she said bullshit. The group split up after one loud argument and glass tossing got them mixed up with the undead and raiders. The second group was more like slavery. Not the best place to be but again the same shit happened. They had three leaders within the year she was there. The last one was greedy and had what was coming to him.

It made escaping and surviving easier with help. For once. The rocker blonde is known as Kittie. Abby is the one with the left full sleeve tattoo. J is the nut of the group, but he’s reliable. Then there’s little Gab. Couldn’t leave a child behind. They drove off in a Chevy Suburban 2006 with a few medical supplies, clothes, and whatever guns and ammo they could get their hands on. Mavis swears she’s somehow related to Kittie but it’s none of her business.

“Why do we only have oats and peanut butter?”
“There’s was a lot left in the storage. Beggars can’t be choosers.”
“This I feel like I’m being forced to do a Keto diet or a diet in general.”
[#af18ae Not everyone can suck a dick and have steak for breakfast. Suck it up buttercup.]
“Hey, I did what I have too. He offered you the job too.”
[#af18ae I’ll starve with everyone else. This is just the worlds latest way of the rich fucking over the poor.] Mavis says looking out the window.

The small group has been on their own for almost a month gathering things and ambushing low lives using Mavis and little Gab. You would think they would send little miss biker because of the clothes she wears, but somehow Mavis was the bait. With a machete in one hand and Gab’s hand in the other they walked along the streets. Everyone had a walkie. It’s radio silence unless someone is in danger. If someone approaches the two baits they need to squeeze the talk button three times, holding it for three seconds each time. Right now, they need to find a place to lay low. After the last ambush Kittie was shot on the leg. Secretly bitten on her shoulder. It wasn’t odd for her to put on a sweater, so no one is assuming anything.

Before it got dark Gab was back in the car. Abby taking the little’s girl place, ready and eagerly dying for some action. A few undead that was easy to take care of, gun free, wasn’t enough for Abby. That was until they heard some commotions. It would be nice of them to help, but there’s no way on telling if anyone of them are good. They hid and watched. Despite Abby being bending down she was jumpy. Mavis had to pull her down a few times to prevent this psycho from joining a fight that has nothing to do with them.

[center [https://i.pinimg.com/236x/f0/9c/1e/f09c1eb80aa0e81df459c9696450bc66--punk-girls-sexy-girls.jpg Kittie]][center [https://farm1.static.flickr.com/376/19698554101_9ce789b1bc_b.jpg Abby]][center [http://images.bestiariusz.pl/upload/img_1391532680_th.jpg J]][center [https://st-listas.20minutos.es/images/2014-03/378221/4367790_249px.jpg?1394346244 Lil Gab]][center [https://www.cstatic-images.com/car-pictures/xl/CAB60CHS102A0101.jpg&height=369&autotrim=1 The car]]
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with everyone collected it was time to get the hell out of Dodge. drawing his shotgun from under his poncho Damien was the first out of the building and into the chaos. some of the bandits were trying to apprehend the escaping survivors while others were exchanging gunfire with the ones that were arming themselves with guns from the dead. heading wide to avoid conflict Damien led the party to the vehicles where Michael poited out his Chevy S10 4x4. Damien remembered it well, he helped pull the v6 and dropped a 350 small block v8 in its its place. the giant clambered in the back as Michael got in the passenger seat.

as Damien was about to get in the drivers seat he felt cold steel at the base of his skull. raising his hands in surrender Damien quickly turned using his forearm to divert the weapon as he positioned himself to grab his attackers wrist and bicep. delivering a kick to the groin and a hammer fist to the back of the head the man dropped to the ground in pain as Damien wrenched the gun from his hands and turned it on him. giving the trigger a squeeze a burst of bullets came flying out of the craft made bullet hose smg. tossing the weapon in the seat Damien climbed in and started the engine before speeding out of the hole in the wall and started to drive up the hill where Lana's other man was but more importantly his pack. getting out and tossing his things in the bed of the truck Damien looked at the man who stayed behind and said, "we're getting out of here, need a lift?"
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The first thing she noticed was the smell. It was a raw and putrid stench, something she hadn't smelled since her time with the military. Living smells; it was an unmistakably human smell and it brought back some long forgotten and unpleasant memories. Lana just shakes her head at herself, bringing her back to the present as her and Damien move through the pool house.

Damien made quick work of the two bandits that were standing watch, and upon their deaths, she could see the other prisoners getting restless, hope shining through the muck and mire they were forced to wallow in. But Lana simply regarded them with a cold gaze, searching their faces for familiar ones. It seemed her companion was doing the same thing and had much more luck than she did. As she moved through the pool area, many of the prisoners bracing against the cages and begging for her to release them, one of the faces that comes through was one she recognized. [i Henry.]

She approaches the pen, and once she gets closer, he finally recognizes her. “Boss!” He says, moving to the front of the crowd, gripping the chain links of their prison. Despite only being here for two days, she could see the difference. He was paler, eyes sunken a little bit, and he had a slightly more faraway look in his eye. Not to mention the scratches, bruises, and gashes he no doubt received from the bandits. And even though he looked like shit, Lana couldn't help the corner of her mouth quirking up a bit.

[b “Kept you waiting, huh?”] She says and takes a step back, unholstering her pistol. She was soon joined by Sara who asked if her people were here. She hums and nods in response, pointing the gun at the lock and blasts it open. At this point there was no need to be quiet, the prisoners escaping would alert everyone anyways, and the bandits would be more interested in that.

Henry stumbles out of the pen, his would-be roommates all fleeing the second they could and funnelled out of the room. Lana takes one of his arms and motions for Sara to assist them until he got his bearings; one of his legs looked particularly beaten. “They killed Chris and Bran.” He told her and she frowned. “Samantha, they...”

Lana could divine what Samantha's fate was. [b “Its alright.”] Lana told him as they moved towards the exit. She could hear shouting and little snippets of gunfire coming from the outside. It looked like causing a little chaos did the trick; getting out of here with a gaggle of people would be easier now and they could start shooting too.

Placing her jacket on to Henry's shoulders she looks from Sara, Damien, and his two friends. It was time for them to leave and she nods her head at the door, leading them back out in to the night, chambering a round in to the first bandit that came their way.
  Lana Cutler / Renegade / 1y 324d 6h 14m 33s
Sara analysed the path towards the building to calculate how long it would take her to get there and knowing that it was clear made things a lot easier. She smiled and looked over towards John who was grinning. There was that gleam in his eye again that told her that there was still some humour in him even though the world around them was far from funny. Sara took one last look around before allowed her eyes to rest on John again.

[b “I have every confidence that you can handle the radio. Alright I will go in after them and support in any way I can.”] With that she took a step out and alerting Lana and Damien to the fact that she was about to make her way into the building so that they expected her and didn’t accidentally shoot her.

She silently made her way through the building trying to ignore the stench as she did but found it far too quiet. Perhaps Lana and Damien had taken everyone out or perhaps there were not as many people here as there expected but as she started to approach where Lana and Damien were she noticed two men creeping towards them where Damien stood with two men. She could only assume that they were people Damien knew. Sara allowed her rifle to fall to her side and she pulled out two knifes, one on each hand and started to pick up pace as she made her way towards them, hoping she could reach them before they reached Damien. Luckily she was small and swift and that meant that she had managed to make it without being detected.

As soon as she was near enough she she angled the knives in her hand and pushed them both into the skulls of both men at the same time. Sara had learnt to aim for the brain a long time ago. That way it meant the threat wouldn’t come back to bite you. Quite literally. She had to use all of her force to pull the knives back out but when she did the two men fell to the floor. She looked up and smiled towards Damien and looked around the room for Lana.

[b “Are your people here?”] She asked as she neared her.
  Sara / d1gn17y / 1y 324d 16h 1m 26s
When they had reached the building that housed the prisoners Damien readied his knife and ax before moving through the door. turns out it was an indoor pool complete with saunas and hot tubs. though it wasnt a luxurious sight considering the pool had been drained and chain link barriers stood in the bottom creating pens that housed the prisoners with enough room for a path to the shallow end where the built in steps were used to get in and out. Damien noticed old F.E.M.A. crates and put two and two together as to why the pool was like this. it was used as a quarantine zone untill someone took over the place. two guards lazily patrolled the pool, one of whom was standing infront of Damien with his back turned.

Taking the opportunity Damien sheathed his knife as he approached. wrapping his arm around the mans neck, Damien reared back and threw his ax at the man who bore witness to their presence. the ax planted itself into the chest of the unrestrained man as Damien started to make shushing sounds as the man in his grasp fought against Damiens arm to no avail. using his other hand Damien grabbed the back of the mans head, turning it to one side as he forced the man on his knees. the man now proceeded to beg and plead for his life only to be cut off in the middle of a sob as Damien pulled his arms away violently causing the mans head to rotate with a sharp crack before falling limp.

standing at the edge of the pool Damien spoke in a heavy accent, "Einnhverr kykr hugr?" [i any living spirits?] the question caused two men to stand up and move to the gate of their pen. one was the man Damien saw before while the other was hulking over the mans tiny figure. grabbing keys off one of the dead guards he dropped into the pool and unlocked the gates of the pens. as twenty or so people flooded out Damien was met with the two men both of whom hugged him in joy and disbelief. "Michael, Boris....you two look like shit..." Damien commented seeing how scrawny the two were. Boris had been a competitive weight lifter and usualy weighed the same as damien despite Boris being a literal giant standing seven feet and six inches as opposed to Damiens six foot two.

"you'd look like shit too if you didnt eat for a week. some of us belive they've been feeding us the people who drop dead on the chain gang, every now and then there's a horrible smell and that night we get fresh meat. the ones who've been here the longest have the shakes." the smallest of the three explained. they needed out of here now. this gave Damien chills knowing cannibalism was going on here. as they made their way to the exit and stood by it to wait for Lana. Damien handed the two men his ax and knife, he could handle himself in hand-to-hand and still had two firearms if he needed them.
  Damien / ZozoDagon / 1y 325d 12h 58m 25s

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