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[center [font "Segoe Print" A place for my thoughts. Read if you wish but unless your a friend keep your comments to yourself.]]


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[center Childish? That's what you call me. Even though the moment I can't dote on you 24/7 I'm suddenly not good enough anymore. I have to message you first too - because if I don't you won't answer me. You throw muses in to talk to others then tell me later on after being threatened to that your breaking them up. Yes. I blocked you. I'm tired of your shit. I'm tired of not being good enough because I have a job. I'm tired of being punished for having a life. You tell me that we should of talked about it, but you didn't even tell me how you felt about the muses. You just were like 'yup that's that it's over.' I'm done. I'm not unblocking you because I'm not letting you back into my life. I wish you well. I hope you achieve all your dreams and have a very happy marriage. I truly, honestly do.]
  / -An_Dulra / 4d 6h 40m 33s
[center I'm about to take the first step in my journey of healing myself, and gods am I scared. I meet with a therapist on Monday next week at five. There is so much trauma in my past that the poor guy is going to have to deal with. From abandonment issues, grieving issues, PTSD from Trisha to so much more. I need this though, I need to work on me this year. Me and my finances and everything else. So I can move forward into a brighter future where I get my own house with a big back yard for Micah and maybe meet someone. But if not that's okay, I am going to adopt children anyways]

[center I'm still very angry at you though. How DARE you sit there and basically pretend the hell you put her through didn't happen. You have NOT been over this for a year. You are a straight out fucking liar and you always will be. Your a narcissist who feeds off the weak. You only apologize when you need your victim back. Classic abuse cases. I can't save her from your abusive ways, but I can teach her to value herself. ENough to walk when you get nasty.]
  -An_Dulra / 15d 7h 49m 50s

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