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[center [b A place to talk about video games or Anime. Nothing too special.]]

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[center [+red Writing this down here cause I don't want this to get lost in messages. I'm making a PS4 chat for all of us nerds in here. XD]]

[center [+red So feel free to add me if yall wanna game! My username is Nakashima9568 ]]

[center [+red Right now I'm playing a lot of Dead By Daylight,Monster Hunter,Overwatch but I play others as well just lately those three got my attention.]]
  Kirishima / Knight- / 171d 10h 45m 36s
I love the legend of zelda i have an entire sleeve. Also man I'm so rusty at Mon hunt been a few good months since i booted it up on my ps4.
  chibi wolf / HollowLink / 188d 21h 29m 35s
Zelda and Pokémon!!!! They are my absolute favorite video games of all time!
  wolfchibilink / 198d 22h 34m 10s
[center [b First post ideas!]]

[center [b Perhaps post what kinda video games you like playing?]]
  Arthur / Knight- / 241d 3h 36m 57s

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