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[size14 [font "Times" Story plot bunnies that I have all vaguely genre-bent towards the same idea. Monsters, magic and mayhem.

[B Before We Get Started]
1. ~1000+ characters, ish? I like long form style writing, lots of dialogue
2. be chatty! plotting doesn't [i have] to be all surprise-surprise, though it can be if you like
3. real life comes first before rp, so don't worry about a strict posting schedule
4. slow burn, please
5. no seriously romantic characters under 18. no subplot romance under 18 unless by characters of their same age
6. any story option can be any type of pairing you like, romantic or otherwise! i encourage m|m, f|f pairings, and gender binary breakage, etc. We welcome the LGBT+ in this house. ♥

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[center [B [u Historic/Low Fantasy/Supernatural]]]

✩ He's been turned into a monstrosity; curse, experiment gone wrong, who knows. The nobleman, or the remnant of him, who now lurks in the haunted castle is a monster. Be ye hapless wanderer seeking shelter, unknowing what is within, monster hunter from the village, seeking knowledge from the old being that preys on the nighttime of the village below, or escaped captive or servant seeking the only place that your master would never dare find you. Your story is what happens when you meet him.

★ Unfortunate curses are unfortunate. You're a part of the town wracked with mysterious deaths and disappearances and he's the wandering doctor, polite, quiet, a bit of a shut in, who happens to blow into town and know quite a lot about the things that are going on. Rumors abound. If you can manage to corner him into a little more conversation, other than curious hems and haws and weirdly effective cures to some of the things that are going on. Will you discover any about what's happened? Or what, and why, he knows about such heinous things?

✩ A ball. Welcoming the new, wealthy family to the community. Carriages bouncing through the mud to get to the manse before night falls, becked by the new family in town to attend to find the family incredibly... strange. This is the party you meet him at. Or her. And shortly after, they disappear. Will you find out what happens? Or find out some secrets you weren't prepared for?

★ He is the master of the mansion you find, or seems to find you, standing in the center of the misty swamps of the southern country. You, wanderer, or grown lost in the mists, or even having been looking for it with its mythical existence, whatever has brought you to it has succeeded. It's sprawling and peculiar and almost seems to have appeared out of nowhere, blooming from the mists, the only solid shape amongst the trees and marshes. The waters beneath the suspended manse hold secrets, hidden among the crocodiles whose eyes reflect your lantern light. And among them, did you see a face? Pale, alabaster, watching you before disappearing beneath the water. A figure underneath the veranda and the sprawling deck of the mansion. What secrets are held inside?

✩ You, the master of the manse, a returning inheritor of an estate your family, or wresting it from the drowning hands of a caretaker... for whatever reason left to you, or whatever circumstance. You've been running the place to the best of your ability after having been on the run/escaped this life for so long. You used to be an adventurer, a rogueish archetype, etc. And you left behind a group you were traveling with, reveling with. And someone you keep wondering about if something could have been more. Regrets, regrets, what ifs and longing for that life. What do you do when a creature appears on your doorstep in the middle of a storm? Or a figure knocks on the window, asking, begging to be let in? A voice so familiar it aches, but you can't remember it. What becomes of you and it/them?

[center [B [u Dark, high fantasy, D&D Worlds]]]

★ You, and adventurer, or a poor schmoe who needs fast cash, find a note on the job board at your local guild's wall. This person is someone who needs to be reunited with someone they miss. They say they don't like crowds, so meet them at this fountain in this park near the edge of town. And the individual you meet is hardly the person, or thing you expect to see coming out from behind the shadowed fronds of a nearby tree to greet you.

✩ One of the most famous, large cities in all of Nivea, the elven territory, is the city of C'est-Vrais. A sprawling, everglade port town threaded with rivers and skirting a large, magical swamp within which are many secrets. In it; a strolling, smiling man with sad, haunted eyes who works at the library with no memory of his past, but reams of knowledge at his disposal. A mysterious disappearance at a star-crossed ball thrown by one of the wealthy families that suddenly is overrun by the undead. Secret elven dwellings within the swamp itself that may hold secrets. A young man, assumed a ghost, who spends his time wandering the necropolis... and many other faces who may or may not know what happened, and what secrets the city and its surrounding lands hold. Your story is what happens to you, and what you get up to in the city.

★ The store has been here for years, the locals say, filled to the brim with magical wonders that peek from the windows, ever changing inside the glass. Astronomically expensive wonders, of course, catering to the powerful and the wealthy who can afford his gifts, or have something worth bartering for. Rumors abound outside of the shop. That he used to teach, that he's a villain, that he used to a lot of things... What, or who, do you find inside?

✩ It is the ghostly creature in the halls of the palace you are asked to stay at to solve the murder of one of the people who lived there. That is what calls to you from the abandoned wing, oh magician. [size10 Inspired by The Arcana.]

★ Two scenarios: It is the movement in the dark as you walk, drunk, or just out late, in the streets and call into the darkness, pretending like you do as if you're not afraid, only for the darkness to call back. A monstrous, peculiar creature with the voice of a man; isolated, lonely, and angry. Or it's an otherworldly, beckoning voice in the treeline just outside the fields outside town. A peculiar creature in the shape of a human. Gestures peculiar, and touch alien. But so familiar looking in this guise. Is it curious or hungry, with its voice so sweet? Your story is what happens when you run across this individual.

✩ He's the despotic lord of the realm, the monstrous strangle-holder who wields the magic to bring back the dead. And with his forces behind him, no one dares stand against him. The evil villain that seems to have no hope of redemption. But he's looking for henchmen, and always has his eyes out, or for something nice and new to look at. Something alive. Or are you a foolhardy hero trying to resist him? Your story is what happens when you come in contact with him- as victim, hero, wanderer, etc.

★ The strange young man followed by a strange looking cat. Rumors abound, as with any notable looking individual drifting through town. Especially one that looks like a walking beholder of great evils; dark, tall, intimidating, quiet, watching. So what do you do when you find that same, whispered about elf with all his necromancer, death-related jewelry just stretched out on the ground in the soft grass with a song softly hummed and a kitten on his chest.

✩ He is a wayward prince. A dark elf on the surface, far from home. The sunrise is too much for his eyes, the warmth of the land; used to the underground, the dark, the cold, the magic pulsing from the corners. He knows he is hated above ground, his race known for raids, cruel magics, and taking prisoners. And now he, on the run, was in their midst, alone. And it is this creature who happens to come across you in the midst of trouble, or who appears caught with you, taken prisoner. Can you work together? Would you be willing to help him, and he you?

[center [B [u [font "Times" [size14 Whole Ass, Complete Story Idea]]]]]

Idea inspired by a comic series called [i Stitched] by Mariah McCourt and Aaron Alexovich.

A story we can form together, or you can play through learning about your character's past!

You wake up in a place you've never been before, with no memory, only your name. There's something that's calling you to the surface, realizing your resting place is an undergound series of chambers; a whole mansion down here it feels like, windowless. You emerge into a wide, misty, forested place and wander, seeking something to lead you. And you come across...? Who? Or what?

For this story, I will dissuade human characters. I will encourage monsters; old school werewolves, cute frankenstein creature, a vampy sort of critter, a newly risen demon, something! That's the sort of world we're walking into.

This is a story we can form together, as you discover you're not the only one kind of missing some pieces.

[u A few options here I have thought of for characters to run into:] someone singing softly in the night, floating, alighting atop the headstones in the yard. A lonely howl on the horizon, a creature that flees with a human voice. A woman dressed in black, wearing sunglasses in the misty night, who will give you directions. A lonely manse with a tower with a light in the top. All your neighbors.

Basically, I want you to become a newly created creepy critter! Be it sutured together or just undead or cursed, or spooky! And figure out what all happened to you and who all these folks are around you!

[center Any pairing for any romance/etc. if you want, suffices.
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Thank you for stopping by! At any rate, if none of this interests you, I'm always up for discussing other ideas and such. Just contact me and we can discuss. Feel free to poke your nose into profiles and other search threads of mine.

[size10 This thread will be continually edited as I gain perhaps more ideas.]

[+purple If you have any interest in any of these, when you message me add your favorite dessert so that I know you've read all of the stuff and things.]
Thanks for your time!


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[font "Times" [size15 The story of the monster and the damsel, relatively classic. Or the narrative that might have happened if films and stories aren't more focused on returning said protagonist back to their normal, their safe. What if they had stayed with the monster? Sort of Beauty and the Beast with a classical horror flair.

We can do classical kidnapping, or a wandering townsmen into the realm of the creature. A part of the mob who got sidetracked and kept quiet about it. Or, an unknowing villager who is interacting with the monster that plagues the nights, stalking, crawling or hunting amongst the darkness. Or, perhaps our protagonist is a hunter themselves and finds a monster worth at least a bit of banter before they kill them. Maybe the monster is hiding in human form, asking an innkeep or a wealthy household if they may stay...

Monster can be found in a lair, in amongst the wilderness, acting normal in a setting though alien, different to those who are quick to catch it. Or to those who are Sensitive. Or the monster can be hiding. Maybe the monster is begging?

The damsel can be any gender, or a lack thereof.

I tend to lean towards pretty typical classical horror with this idea, with a lean towards broader supernatural things. Vampires, their lips and bodies thinning with power and revealing how corpse-like they can be. Beguiling in so many ways, if you make the mistake of meeting their gaze, or just looking at their pleasing figures. Half fey descendants with a scary amount of power and a nasty habit of making you wonder if there's more, different behind the glamor. Lycanthropes with a bad, bad need to feed and a temperamental beast behind their eyes. Or, something entirely different as the idea strikes. Something created, not of its own volition, warped into being- neither quite dead or undead or alive, and yearning.

[center [+purple Send me a PM if you're interested with your favorite dessert if you're interested! I'd love to chat.]
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