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[h3 ]

[b “I'm sorry, I won't do it again!”] Felix calls over his shoulder to Ruby as he sprints for dear life to the two unicorns. When he gets close enough, Jasper is almost thrown in to his arms, and reflexively he catches him by the lapel. He was about to ask what he was supposed to do with this scrub when they were all suddenly forcefully put in to a group hug. And when Crystal told him not to let go of Daggeron he nods, nervously looking over his shoulder at the recovering Ruby. He was about to open his mouth when suddenly the scenery changed, and he was hit by mild motion sickness.

[b “Are we...”] They were back at the RV. Did Crystal just [i teleport] them? Wow. He actually wasn't aware people could use magic that way. From his experience, the closest thing to teleportation was sort of summoning and reverse summoning someone, but to or at a fixed location. But this was completely different and incredible!

Although he didn't have much time to cheer Crystal on as she began to droop, blood dripping from her nose. And her horn was visible, which was something Felix had grown to understand usually isn't a good sign. [b “Crystal!”] Felix exclaims, and much like her ex, he was trying to keep her up. The both of them were trying to work against each other it would seem, Felix was trying to support her to get in to the RV while Jasper was... being goddamn useless! [b “Let go of her! We need to get her in to the RV.”] Felix barks, almost like a rabid dog.

He still seemed reluctant, but at the sound, the door to the RV opens and peeking her head out is a groggy and sleepy looking Hilda. [+red “Why are you yelling? Are you-- Oh god, Crystal!”] And she half limps out, helping Felix bring Crystal inside as he shoves the male unicorn to the side a little unnecessarily. They bring her to the bed Hilda was just laying in, and the two do what they can to make her comfortable. [+red “That's not how you fluff a pillow.”]

[b “I'm doing the best I can!”] Felix says, struggling to keep his voice at a reasonable room level. He looks at Hilda for a second, considering. [b “Do you know any healing spells?”]

Hilda shakes her head. [+red “I'm specialized in combat evocation, divination, and some conjuration. I'm a pretty good alchemist though; I can make a healing potion if you have the materials.”]

This time it was Felix who shook his head. [b “Fresh out of red amanita... Been meaning to buy more.”]

[+blue “You've been meaning to buy a lot of stuff, cheapskate.”]

[b “You're not helping, Daggeron. Can the two of you make sure she stays stabilized? I need to get us out of here, and we'll grab some components for a potion.”]

[+red “I think rest is the best medicine for now.”]

[b “Sure... But I'll breathe easier once we start moving, at least just to get away from here. We're close enough for them to be able to track us... Speaking of which.”] Felix bursts from the small bedroom, directly in to Jasper's face.

[b “Strip.”] His eyes narrow. [b “Now.”]
  Felix / Renegade / 1h 54m 39s
[pic https://i.imgur.com/VwGRNdm.jpg] [left Ruby was actually enjoying the fight. He was the better swordsman, but she was sure she could still beat him. Except there was Crystal, and that was something she was more obsessed with. She wasn’t as focused on him, so he got in a good hit. A [i really] good hit. Her horn was almost immediately visible, and she was holding her forehead in obvious pain. Her eyes were even watering and she’d dropped her sword.

[+firebrick “You son of a bitch!”] Ruby shrieked. Crystal had flinched when she saw Felix hit Ruby’s horn. But then he was running, and she remembered they really didn’t have a lot of time. Jasper was just staring in shock.

[#c4519e “Jasper!”] It snapped him out of his daze. Crystal started running for him and Felix, gasping in pain over the glass. There wasn’t any time to stand and wait. When she got close enough to Jasper she grabbed his hand, and hurtled right into Felix and held onto him as tight as she could in a one armed hug. Tears were starting to run down her cheeks,[#c4519e “Hold onto Daggeron. Don’t let go.”]

Her next words weren’t very intelligible. She started to mumble something to help her focus and shut her eyes tight. Jasper seemed to realize what she was doing at that point and shook her arm, keeping tight hold of her hand,[+goldenrod “Crystal! Don’t!”]

Ruby had recovered, and was sending her whips to grab them when Crystal’s plan worked. The four of them vanished, and Ruby screamed in frustration. How had things gone so wrong?

Teleportation was costly magic. It was something unicorns trained to do to get out of tight situations, but it was a last resort because of how it ate through magic to even get one person any real distance. Not that it had done her any good with getting away from Felix, he hadn’t given her the opportunity. Now though she figured she could use it to help them get away from Ruby and Falken. Crystal had gotten the four of them back to the RV, just outside of it actually, and promptly went limp. Her horn was visible, and blood was pouring from her nose. She was only semi-conscious. Jasper was upset and worried, and right away tried to hold her, even if it meant trying to pry her from Felix,[+goldenrod “Crystal? Sweetheart?”]]
  Yavanna / 20h 44m 33s
[h3 ]

A direct hit! But it didn't seem like it was going to be slowing Ruby down... If anything, it might even speed her up. This bitch was crazy! Not to mention with those glowing marks on her skin—something he's seen in magic users before—meant that he was going to have to hit her a lot harder or with a lot more iron if he wanted to stop her.

[+blue “Watch out, Felix, I don't think that's an idle threat.”] Daggeron says, eyeing the Unicorn with his jewelled eyes. [i No kidding.] Felix had the distinct impression that Ruby didn't make threats; she made promises that she intended to keep. He'd have to continue to keep his guard up and not fall in to the trap of getting cocky. Or any of the Ruby's literal traps.

When she chucked her shirt at him, Felix was ready this time. [b “What the Hell!”] Or so he thought. The thing sprang at him like it was from the Doctor Strange movie, and was trying to wrap itself around him as Ruby closed the distance between them. He was able to avoid it and then flung the weight from the whip at it. Upon contact, the shirt dropped like a regular old shirt, but at the same time it stopped the momentum from the whip. He didn't have enough time to bring it back as Ruby set upon him.

[+blue “I warned you!”] Daggeron shouts, spiralling in to Felix's hand at the last second. He's able to get a guard up quickly, blocking Ruby, but the force from her blow sends him a few feet back. He grunts, but he isn't done just yet as magic surges from Daggeron to compensate for her super strength. He comes back and crossed swords with her, matching her blow for blow. She was a better swordsman than he had imagined, but it seemed her sword skills weren't as diverse or obviously Chinese like his. It gave him a minor advantage because of his fluid, distracting, and deceptive movements.

However, when Crystal screamed, it got both of their attention. It appeared Crystal and Jasper had escaped mostly unharmed. He reacted quicker, and drops his hand from Daggeron, pulling the whip just enough for some length to wrap around his hand. Felix hits Ruby where her horn should be with a quick distracting strike, one that he would normally do when aiming for the nose. And just like popping someone in the nose, it was meant to stun and distract so he could run the other way towards Crystal and Jasper*.

[b “Whatever your plan is for us to get out of here, you better do it now!”] He was expecting Ruby to retaliate in... Now.

[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GaJUmefY1I *]
  Felix / Renegade / 1d 14h 28m 40s
[pic https://i.imgur.com/VwGRNdm.jpg] [left Getting hit with the beams hurt, and left her skin red where they hit, even with her magical protection. The markings on her skin were starting to glow. The force of them even sent her back, which she recovered from easily by just going with it and flipping.

She was glaring at Felix with an intensity that wasn’t really sane. He was keeping her away from the girl. [+firebrick “I’m going to enjoy breaking and healing every bone in your body until you can’t see straight.”]

More clothes came off. This time her shirt, which she tossed forward. It came to life in midair to begin an attack on its own, trying to wrap around Felix. It wasn’t especially strong magic, but it was something else for him to contend with while she rushed forward, her skin glowing with marks to defend her and enhance her strength. He might be a better swordsman, but right now she didn’t care much.

Crystal felt sure she was going to die if she didn’t get away fast. The lack of air was really getting to her, and she was slowing down in her attempt to get away. She had fallen and tried to keep crawling away because she couldn’t stand. Then an explosion, and she could suddenly breathe. She took a deep breath, then another. Jasper was standing a little dumbfounded at the other end of the hall. [#c4519e “Run! I’ll meet you out front.”]

Falken would recover fast. Crystal scrambled to her feet, still feeling a little disoriented and rushed out the back door and ran around the building. She just had to get out front and meet Jasper and Felix. Then get them all out. Just around the corner when she reached the front of the building, where one of the glass windows was still intact but painted over, she triggered yet another trap. The glass shattered, and shards came flying at her. She screamed and put her hands up, then a magic shield. It deflected the worst of it, but there was broken glass [i everywhere].

It also got Ruby’s attention in time to see that not only was Crystal there, but Jasper had made it out the front door too.]
  Yavanna / 1d 15h 42m 24s
[h3 ]

Oh, she was getting angry. Good, good, it meant she would stay focused on him. [b “Oh shit!”] Maybe a little too focused on him if he thought about it. She blocked Daggeron's heatvision or whatever, and the ground beneath Felix begins to give way. Luckily enough for him, Daggeron and Felix were a good team, so the second his footing became unstable, there was a sigil under him acting as a platform. With his magic boots, he leaps in to the air as more sigils form for him to bounce off of like a human pinball. Or someone just really acrobatic.

Letting out more of the chain as he glides over Ruby's shield, it disrupts the barrier as Daggeron blasts more lasers in to it to hit Ruby as her defences were suddenly down. When Felix lands, he puts himself in between the gas station and Ruby, Daggeron lowering down next to him as the Hunter gets in to a ready position again. He was being reactive instead of proactive, but it seemed to be working for the most part.

[center ~*~]

[i 'What a nightmare Ruby could be.'] Falken thinks to himself as Crystal stumbles around and activates more traps. The Bloodmad Unicorn was hard to deal with, but he was suddenly glad they were on the same side. She had a kind of devious and evil nature he himself didn't even possess, a twisted mind that looked at the world in a very strange way. She wanted Crystal alive, and Falken might even feel a little sorry for the girl to have to put on her. Whatever Ruby had planned wouldn't exactly be an enjoyable experience.

When Jasper spoke Crystal's name, Falken grunts. He would deal with him once Crystal was unconscious. How did he even escape Stephanie? Ruby was going to be furious about that. For the moment though, it was no matter. He would deal with the male Unicorn in just a moment. However, his instincts went off when Jasper threw the piece of plastic on him, and with abandon and reflexes like lightning, he turns and catches it, his eyes widening as he tightens his grip around it. Ruby! [+silver “Oh sh-”] It explodes, and when the debris settles, Falken is nowhere to be seen, but the giant hole in the wall next to where he was just standing might be an indication. The air draining spell around Crystal also disappears as she can suddenly take a full breath.
  Felix / Renegade / 1d 17h 10m 45s
[pic https://i.imgur.com/VwGRNdm.jpg] [left Ruby didn’t want the fight to drag on anymore. Normally she might not care, she liked playing. But she’d be furious if Falken killed the girl, and she felt like she had to go do something to ensure the girl stayed alive.

But this stupid hunter was determined to keep her here. Ruby let out a growl of rage while a red shield blocked the beams from the sword. She had to focus more to avoid the whip, and they definitely had her on the defensive. She was trying to get herself closer to the gas station anyway, but it was harder with both of them distracting her. With a few murmured words she raised her sword at Felix. The ground cracked and started to shake, opening up in several places under him. More muttering had a volley of red spikes flying at him. She’d given up on the ribbons, she needed the shield and to change tactics with the hunter. She’d make his footing unstable, and get an opening that way.

Crystal spent a couple of seconds trying to pull her feet free with her shoes, but it wasn’t working and Falken wouldn’t let her just stand there for long. She hurried to try and untie her shoes and get out without them. She wasn’t sure she wanted a warriors battle with the huge wolf thing, but she didn’t think she wanted the alternative either. She wanted out.

By the time she had her shoes off and she was stepping back out of the trap she was really noticing the thinner air. At first she’d just thought she was panicking, but she just couldn’t catch her breath. So that was what he was doing. Crystal stumbled back, her socks stuck to the floor and she had to leave them too. Luckily that was the end of [i that] trap, but unfortunately for Crystal she leaned against the wall, gasping for breath. The wall was rigged, and after she touched it tiny spikes shot out, hit the opposite wall, which triggered spikes from [i that] wall.

None of them were big enough to kill her, but it gave her a bunch of small wounds and had her falling back and scrambling away, feeling dizzy and leaving a trail of blood. Then she heard Jasper from somewhere on the other side of Falken,[+goldenrod “Crystal?”]

She couldn’t answer. She wanted to yell at him to run. Jasper realized Crystal must be on the other side of Falken. There was no way he was getting past that hulking beast in the narrow hallway, but they could probably both run out and around. Jasper grabbed the thing closest to him, which was a length of plastic pipe with a bathroom key attached, and threw it at Falken to get his attention.]
  Yavanna / 7d 9h 58m 20s
[h3 ]

The whip was playing good at distracting Ruby. Despite her best efforts, it was what she was mostly focus on which made her more cautious. And predictable. Her ribbons came right for the whip, but fortunately for him, a great length of it was wrapped around his arm, so all he did was throttle back a bit more, letting the ribbons touch the metal coiled around his arm and watched them dispel themselves.

Felix had thought he was being a pretty good distraction despite not being fully prepared to fight Ruby one on one, but cursed under his breath when he heard Crystal shout inside of the gas station. The element of surprise was gone, but now he was also worried about Crystal. If she was dealing with Falken, she was in some real danger, but he couldn't just go barging in there with Ruby in tow; they'd [i all] be in horrible danger if that happened. He just had to commit to keeping his dangerous unicorn dance partner occupied.

[b “I need a partner.”] Felix says, winding Daggeron back.

[+blue “You got it!”] And Felix whips Daggeron on an angle passed Ruby, and the sword stops mid-air, and begins firing beams of energy from its eyes at the unicorn. Felix moves to the side of Ruby, letting out some of the slack on the whip, flinging the weight at her in quick succession so she had more than one opponent to worry about.

[center ~*~]

Once Crystal had started forward and got stuck inn one of Ruby's traps, Falken stopped, looking down at the tiles. Since he was magically connected to Ruby, he could see her handy work as if through her own eyes and... [+silver “Oh my.”] Falken says. There certainly were a lot of traps to contend with, and he wasn't sure if he would set them off if he stepped on them. It appeared Ruby had rigged the entire place to be a nightmarish maze. They were even on the walls.

Looking back up at the unicorn with her shoes stuck to the floor. [+silver “My apologies, Crystal; I will not be able to give you a true warriors battle.”] Since he himself didn't know if he had any room to breathe... Speaking of.

Hushed words come from Falken's canine mouth and he raises his hand in front of him, slowly closing his palm in to a fist as he repeats the words under his breath. The air around Crystal began to get thinner, and she would notice she was losing her breath. Falken was literally taking the air out of the area around her as she was stuck to the floor.
  Felix / Renegade / 10d 15h 10m 5s
[pic https://i.imgur.com/VwGRNdm.jpg] [left Ruby seemed delighted by the results of her shoe throwing, she was laughing while she started to move in closer to Felix, careful to avoid the whip. She didn’t want to touch that thing again. She’d like to get it out of his hand. Maybe take the hand with it. There was a thought. Ruby was grinning,[+firebrick “I’m getting warmed up. Don’t give me a cold shoulder now. But you can give me a hand.”]

The red ribbons got more aggressive toward the hand holding the whip. The iron would disrupt the magic, but she just needed to get one through to get rid of the pesky thing for good. Either he’d let go or she’d take his hand with it, she wouldn’t be picky about which. A shout halted her efforts though, and she very nearly turned to look, but her training kept most of her attention on her opponent. The girl. Ruby seemed to realize for the first time that Crystal wasn’t nearby watching. She looked annoyed shifted her grip on the sword,[+firebrick “Falken better not kill her. I want her alive.”]

Crystal had been a little surprised to see Falken here. She had really been hoping for Falken to go outside with Ruby and Felix. The huge wolf man scared her almost as much as Ruby, just in a different way. Her instincts were good enough that she put up a golden shield before the fireball could hit her. She [i could] go back out the way she’d come in, but the building wasn’t that big. Jasper had to be close, even if she didn’t see him. And if Falken was here, and Ruby was outside… Jasper could escape a vampire, right?

[#c4519e “Jasper!”] Crystal took the chance that Jasper would be able to hear her, and not be too much of an idiot, so she yelled as loud as she could. Now she had to keep Falken’s attention… at least for a moment.

Crystal didn’t have to wait long for confirmation that Jasper had heard her. [+goldenrod “Crystal?”] He was close. He was also still being guarded by Stephanie, who was looking pretty nervous about what was going on. Knowing Crystal was here, and possibly in danger, seemed to breathe some life and fight into Jasper. The vampire was stronger than him, but… Jasper was good with illusions. While the vampire had her attention on the hallway where Falken and Crystal was, an illusion of Felix appeared at the front door. It managed to play on Stephanie’s fear, and Jasper was able to bind the vampire using magic ribbons. He was actually a little surprised it went that well.

Crystal started forward, only to be reminded she really should be more careful in an area Ruby has gotten to play around with. The tiles under her feet had turned sticky like the door, her shoes hopelessly stuck. [#c4519e “Oh come on.”]]
  Yavanna / 20d 15h 30m 2s
[h3 ]

The red ribbons weren't surprising. Both Crystal and Ruby liked to use them, and Felix also used a lot of immobilization tactics. Once you stopped your target, you basically won; all you needed was the decisive blow. But Felix wasn't going to make it that easy, whether it was two or five ribbons as he kept on the move. The chain whip was exceptionally helpful in this situation, and when he spins to face sideways he twirls the whip in a circle, severing the ribbons like a hot knife through butter on impact.

He doesn't underestimate her though, especially once she summons a sword. He never got a measure of her skill, but considering she was with Falken, he'd think she was pretty dangerous. [b “Dancing is my specialty!”] He shouts absent mindedly as he lunges towards Ruby, ignoring the snicker from Daggeron.

The shoe soars his way, and Felix slices it with Daggeron... And his first mistake was thinking it was a normal shoe. It was fortunate that Daggeron was magically reflective. Felix though? Not so much. The ice magic bursts from the shoe upon contact with a light blue wave of energy. The energy that came in to contact with Daggeron bounces off in different directions, and freezes parts of the ground. But the energy that got Felix's arm from his hand to the sword and encased his arm all the way up to his neck and ribs. He lets out a shout of surprise, and pivots to avoid the next shoe despite his predicament. The shoe explodes fairly close to him and sends him off of his feet and he hits the ground in a shabby attempt at a roll, the ice shattering. He doesn't let himself stay down for long just in case Ruby had like, an electric bra or some bullshit too that she was about to throw at him, and he knew she wouldn't let up, even if it was just to gloat.

[b “Is that all you got?”] He asks, composing himself and getting back in to a fighting stance, Daggeron and the whip at the ready. It was pretty clear he was injured, but he was also tenacious and he wouldn't give up, even if it was just to buy Crystal time. [b “I can do this all day.”]

[center ~*~]

He was meditating, to at the very least, he was trying to. Falken could hear the scuffle outside, assuming Ruby was doing her Ruby things, but when there was an explosion, he stands straight up from where he was sitting. The Unicorn might be a walking ball of mayhem on a good day, but she wouldn't let off an explosion like that for no reason... Would she?

He inhales at the thought, and... a new smell touched his canine nostrils. It seemed they had an intruder in their midst. The other unicorn. That one meant it was likely Felix on the outside dealing with Ruby. It appeared Falken didn't give Team Felix enough credit; he hadn't expected them to come here in an effort to rescue Jasper. It definitely caught them at a disadvantage, but they had the home court advantage. He'd just go stay with Jasper.

Stepping out in to the hallway, Falken stops, looking down it to the back door, directly at Crystal. Well, that certainly made his job easier. [+silver “Hello. So glad you could make it.”] He says and then throws a fireball directly at her.
  Felix / Renegade / 21d 13h 47m 23s
[pic https://i.imgur.com/VwGRNdm.jpg] [left [+firebrick “Laundry? How boring.”] Ruby snarled. The chain was easy enough for Ruby to dodge. She moved quickly and precisely despite her rage. Felix was doing a good job of making himself a hard target to pin down though. Rather than using her arms she changed tactics. Using one hand a red ribbon stretched out from each finger giving Felix not two, but five to contend with. It sacrificed some of the power behind each of them, but they gained in speed and maneuverability. A short sword appeared in her other hand. It wasn’t made of magic, like one might expect from Ruby, but instead pulled using magic from her stash of things she’d actually bothered to pack from the trunk. Clothes hadn’t been important, but various weapons and potion components were necessary. It had a black blade, like the kind Stephanie and her siblings had been using.

[+firebrick “Come dance with me, little hunter. It’s rude to keep a lady waiting. Show me a good time before I kill you.”] She might almost have been flirting, except for the venomous look she was giving Felix. Then again, with her it was hard to tell. She kept moving to keep some distance, until she stopped and kicked one of her shoes at him.

[+firebrick “Now be a good boy and bring that back.”] Ruby taunted. She just couldn’t remember which shoe that was… the one that would explode in fire? Or was this the ice one? It probably didn’t matter much, because she kicked the other after a second so he could deal with them one after another.

Crystal managed to get to the back door without running into any trouble. That was a relief. Crystal tried the doorknob, half expecting it to be locked. It wasn’t, to her surprise. She opened it, but then she couldn’t let go of the doorknob. She looked back and pulled harder. It was stuck, and what was worse was that the door seemed to be melting or warping, and started oozing over her hand. A trap? Seriously? And she hadn’t even noticed!

With a little distressed whimper Crystal surged her own magic into the door, disrupting the trap enough that she could pull her hand free. The door continued to ooze, but Crystal just continued into the building as quietly as she could. She really hoped that was the last of the traps, but doubted she was that lucky.]
  Yavanna / 24d 13h 11m 15s
[h3 ]

It was evident that the iron chain disrupted Ruby's Unicorn magic. Her hair and her eyes even changed colours, back to the original ones Felix would assume. It felt like a triumph that this had worked like a charm! He guessed it might be time to update Shepard's notes on Unicorns and how to combat them. However, it seemed that he needed to be more worried about his current situation rather than scribbling down notes.

Ruby was [i pissed]. But that was good, he could use that to his advantage and that meant that she would be focused on him... And it seemed quite apparent as Crystal was able to slip away unnoticed as the opposing Unicorn's furious gaze fixated on Felix like a predator, and she lashed out like one too. He was ready for her though, flipping the sword in to a reverse grip so Ruby's ribbons miss. At the same time, he spins so he's not standing in the same place, pulling the whip back and it coils around his arm. It felt more like an even playing field now with the chain whip.

[b “I'm gonna teach [i you] some manners for ruining all of our friggin' laundry.”] He flicks his hand, and lets out some slack so the whip's weighted end flies towards Ruby, pulling it back and flicking out again in quick succession as he circles sideways. He wasn't about to give Ruby an easy target, nor was he going to let up on her with the iron. He didn't feel like he had all the tools he needed to defeat her one on one, but he could definitely keep her attention whether she wanted to or not.
  Felix / Renegade / 25d 15h 20m 23s
[pic https://i.imgur.com/VwGRNdm.jpg] [left The iron chain got her attention, and enraged her. The iron disrupted her magic. Her horn was revealed, but also her hair and eye color changed from the bright red she made them look like. Her hair was brown under the illusion, but even with the iron she was trying to keep the red there, so it looked like a terrible dye job that kept shifting, like someone had just splattered red dye on her hair. Her eye color was harder to see, even with the red disrupted the illusory color and her natural green swirled around with yellow and orange while she fought to keep the red.

Ruby pulled the chain free from her arm with a frustrated sound, her glare firmly fixed on Felix. She was furious. With the iron gone she reformed the red whips and lashed out at Felix, aiming to pull the sword from him,[+firebrick “How rude. Fine then. I’ll teach you some manners first.”]

The disruption of her illusion hurt her vanity, which was enough to divert her attention from Crystal. Crystal managed to get around Ruby and to the gas station. Jasper had to be in there, it was the only place they could hide him. But where was Falken? And the vampire? Crystal was practically shaking while she crept around the edge of the building, looking for a back entrance so Ruby wouldn’t notice her. If Felix could keep enough attention out in front she should be able to slip in and get to Jasper before anyone realized she wasn’t watching the fight.]
  Yavanna / 28d 21h 56m 40s
[h3 ]

It was too bad they couldn't bring Hilda, but it was probably for the best. They were all a little beat after their battle with Team Evil. Felix couldn't help but feel like he's been asking too much of Crystal today, especially with her ex causing all the trouble they've had the last while. It didn't much help Felix either when he knew his team wasn't feeling a hundred percent, himself included.

She obviously had something up her sleeve for their escape, and he felt a little unsure, but instead of arguing or complaining, he just nodded to Crystal. He had faith in her, and he knew that she could do anything she put her mind to. [b “Lets go, then.”]

When they approached the gas station, Ruby was the first one they saw, and Felix quietly cursed to himself. Team Evil's powerhouse was kind of the last person he was hoping they would encounter, if they encountered anyone at all... Fortunately for them it seemed she was off in her own little world nor did she suspect them to show up, and that could be used to their advantage. He started trying to strategize in his head when Crystal said she'd get her down [i and] get Jasper. [+blue “I guess that makes you bait, Felix.”] Daggeron snickers and the hunter grunts in response.

Crystal goes up first, and snares Ruby with her gold ribbon, pulling the other Unicorn to the ground who lands on her feet. When Crystal began to struggle with Ruby, that's when Felix came out, unfastening the iron whip, twirling, and kicks the weight at Ruby. The chain wraps around her arm, and Felix smirks at her when he has her attention, giving the chain a tug to make Ruby face him. He pulls Daggeron from his back and crosses it in front of him.

[b “Are you ready for round two, Ruby?”]
  Felix / Renegade / 29d 16h 48m 56s
[pic https://i.imgur.com/VwGRNdm.jpg] [left Crystal couldn’t help but wince and put her hand on her forehead when Daggeron mentioned aiming for the horn. That [i would] hurt. Not that the horn had nerve endings really, it was more like the feeling when someone talked about a torn up fingernail because while the horn couldn’t feel it the rest of the head, especially the forehead, could. She was glad she didn’t have to fight Felix. A unicorn was powerful, but Felix seemed… Crystal caught herself staring at Felix again, totally lost in thought. He [i was] strong, well prepared, and scarily competent as a fighter. That didn’t make him a [i knight]. A knight had a strong bond with their unicorn, and Felix couldn’t even use her magic reliably. She shook her head, feeling embarrassed again, and wandered away from watching Felix prepare to go prepare herself.

Not that she had much to do to get ready. She wasn’t good enough with any weapons to think about bringing any. She wouldn’t have been comfortable using any in a real fight anyway. She had her magic. And sleep deprivation. There wasn’t any time for a nap though. She wandered through the RV a little aimlessly, then peeked out at Felix with one of his containers. Besides, she didn’t need a knight anyway. No one did that anymore. She didn’t have any forest to protect either. Crystal rubbed her face and went to where Hilda was sleeping. She leaned against the wall before looking at Hilda. She needed to stop thinking about stupid kid stories. That sort of thing wasn’t going to help Felix learn to use her magic any faster. That was it, this whole mess with Ruby was probably just making her anxious about their slow progress with magic.

Crystal started, a little surprised since she hadn’t noticed Felix come in. She looked at him then back at Hilda. It would be useful to have her help, but then she’d be in danger. She shook her head,[#c4519e “I don’t think it’s a good idea. She needs rest, even with healing. I couldn’t get her completely well and rested. It would have been too much for me, so.”] Crystal stopped and continued in a different vein,[#c4519e “Last thing she needs is Ruby trying to kill her again. She seemed to recognize Ruby… It scared her.”]

She was assuming Felix and Daggeron had some knowledge about healing magic. How it was generally a very taxing magic ability, assuming someone was even capable of it. She was trying to gloss over the fact that she wasn’t anywhere near 100% either. She felt like she’d said too much admitting she couldn’t fully heal Hilda.

So the goal was speed. They didn’t need to beat them, just get Jasper and get away. Actually getting away without being chased wouldn’t be easy, but unicorns did have one last resort trick up their sleeve. [#c4519e “To get out, we just need to get together. All of us. I can get us away but we’ll only have one shot. Unless you’ve got a better way to escape without them following immediately.”]

It wasn’t quite as easy as she made it sound. She’d never done it with more than just herself, and only as practice. Now she had to do it with herself and three other people while an insane unicorn, a vampire, and a huge wolf thing tried to kill them all. No problem.

[center [b ~*~*~]]

Ruby was the first one they could see as they approached. She had somehow gotten up onto the roof over the gas pumps and was swinging a stick while she hummed to herself. She was looking at something on the roof, then moved the stick to make another mark near her feet. She was thankfully fully clothed again.

Her plan was to blow the place sky high when they left. It would be amusing to watch out of the window as they drove away. She wasn’t exactly expecting guests, and so far hadn’t noticed the ones approaching yet. She tapped the stick impatiently and sighed,[+firebrick “Falken! I’m so bored! I’m sick of waiting, can’t we go now?”]

Fighting Ruby was not something Crystal really wanted to do. She paused for a moment when she caught sight of Ruby up on the roof. She reminded herself that they didn’t have to beat them this time. Just get Jasper, get the hell out of here, and… well, another fight was inevitable, but they would hopefully be better prepared than this.

[#c4519e “I’ll get her down, then I’ll get Jasper.”] That was the plan. Felix would keep them busy while she focused on getting Jasper. Then it was all about regrouping and getting out of here. Ruby being on the roof wasn’t exactly part of the plan. She couldn’t be allowed to keep the high ground. Leaving Felix to fight her up there and Falken on the ground was too much to ask.

Easier said than done. Crystal was practically shaking, and felt a little nauseated as she crept closer. She didn’t have to beat Ruby, just get her down so Felix didn’t have to worry about her raining fire or whatever down on him while he also fought Falken. Crystal formed the golden ribbons along her arms, and quickly snared Ruby in them and yanked her down. She didn’t anticipate Ruby to actually land on her feet.

The Mad Unicorn took control right away, pulling the ribbons while they turned red and tugging Crystal off her feet before they disappeared. Crystal quickly scrambled to her feet while Ruby looked where the ribbons had come from[+firebrick “What a wonderful surprise. Come to mama, little girl.”]]
  Yavanna / 82d 19h 18m 20s
[h3 ]

Falken was impressed that Ruby had dissected such pertinent information from Jasper. He had assumed since he was seemingly part of Team Felix that the male unicorn would be tough to crack. It would seem they were fortunate that he wasn't battle-hardened or trained to endure interrogation like he suspected the others might be. However, what Jasper had to offer was nothing more than trivia to Falken, his body being much more important to them so they could make the trade... But two more Unicorn's added to his Master's ranks would surely aid in their cause.

Despite seeming willing to trade, Falken was formulating a plan so they might be able to walk away with everything. Felix was a formidable warrior, especially with the Dragon blade, and they had a Unicorn and Hilda... They wouldn't be caught off guard like they were earlier, but they would still be licking their wounds, Hilda either still incapacitated or weak, and the Unicorn undoubtedly being weakened from not using her powers sparingly. Felix was only human and would be crushed easily, and despite having Ringed Crystal, it was very apparent he could not use her power.

The group arrives back at the derelict gas station they were using temporarily, Falken getting out and inside first. He was going to find a place to suitable to keep Jasper prisoner, but it appeared that Ruby was already on it, utilizing Stephanie as the diligent warden. He looks at the both of them, both nervous in their own right about what Ruby might do to them if they defied her.

[+silver “She isn't joking. She [i will] kill you... Both of you. Slowly.”] But just to be sure, Falken points at Jasper and utters a few words, using Ruby's power to make them magic. Two spells. One a silence spell, so he couldn't talk or use words to use vocal magic. The second temporarily paralyzed his hands so he also wouldn't be able to use somatic spells either. He didn't want the male Unicorn to try and pull anything funny while Ruby did... what Ruby did. Or while Falken summoned a familiar to send his message to Team Felix.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/lh4LWX2.png]

The spell Daggeron and Crystal used worked like a charm. The compass was able to pick up Jasper's trail, and they were able to get a lock on the direction before the trail finally shrivelled up. At this point, they were parked on a back road leading them towards the abandoned gas station that Mercurial's goons were holding Jasper. They'd have to prepare this time, and at least this time they'd have the advantage of jumping [i them] this time.

[b “How do you even fight a Unicorn magic-user?”] Felix asks mostly to the air. In his books, training, and even his arsenal, he didn't have anything Unicorn specific. He guessed Shepard never ran in to one or expected either of them to do battle with any. In the files about Unicorns it was just everything anyone would know about them.

[+blue “Well, iron for one, and aiming for the horn seems like an obvious tactic.”] Felix already knew [i that]. Most of the iron stuff he had was in case he ever had to deal with the Fae. Fortunately for him he didn't have to deal with the Fae as much as Shepard did, but he still had all of it in case he ever did need it... Although, he did grunt to himself when he went through the case and found that they were out of iron shavings grenades. Add it to the list of things he wanted and would get after they were done saving Crystal's useless ex. Instead he'd make use of the Wushu Iron Chain Whip. He's never actually used it, but it worked pretty much the same as a Rope Dart which he [i has] used. Other than that, he stuck to what he most usually kept on him to stay light, but with a few additions for when he tangled with Falken and the vampire. He was still kind of annoyed he didn't have anymore throwable anti-magic items, and was still kicking himself for not stocking up.

Still kind of grumbling to himself, Felix walks the length of the RV and in to the room where he check in on Hilda. She was still sounds asleep, and he sighs to himself, looking back at Daggeron and Crystal. [b “Are you sure we can't wake her up for this? We could use the extra firepower in there.”] It was directed at Crystal since she was the one who cast the sleep spell. He was also curious as to how she was doing since he didn't have any time to check in on her until now... He was kind of worried about her considering how badly she got wounded. He wanted to think Hilda would be okay, but he didn't want to assume anything.

Either or, they had to get a move on. He suspected that Falken would be sending his message any time now, if he already hadn't, and he was sure whatever delivery system he planned on using—most likely a familiar—would alert him that they had left the camp site. [b “Is everybody ready to get this done? We have to go in fast and get out fast. Recovery missions are delicate and there are no doubt some surprises waiting, so I need your magical senses tuned for that. Do we need anything else before we get in there and save Jasper?”]
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