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[pic https://i.imgur.com/VwGRNdm.jpg] [left [+orangered “I see…”] Ember’s tone indicated that she still didn’t quite get it. At least not until she saw it. There was just so much to take in all at once.

Crystal wasn’t in a huge hurry with her shower, since the warm water felt so nice after all of that running around and nearly dying. The healing potion was working wonders, but she was still sore and tired. Even so, when she finally got back they still hadn’t decided on a movie.

While they made their decision Crystal settled on the couch again next to Felix. With the others in agreement Crystal didn’t want to argue, nor did she have any better suggestion, so the movie got started much to Ember’s delight. She was quite interested in how the TV worked, and the things she saw in the movie. For the first few minutes she had plenty of questions, but gathered pretty quickly that people seemed to be trying to pay attention to the movie and quieted down to just watch. She’d have to try and remember to ask things later.

Crystal nibbled on one of the donuts, managed to finish it pretty quick, but didn’t even make it more a few minutes past that before she was dozing off. She slept through the rest of the movie, and into the next morning.

When she finally woke up, she had curled herself on the couch and someone had tossed a blanket over her. Crystal had slept mostly well, though she had tossed and turned a bit, making little whining sounds occasionally. She’d been too exhausted for the bad dreams to really keep her awake.

When she did wake up properly she sat up and rubbed her eyes, looking to see if anyone else was awake yet. Really, she didn’t care much that she missed the movie. It was more about getting to relax with everyone, though she was sort of hoping there were some donuts left she could have for or with breakfast. The one she’d had before falling asleep was really good.]
  Yavanna / 3d 9h 35m 45s
[h3 ]

He couldn't help look at Ember curiously as she... looked at the remote curiously. He couldn't tell exactly when she was put to wait in the labyrinth, but it was obviously before the last few hundred years, maybe even longer. This was going to be a whole new world to her. When Daggeron wriggled his way out of the iceberg, at least it was before the Industrial Revolution. [b “Its called a remote control. It controls this thing called a Television or 'TV' for short. You watch shows and movies on it.”]

[+blue “High definition moving pictures with sounds and effects.”] Daggeron injects. She'd pick it up. Might be frustrating at first, but she'll eventually get it, especially with the lot of them tutoring her.

With Tim's appearance, he brings potions and donuts, and Felix was really mostly interested in the donuts. They were obviously clearly just made which was probably the most exciting thing tonight. He reaches for them over the potion, but his hand is quickly slapped by Hilda who wags a finger at him like a scolding parent. He frowns, which seems to delight her, but then quickly takes one of the potions and drinks it, and... It wasn't unpleasant. Damn. He'd have to ask how so he could make his potions taste less like bile.

They were still trying to settle a movie when Crystal elected to go shower as well. She teased him that this was a better surprise than the labyrinth and he grins at that. [b “Oh, most definitely. I'd take this over getting killed any day.”] He turns back to the TV. [b “I'm sure we'll figure something out by the time you get back...”]

They didn't. By the time Crystal returned, there was a heated debate going on about the whole thing, light insults being thrown around at each other, and finger pointing. They moved on from just comedy, all the way to directing styles and actors. It did also wrap back around to Pan's Labyrinth which Felix hadn't found funny. However, when they noticed Crystal's reemergence, they settled some, all electing to 'Superbad' which surprisingly no one had seen before. And right around the halfway mark of the movie, Felix's head lolled back and he was asleep, breathing lightly and his wounds healing faster thanks to the magical potions.
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[pic https://i.imgur.com/VwGRNdm.jpg] [left [+orangered “I see. The… the internet?”] Ember had no idea what he intended to show her, but he seemed excited and she was curious enough to just go along with it. She did want to learn how things had changed.

[#c4519e “Hi Hilda.”] Crystal felt a little bad for worrying Hilda too. She’d really made a bit of a mess. But they [i had] gotten Ember. A phoenix. Crystal sighed in relief once she was sitting on the couch. And when Felix poked her forehead she blinked and smiled back at him,[#c4519e “Yeah, sounds good.”]

Crystal didn’t mind not picking the movie right away. Getting to sit on a nice, soft couch was a pretty good start for now. Ember was pleased to meet Hilda, and interested in looking around while Daggeron asked about a laptop, whatever that was, for this internet thing he was so excited about. Of course once the TV was turned on that got Ember’s attention and she floated over, quite curious to see how that worked.

Felix really didn’t take long, but at least he was cleaner now. Maybe she’d shower too, change into some fresh pajamas. After healing potions. [#c4519e “Really? Huh… Unicorns aren’t really. But we’re kind of… odd.”] Not really in the same loop as other magical beings, and generally living like and among normal humans. Crystal sort of snorted at him turning down so many things,[#c4519e “Maybe. I can’t say I’m too picky.”]

Ember was a little lost with all the titles being suggested she was unfamiliar with, but she floated closer to Felix, trying to examine the remote in his hand,[+orangered “And what does this do?”]

Crystal was smiling, and hummed a vague agreement about the movie, which she didn’t particularly care about so much as just relaxing with everyone. This was more like what she had in mind. Minus the healing potions, but that would help with the broken bones which she also could do without. [#c4519e “Thanks. So, which one will be best for some serious bruising and possibly broken bones? I’m Crystal, by the way, what’s your name?”]

After introductions to Tim and getting handed a healing potion Crystal eyed the liquid warily. Not looking forward to drinking it. [#c4519e “Well, here we go.”] And it was surprisingly not nearly as bad as Felix’s. She still made a bit of a face, but it tasted more like regular medicine than that awful vaguely vomit flavored thing. [#c4519e “Not… as bad as it could be.”]

Clean pajamas and a shower might be nice still, now that she wasn’t too sore to stand. [#c4519e “How about you get the movie started while I wash and change too? And did we want anything else for movie night? Uh, morning I guess… Like popcorn, soda, candy?”] She smiled and pushed Felix’s wet hair back,[#c4519e “Better surprise than a deadly labyrinth, right?”]]
  Yavanna / 15d 10h 27m 2s
[h3 ]

Daggeron found Ember to be quite interesting... Well, to be fair he found most magical beings to be interesting. Now he meets one trapped in an object as well? Doubly interesting! Obviously he wanted to ask the phoenix about it, but he wasn't sure how much of a sore part that was for her. Daggeron himself had a lot of time to come to terms with it over the centuries, his particular breakthrough being while trapped in an iceberg for one hundred years. He wondered if she had a similar breakthrough or just distracted herself by reading all the books in the library.

[+blue “No, they were very unprepared. From my understanding, Crystal ran in by herself and Felix went in after her.”] He tells the necklace. [+blue “What they're wearing right now is what people generally wear to bed. Although, I'm not sure when you were put in the labyrinth—obviously before 1893—but armour is also far less common now... Although we [i do] enchant regular clothes to give them armour-like qualities. You'll get it.”] A thought strikes him. [+blue “We should get you on the internet! Hilda. Hilda!”]

When they entered the room, a very tired and worried Hilda was waiting for them and immediately began tending to them when they got in. Although she sort of fussed for them to get back to bed, Felix blew her off. [b “The last thing I want to do is go back to bed. Donuts are on the way with some potions and we're going to watch a movie.”] He tells the witch.

[+red “Well, there's no way in hell [i I'm] getting back to sleep now either. Let me help you with her.”] Hilda says and grabs hold of Crystal as well, gently bringing her over to the couch in front of a big screen TV. When Felix was about to sit down, she touches his arm, her nose scrunched up a bit. [+red “I'm thinking you should jump in the shower again. You're covered in blood and I can tell you didn't put on deodorant before you ran off.”]

[b “How dare you.”] He says deadpan, but Hilda knows he's not serious. He turns to look at Crystal, smiles slightly, and then pokes her in the forehead. [b “I'll be quick.”] And he retreats to the bathroom.

Hilda follows him with her eyes before looking back to Crystal. [+red “What movie were you-”] Daggeron shouting her name interrupts her. [+red “Oh my God. Two seconds... Yes, Daggeron?”] She turns around and is immediately engrossed by Daggeron explaining some things and introducing Ember, also quickly demanding a laptop to show the phoenix the internet.

True to his word, Felix returns quickly, only in the shower long enough to get the dried blood off of him. He kept a towel around his chest and shoulder from the deeper cut which was probably still bleeding at least a little, but other than that it didn't look like he even bothered to dry off. With his other hand, he grabs the remote on the coffee table and turns the TV on, a bunch of streaming apps on the screen indicating this was a smart TV. [b “Alright, well, I'm surprised. Usually magic people are stuck in the past.”] The hunter comments. This was probably the first place that was magically dominant where there was a smart TV and internet connection. Usually the biggest advancement these kind of people had was basic electricity, and never any AC! The Moirai Institute was ahead of the curve. [b “Do you have anything in mind? I'll pretty much watch anything as long as its not Pan's Labyrinth. Or fantasy. Or horror. Or adventure...] He's quiet for a second, staring off in to space. [b “Maybe we should stick to comedies...”]

[+blue “Hot Fuzz.”] Daggeron appears next to the couch.

The door to the room opens as the Half-Elf, Tim, from earlier strolls in with a trolly, an assortment of vials and jars, as well as a small wicker basked full of warm dough balls covered in powdered sugar. Hilda steps over the couch and takes a place next to Crystal. [+red “What about Dumb and Dumber?”]

[+FF00FF “Are we talking comedies?”] Tim asks, placing the contents of the trolly on the coffee table. [+FF00FF “Dodgeball is really fun and dumb.”] There's a murmur of affirmation from the group about that.
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[pic https://i.imgur.com/VwGRNdm.jpg] [left [+orangered “I am uncertain exactly how much time has passed. But I agree with leaving, I am quite eager to see how things have changed.”] Ember loved the idea of getting out, seeing the world after so long down here.

[#c4519e “Uh, nice to meet you, Ember.”] That was about all Crystal could think to say while Felix helped her to the circle. It looked familiar enough to her, some sort of teleportation. Thank goodness getting out was going to be a lot easier. In a second they were back at the entrance where Nasia was waiting.

Crystal smiled a little at seeing the crinaeae waiting for them, but Felix was less than pleased. She held onto Felix, looking a little concerned. Okay then. [#c4519e “Felix?”] He was already helping her away, so she just called back,[#c4519e “Um, t-the donuts would probably be nice. If you could. And um, soda? Popcorn…”] Crystal trailed off when they got far enough and she had to focus on getting up the stairs, even with Felix’s help.

Nasia watched them leave, and looked to Daggeron and Ember both floating to her,[+aqua “I… I see. Well, it has been a difficult night for them. I’ll send up some healing potions right away, and the rest as soon as I can.”] Perhaps this would help with the bond. He had gotten Crystal out of the labyrinth. They had both survived.

Ember bobbed in the air slightly, as if nodding,[+orangred “Oh yes, I would be delighted to speak with you all. I’m sure you do have questions, as I have questions of my own. What is a movie? And it is lovely to see you again, Nasia. You’ve grown so much. We must catch up later.”]

When Ember caught up she let them know they should just go to their room and rest, healing potions would be brought soon. Crystal made a face, not eager to drink more healing potions. Still, that was going to be better than broken bones and pretty heavy bruising.

On the way back up to the room Crystal was feeling a little better, at least emotionally if not physically. They were out of the stupid maze. [i Finally]. [#c4519e “You know, maybe four boxes is a bit much. But now that I think about it, maybe I should have asked for some rum too. Or something. You think it’s too late? I could ask when they give us the potions.”]

By the time they actually got up to the room, she was breathing heavier, and leaning on him more just to keep from falling. Ember was quite enthusiastic about getting a look at things as they went. Being stuck down in one room for so long left her with quite the case of cabin fever. But there was the whole reason she had agreed to wait there. She followed Felix and the others dutifully. [+orangered “They were not quite prepared for the labyrinth, were they?”] Ember asked Daggeron,[+orangered “Unless that sort of clothing is typical now. It hardly seems decent, they’re half naked.”]
  Yavanna / 22d 10h 4m 31s
[h3 ]

What a goddamn nightmare this all was. Of course the labyrinth couldn't have stopped throwing danger their way after the mimic, there was still some arbitrary amount of distance between that and the exit, and Felix guessed Prophecy Guy didn't want them to get bored. But its like the old saying: a bored hunter is a happy hunter. And believe you-me, Felix was not happy at this point. If Prophecy Guy was still around, well... Felix guessed he'd have a whole school to stop the hunter from murdering him.

However, they finally reached their destination, a giant granite door up a slight grade. Despite the temptation to just sprint for the doors, Felix fought the urge, because there was no way in Hell it was going to be this easy, not after all the bologna they went through. There was still a long corridor for them to deal with, and no doubt some form of stupidity along the way. His spider-senses were tingling, and after a glance to Daggeron who said nothing, it seemed like this was their only option. Felix then looks to Crystal, nodding at her to let her know he was ready, and when she nodded back, he stepped forward, no doubt a trap in their path ready to be sprung.

And as predicted, a trap was sprung, but... One Felix hadn't actually thought of. A giant boulder that took up a bunch of the hallway came crashing towards them. He looks to Daggeron again who sways in similar to someone shaking their head. So there were no secret walls for them to hide behind, but they also couldn't turn back, that thing would be on them in no time at all. Obviously there was some kind of creative solution here. Something so complex he hadn't thought of it. Something on a genius-

[i “Break. Crumble”]

Right. [i Magic]. He slaps his face with his palm. [b “Why didn't I think of that?”] He says to no one in particular, grabbing on to Crystal to keep her upright. With the obvious threat out of the way, the group approaches the door, although Felix was still a little cautious about it, checking the door over in case it was going to like... explode or shout mean things at them. When he was satisfied he found nothing lethal, he opens the pulls on the door, and a mechanism or magic does the rest, moving the heavy doors open for them to reveal some kind of library... Honestly not what he was expecting. He had been expecting an empty stone room with a golden shield or something floating over top a pedestal. He was right about the pedestal though... [b “It better have some goddamn good pictures in it if it is.”]

And once female speaks, Felix holds out his hand and one again, the dragon sword is wielded. However, he lets Daggeron let go when the necklace reveals itself to them... He points a finger at Ember. [b “Are you serious? Is this serious?”] He looks between Crystal and Daggeron. [b “This is literal insanity.”]

[+blue “Hush, don't be rude. That's Felix, Crystal is the unicorn, and I am Daggeron”] Daggeron then floats a little closer to Ember, hovering around her slightly as if inspecting. [+blue “Its a strange thing running in to someone just like me.”] Its honestly never happened to him before, and he's been around a very long time. [+blue “How long have you been down here?”]

[b “I actually have a more important question,”] Felix crosses his arms impatiently. [b “Can we just get the Hell out of here? I'm tired, I'm hungry, my feet hurt, and we've been here so long I'm not [i bleeding] anymore.”]

[+blue “You would make a terrible detective, Felix. Come to the circle behind the pedestal; we can finish our conversation somewhere more comfortable.”] And so Felix does as he's told, bringing Crystal with him to the circle. It had strange carvings in it and around it, and before Felix could say anything else, he blinked, and they were back in the room with all the doorways and Nasia.

[+6ccbf6 “I am relieved to see you three, and Ember. It has been a long time. I'm sure you have no end of-”]

Felix stomps over to Nasia, without realizing he was was still tangled to Crystal. [b “I don't want to hear anything from you. Not from you, not from Emmerich. I'm gonna go back to my room with my dragon, my unicorn, and my [i phoenix], and you will not be hearing from me until I've eaten four boxes of donuts to myself.”] He turns to address the rest of the room. [b “Four! And then I'm probably gonna to throw it all up, and I am [i not] going to be hasty about making it to the bathroom... Seacrest, out!”] It was quite clear Felix was bordering hysteria, but none the less he takes Crystal and begins helping her back to the main institution for medical assistance.

Daggeron floats over to Nasia. [+blue “I think he saw that in a movie once or something... Just give him time; he usually only says that bordering a meltdown.”] He turns to Ember. [+blue “Shall we? I'm sure its been a long time since you've had a conversational partner, and I [i do] have some questions for you.”]
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[pic https://i.imgur.com/VwGRNdm.jpg] [left Crystal flinched and shuddered at Felix breaking the mimic’s leg. That really, really freaked her out. The [i sound] was disturbing enough. [#c4519e “I think I’m going to be sick. I hate mimics. I hate them.”]

And then the stupid thing [i exploded]. All she could do was stand in shock for several seconds. Brown and purple? Brown and purple!? It was all over her nightgown, her hair, her [i face]. Crystal whimpered and tried to wipe as much of it off her as possible. [#c4519e “Me too. I’m ready to be done.”]

They all might have been done with the labyrinth, but the labyrinth wasn’t quite done with them. More traps and golems lay between them and their prize. Crystal wasn’t sure if the bull headed golem they ran into near the end was the same as from the beginning somehow, or there were two of them, but whatever the case she was glad when they were done with it.

While Felix took on most of the traps and golems they ran into, Crystal was on her toes trying to use her magic from a distance to help keep Felix from getting too hurt, or killed, by whatever the maze threw at them next. It was exhausting, and by the time they reached the final corridor, with a huge door in front of them, she was well past done with this all.

The door was tall and made of the same type of stone as the rest of the maze. They stopped a little ways back, eyeing the door. Was this the end? Really? Crystal looked at Felix and shrugged, then let him go a little ahead, but followed pretty close, eager to be done.

Of course it wasn’t [i that] easy. Before they could reach the door a huge boulder dropped down in front of the door and started rolling toward them. It was wide enough to take up pretty much the whole corridor, and picking up speed. Crystal started to back up,[#c4519e “You’ve got to be kidding me. What the hell.”]

How were they supposed to deal with [i that]!? There was no going left or right, and going back to the last turn wasn’t going to work, this stretch of corridor was too long and they’d never outrun it! If only they could get over it or… Crystal stopped backing up and instead started forward. Duh. It was just a giant [i rock], and Crystal had [i magic]. [#c4519e “[i Break. Crumble.]”]

Her hand was outstretched, but the boulder never reached it. Instead, at her words the stone started to crack and break apart. The smaller stones and pebbles tumbled along for a bit, but what was left when the dust settled was a pile of rubble. Crystal was standing there, half bent over and holding her side. Damn, everything [i hurt]. [#c4519e “Well, that’s done. One of you want to get the door for me?”]

That and she needed to hold onto Felix to make it over what was left of their last obstacle. It was a little too unsteady for her, and she was about ready to just collapse. Inside the chamber at the end of the maze things looked… not as empty as Crystal was expecting. The room was filled with books. Was… the treasure a [i library]? [#c4519e “This can’t be.... Can it? Is it a book?”]

In the middle of the room was a pedestal with a big, red pillow on it. From there came a feminine voice voice,[+orangered “Hello? Oh my. My my my. So you’re [i finally] here. Let me take a look at you.”]

Crystal was confused. Lifting up off the pillow and floating over was a necklace. On a gold chain, a gold bird with little tiny rubies for eyes, and a beautiful, ornate display of tailfeathers, three of which had rubies at the end, as if the eyes of peacock feathers. The necklace was the one talking, and floated to almost stand in front of the group at roughly eye level,[+orangered “Not quite what I expected. Then again, Galeran did say you would be… interesting. I wasn’t expecting the dragon to be like me. How curious. I am Ember, and the treasure you seek. I am phoenix, and will aid you on your journey. And your names are?”] She said it with some pride. This was what she had waited here for. With nothing but piles and piles of books to entertain her. Thoughtful of Galeran, but not enough to keep her from becoming bored. Now she was eager to leave. [+orangered “You have questions, I assume?”]

Crystal sort of did, but was momentarily left too stunned to formulate any of them into words. A phoenix? A phoenix as a necklace. Like Daggeron was a dragon trapped as a sword. She looked at Felix. He was [i definitely] a magnet for odd things.]
  Yavanna / 33d 12h 8m 53s
[h3 ]

When the mimic got up, it took the torrent of water but eagerly moved out of the way, sputtering like a child. It was almost funny to watch as the long limbed fiend did it best to stray away from the torrent of water, arms up, and legs lumbering... God, he hated mimics. They were so stupid-looking but deadly and effective ambushers. And it may have gotten Daggeron, but... He wasn't really worried all that much for the dragon sword.

[b “Dumb movies and donuts?”] He steps out of the way of an awkward swing from the mimic. [b “I'm in. We just have to get”] He jumps and slam his heel down on the mimics knee. [b “away”] He slams it down again. [b “from”] One last time and the leg snaps like a thick tree branch. [b “thing!”] It drops to its knee, and Felix knew it didn't really feel pain, but it was enough to immobilize its for a second before it reformed its broken knee. It'd give them enough time to-

Its mouth began to glow and fizzle. He's never seen that b-

The mimics whole head begins to glow and slowly expands, and then begins to rapidly expand before- [b “Crystal, take-”] He began shouting and the mimics head exploded, showering the surrounding area with brown and dark purple ichor. Floating where the monster's head used to be was a glowing Daggeron, cursing in Ancient Draconian. The body of the mimic hardens slightly, as it drops to floor, shrivelling up a little bit and cracking.

[+blue “Photo-sensitivity, everyone!”]

[b “Ugh, oh God.”] Felix begins spitting up, and trying to wipe all the ichor from his body. [b “Some of it got in my mouth.”] Absolutely disgusting, and Felix thought he was going to be sick for a second before he gets his composure back. He stands up straight, wiping some more of the mimic's remains off of himself. [b “I think I've had enough of this labyrinth and would like to leave.”] Well, really he felt that way the second he step foot in to the place. It was just now he was feeling himself slow down, his adrenaline drop, and the pain from his wounds and joints.

[+blue “Seconded. Getting eaten by a mimic was one of the lowest things on my to-do list today.”] He pauses briefly for a moment, slowly sinking to the normal height he usually floated around. [+blue “Lets just go through the illusory wall, be on the look out for pressure plates, trip wires, and not touch [i anything].”]

[b “Sounds like the plan from before.”] Felix says, and Daggeron somehow manages a pointed look. [b “Lets just go though the wall and get out of here. I have words for Emmerich and Nasia.”]
  Felix / Renegade / 33d 17h 45m 45s
[pic https://i.imgur.com/VwGRNdm.jpg] [left [#c4519e “I like the idea of no golems.”] Crystal wasn’t eager to run into any more, considering what the first two had managed to do to them. Traps sounded more manageable. Probably. The corridor seemed pretty quiet. At least at first.

Was the chest really their prize? Crystal agreed silently with Daggeron. This felt too early to be it. Who knew what the guy who made this place was thinking putting a chest there, but he was obviously a little… eccentric. Maybe it was helpful. Then again, maybe it wasn’t.

[#c4519e “Right. Be careful.”] Crystal kept behind Felix like he suggested, and peered around cautiously while Daggeron approached and examined the mysterious chest.

Just when Crystal was pretty sure they had everything under control and it was fine, the chest [i ate] Daggeron. She covered her mouth with both hands,[#c4519e “What!? Oh you’ve got to be kidding me.”]

The thing kind of freaked her out the way a spider might, with it’s huge head with all those teeth and the tiny rest of it, long and thin. [#c4519e “Ew ew ew. I think I hate it too. How do we… deal with it? And Daggeron... ”]

Crystal hadn’t really moved from the doorway to the room. She wasn’t really eager to jump in, both because it freaked her out, and because she doubted she’d be must use right in the middle of things. Not in the state she was in. Instead, once the thing started to get up again it had to dodge a spray of water. Pretty highly pressurized water, enough to hurt if it had hit but not kill it, she thought, but it did distract it. Much more useful, she was sure, [i and] she didn’t need to go near it. Besides, [i she] couldn’t kill it. Or at least she wasn’t willing to risk the consequences if a mimic was on the list of things she’d go mad from if she killed them. It wasn’t like there was some easy to follow, exhaustive list. No one tended to mess around with that, so solid information was a little sparse. She knew she could kill bugs.

[#c4519e “We definitely earned some junk food and a dumb movie after this. Donuts? A whole box.”] Keep herself looking forward to this being done, and getting to have some actual fun. No monsters or traps invited.]
  Yavanna / 38d 13h 19m 28s
[h3 ]

Great, so Crystal had some broken bones, which wasn't exactly the most advantageous thing for them in this dungeon. He knew that she could heal faster than normal humans due to being a Unicorn, but he still worried about her safety and health, and it bothered him that he couldn't really do anything about her being hurt. They didn't have any equipment or magical items, just the clothes on their back... Or in Felix's case, the clothes on his waist. Next time, armour, amulets, cantrips, and honestly probably some guns too.

When Crystal was done healing herself, Felix nods his head at her. [b “I'm sure someone around here can help heal you; we're at Hogwarts after all.”]

[+blue “And every one here is Houdini.”]

[b “I'm not even going to bother correcting you. Lets just move on.”] And so they did, navigating the labyrinth with a certain amount of caution, Felix acting as the point-man in case any traps were to be activated, and so far it seemed there weren't any... Which kind of made Felix nervous. Like this was some kind of build up to something more awful than what they have already faced off against. It didn't help that he felt like Crystal was vulnerable and currently an easy target for anything that ambushed them, so in turn her couldn't help the rising tension welling up inside of him either.

Crystal brought up a good point about why they didn't just [i hand] them the life saving item instead of making them retrieve it in this death giving maze. [b “Emmerich... Half explained it. This is 'building us up' or whatever.”] He uses actual air quotes. Felix believed they got in to enough trouble themselves and didn't need a bunch of scripted labyrinths to help with that... Speaking of, how many labyrinths were there? He didn't really count when he came down, just kind of came rushing in...

Felix was about to say something else when Crystal suddenly yelped, and reflexively, Felix jumps backwards in to a touchdown-raiz towards Crystal, and... Well, at first he didn't see her, but then noticed her feet phasing through a wall. He puts a hand to it, his own going through, and then sticks his head through to see Crystal laying on the ground. As she pulls herself up, he helps her a little bit. [b “This place is literally a nightmare.”] He tells her, unimpressed. [b “Daggeron, why didn't you tell us about the walls?!”]

[+blue “Oh, well, I wasn't actually looking for them.”] For God's sake. [+blue “Other than the golems, up until now everything has been mechanical, so I assumed it was a waste of energy.”] Alright... Fair enough, he guessed. It was better it was a wall of illusion instead of a magical landmine they figured this out.

But should they go down the corridor? So far they hadn't run in to any more traps in the main corridors, but this secret one wouldn't have been placed here without a purpose... It was also likely that there were more of them spotted around the labyrinth... But were they put here to help them or hurt them? ... Kind of a dumb question; he was going to assume that no matter what they did, there was something put in place to slow them down. But there were some pros and cons to this more narrow corridor, like less deadly traps, but the more narrow it got, the less room they had to move and react.

[b “Lets go down the corridor.”] Felix finally says. [b “At the very least we won't have to deal with golems.”] So he takes the lead again, hyper vigilant for anything that might spring a trap, taking extra seconds around every corner to make sure they wouldn't walk in to anything deadly. However, at one particular corner when Felix stopped to peer around it, he- [b “There's a room up ahead.”] He points out. [b “And there's something in it.”] He looks around the corner again, and instead of pulling back immediately this time, he actually looks to take in the details. [b “Some kind of chest... This can't be the end of the labyrinth, can it?”]

[+blue “Two traps and two golems? Highly unlikely.”] Daggeron points out. [+blue “But perhaps it was put there to help with the rest? There's an illusory wall behind the chest, and the chest itself is magical in nature.”]

[b “Well... That may not be good. Is it gonna blow up if I touch it?”]

[+blue “How should I know? All I can tell you is that its magic, not the nature of it. I'd need to get closer and take some time to inspect it to tell you anything definitive.”]

Alright, well... He guessed they'd just have to be really careful then. [b “Crystal, stay behind me and be ready.”] He tells her before they walk up the corridor and stop just outside of the room. The room was circular in shape, the chest in question on a slightly elevated platform in the centre of the room. [b “Alright, Daggeron, why don't you go take a look and let us know if its safe?”]

[+blue “I guess... I [i am] the only indestructible one here, after all.”] The sword says a little snarkily as he hovers in to the room. He quickly takes an inquiring look around before descending in front of the chest to examine it. He hums a bit, inching closer to the the chest until he was almost touching it, before turning around to look at the other two. [+blue “I think its a-”] The chest opens its [i mouth] and its full of dagger-like teeth, and before they all could react, it lurches forward and swallows Daggeron whole in one bite!

[b “Its a mimic. A goddamn [i mimic]!”] Felix shouts in frustration. Now the chest grows a bit in size, growing a spidery body of long thin limbs, and gnashes it jaws at the two, ready to make them its next meal. [b “I [i hate] mimics!”] He declares and runs in to the room, delivering a flying kick to the mimic's crazily thin chest, sending it backwards a few feet. It didn't seem to really do much to the monster, but Felix was mostly acting as a distraction,, and also buying some time.
  Felix / Renegade / 38d 20h 7m 58s
[pic https://i.imgur.com/VwGRNdm.jpg] [left More typical ones? Crystal couldn’t help the sort of breathless laugh at them talking about dungeons with undead, goblins, and kobolds. Life was definitely more crazy around Felix.
Crystal gave him a half smile,[#c4519e “Thanks. The curse of healing. It’s harder to heal yourself. I could try, if you think we have time to breathe.”]

These two though. Crystal shook her head,[#c4519e “Not really their fault I ran in.”] With a frown Crystal checked her hurt arm with the good one, trying not to react too much to the pain of touching it. She breathed in and out rather sharply, but went ahead with her examination. It was bruising pretty bad, but worse, she was pretty sure it was broken. That was probably the main thing to tend to. The rest, all the soreness everywhere, especially her side, was probably just more bruising. [#c4519e “Broken, I think. Just… give me a minute.”]

No golems for the moment, and if they stayed still hopefully no traps. Somehow focusing on healing yourself was harder. Maybe because of the pain? Being too close to the situation? Whatever it was, Crystal had to try and push past to think about her broken arm and mending it. Mumbled words while she tried to keep her focus. That was the problem, she could [i feel] her bones repairing themselves when she focused in like that, and after a few moments she stopped, shaking her head. Not totally done, but better than before,[#c4519e “That’ll have to hold. Until someone else can help, or I get a few days to rest.”]

It would have to be at least a few days with something like broken bones. For a human that took weeks. A unicorn could heal fast, but broken bones still took some time. First there was the rest of this stupid maze she had dragged them into. Crystal rubbed her forehead,[#c4519e “I do wonder why all this if what’s here is supposed to [i save] one of us. Couldn’t just… hand it over?”]

Instead, try and get them killed. Crystal continued, letting Felix take the lead. While they walked, she would periodically lean against the wall to stop and catch her breath. The bruising all along her side was making it hard to breathe. She was [i pretty] sure none of her ribs were broken, but everything still hurt like hell. Aside from that, she was holding up pretty well she thought.

After turning a corner and things staying mercifully uneventful for a little while, Crystal leaned against a wall only to fall right through it and onto her aching side. Crystal yelped, then whimpered and curled up a little. A fake wall? Really? She found herself in a very narrow corridor. Too narrow for either of the golems they had seen so far to get through, barely enough for her or Felix, but certainly not both side by side.

Crystal pulled herself up against the wall, struggling to get her breathing steady again,[#c4519e “What the hell… Felix? Should we…?”] Crystal motioned down the corridor while she leaned against its actual, solid wall. Correct path or dead end? She had no idea.
  Yavanna / 46d 11h 27m 44s
[h3 ]

[b “You got it.”] Felix responds, and waits just long enough for Crystal to let the golem go before taking her hand and leading them down to the hallway of swinging death. They cleared the first one no problem, but once they did, it didn't take long for Felix to notice that each axe wasn't following the same pattern as the last. They were swinging at different increments!

[b “Christ, its never ever easy is it?”] Still, he'd just wait for the axe to swing by, and then hop them over to the next safe spot to deal with the next swinging axe. They would be getting through them, but not quickly, or rather, not as quickly a Felix would've liked as the golem loomed ever closer, and so far they only cleared two. He didn't know if it was going to follow them, stop, or-

There was a horrible sound, as if metal shattering and stone shattering had a baby. Once he turned to look over his shoulder, it appeared that the golem had tried to take a pot shot at them, but the axes broke its weapon. Crystal's sentiment about it not being able to stab them anymore was mirrored by Felix who let out a breath of relief. [b “At least.”] He agreed. Still, Felix didn't want to hang around it [i or] the swinging axes any longer than they had to. Despite being safest between the blades, it still brought him a good measure of unease and he'd feel a lot better with [i all] the axes swinging behind them. He couldn't wait to see what other horrible things Prophecy Guy and his kooky Unicorn pal had cooked up for them.

When they finally made it to the other side, Felix lets out a breath. Goddammit, he was the [i opposite] of prepared for this adventure. Definitely shoes next time, some armour for both of them—he had some Mithril chain-mail for Crystal that was ready to be fitted—and he'd be bringing a butt-load of gadgets and cantrips with him too. Felix [i hated] metaphorically having his pants down in dangerous situations, and pretty much being armed [i just] Daggeron and pajama pants, he might as well literally have his pants down.

[b “Yeah, you know, never really been crazy about trapped dungeons. I like the more typical ones with maybe some undead or goblins.”]

[+blue “Or Kobolds.”]

Felix snaps his fingers and points at the sword. [b “Yes! I would absolutely take Kobolds over this any day. I hate traps and now I hate golems.”] He says pointedly. When Crystal remarks that she could heal him, he looks down at himself. Right, he was wounded. A big gash from his chest all the way out to his shoulder. It didn't cut through any muscle, but it was fairly deep and bleeding, and now that tensions were low—in his standards—the pain was starting to creep up on him as his adrenaline started to go away. He moves his arm to make sure it still had the proper range of motion and that he didn't in fact sustain any damage to his muscles, which he did not. Hurt like a bitch though. [b “No, no, save your strength. I'll be fine until the end of this winding death trap... Why don't you heal [i you]? You're more beat up than I am and all I can offer you is pat on the back and encouraging words.”] He smiles at her and pats her on the shoulder. [b “You're doing great by the way.”]

[+blue “Honestly though. Its hard to imagine a time without you around, and we've been in some very dangerous situations. Now that you're here, I'm surprised Felix hadn't expired long before we met you.”]

[b “Easy. I'm a competent hunter.”]

[+blue “You're also annoyingly lucky.”]

[b “Oh, I'm sorry me not being dead yet is such an inconvenience for you.”]

There's a brief pause between the two. [+blue “Apology accepted.”]

[b “Okay... Lets just keep going through this. I have angry words for Nasia and the old man afterwards I would like them to hear.”]
  Felix / Renegade / 46d 20h 49m 56s
[pic https://i.imgur.com/VwGRNdm.jpg] [left It was taking pretty much everything Crystal had to slow it down just enough that Felix wasn’t getting skewered. And holy cow was her arm starting to throb while she tried to pull its arm a little. Not enough. Not enough to keep him from getting hurt.

Crystal tried to get the ribbons to creep farther, maybe immobilize it, but wasn’t getting a lot of success there. She couldn’t focus on that and keep pulling at it. Not with her head throbbing and her arm starting to really ache.

[#c4519e “Great. Swinging death it is then.”] Crystal was breathing heavy, trying to keep the thing busy getting pulled two different directions,[#c4519e “I’m going to let this thing go. Just… pull me through.”]

Crystal didn’t like this one bit, but the golem was too much for them right now. She released the creature, who right away gave a shriek and started for them again, and took hold of Felix’s hand. When Felix pulled her, she went right with him. She trusted him to get them both through it alive. At the same time, she felt like her stomach got left somewhere behind her when an axe blade swung just in front of her. It missed her. Felix had the timing right for the first one. She didn’t dare count how many were left yet.

She did face the rest of the hallway though. So many axes. Even one of them could probably slice right through both of them. The second one cleared again. Then there was a horrible sound behind them. Crystal gave a little scream, flinched, and then looked back. The falcon golem had tried to stab at them with the spear, but the axes had destroyed its weapon.

Well, that was a plus, at least. [#c4519e “Oh good. At least it can’t stab us anymore.”]

Best not to wait and find out how else it might want to kill them. Another axe blade cleared. Crystal wondered how many more of these her nerves could survive. She didn’t hesitate whenever Felix gave the signal to go, but her heart felt like it was going to give out from the stress.

When they finally cleared the last one she put her hand over her chest and leaned forward, taking deep breaths. [#c4519e “Let’s not do that again. Ever.”]

Looking back, the falcon golem was still back at the beginning. Whether it was part of orders not to go into a trap, or it wasn’t stupid enough to go through something that smashed its spear, Crystal didn’t much care. The rest of the maze waited ahead of them, but they had a moment to breathe. And Felix was hurt.

The look she gave him was concern and guilt. If she’d been better prepared, stronger, or something, maybe he wouldn’t have that big scratch. [#c4519e “I could heal that. Is it bothering you?”]
  Yavanna / 57d 14h 4m 57s
[h3 ]

[b “Oh, goddammit.”] Felix curses under his breath as the new golem springs in to action towards them. It was faster than the Minotaur due to the lack of obvious bulk, and probably just as effective as a killing machine in its own right. So, now it was between two murder hallways; one with a golem and the other with swinging doom blades.

Obviously they didn't have much time to decide as the golem sprang in to action, faster than Felix would have expected. Crystal reacted first, but missed, but on her second attempt with a wider berth, she managed to slow it down, at least temporarily. Felix at this point, was already on the move, holding out his hand and grabbing Daggeron. Despite the thing being entangled, he still had to be careful; the thing was huge, long limbed, and had a giant spear that could effectively keep him at bay. And with Crystal's injuries before and during this escapade, Felix didn't know how long she would actually be able to slow it down for.

[+blue “What do you remember about golems?”] Daggeron asks, as Felix slides under a spear strike. It was quick to recover, twirling the weapons expertly and stabbing at Felix, but the hunter was able to keep pace with his own agility.

[b “Magic, big, resistant to most damage types including magic, usually a guardian or given specific sets of instructions.”] It stabbed down again, but this time when it did, it pushes the tip forward, scratching up debris from the granite floor, and blinding Felix temporarily. He reacts to what would be the most advantageous reaction for the golem, and fortunately he was right, but was slow by a few seconds. He avoids the killing blow, but it still rakes across his upper chest all the way until it leaves his shoulder. He lets out a shout of pain, regaining his sight just in time to step backwards from a downward stab. It was lucky for him that Crystal's magic was keeping thee thing from being fully mobile or else he'd be in bigger trouble.

[+blue “Name tags.”] What? What was he-

[b “Right!”] Golems had magically inscribed names on them that kept them functional. Obviously they were usually put in spots that weren't readily accessible, especially for warrior types like this, so it was all about deducing the location... Or sheer dumb luck.

He moves again, dodging the monster, and runs up the spear when it plunges the weapon towards him. Felix runs over its shoulder, taking a swipe at its face with Daggeron on his way passed, but it doesn't do anything except leave a minor scuff. And obviously these things didn't feel pain, so it wasn't even a relatively small win. When he lands on the other side though... It was that dumb luck.

There! On its right calf inscribed vertically was a name written in Hebrew. However, the golem was still mobile and intent on killing Felix, so he didn't actually have a chance to hit it. The golem whirls on him, and Felix's reaction was to dive between its legs, a quick word from Daggeron carrying him farther down the hall, back towards Crystal. He hits the ground in a roll and begins booking it back towards his partner as the golem struggles to break from the restraints Crystal put on it.

[b “So, that thing is fast... Faster than me, so I'm thinking...”] He points down the other other murder hallway with swinging blades. [b “Either it doesn't follow us or we trick it in to skipping in to the blades.”] There was enough space between each blade segment for them to stop and tackle the next, but with the golem on their heels, they'd have to be even more critical of their timing... Or maybe it just wouldn't follow them, because honestly? He liked their chances with the hallway of swinging axes better.
  Felix / Renegade / 57d 21h 25m 21s
[pic https://i.imgur.com/VwGRNdm.jpg] [left [#c4519e “Mhmm.”] Crystal confirmed that Onyx was [i that] unicorn. And then squeaked when they dropped a little, clinging to Felix like that might actually help.

They were going to have to be a lot more careful. [#c4519e “Alright. That will work.”] The mending spell did enough, at least. Her head was still pounding and she still ached everywhere, but it wasn’t so bad. She felt like she could walk easily enough. Running… maybe. She’d rather not.

It was a really good thing Felix went ahead. It still scared Crystal pretty bad though, and she’d gasped, covering her face. These traps were going to drive her crazy. Traps and more golems down suddenly appearing hallways. [#c4519e “Fantastic.”]

Crystal eyed the hallway of swinging axes. Stopping them was probably out of the question in her state. And given the length of the hallway, blocking them would be too draining. Getting past would take careful timing, and blocking for when she inevitably messed up. Then there was the falcon golem with the spear. She looked down that hallway. That one looked like it was going to move even faster than the bull.

Either way, it wasn’t going to be easy, but she liked their odds against the falcon better. Not that she really liked either option. [#c4519e “Maybe not the swinging death… Felix, Daggeron? If I can help distract it, could yo—”]

Too late. It had spotted them. Now it was either deal with that thing, or rush the hallway full of blades swinging around. Crystal still didn’t like the look of all those axes. Plus, this golem was [i fast]. Stupidly fast. Crystal tried to react quickly, but her first golden ribbons actually missed the bird headed stone construct. It had dodged to the side. Her next attempt had a wider net, and she managed to tangle one of its legs and one arm. The leg was caught by her good arm. The arm, however, was snared with her injured arm.

Her plan was to pull and throw it off or slow it enough to let Felix and Daggeron take care of the rest. Pulling the leg was easy enough, but the arm hurt hers so she couldn’t get its arm as much as she wanted. Still, it would be better than nothing, and as long as Felix and Daggeron kept it distracted enough from coming after [i her], she was sure they’d manage.

Then it was on with goodness knew how many more traps and golems before this life-saving prize. She was really wishing they’d come in better prepared. Better clothed. And together.]
  Yavanna / 65d 14h 5m 10s

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