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[pic https://i.imgur.com/VwGRNdm.jpg] [left Crystal had ended up curled up asleep by the time Felix hit the breaks. That was enough to wake her, though she didn’t really feel up to just jumping out of bed. Nothing seemed wrong, and the RV started moving again after a bit.

When she was nearly asleep again she felt something odd. Other magic. Then Hilda came in. Crystal sat up,[#c4519e “Where are we?”]

Her head still hurt a little, it throbbed while she climbed out of bed. Hilda came to help her and answered,[+red “The Church of Destiny. Come take a look.”]

The light made Crystal flinch when she stepped into the main part of the RV. She adjusted and leaned over the counter to look out the kitchen window. To a human it might not look unusual, but Crystal could feel the magic now that they were inside. It was subtle, but everywhere. Humans gifted with magic, or other magical creatures.

After a moment of staring, wide eyed and mouth open, she went to the front to look out that way. It was a huge complex of buildings, full of people just going about their business. [#c4519e “They live like this all the time?”]

Unicorns couldn’t gather in numbers like this for any length of time. Short times, yes, they managed so they could meet or hold classes and camps, but the longer a group of them was together the easier they would be to find. It was obviously easier if they weren’t as powerful as unicorns.

Closer to the main building, where the long road led, was a massive fountain. It was round with carvings of seashells, a sea of white water lilies, and a beautiful statue in the middle. In white marble at the center of the fountain was a man riding a unicorn, sword in hand. Crystal gasped when she saw the fountain. It looked like something out of a storybook for her, like seeing a statue of Cinderella running with her slipper on the stairs, only a little less specific. She couldn’t tell which unicorn and knight it was supposed to be.

It took the motions of the beautiful woman for them to stop to get Crystal to even notice she was there. Had she been there before? Crystal hadn’t seen her when they approached, but there she was in a light blue dress that reached her ankles. She had a warm, welcoming smile, and after a moment staring Crystal realized why she hadn’t seen her before,[#c4519e “Oh, she’s attached to the fountain.”]

The woman was a type of nymph. When they stepped out she bowed her head with her hands clasped in front of her,[+aqua “A pleasure to meet you all. I am Nasia, a Crinaeae and greeter to all who enter. If you’ll follow me, I will show you to Emmerich. You may leave your vehicle parked here for now.”]]
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[h3 ]

[b “I really hope there isn't a next time. What a nightmare.”] Felix mostly says to himself once Jasper disappears. He was happy someone could tell Crystal's family she was alright, he just wished he didn't want to shoot the messenger. If there was a next time, they'd be prepared for him as well; Felix would make sure they grabbed some colouring books on the way so they could keep him occupied and out of their way.

Half turning to head back to the drivers seat, he sees Hilda staring at him, scowling... Could she read his mind or something? He was allowed to have mean thoughts, wasn't he? She squints at him and then quickly moves along back to the table to busy herself with some of the cleanup from lunch. In response, Felix retreats to the drivers seat, setting course for the Church of Destiny. It wasn't going to be hard for them to find it, since that sneaky Cleric had at some point slipped Felix a note that he found a week later in his pocket. And fortunately for them, it was a little bit on the outside of the city they were currently in... It was also the reason that Felix had picked this place to drop Jasper off as well; saved them turning around a bunch.

It was about another half hour as they drove through the city and more in to the suburbs before they actually reached their destination. Honestly, Felix almost drove passed it too, and had to hit the brakes a little harder than he wanted to. In his defence, the place did not look like what he was expecting, nor was it called 'The Church of Destiny', at least not outwardly.

[+blue “'The Moirai Institute of Interfaith and Enlightened Learning.' Clever; Moirai is the personification of fate or [i fates] and the inescapable destiny of man in Greek mythology.”]

[b “I know, Shepard nearly locked me in a library for a few years, remember?”] And the sword snickers to itself a little bit. [b “Were you expecting it to be a place like this?”]

[+blue “I can't say I did.”] The place was... Well, it was enormous. An estate that was multi-leveled and had a lot of different buildings attached to it. The whole place was big enough where they had their own [i church] on the grounds. The residents of the place were also out and about, doing chores, chatting, and sitting on the lawn and studying. Everyone looked, well, [i normal] and happy. The Hell?

[b “This place is basically Hogwarts...”]

[+blue “Oh, the one with Harry Houdini?”]

[+red “Potter. Houdini was the stage magician.”] Hilda says, coming to the front and gawking at the place. [+red “Wow.”]

[+blue “I always get those two mixed up. Like Dresden and David Copperfield from the David Files.”]

[b “Oh my God, its the [i Dresden] Files!”]

[+blue “Oh...] Daggeron says tentatively, looking down for a moment before looking back up. [+blue “Which one was Blaine again?”]

[b “This conversation is over.”] Felix says tightly before driving up slowly to the massive gate that barred their entry. The estate itself was surrounded by forest, fences, and no doubt magical defences. The place even had an [i actual] attendant that sat in a booth the size of the RV. They get out once the RV gets close enough, and Felix rolls down the window. [b “Hi there, I'm pretty sure we're expected. The names Felix.”]

“Ah yes, we were told to expect you. Please, come on in and I'll let Emmerich know you've arrived.” The attendant tells them and waves their hand towards the gate. At the motion it begins to open and Felix smiles a little bit at it.

[b “Magic.”] He says.

“Motion sensors, actually. Have a good day.” And without another word, Felix drives up the long driveway towards the estate. As he does this, Hilda heads in to the back of the RV to let Crystal know they have arrived.
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[pic https://i.imgur.com/VwGRNdm.jpg] [left Jasper just rolled his eyes at Felix. It did make it clear that Hilda would be enforcing things, making them at least be polite to each other. [+goldenrod “That would be good, thank you.”]

A mall, shopping center, or even restaurant could work. He’d manage to get home as long as there were people to charm into helping. Learning how to teleport and get out of a tight spot was a big focus of summer camp. That and silly crafts that usually ended up in the garbage sooner or later.

Jasper finished his coffee while Felix drove, then with the time left just waited and watched out the window. He didn’t want to disturb Crystal’s rest, assuming she was getting any. He was tired, but he also wanted to bail before they reached a place with more people aware of magic and unicorns.

The coffee and sandwich would have to be enough for a little while. Jasper rolled his eyes at Felix’s parting remark, but bit his tongue. At least from saying the same thing right back at Felix. [+goldenrod “I’ll talk to them. Take care. Especially of her.”]

There was a moment he hesitated at the door. The look he was giving Felix was a little hard, but he managed to keep his tone even,[+goldenrod “Until next time then.”]

Because Jasper planned on there being a next time. He was going to make sure Crystal was alright past this, and was going to see if he could bring her more about her family next time. Her birthday was coming, maybe a final gift from them, under the council’s radar, of course. For now he just made his way across the parking lot to civilization and safety.]
  Yavanna / 2d 7h 38m 54s
[h3 ]

[b “Oh no, you're leaving us so soon. That's too bad. Heart-breaking.”] Felix says in a monotone voice that was meant to be mocking. In response, Hilda swats him in the ear. [b “Ow! That actually really hurt.”]

[+red “Its what you do when children are misbehaving. Now just do as he asks.”] And Felix just nods at it that.

[b “We'll be heading in to a city shortly, so I'll drop you off somewhere there. At like a mall or something.”] It [i had] crossed his mind to perhaps drop Jasper off at a location with the potential to embarrass the unicorn, like a strip club or a gay bar, but quickly thought better than that. Crystal wouldn't be happy with that, and he'd undoubtedly incur the wrath of Hilda.

Once he turned on to a highway, it took them around forty-five minutes before they were in a nearby city that was also close to their intended destination. From then on, it didn't take long for them to a find a mall where Jasper could unload himself and disappear. So, Felix pulls in to the parking lot, cursing under his breath at his parking job since he took up so much space now as an RV. Why the Hell did everyone need to park so freaking close to each other?!

Getting out of the seat, Felix is pretty much the first one to the door, opening it and revealing the outside world to their unicorn companion. [b “Well, I'd say it was nice to meet you, but I'm not a liar, so...”]

[+red “Felix!”]

[b “Safe travels, Jasper. Make it home and tell Crystal's folks she's safe.”] For the most part. Safe from [i him] at the very least.
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[pic https://i.imgur.com/VwGRNdm.jpg] [left Crystal felt a lot better after the hug. He might have been surprised by it, but it was just what she needed. She felt less alone and scared. Enough that she was slow to let go.

[#c4519e “I know, I can’t believe it.”] Crystal was smiling a little about the towel. With the back of her fingers she brushed his forehead, almost like brushing away hair or something, except nothing was there,[#c4519e “Sure, I’ll try to get some rest.”]

She certainly looked and felt tired enough to get some sleep while he drove. She didn’t lay down right away though, she sat up and hugged her knees. The taste of the healing potion lingered unpleasantly, and once Felix was gone Crystal started to feel more anxious again.

Jasper watched Felix make his way to the front of the RV, and actually kept quiet about any complaints. He just ate his sandwich, drank his coffee, and listened to their plan. Jasper set down his coffee,[+goldenrod “Crystal needs that. But if you don’t mind, could you drop me off on the way? I think it’s about time I leave. At least for a while.”]

He wasn’t terribly interested in this Church of Destiny. The idea of going into a whole crowd that, given his limited experience with this group, would likely quickly peg him as a unicorn didn’t sound appealing. Being bound to Felix actually gave Crystal some protection there, she couldn’t be bound [i again] to someone else. Even if they figured out what she was and wanted her, they’d have to get through Felix first. As suspicious as he’d been not long ago, now Jasper believed Felix wouldn’t be quick to sell her out.

After finishing the rest of his sandwich he continued,[+goldenrod “It doesn’t need to be anywhere in particular, just a place with plenty of humans. From there I’ll manage.”] Not that he thought Felix would be terribly worried about him. He’d probably be glad to see him go, Jasper had no doubt about that. But regardless, Crystal needed to be the priority.]
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[h3 ]

Hilda's eyes narrowed slightly at Jasper before he told her to 'forget it'. Some last minute griping before the manners had to be switched on... Although, Jasper wasn't exactly incorrect to think that way or be concerned. They were going after the most powerful sorcerer on the planet without an army. Just a hunter, crippled dragon, amnesiac witch, and one singular unicorn. The odds were against them, that was for sure, but she had hope for them, and for the future.

Now that the conversation was finally over, Hilda went and began brewing the coffee and slicing some cucumbers for the sandwiches. Busying herself around here has kind of been second nature as Felix and Crystal practice their connected magic... Maybe it was time she practiced some more, and at the very least instructed the two on how to try and use their connected magic. Daggeron was no doubt an invaluable resource, but two heads were always better than one.

When Crystal scooted over to him and suddenly hugged him, he gasped. He was not expecting that. As one could probably gather from speaking with Felix for a total of 0.5 seconds, it was very obvious he wasn't the touchy feely type. Another 0.5 seconds talking to him it'd be more than obvious the hunter was an emotionally constipated mess.

But still, as instructed, he hugged Crystal back, and... It didn't feel awkward. Normally he hated stuff like this, especially after divulging his feelings, but despite his feelings of vulnerability, everything felt like it was going to be okay. He felt some kind of odd reassurance he's not familiar with since the start of this hug, and it was welcome... Was hugging always like this for most people?

[b “Yeah, I vote we don't do that again. We'll be more prepared and better defended next time.”] He laughs. [b “We do need towels and shoes, you're right, so I think that's something we can do when we get somewhere safer. Ruby burned [i my] towel.”] He sounded like he couldn't believe it, like that was the most egregious insult he's ever received from anybody. He lets Crystal go and pats her on the shoulder. [b “Why don't you get some rest and I'll get us somewhere safe.”] With a final pat on the shoulder, Felix leaves the room to get to the front of the RV, starts it up, and they begin moving.

Not long after, Hilda comes over, handing Felix half of a sandwich. [b “Thanks... Oh, wow, you even cut the crusts off.”]

[+red “Of course. Where are we going?”] She asks curiously, nibbling on her sandwich.

[b “The Church of Destiny. Mercurial doesn't know where it is, and I suspect they have some sort of defence against being found out. It'll be a good place for us to lay low for a bit and get our shit together... We need somewhere where we can sleep without worrying ourselves awake because we might be ambushed.”]
  Felix / Renegade / 4d 10h 58m 38s
[pic https://i.imgur.com/VwGRNdm.jpg] [left Crystal could already feel the potion starting to work. The little sharp pains tingled and itched before fading away. It was intense enough at her feet to make her squirm her legs. His oddly rambling talkativeness was nice to hear. It made her smile, and the smile only grew when she realized [i why] he was rambling on so honestly. Her senses were dull from exhaustion so she didn’t pick it up terribly quickly, but still a little before he did.

[#c4519e “Felix…”] Crystal started quietly. She went silent, rubbing her thumb over the warm mug. Hilda was being really sweet right now. Handling these two wasn’t easy, and Crystal had no energy for it right now.

For Jasper the whole thing gave him plenty to think about. He was completely silent for a little while, obviously digesting the information. While he did that, he sat down at the little table. Under the truth spell the hunter couldn’t lie, so he clearly cared at least some for Crystal in a genuine way.

[+goldenrod “You can be very intimidating. Sandwiches sound good.”] After hours as Ruby’s plaything, he couldn’t say Hilda creeped him out as bad as she might have a day ago. He even sounded pretty calm about being threatened, or he was just too tired to muster up much in the way of fear. With his head propped up on one hand he watched Hilda,[+goldenrod “Not going to be easy.”]

Jasper frowned slightly,[+goldenrod “I’ll try to give him a chance, I guess. For her sake. She deserves better than this though.”] He shifted his gaze to the sword, eyes narrowed more,[+goldenrod “It’s tough watching her cling to the man who’s going to get her killed or worse. He [i is] going to be the cause of her death most likely, you can’t deny that. His good intentions won’t save her, will they?”]

He wasn’t saying it to be mean or snappy, not this time. In fact, it looked like Jasper was about to cry. He was holding it back though. He cleared his throat and sat up straight, rubbing his eyes again, this time because he wanted to hide any tears. The last thing he wanted was to have some stupid emotional breakdown in front of these people,[+goldenrod “Forget it. I’m just tired. I’ll be more polite.”]

With one last drink of what was left of the healing potion Crystal gave another shudder and scooted over to Felix, leaving the empty mug on the bed. With her face buried in his shoulder, and her horn resting on his shoulder, she pulled him into a hug, still shaking a little from the healing potion,[#c4519e “Then give me a hug.”]

Crystal squirmed a little while the little cuts patched themselves up. Her head was still throbbing, but it was noticeably better. She made a little hum of discomfort and held onto him a little tighter,[#c4519e “Don’t be so sorry. I want to be here.”]

At that point she couldn’t help but yawn. Jasper may have partially countered the tea, but even so Crystal was still exhausted. She sounded tired as she continued,[#c4519e “Maybe not doing that again though, not quite like that. But if you wanted to take me shopping you could feel a little guilty, I guess. I think we need towels and shoes.”]]
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[h3 ]

Well, this seemed pretty awkward... Like he had something to say, and now he suddenly didn't know what to say anymore. Instead, he resolved to drum on his thighs as he sat at the edge of the bed next to Crystal. [b “Well, I would never lie to you... Probably. Not about anything important... Well, that's not true, because if... Well now, actually, if it was important [i enough] I might stretch it, or...”] He stops for a second, bringing himself back down to Earth where he was with Crystal. She looked tired and drained, and Felix couldn't help but feel responsible for that. He was asking a lot of her, and despite her being the magical powerhouse of the group, she still had her limits. He looks at her, his eyes mournful.

[b “I'm sorry I dragged you in to this mess, Crystal, I really am. I wish things were different, that I was stronger on my own so you wouldn't be in this mess. Just know that you're important and your happiness is important, and... and I am being strangely candid right now...”] He thinks for a second, suddenly aware of the sort of bubbly feeling he had in his head. [b “I'm under a truth spell right now.”]

[+red “Vanilla humans are so easy to cast on.”] Hilda tells Jasper. She was using a scrying spell so Jasper was actually able to hear what Felix was saying. It felt kind of dirty using tricks like that on Felix, but it was for the benefit of everyone. [+red “And that is what I wanted to talk to you about. I know you've been brainwashed by the Unicorn Council to think all humans are bad, but they're not. At least Felix isn't. Misguided, brutish, socially inept,”]

[b “I can hear you...”]

[+red “Strangely flexible, and impatient he may be, but he's a decent person.”]

[+blue “You forgot to mention he's terrible cook and has horrible hand-writing.”]

[+red “And I will no longer tolerate you treating him like he's a subhuman parasite. You are here by the grace of Felix and because he cares about Crystal, and is already weighed down by guilt and shame, so he doesn't need you antagonizing him for it; he's doing his best. For everyone. So, if it continues, I will happily transport you to another plane of existence where they are much less accommodating than Felix is, and when you are finally plagued by incomprehensible horrors long enough where you are begging for the mercy of death, then, and only then, will I bring you back to the Material world where I will finish you myself in a less than pleasant manner.”] She smiles at him like this was a good conversation, and claps her hands together. [+red “Did you want lunch with your coffee? The cream cheese is about to go bad, so I was thinking cucumber sandwiches. I'll even cut off the crusts for you.”]

When he realized it, it seemed like that is when the spell wore off, the bubbly talkative feeling disappearing along with it. [b “I wish there was more I could offer you instead of puke-potions... I'm just glad you're okay, and we'll make sure nothing like this happens again.”]
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[pic https://i.imgur.com/VwGRNdm.jpg] [left Jasper was able to get Crystal sitting up, with some pillows to support her, while filling her in a little about what Hilda and Felix were doing, and that she was really the one worst off at the moment.

Then she’d asked something Jasper was hoping she wouldn’t. [#c4519e “I’m glad you’re safe. But. What did she do to you?”]

Jasper didn’t answer right away. He went quiet, and seriously considered what, if anything, he wanted to say. The look on his face was enough to worry Crystal, and she put her hand on his. Jasper wasn’t sure if he was annoyed or relieved when Felix came in and both interrupted the moment and saved him from having to answer.

[+goldenrod “Sure.”] He stood up and put his hand on the top of Crystal’s head before he left,[+goldenrod “Worry about yourself for a change.”]

She watched Jasper leave, now sure Ruby [i had] done or said something that bothered him. It was Ruby, so it wasn’t surprising, but it bothered her all the same. Crystal looked at Felix and smiled. She looked tired and pretty drained of color, but a lot better already. When she took the mug she laughed,[#c4519e “Most people lie and say it doesn’t taste too bad.”]

The laughter seemed to hurt, and she stopped quickly with a grimace. She took a drink, as much as she could, and made a face like she had just drank sour milk. Eyes closed, mouth open, and she shuddered a little,[#c4519e “Why does medicine always taste so bad?”]

There was more to drink, of course. She looked at the contents of the mug with a frown. Opened her mouth to speak, then closed it. There was a lot to say. Instead she took another drink of the potion and made the same face, shudder and all.

Once Jasper was out of the room it was just him and Hilda… and the sword. Jasper eyed the sword for a moment. It had sounded like Ruby and Falken wanted the sword pretty badly. He sighed and rubbed his eyes with one hand,[+goldenrod “You wanted to talk?”]

He’d been trying not to look so worn out in front of Crystal or Felix, but apparently now it was fine or he couldn’t keep it up anymore. His shoulder were slumped, and he looked exhausted, and possibly slightly nauseous. Still rubbing his eyes he mumbled,[+goldenrod “Can we at least have some coffee while we talk?”]]
  Yavanna / 42d 2h 2m 34s
[h3 ]

[b “I was gonna.”] Felix shoots back at Jasper as he passes by. Goddamn did that guy piss him the hell off. Felix just had to remind himself that he'd be packing up and leaving soon. Hopefully. If not, Felix was going to make him leave whether he wanted to or not.

[+blue “You're grinding that a little too hard, Felix.”] Daggeron chimed in suddenly, making Felix aware that he was working the mortal and pestle a little too hard. [+blue “Don't over-mix it or you're just going to be feeding Crystal vomit flavoured paste.”]

[+red “That's disgusting. Don't do that, Felix.”] Hilda said as she separated some petals from a dried mandrake. She looked back down to what she was doing, back up to Felix, down, and then up again. It seemed like she had something to say, but was weighing her options. It still baffled Felix how transparent Hilda seemed to be now that she wasn't under Mercurial's control.

With a sigh, Felix tells her: [b “Just say it.”]

She blushes slightly and wipes her hands on the apron she had put on. [+red “I think you need to stop being so hard on Jasper. This is probably the hardest thing that could happen to someone like that.”] She pauses for a moment, looking briefly back at the door to the bedroom. [+red “I mean, he's not exactly helping himself by being a dick, but you could try and at least be more civil.”]

[b “I am civil!”] Felix almost shouted, slamming his hands on the table. His mouth forms in to a tight line as Hilda tries not to laugh at the irony of the situation. Felix clears his throat. [b “I [i am] civil.] Felix says more calmly. [b “He still has all of his teeth in that perfect face of his, doesn't he?”]

[+red “Antagonizing him isn't being civil, Felix. You know better than that.”]

[b “Why do I feel like I'm being scolded. Why aren't you scolding him?”] Felix asks, passing the ground up mushroom. Hilda takes the mortar, sprinkles the mandrake petals, and then sprinkles in some spices.

[+red “Oh, he'll be hearing from me when he's alone. I don't want to embarrass him in front of everyone.”]

[+blue “Oh ho, I'm definitely staying for that.”] Daggeron chuckles a little bit. [+blue “Don't forget the honey. Just enough to cut the bitterness.”]

[+red “Right, right.”] Hilda says and pours in some honey after Felix hands it to her. Usually they'd transfer it to a vial for later use, but since they were using it now, Hilda pours it in to a mug with some hot water. She stirs it a bit, whispers some words, and with a poof, the drink begins to glow slightly before dying back down. She lifts the mug with both hands and gives it to Felix with a smile. [+red “For you. Be nice and tell Jasper I'd like to talk to him.”]

[b “Your conflict resolution skills frighten me.”] He says as he takes the potion, Hilda only replying with a kind smile. So with that, Felix goes walks in to the room, feeling immediately more at ease to see that Crystal was actually able to mostly sit up. Well, thanks goodness for that. He turns to look at Jasper. [b “Beat it; Hilda wants to chat with you.”] He tells the male unicorn before moving to Crystal's side. He crouches down to one knee and holds out the mug to her. [b “A magic healing potion... Its tastes like vomit with honey.”]
  Felix / Renegade / 42d 14h 46m 41s
[pic https://i.imgur.com/VwGRNdm.jpg] [left That answer wasn’t good enough for Jasper, but he didn’t get a chance to press for anything more. Crystal did need the medicine though, so instead of retaliating against Felix he just followed him inside the RV.

Hilda was keeping busy. She seemed to be a nice person, and he was glad Crystal had [i someone] besides Felix around. He decided to ignore most of Felix’s comment. Arguing more was just going to bother Hilda and not help Crystal at all. [+goldenrod “I’ll check on her. She’ll need to wake up to drink it. I’ll need to counter the tea a bit.”]

Apparently Jasper couldn’t entirely help himself. While he passed by he looked at Felix, almost managing to sound casual but not quite managing it,[+goldenrod “[i You] bring it in when it’s ready.”]

Obviously he was still upset about Crystal taking the tea from him only when he faked Felix’s voice. She might not take this one for the same reason, which he still didn’t understand.

He found Crystal pretty much the way he left her, asleep and with a damp cloth over part of her face. The horn made it hard to keep it on her forehead, it had to be sort of wrapped around and covered her eyes some, which was probably for the best since her head hurt too and light would be painful. When he went to check it he realized Hilda must have changed it out pretty recently, it was still cool.

Jasper took a moment to brush the back of his fingers over her cheek. He was thinking, and feeling, a lot of things. The fact that this [i mess] was her life now, when not long ago it was so different broke his heart, and made him furious on her behalf. She deserved better than this. He put a hand on each of her cheeks and leaned in to whisper one word,[+goldenrod [i “Wake.”]]

His worry about how she would be when she woke up wasn’t for nothing. She groaned and tried to sit up. When he held her down she grabbed at his arms blindly and tried harder. [+goldenrod “Shhh, just relax, Crystal. Everything is fine. Take it slow.”]

[#c4519e “Jasper?”] She only paused her efforts, before trying again to slip away and get up. Crystal pulled the washcloth from her head, right away she winced at the light but didn’t stop,[#c4519e “Where? Where are we? Is everyone alright? Ruby… Ruby can… We have to go.”]

It was getting harder for Jasper to keep her down without being too forceful. He was worried she was going to hurt herself worse if she didn’t stop. Jasper tried to sound calm and reassuring. She didn’t need to be worried about him and Felix fighting too. [+goldenrod “We moved, I’m not quite sure where. She won’t find us, not soon anyway. Please relax. Everyone else is fine, it’s you we’re worried about.”]]
  Yavanna / 44d 6h 48m 22s
[h3 ]

From the stares and tight lip Jasper was holding, Felix assumed that he'd be getting an earful once they left the shop... And just as predicted, Jasper began spouting his anti-human bullshit rhetoric that made Felix wish he [i did] sell the Unicorn to Billiam. At least it'd get this annoyance off of his hands. Although, the hunter would admit that it was strange being on the other end of a fairy tale. But whatever, it was Felix's hope that when they got Crystal healed that he'd peace out or face the wrath of the same people that banished Crystal... He frowns at the thought.

They were about to enter the RV when Jasper stepped out in front of Felix which earned him an eye roll from Felix. [b “Stop wasting my time.”] Felix almost growls. They had to get inside to do their alchemy to help Crystal! It looked like Jasper had something to say, and once he said it, there was a cold silence shared between the two.

On one end, Jasper was about a half second away from receiving a spinning heel kick from Felix, but on the other, the hunter actually considered what he said. He didn't have the answer, nor did he think any answer would be good enough for Jasper. It was something he needed to consider, but it wasn't something he had to answer for, especially not to Jasper.

[b “Its like you said: she trusts me.”] He tells Jasper and pats him on the shoulder, but also uses it as an opportunity to forcefully move him out of the way to get back in to the RV. [b “Hilda, we have the components. I need your help with the alchemy right now!”] And it seemed while she was fuming and Felix was in the shop, Hilda was being proactive and set up the kit on the table. It would only take them a few minutes, but being already set up would save them a lot of time. He looks back at Jasper fractionally. [b “Feel free to help or find a colouring book or something.”]
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[pic https://i.imgur.com/VwGRNdm.jpg] [left Of course the shopkeeper managed to figure it out. Jasper was feeling pretty on edge about the whole thing. It wasn’t a surprise that Billiam offered to buy him, but Felix refused. Which was a pleasant surprise to Jasper, who was starting to wonder if he or Crystal could trust this hunter.

And then he seemed to actually be considering it. His new confidence in the hunter disappeared, and he narrowed his eyes right back at Felix. In the end he didn’t, which Jasper supposed was something. Jasper was still glaring when he caught the bag.

[+goldenrod “Good. She needs it.”] He held his tongue until they got back outside. He didn’t really like the idea of talking much at all in front of Billiam. He really didn’t like that guy. Once they were out he didn’t look at Felix, but rather icily said,[+goldenrod “Keeping her in good condition to sell later? She’s just another hunter tool to you, isn’t she? And she doesn’t see it. She [i trusts] you.”]

Jasper was starting to get heated, he hadn’t intended to get this angry, but here he was, looking at Felix about ready to punch him, except he was holding the bag which was probably saving him from getting his ass kicked. So he just stood in front of the RV door and stared Felix down. Crystal needed help, but Jasper felt like he needed an answer,[+goldenrod “I had to stop her [i brain] from bleeding. You let her get that bad, put her in that much danger, but she wouldn’t listen to me. Or Hilda. She wanted [i you]. Why? Why wouldn’t she take her medicine until she thought it was [i you] asking?”]]
  Yavanna / 51d 53m 59s
[h3 ]

Once the door is opened by Jasper, it quickly closes again. Obviously some kind of magical cantrip by Billiam. He looks from Jasper to Felix to Jasper, and then to Felix, specifically his ringed finger. “Is this boy a Unicorn?” He asks and Felix frowns at the question. Was this going to be a problem for them if he answered or if he lied? In most situations he would lie, but it was likely that Billiam would be able to see right through what ever bullshit story Felix came up with.

Despite struggling, Felix decided to answer, albeit cautiously in case he had to defend the Unicorn. [b “He might be... Why? Is that gonna be a problem?”] And Billiam lets out a small laugh at that.

“No, no, not a problem at all my friend. Is he for sale?” And luckily Felix wasn't drinking or chewing anything because he probably would've spat it out at that.

[b “What? Hell no! What kind of question is that?”] Felix was incredulous. Even though it was quite apparent he wanted Jasper gone, it looked like he wasn't just willing to part with him unethically.

“Okay, okay, how about-” Billiam begins writing on a piece of paper. “This.” He slides it Felix, and its a list consisting of an amount of money and rare components he'd like to get his hands on, also including the list he already had given the man before.

[b “The answer is still 'no', Billiam.”]

“Alright... How about-” He writes some more on the list, adding a few more zeroes to the dollar amount as well. “This?” And Felix gawks at it, actually picking up the paper and inspecting it pretty closely.

[b “Woah, seriously? Ummm...”] He looks back at Jasper, squinting his eyes a little bit at the Unicorn, [i seriously] considering his options. On one hand, he'd walk away very wealthy and infinitely prepared for literally anything; Hell, he might even be able to retire. But on the other hand Crystal would never forgive him. [b “Ummm... You drive a pretty hard bargain there Billiam, but I'm gonna say n... nnn... N...”] He keeps looking down at the page trying to say 'no' but it just wouldn't come out. [b “Christ's sake; nnnn, n.... I guess I will disagree.”] He hesitantly puts the paper back on the counter. [b “Just the items I asked for before please.”]

Billaim seems displeased but shrugs. “Alright, your loss Felix.”

[b “Yeah, I know, don't rub it in.”] He says, paying for the components and grabbing the bag they were put in. He turns around and faces Jasper, tossing him the bag and pointing to the door. [b “Alright, time to go. We got what we came for and now we can help Crystal.”]
  Felix / Renegade / 51d 13h 11m 58s
[pic https://i.imgur.com/VwGRNdm.jpg] [left He was about to lose his temper again, but Hilda beat him to it. Somehow her getting frustrated and storming off made his own fuse fizzle out, just a little. He didn’t mean to upset her. Jasper just watched her and then was left looking at the closed door.

Five minutes to help Crystal. Jasper was left staring with narrowed eyes at the spot Felix had been standing. He did [i not] like the idea of setting foot anywhere near an ex-hunter, [i this] hunter was bad enough. Still, Crystal needed more help, more than Jasper was really capable of. She’d [i probably] be fine now with some rest, but he didn’t want to just leave it at that, he wanted her better.

That was why he ended up following Felix into the shop, despite his better judgment screaming he shouldn’t be anywhere near here. The unicorn was obviously uncomfortable in the store, and eyeing everything warily. Especially the shopkeeper. If the shopkeeper had been a [i good] hunter, there was a chance he had an idea what Jasper was. Or at least that he wasn’t really human. At least that was what Jasper heard about hunters, when being told to stay very far away from them. Now here he was with [i two] of them. And he was starting to really not like the way the shopkeeper was looking at him.

Not wanting to hang around any more than he absolutely had to he tapped Felix’s shoulder with the back of his hand,[+goldenrod “Look, if this will be a while, I’ll wait outside.”]

He was kind of hoping this Billiam was going to hurry things up, and Felix would tell him what he needed help with. Was it carrying all this stuff?]
  Yavanna / 54d 8h 58m 2s

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