In the Land of Gods and Monsters

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In the land of Esru, fearsome monsters and mechanical beasts roam free. Fearsome cruel gods, endless in number, traverse the lands for unknown purposes, only trumped in power by any capable of killing one. If one were to do so, they would be part of a prestigous group: the Deus Morte, strongest of all clans.

And that's where you come in. Hoping to join the Deus Morte, but not wanting to get his hands dirty, the baron of a large estate has tasked you - whether by hiring, binding to a contract, blackmail, or other means - to find one of the most powerful of these gods. An Olde God, with primordial power of untold potential.

This roleplay is a mixture between Sci-Fi, Fantasy Medieval, and Adventure elements. I'm open to most concepts if you want to add anything, it's basically a theme mixing pot.
This is designed to be a group roleplay.
I'm indifferent on anime or real pictures, so I'm going to make it a group vote.
Message me a skelly, title it with your favorite movie, and we'll go from there.


Reason for being hired:
Anything else you want to include:
Pic preference:

Username: TheHangedMan
Name: Niklas Quincy
Age: 23
Weapons: Gladius, western-style revolver, 2 wrist cannons with 2 shots each.
Magic/Powers: Translator implant in neck that allows him to speak with most different humanoid species, Boots of Levitation - they can't enable the wearer to fly, but they do allow them boosted jumping.
Personality: Ambitious, emotionally driven, upbeat, innovative
Bio: Emigrating from a western land, Niklas came in search of the fame and fortune offered by the various bounties and adventures that the land of Esru could offer. Now he sells his services as a mercenary, eager to move up in the world.

Username: Burningsxn
Name: Freya
Age: 21
Weapons: Bow and Arrow
Powers/Magic: Basic witchcraft - curses, illusion casting and potions.
Personality: Graceful, caring, kind but strong-willed and feisty when challenged
Bio: Born to a single father, Freya was bought up to do the right thing in life. Her father supported and provided for her whilst she trained and got educated by a local witch. When her father was attacked and lost his leg, she went in search of an income to support them both.

Username: Novex
Name: L'iaho
Age: 20
Weapons: His fans - more information below.
Powers/Magic: Due to L'iaho's affinity for nature and its corresponding magic, the young adult has the ability to communicate with living beings that do not have the intelligence to communicate in the world's common tongue as well as control over air and water magic. His fans work as conductors for his offensive magic, capable of creating powerful whirlwinds at the cost of some energy - despite being adept at magic, L'iaho's energy is lower than most people and therefore he is unable to fight for very long, often preferring to keep his fights short and quick. Without his fans, L'iaho is still capable of casting certain water spells; including but not limited to healing magic.
Personality: Quiet, calm, collected and level-headed as well as rather emotionless.
Bio: L'iaho's past was... honestly pretty normal. Nothing of interest is really to be noted, save for perhaps the fact that he has had a strong affinity for magic every since he was 5 years old but his frail body and near non-existence strength kept him from really honing these skills.L'iaho bears a headpiece of some sort that resembles the head of a fox.

Username: Tesla
Name: Rose
Age: 22
Weapons: A variety of swords that she has collected.
Powers/Magic: Rose is an expert user of sword magic and the last known user of the sword techniques of Wakatu. Additionally she possesses rudimentary skill in other magics most prominently healing.
Personality: Brave, Determined, Greedy
Bio: Rose appeared one day in a tavern in Esru with the intention of earning a fortune with her sword skills.

Username: Tesla
Name: Yuu
Age: 22
Weapons: Just their innate abilities currently
Powers/Magic: Mystic Vampirism and its associated magics, although they are still inexperienced in the use of their powers.
Personality: Secretive, Shrewd, Strange
Bio: Yuu's origin and intentions are a thing they have kept to themselves. All that is known is they have been diligent in their work.

Username: Miss-Shion
Name: Slaine Lewār
Age: 24
Weapons: 2 throwing glaives, enchanted with runes/stones.
Powers/Magic: Enchantments using his abilities as a medium for energy, be it between living or inanimate sources and himself. Enchants items, clothing, weaponry, and even living creatures with certain limitations. Can access, refine, and transfer energy and concentrate it to cushion his body and to deflect blows.
Personality: Intelligent, perceptive, hard-working, sarcastic, crass. Prideful. Socially awkward, friendly.
Bio: Slaine is eldest of a new generation of magical merchants and smiths, his family having maintained a caravan for a great many generations before his. Their expertise as sorcerers and as craftsmen is unrivaled, and these skills have been pass on to Slaine, who is among the best traveling enchanters his family has had to offer. He's also an accomplished weaponsmith and armor repairman.

Username: kaitoXi
Name: Morel Sage
Age: 25
Weapons: Body itself
Powers/Magic: Morel is a tree nymph. He can manipulate his body to grow limbs, roots, etc from it, though at the cost of needing to photosynthesize every few days. He can also step inside trees and speak to them, though they generally do not have much to say . Very sensitive to life-energy and life-based magic.
Personality: Curious, determined, easily angered , flashy
Bio: Morel is a young nymph. Unlike most nymphs, though, he has no interest in living his whole life in one place, chained to one tree; he wants to explore! This adventure is a great chance to do just that, see what the world is like.


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Roleplay Responses

Morel lounged in the middle of the group, thumbs stuck in his jeans pockets. Neat! Hunting a god, huh? People did crazy things out here in the real world. All those fools back in the grove told him he wasn't missing out on anything--well, they were nuts!

Not literally. The nut trees tended to be pretty reasonable, actually. Honestly, he didn't really understand that saying. People had obviously never talked to nut trees if they thought nuts were crazy.

"Hey, everyone!" he started cheerily, waving at the ragged group. One of the women had already escaped, and a little boy with big fans was staring down the vampyr for some reason or another--it wasn't even like the guy was really blocking the door-- but he figured he could get most of the group's attention. Besides, those two seemed to know what they were doing. The woman'd had a ton of weapons, and the boy had... well, fans. Okay, he wasn't too sure about the boy, but he looked confident, so he was probably fine. "Hi! Um, I was hired to track the god! I'm really good at sensing energy, so... if you just follow me, I'll lead you there!" He gave the group a grin. "Since we're all here, why don't we get to know each other? What are you guys good at?"

Mostly weaponry, it looked like. Almost everyone here was bristling with some sort of weapon or another, hardened by battle and ready to fight. It made a stark contrast to Morel's slim, unarmored frame, not a weapon in sight and hardly a place to hide one under the thin, tight clothes. He tossed his tree-brown hair and flashed them a big smile. Why did everyone look so stressed out? Wasn't this going to be fun? They were all going on an exciting adventure together!

No, then again, they probably hadn't lived their entire lives in a single group of trees in a boring forest. It was probably less exciting for them. They probably did cool things every day. But that was fine! He'd be excited enough for all of them.

No one seemed eager to answer, and he realized abruptly; he hadn't introduced himself. How rude of him! "Sorry, um, my name's Morel! Morel Sage. What're you guys's names?"

This was already so exciting. So many new people to meet, and such odd people, with mysterious abilities and strengths! He could barely contain his excitement.
  Morel Sage / kaitoXi / 215d 4h 57m 44s
Standing at the front of the pack was a woman who paid keen attention to what the mountainous Vampyr had to say. Easily evident by the fact that she was taking notes on a small handheld notepad. The taking of notes made her stand out against the crowd by itself, but it was probably the overall appearance of her outfit that made her stand out the most.

A pink t-shirt over top a slightly longer white shirt that served to add some bulk to her otherwise slender frame made her stand out even more. While her black cargo pants and combat boots were a common sight among this type of crowd the contrast with her shirt only served to draw more attention. Although the trio of blades hanging from a tactical belt on her hips made sure that everyone was aware that she was in the right place. Unless they paid enough attention to notice that they were not at all matching swords and could easily be seen as the type of mistake a greenhorn might make.

Despite this Rose remained confident in her stance as she took down what little information the large Vampyr provided to them. Even with all of her competitors in the room, Rose did nothing to guard her notes from their eyes as she made sure to use a language that she was confident no one there knew. While the Vampyr seemed to have some difficulty speaking even short sentences it did not seem to impact Rose as she finished taking down her notes.

Once she had safely stored her notepad in her backpack she made her way for the door as a young man in robes picked a fight with the Vampyr in front of it. Thanks to her slender frame though she was able to just open the door enough to get out by carrying her backpack in hand through the doorway. If he wanted to pick a fight with the help instead of taking the easy way out that was his prerogative. She was going to take the path of least resistance so she could be the first out the door.

After she made it out she secured her backpack properly on her back before beginning the long trek. If things went well she would meet the god on her way kill it and be back before the bars closed.

[h3 [center Yuu]]Patience. It was the one thing that was going through Yuu's mind as they waited for the last of the arrivals.
Their position against the wall gave them a good view of their competition as they quietly observed the situation in front of them. Despite the difficulty involved in the mission, the majority of the individuals Yuu saw looked like they would have difficulty fighting an average mercenary let alone the god they were set to chase.

Yuu kept their mouth shut though as a large Vampyre made their way in after all of the competitors were gathered. While they were slow to speak they provided what little information the Baron had to offer them to help them in their mission. The last known location of their target on a small map and with no knowledge of when they were last spotted there. Instead, the reward was reiterated despite the fact that everyone here was certain to be aware of the rewards involved. None of the people in this room were here for charity, and especially not given the reputation of the Baron.

Even after being provided the last piece of information they were going to be offered Yuu kept their position against the wall and their hood over their face. Their black cloak did not stand out much compared to the rest of the competitors, but it served its purpose in hiding any identifying information about them. Thanks to it the only thing that could be told about them from a distance was that they were moving their head which could be seen by the subtle shaking of their hood.

A frail-looking fellow was the first to move and Yuu was quick to track their movement. Despite their walk to the door the large Vampyre remained in position in front of it. As an outsider the scene was amusing as the robed fellow seemed to pick a fight with the monstrous butler over their refusal to move out of the way. It was made more amusing as the second person made their move.

A young woman who made use of her slender frame to go through the door without having to wait for the Vampyre to move. While Yuu's frame was similarly slender enough to take the easy way out they remained in position to watch the scene with the Vampyre unfold.
  Tesla / 215d 10h 12m 14s
This story is one all too familiar. Track and kill a being that's probably four times your size and a billion times stronger for a meager little reward of a couple hundred credits.

L'iaho knew it all.

And so did the Baron, which is where this 'reward' would come in play. For L'iaho? The safety of his family, which the Baron had captured in a means to blackmail him. Even so, he doubted the Baron would keep to his word - when had he ever? But doubt or no doubt, L'iaho had to try. It was his family, after all.

Despite a weak frame and a frail body, L'iaho could still be considered quite intimidating.
The first thing that stuck out like a sore thumb was the young adult's facial expression; an emotionless expanse of narrowed sapphire hues and tightly-pursed lips framed by the sickly pale complexion of someone on death's door and silky locks of ebony hair that reached no further than the nape of his neck, adorned by various oriental accessories.
Not only were his physical characteristics unusual and conspicuous but also the apparel he wore. Consisting of clearly oriental gowns, found only in the south of Esru and a headpiece resembling the head of a fox that was currently pulled down slightly to cover the top half of his face, hiding the ocean blue eyes from the eyes of prying men.
Below the robe he wore, were two clearly bestial paws - something no shoes could hide even if he tried to - with claws sharp enough to carve through skin and muscle.

And intimidating, he was. Perhaps not so much as the Vampyre that strolled calmly in the room they were all gathered in - which L'iaho had examined thoroughly - but still plenty so. The room, itself, was more than large enough to accommodate the plethora of... [i mercenaries] - that was probably the only correct term for them all now - that were hired, and probably blackmailed in some way, by the Baron, himself.

Any windows that lead outside were tightly shut and barred to avoid anyone from getting second thoughts and trying to escape unseen. The walls were painted a dark crimson, the chosen shade of red screaming malice and hostility at every given angle, surely no coincidence in terms of trying to keep the many different characters and personalities herded together like cattle being brought to the slaughterhouse.
Truly ironic, he thought, that it was more or less the same. So many people were being sent out on a suicide mission for a power hungry Baron.

The Vampyre that had slowly slipped inside the room and started addressing everyone, only did so once all their attention turned to him, his voice bearing a deep and unfriendly tone that would have any cowardly man running away with his tail between his legs. His skin was paler than L'iaho's own, and the dark circles that all Vampyre's had under their eyes were even more prominent than L'iaho remembered them to be. The butler's hair was a pitch black color, shiny and slicked back to the point where it was abnormal. The armor he wore barely even covered half his frame due to him being way too large and bulky and L'iaho wondered why he even wore it in the first place.

Looking around, L'iaho noticed a few skeptical glances and some frightened looks. How sad, it was, that these were the people he was being compared to. Make no mistake, L'iaho truly did not think he was better than anyone in particular, but these men and women, were they even strong enough to deal with this kind of thing? No doubt that more than half of them would die before even reaching the place.

When the Vampyre pointed to the map, his expression did not change in the slightest safe for a twitch of his lips before it settled back into its neutral position. L'iaho found it disappointing that the Baron dared not show his own face here, but it certainly wasn't surprising. Despite the man's brisk sentences and to-the-point attitude, L'iaho remained uncaring.

L'iaho slipped both his hands in their opposite sleeves, tilting his head to the side slightly and inspecting the map as well as he could from where he stood. If he planned on getting the reward, he would need to find the fastest route there, as his limited stamina would serve him little to nothing in keeping up with the others.

After a few seconds, he stepped forward without a care in the world and stopped in front of the Vampyre, unflinching beneath the much larger man's threatening glare. Without even so much as looking up or taking a step back, L'iaho addressed the mountainous man.

The Vampyre refused to move and eventually L'iaho craned his head back, the eyes of the fox headpiece glaring into the red orbs of the larger male. L'iaho would not repeat himself, and that much could be read, even with the top part of his face hidden.
  / Novex / 217d 6h 31m 59s
The job? Crazy.
Kill a god. Not just any god, but an Olde God, one of the mysterious beings with unimaginable powers. Essentially a suicide mission, with micro-slim chances of survival.
The pay? Ridiculous.
A couple hundred thousand credits, enough to give you a good start-up in almost any business on the market. Farming, selling goods, or in Quincy's case, mercenary work. Assassinations didn't even pay this well.
The possibilities for moving forward? Endless.
Killing an Olde God, bringing back proof, and setting up a baron to join an uber-powerful guild? Not if Quincy had any say. He took the job as a double-cross: if he could bring back the proof, he could join the Deus Morte. Or he could complete the job as requested, and start his own. The future was looking bright.... If he pulled the job off.

Which brought him here. In the foyer of an extravagant manor, waiting for the details. He wasn't the only one who had been hired or, given the baron's reputation, coerced, into this suicide mission. Quincy knew the baron's reputation all too well, having worked an odd job or two for him before. Typically obtaining information for a blackmail, or roughing up an indebted thug who didn't want to pay his dues. Easy jobs, always done without any hitches. Precisely why Baron K'Zume had hired him for this.
A tall Elf, with an impossibly neutral face that couldn't be read. One of the most powerful men in the city, through the use of deceit, thuggery, and money. But money and intimidation didn't get you into the Deus Morte, or any of the prestiges offered with it. The only way in? Killing a god and bringing proof to them. K'Zume wouldnt get his own hands dirty, but that was one thing money could buy.
A shuffling at the door caught his attention, as K'Zume's butler entered. An absolute mountain of a Vampyre, clad in simple armor the couldn't cover his entire frame, he shut the door behind himself and addressed the group.

"[+blue Baron K'Zume has....employed you all, to obtain the head of an Olde God. Reporting back empty-handed will result in.... Death. Reporting back with success will earn you.... Five hundred thousand credits.]" A clawed finger pointed to a map on the far wall, with an "X" marked due east. "[+blue That is where the Olde God was.... reported to be. Find it. Kill it. Simple job.]" Short sentences seemed to be easier for the Vampyre. A mental disorder? Brainwashing? Quincy could only guess.

"[+red None here.]" He shrugged, travelbag strapped to his shoulders. A short sword was bound to his side, with a revolver, a relic from his past back west, under the mirroring arm. On his wrists, mechanical devices - arm cannons, only good for 2 shots, with phosphorus bullets capable of burning through a troll hide. Scratching at his beard, he cocked an eye at the others in the group, wondering their stories. They didn't appear to be the average mercenaries like himself. On the contrary, none of them looked like hired guns at all. '[i Strange bedfellows indeed...] He thought, idly rubbing a coin as he watched them.
  Quincy / TheHangedMan / 217d 21h 28m 16s

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