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[center [EB+Garamond [size14 100 levels, scary monsters, awesome weapons.]]]
[center [EB+Garamond [size14 What could contain such things? Well, the virtual reality game called The Haunted. It has taken the world by storm, bringing in thousands of people from across the world. It is a horror based game, you choose to be a hunter, or the hunted. You can choose to be anything your mind can imagine. Human, Demon, Ghost, absolutely anything. You must progress through the levels, defeating online players you come across, to advanced to the final stage, where the boss awaits. Whoever beats it, gets 1 million dollars in the real world. However, something peculiar has happened.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size14 Lilith Naviel, the sole developer of The Haunted, has gone missing. Not only she, but other's have started disappearing as well. No one know's where Lilith went, or what happened to her, except for her younger brother. Lilith has discovered a hacker, one who has brought real monsters into her game. These monsters and killing people, and if you get killed by one of them, you die in real life. However, there is no distinction between the real monsters, and the players who pretend. Lilith and her brother's mission is to find the hacker and get rid of him, permanently. They encounter various people as they move through the levels, some good and some bad, and soon it's an all-out war.]]]


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[center [PT+Sans [size16 [b Two Months Ago]]]]

[center [PT+Sans [size13 [i "You've got to be kidding me..."] Akio thought to himself as he stood in the middle of his bedroom where he'd been hiding himself for the last few months. In his hand his was his cellphone. The male was practically shaking with anger as he read the latest news article that pertained to his life's work: The Haunted. He thought it had all been simply coincidence, that there was no way people would be dying because of his game. But these numbers were no lie and based on the tests he had just finished running there was definitely something wrong, he couldn't control his own game anymore. Someone had taken the control away from him, had made it so he couldn't even make an avatar for himself using his personal IP address. Someone didn't want him to interfere with whatever they were doing - to stop them from killing real people. But how? How was this person killing people from within a video game? These questions had no answers and he knew that there was no one else smart enough to hack into the game, aside from himself that is.]]]

[center [PT+Sans [size13 The male sighed as he tossed the electronic device onto his bad, that meant it was up to him to stop the killings...man that would so much work that he really didn't want to do. He ran his fingers through his hair, there was no way that he would be able to get through the game on his own. Hell he didn't really even like video games, he was good at making them. He hadn't even taken the time to play his own game all the way through....just the first floor. He groaned - that would mean he would have to hire someone to go with him. This would be so much easier if he could just his commands through the game to get him to the top floor, but nooooo someone had to lock him out of the game. That would also mean he would have to find a way to even get into the game into the first place....well the plotting begins.]]]

[center [b ~]]

[center [PT+Sans [size13 Silver eyes stared up at a white ceiling, Akio laid in an apartment that was in an entirely different country than his old one. Surrounding him was some of the most expensive and most reliable computers and systems money could buy - all bought with cash and under the table so nothing could be traced back to him. More deaths had occurred since the start of his plan and it was finally time to put things in motion. The male grabbed the headgear and placed it on his head, settling into a roughly made bed and closing his eyes. He was supposed to be meeting his contact on the first floor - supposedly they were one of the best players his game had to offer. They had be better damn good if they were going to survive to the 100th floor without dying.]]][center [right [pic https://i.imgur.com/KPGGXC2.png]]]
[center [PT+Sans [size13 He went through the boring, unstoppable story that explained how his game worked, went through the boring tutorial that you had to do until he finally came up on the character maker. He made it so you could do anything a person wanted. Any creature, any look, gender, nothing was too much for his game. He supposed that was what attracted so many people, even if people were actually dying.]]]

[center [PT+Sans [size13 Akio was surpised at how much time he spent making his character, an hour or so passed before he realized he had less than five minutes before he had to meet up with his contact. Scrambling his made finished up making his character and made his username: [b Rawn]. It was something original that he thought of, he knew of course that he couldn't use his real name, that would just be idiotic. He was spawned into the beginner town that provided all the starter quests, however he completely bypassed those and went straight to the Inn where he was supposed to meet his contact. Walking in the wolf-boy looked around, there were surprisingly a lot of people just hanging around - didn't they know that the killer monsters could now bust into safe zones?]]]

[center [PT+Sans [size13 Akio, now named Rawn, sat down at an empty table. He had told his contact before-hand what kind of creature he had picked. He looked at the time that was display to his right, he was right on time for the meeting...now where was his contact?]]]
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