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“Chunky came out of large portal in the sky...and fell into the forest...” he said, pointing towards the forest near what seemed like a city being built. “Kremlings scared of Chunky, they cried out for mummy.” He said, and Maria climbed onto his back, and he smiled. “Chunky more than happy to help with Kremlings and K Rool.” He said pleasantly, knowing that they could use his strength to stop K Rool
  Chunky Kong / DoomGuy123 / 216d 6h 12m 55s
[h3 Big]

With the addition of another Kong, and a bigger one at that, it made dealing with the Kremlings that much easier. It seemed like they were racking up a pretty good kill count for the most part, and with the additional Krimzon Guard's coming in for assistance, they soon enough cleared out Main Town of the Kremling threat... But Rhys knew that this was only temporary; a taste of K Rool's power and ambition. It was only a matter of time before more would be sent, either through the giant hole in the wall or they would make another somewhere else, pouring in his minions powered by Dark Eco.

Once it was finally over with, Rhys reloads and joins the two reunited Kongs. He was a hulking mass with arms and legs the size of tree trunks in comparison to Rhys. If only there were more Kongs that could come and join the fight against their long time enemy. He was sure they would manage, both of the apes were already extremely helpful; he could see why K Rool would have a problem killing them after all this time.

[b “Chunky was it?”] He asks the big ape, feeling weird saying his strange name. [b “My name is Rhys and I'm going to help you stop K Rool. Can you tell me how you got here?”] Maybe knowing that would help them determine how they could send them back to DK Isle as well as banish K Rool from here. They had enough problems already with the Metal Heads and the Baron.
  Rhys / Renegade / 216d 6h 26m 45s
Before they could react, a large boulder landed on top of a large group of the dark kremlings, and Maria heard a familiar voice. “Chubky hate Kremlings...” the bulky ape said, and decked one straight in the face, sending him flying across the city. “Looks like one of my family is here.” Maria said, and she joined up with Chunky, who was busy going hulk on the kremlings. After a while, he grabbed one and piledrove him in to the ground with incredible strength, making him stick halfway into the ground.aftr it was said and done, Maria got Chunky caught up to speed on what was happening, which confused the poor King even more. “Chunky don’t understand...but at least Chunky got Maria to help...” he said, smiling, and uppercut another Kremling.
  Chunky Kong / DoomGuy123 / 217d 3h 27m 52s
[h3 No Mercy]

Rhys nodded when Maria mentioned that K Rool's assistance was probably coming from his world. People had a price, and those around here were no exception. He'd just have to find out who or it'd be revealed to them. He had no doubt in his mind that the Baron would send them on some kind of suicide mission to try and stop K Rool at the source. That wasn't going to be a very fun endeavour.

Through the gunfire, explosions, and introspection, Rhys sort of went on his own autopilot, but that was until Maria elected and [i told] Rhys she was going street level. They were way up in the air, several stories up. [b “Wait! You can't-”] It just seemed to fall of deaf ears as Maria jumped from the cruiser to a building and then expertly made her way to the streets. Rhys watched wide eyed and impressed at the ape-woman's agility and skills [b “Woah...”] He says absently as she finally hits the streets like that was barely anything. If he tried that, he'd surely die. But that's why he had the cruiser.

Slamming the controls, Rhys takes a nose dive with the cruiser still shooting the Dark Kremlings, all the while yelling bloody murder. He got a little too invested in it and ended up crashing the cruiser in to a group, exploding the vehicle. He rolled out at the last second and joined Maria on the streets, using his Vulcan Fury to mow down the evil Kremlings alongside her.
  Rhys / Renegade / 217d 5h 53m 22s
As soon as she saw the city, she was in awe, the sight was truly something that she would never forget, but she immediately looked across the city and saw the fire, and the corrupted Kremlings. “I don’t know...most likely someone from your world...” she said, and she started to help Rhys by tossing bombs onto the kremlings’ heads, being spot on with most of them. “I’m going down there Rhys!” She said, and when it came close to a nearby building, She leaped from the cruiser, catching the ledge with her feet, then began the descent to the streets, where she pulled out her gun and fired on the kremlings with no mercy
  Maria Kong / DoomGuy123 / 217d 9h 39m 5s
[h3 Dark Powers]

Once they were both geared up, Rhys took the Krimzon Guard cruiser and they flew to Main Town in a hurry. The town itself was one of the more visually pleasing areas of Haven City, having sleeker and newer concrete and metal buildings, which were also taller than in other sectors. The roads were also kept in good condition, and not in disrepair. The very few people who were on the streets were also in nicer looking clothes, the only thing that marred this particular sector at the moment was the screaming from its citizens and the fire that was spreading. It looked like the far wall had been breached, and as they got closer to see who their enemy was, Rhys grimaced.

Below them were the Kremlings... But they were slightly bigger than before, their skin a shade of purple, and dark purple energy danced between their muscles and scales. [b “Dark Eco.”] He tells her as he swoops the cruiser down and opens fire with the vehicles guns on the monsters. It seems King K Rool was able to figure out how to use the Dark Eco to power up his monsters. But how in such a short time? [b “Someones helping K Rool.”] He thinks out loud. But who could it be?
  Rhys / Renegade / 217d 10h 16m 30s
Maria immediately told the heavyset man about what was happening. “You don’t understand! There is a threat to this world that I know well...and he will stop at nothing until any opposition is destroyed...King K Rool is the name of this threat...he and his Kremlings are ruthless, and are bent on taking over the world no matter what the costs!” She told him, which made the Baron consider her as an ally, and eventually, but reluctantly agreed with her. After a while, she was allowed to explore the City first, and at one point she met a strange creature called an Otzel, named Daxter, who was a big exterminator at the current time. But after a while, she was geared up with a special custom made wrench and with an eco heavy machine gun, since she was strong for how she was built, along with some other necessities that they would need. “I’m ready when you are Rhys.” She said, having all the things she needed
  Maria Kong / DoomGuy123 / 219d 21h 8m 13s
[h3 Baron Praxis]

After Sig had left to get to Krews, Rhys led the way to the palace. He listens to what Maria had to say about where she lived. It sounded similar to some places that were far from Haven City, but usually those places would still rely on Eco and Precursor tech. Maria was still a very strange entity to Rhys, but all of this was probably strange to her as well.

The palace was huge, sitting dead centre in Haven City. It was a structure with multiple floors and then sitting on top was a large tower that was connected to other large towers spread throughout the city. It was a sight to behold, but it lost its luster to Rhys long ago, becoming something more of an eye-sore of tyrannical ruling. The inside was also that of a large mechanical castle just like the outside would suggest, and there were Krimzon Guard everywhere. They stopped the two, but after Rhys flashed them a pass, they were on their way up the elevator and in to the throne room. The back wall was a large window which could view half of Haven City.

Sitting on the throne was a heavy set man with a greying beard, regal crimson and blue clothes and adornments, and the right half of his face was completely cybernetic. He didn't look pleased by their arrival, but eyed the stranger Maria none the same. “I was told you had an urgent message.” The Baron stated. Rhys scowls but nods, and quickly relays what he knows about the situation to Baron Praxis.

“This is troubling news. Have you told anyone else about this?” He asks, looking over Maria again.

[b “No, sir.”] Rhys answers, and the Baron pulls out a red Eco pistol, pointing it at Maria. Rhys immediately steps in the way, one hand keeping Maria from doing something stupid, and the other towards the Baron to keep him from doing something stupid. [b “What the hell do you think you're doing?!”]

“No one can know about this, so that means killing her. I'll kill you too if I have to!” He believed it. However, before anymore rash actions could happen, there was an explosion that could be seen from the palace. The Baron turns around to look.

[b “I think people not knowing is going to be a problem.”] He says and the Baron glares at the two of them.

“That was Main Town. Both of you get down there and see what the hell is happening.” One of the flying Krimzon guard cruisers floats outside of the window for them to take to Main Town. Precursors only knew what would be waiting for them there.
  Rhys / Renegade / 219d 21h 21m 29s
The young ape girl looked at the city with awe, and when she saw the old man and the young boy getting pushed around by the guards, she attempted to run at them and deal with the problem like a Kong, using her strength to put an end to it. But Rhys and Sig held her back. And Sig told her that it would be a stupid idea to try and fight them. “Fine...” she said, really wanting to clobber the two guards for their cruelty to the people. As they approached the Baron’s place, she felt like she was entering K Rool’s mechanical fortress again, but she felt more at ease than when having to deal with K Rool. “This city is not something that you would see where I’m from...” she explained, telling them it was more like a tribal village where she lived.
  Maria Kong / DoomGuy123 / 219d 23h 59m 48s
[h3 Corruption]

[b “The Baron,”] There was a hint of contempt there. [b “Is the one who rules Haven City. As such he's also in charge of the Krimzon Guard, a sort of military and police hybrid that helps him police the city as well as defend it against the Metal Head threat you just saw. For the sake of Haven City, he's going to want to know about K Rool and the Dark Eco.”] He looks skyward for a moment, following the clouds that began to form and place themselves over where K Rool now resided. That made him even more uneasy about the situation. Dark Eco wasn't something anyone on this world could control... But K Rool wasn't from this world.

They passed through big metal doors that moved like wheels out of their way before moving back to firmly block the outside. The area they were in looked like a high advanced city; there were flying cars and bikes, big guards in red armour, and everything was made of metal and stone. Rhys looks at Sig who nods holding up the bag of collected Skull Gems and Rhys nods in return. He would take Maria to the Baron and Sig would go drop off what they collected to Krew.

However, once Sig departs, there's a bit of a scuffle in one of the more secluded corners of the city. An old man and his son are getting pushed around by three of the Krimzon Guard. The old man looked feeble and couldn't fight back, and his son was young and stupid. Rhy's teeth grit and a fist clenches. He wanted to stop this corruption, but there was very little he could do to stop it at the moment.
  Rhys / Renegade / 220d 29m 38s
Maria looked at the purple liquid, and could feel it’s dark energies radiating from the pool. “I think that would be wise...” she said, and she picked up something from one of the kremlings, which was a blueprint for an eco harvester. “This might be handy.” She said to herself, and she quickly followed the two back to haven city, running on all fours as she was faster that way. “So tell me...who is this Baron of yours?” She said, hoping to find it more about the world she ended up in. Along the way, she looked at the sky, which seemed to be darkening with black clouds where the Frantic Factory had landed, giving everyone an uneasy feeling
  Maria Kong / DoomGuy123 / 220d 23h 42m 22s
[h3 Horizon]

All three of them brought down the group of Kremlings, but it seemed there was more than enough to overwhelm them. However, that was when Maria told them to stand back and pulled out... Was... Was that an orange? However, when a pin is pulled, Rhys jumps back and covers his head when the explosion goes off, ridding them of the Kremlings for now. What was it with this girl and fruit?

They moved on ahead to look and came across an old Precursor spire, some of the ruins sticking out of the ground, as well as a Precursor orb which Rhys shamelessly collects. It would be of more use to him than it would anyone else in his group, afterall. He'd just have to keep it hidden from Krew when they got back, which wouldn't exactly be hard.

The Spire they were on over looked a lot of the land mass ahead of them, so Rhys walks over to edge and looks at the horizon and grimaces. Far away, but not far enough away, it looked like something new had appeared, the ground had cracked underneath it as well, revealing a black and purple pool beneath it. [b “Dark Eco.”] Rhys says aloud. That wasn't good. And he could see little dots of movement as well, indicating that there were more Kremlings than just the ones who had attacked them a few minutes ago. And if they were ontop of a pit of Dark Eco... Well, that was just troublesome. K Rool would have all the power he needed to be a nuisance and enough to pose a threat to Haven City.

[+blue “We need to tell the Baron about this.”] Sig says and Rhys nods turning to Maria.

[b “You're welcome to come back to us. We need to report this to our boss so they know there's a new threat other than the Metal Heads. Since you know more about this King K Rool than we do, the Baron will be happy to fit you with some weapons more than your wrench and probably some other benefits. I suspect we'll be hearing from K Rool pretty soon, and its going to be loud.”]
  Rhys / Renegade / 220d 23h 49m 53s
She fought through the group of kremlings, and pulled out an orange, which was also a grenade. “Get back!” She told Sig and Rhys, pulling the pin and lobbing it onto a large mass of them, and immediately it went kaboom, sending Kremlings everywhere. “They don’t know how to give up either.” She explained, and sighed, her and her new allies having dealt with a couple of types of enemies. “That crash sounded like it came from that way!” She said, pointing deeper into the wilderness, where they would come across precursor artifacts and ruins. “Let’s hope it’s not too bad...” she said, holstering her large wrench.
  Maria Kong / DoomGuy123 / 221d 40m 16s
[h3 Batter up!]

When Maria told them about K Rool, Rhys and Sig looked at each other and nodded. Yeah, that sounds was definitely not a coincidence then. Wherever this girl had come from, it had also send them the ruler of the Kremlings alongside. And if everything about the King the Kong had told them was true, it wouldn't be long before this guy came gunning for Haven City after power and resources. There was an abundance of Eco in these parts, and no doubt this guy would find use for it and would set his sights on also ruling over Haven City.

However, before they could do anything, sounds of rushing movement was coming their way as well as an alert from Maria. [b “Sig, get ready.”] He says and immediately after, one of these Kremlings, gator looking things, burst at them. Rhys was fast enough to take one down with an uppcut and another with a kick, but he quickly pulls out his Vulcan Fury and begins firing at the others, enhancing the Gatling gun with his Sage powers, making them pack and explosive punch. They'd have to arm Maria with more of a weapon than just a wrench when they got back to the city, but for the moment they needed to worry about surviving and then maybe scouting out K Rool's new whereabouts to alert the Baron.
  Rhys / Renegade / 221d 47m 12s
She nodded, and put her wrench up. “If I didn’t know better...I’d say it was K Rool...” she said, and explained who said villain was, and what he had done in the past. “He’s just as bad as bad can get...” she explained to them, and she heard something hurrying towards them, and it sounded like a Kremling. “We got company coming...” she said, and retrieved her wrench and readied it like a baseball bat “trust me...these guys are dim witted but vicious...” she said, and as soon as one appeared in front of her, she swung, knocking it away.
  Maria Kong / DoomGuy123 / 221d 5h 18m 35s

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