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have you ever wondered what happened to gravity falls after weirdmageddon, or what happened to the pines family? well, here is a role play about what happened.

thanks for looking at my role play. i hope you joins. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
so i want to make this because im bored XDXD, so people can be character, but they have to be the younger character, like Dipper and Mable in the real show, but they are older now, i think it should be 15 to 20 years later, to when Mable and Dipper had there own children. and yes, bill is coming back, in this role play, but he is first interdused in the role play in my character, dipper and pacifica's daughter, Alya. which this is a little cheese but bill kind of makes a deal with him as a child, then she fulfills it when she turned 16. the deal was that when she terns 16, in a "dream," she has to defeat bill at a video game type thing, if he wins, he can use her body to leave gravity falls' baryer and take over the world, but if she wins, bill has to stay in a human form, stay with her, and only use a few of his powers, and the way he can do his end of the deal, is he has to fall in love with a human. XDXD im sorry, im such a fan girl. but you can most likely see wear this is going.

anyway, the only powers he can use after the deal, are:
*floating/ flying
*and intering dreams

info needed:
if related to someone, who:
personality :

Bill Cipher :

older Dipper:
older Pacifica:
older Mable:
Mables husbind:

Mable's kids:

other people in town:

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