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[center [size15 [Crimson+Text Amber had always loved wolves, ever since she was a little girl. She grew up loving these fast, loyal and mysterious creatures. She had an unreal love for them. An obsession. Her walls were covered with photographs, her own and from magazines, drawings and pictures of every type of wolf that was out there. Whether it was the Maned Wolf of Africa or the Grey Wolf of the Americas, she could tell you all about them if you asked her. These animals were graceful, powerful, strong, loyal, pack members and a species of the canine family. Canis lupus or as we call them Grey Wolf, was her favourite above all else.

As a child, her parents saw nothing wrong with her having a love for these wild animals. They even thought it was cute how she'd draw little doodles of her with a wolf family. As she got older, her love for these animals put her right in the middle of a war sometimes. People would often shoot these magnificent animals who came to their farms or onto their property. Amber would get angry with these people and often go to their house and ask them why they shot the animals. They would try and explain to her that it was the circle of life and that they had to die in order for her and them to live. The livestock was often unharmed, but it would still make Amber very upset. How could someone do that to such an amazing creature like the wolf?

Now Amber's 18 and she's in her senior year of high school and although her love of wolves never perished, it was definitely something that wasn't on her mind as much. She had classes to go to, photography lessons to take, guitars to fix and friends to hang out with. Her infatuation with wolves seemed to be short-lived, or so it seemed like. That is until one day on the news, a news caster shows a gruesome image of wolves being shredded and torn to bits. Amber is outraged. How could someone do this to these creatures who deserve to have a home just like us, who have pups to feed just like us humans do. She wants to find out everything she can about these attacks of wolves.

One day while she's out in the woods by her house, she comes upon a grisly scene. An old hunter's trap and what appears to be a dead wolf. Until she got closer to the trap that is. The wolf's eyes fluttered open and bared it's teeth at her. Its ears shot straight back, glaring at her. Somehow Amber wasn't scared, she was sad and angry at whoever had been so careless as it leave this poor wolf to suffer and die with its foot caught in the trap. She didn't bring anything to help with the wolf, but as she looked on at the scene, she knew she had to do something for the wolf. Whether it was to try ad save it or to lessen the misery it must have been suffering.

Upon returning to the scene after a few hours, the wolf looked worse than what it had appeared. She brought all the necessary items she could think of in order to help the poor wolf to free it from the rusty hunter's trap it's foot was caught in. Finally, after hours of work and coaxing the wolf, she was able to free it from the trap. The wolf slowly rose and started to limp off. It looked back at her and dropped its head and then continued on its way. After watching the wolf leave, she decided to try and remove the trap from the ground so she could dispose of the metal that had been rusted out from the rain and other elements of the weather.

Months pass and before she knows it there's another news story on wolves before another news story on wolves being attacked and their numbers dropping. Amber takes it into her own hands to try and help the wolves, but there are more sinister things lurking in the shadows, waiting, watching, hoping to get ever closer to Amber.]
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[center [size18 [Shadows+Into+Light ❖ This is a literate role play. What I mean by that is that, is that I expect my partner to using proper spelling, punctuation and grammar. I understand mistakes, however please try your best! ❖
❖ I am expecting posts to be above 2,000 characters - I am flexible with this, so if not all posts are above 2,000 characters, I can understand that. Just try your best, that's all I ask of my partners. ❖
❖ If you are having issues with posting, are unable to post, or are leaving for an extended period of time, please let me know and I will take the appropriate action! ❖
❖ If you have lost interest in the role play, please communicate that with me as well! I'd hate for one of us to be totally invested in the role play and the other dragging their heels. Communication is the KEY. You will not hurt my feelings by telling me you have lost interest! ❖
❖ Pictures are to be real images of people and/or wolves. I do not wish to have overly used images for this role play. Find something unique to use for your character(s) ❖
❖ If you wish to play more than one characters, that's fine with me, just be sure to run it by me first before going ahead and doing so! ❖
❖ No GM'ing ❖
❖ I would like my partner to be able to post twice a week ❖
❖ This role play will contain sexual themes, mild violence, mild drug and/or alcohol use. If these are things you are uncomfortable with playing out/reading about, please do not join this role play. ❖
❖ Sex scenes will either be time-skipped or taken off-site. We will discuss this once we get to this point. ❖]
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[center [size16 [Abel Please send me a PM titled "Wolf Love" containing the character skeleton sheet below and a picture of your character.]]]
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