Donkey Kong: Funky and Maria’s Adventure

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It has been about two years since the events of Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, but King K Rool has been scheming once again, but this time he’s not alone in his scheming. He and his new wife, Queen Krysis Kremling, have decided to pull off another attack, but this time, they capture DK and the others, leaving Funky Kong and his sister, Maria Kong behind to find out what happened. They will meet both old and new foes, some tougher than they were in the past, others may be almost impossible to overcome, but who knows?

any artwork is fine, but preferably not official art.
Please use multiple characters
Please post at least once a week, if you can post more, great!
Please be patient with waiting for me to post, I have workand I help my family
If you cannot post for a while, please let me know

Thank you

Characters taken:
King K Rool
Queen Krysis
Maria Kong
Mad Jack

To Join: please send a pm titled [b Funky Kong] and we can collaborate on the roleplay


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