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Victor was still in the shower when Cecelia left their room to explore the mansion turned school that had once been her home in one of the darkest times of her life. Clawed black fingernails scraped lightly against the polished mahogany as she walked through the halls, thunder cloud colored irises roved over the brightly lit entrance hall as a nostalgic feeling welled in her chest.

[i A sixteen year old stood shaking next to the police officer on the porch or the large boarding school. Xavier's Academy for the Gifted. Her lip curled at the name of the school, her first though being that she wasn't fucking retarded.
[b This is not a school for those with special needs. It's a school for those who have special abilities young one.] Her eyes had widened and her head whipped around, looking for the owner of the voice. She never noticed the police officer wandering away with a dazed look in his eye. [b Open the door and meet me in my office, three doors down and to the right. I will know if you stray.]
The sixteen year old swallowed and gingerly opened the door, a tiny sliver of fear running down her spine as she stepped into the lavish school.]

Cecelia frowned and shook herself out of the memory, she didn't want to remember her time at this bloody school, she just wanted to get this damn mission over and get back to the Brotherhood. Her brows furrowed slightly, honestly she didn't want either life anymore, she just wanted a peaceful life, settle down with Victor in the woods somewhere far away from all this craziness. She had spoken to him about it and he had admitted wishing the same thing now that he had something, [i someone] to live for.

"Then why don't you? Leave I mean?" Cecelia jumped and looked around, her eyes falling on the young red-head girl who was standing at the foot of the stairs.

[b "You must be Jean Grey."]

"You didn't answer the question." Cecelia sighed and gave the younger woman a long suffering look,

[b "It's not that simple Jean... Victor and I... we're stuck with Magneto, until we die, or he does."] Her slightly clawed hand fell to her abdomen and her face fell slightly, due to how dangerous their choice of life was she and Victor had decided to wait to have children until they could escape.

"Talk to the Professor. I know he would help you two, in a heartbeat."

[b [i She's right]] Her face hardened and she felt the stubborn animal in her rise to the challenge. She just sneered and snarled before storming away to the game room, her hands clenched into fists.
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Kara's nerves had skyrocketed, would Charles be angry for not telling him she was alive for the past ten years? 'Who am I kidding?' She thought,'This is Charles I'm talking about.' When she arrived at one of the back entrances the code didn't work, 'Of course he changed the security.' Kara took a deep breath and started the change, the air in her lungs were knocked out immediately as her bones shrunk, cracked, broke and re-joined together as she became a mouse. After searching for a few minutes she found a hole large enough to slip through and quickly made her way towards Charles' office. When she arrived there was one man she didn't recognized but Jean, Scott and Hank she did. Slowly she climbed up Xavier's leg and perched on his shoulder. His face scrunched up in confusion when he noticed her. She leaped off of his shoulder and began her painful transformation mid-air. After the transformation was done she simply stood there as the people stared at her in shock and one in confusion.

"K-Kara? Is it really you?" Xavier asked wheeling himself towards her, tears starting to fall down his face. Kara didn't trust her voice so she just nodded her head before falling to her knees to hug him. "I thought you were dead, I thought.." The both of them cried for a few moments, Charles was always like a father to her.

"I'm sorry pops, I was just so scared to come out of hiding, I didn't know what to do."

"Its okay," he said holding her face. "You were only thirteen when it happened I don't blame you." Kara sniffed before standing back up and hugging the rest of them but stopped at Hank,

"God you smell like lust," she turned towards the stranger. "You too, what the hell happened?" She asked before hugging Hank. Introductions were made as well as explanations. Afterwards Kara decided to explore the academy eventually finding her way to the Foosball table.

"Need someone to play with?" Kara jumped and turned to see Logan leaning against the doorway with his arms crossed.

"I dunno, pops was pretty adamant that I needed a shower, I've been bathing in a lake the past ten years, doesn't exactly make you smell like soap." She replied causing Logan to chuckle.

"Sexy." Kara rolled her eyes,

"But I guess I can play one game, but then a shower, I miss hot water." She complied.

"Want some company?" Logan supplied making Kara laugh,

"Maybe." One game turned to two and two to three and three to the rest of the evening.
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Cecelia growled softly as her fingers tangled in her husband's coarse hair, his claws scrapped her scalp as she pressed herself against him. Both of them snarled when the door to their shared room slammed open and they reluctantly pulled away from each other's mouths.

[+blue [i "If you two are done tongue fucking each other, Magneto needs you."]] Cecelia's lip curled as she stepped away from her husband,

[i [b "Go fuck yourself frog boy."]] A flick of her black painted fingernails sent the younger mutant flying. Once he was gone she stepped back towards Victor with a sly smirk on her face, his returned grin was positively feral. his hands curled around her hips, shredding the tight leather that clung to her skin. Their mouths pressed together again as they tumbled to the bed only for them both to growl in frustration when Mystique leaned against the door frame and smirked at the both of them,

"Erik knew when Toad came in complaining about being thrown away from your room that you two would need a kick in the ass to get out of here."

[i [b [+grey "We just got back from a mission and he wants to send us out again?"]]] Victor growled, pulling Cecelia closer to him, whatever caused his mutation was snarling like a caged animal, he just wanted time alone with his wife and mate.

"You'll have plenty of time on this next mission, we need you two to work with Xavier's crew. Get up, get dressed, they're expecting you." Both of them growled at the blue woman, earning a grin from her, "I swear, you didn't growl as much before you married this bastard Puppet Master." She growled at her again, but didn't get rid of her like she wanted to.

It took them an hour to finally get dressed, every few minutes they stopped to kiss, grumbling when they had to pull apart to put clothes [i on]. Once dressed properly they made their way to the car they would be taking to New York.

The drive took three hours and by the time they made it both of them were so wound up with sexual tension it practically radiated off of them. Low growls rumbled in Sabretooth's chest as he pulled her close to his side, some instinct in the men around them caused them to give the couple space as they prowled towards the mansion.

Logan and Hank tensed as the two approached, both of their senses going haywire at the scent of pure lust rolling off of them, Logan swallowed the growl that built up in his chest and Hank had to hold himself back from launching himself at the white haired woman.

[b [+violet "Missus and Mister Creed, thank you for joining us."]] Charles turned to Cecelia and smiled at his former student, [b [+violet "I'm glad to see you are doing much better than you were when I last saw you. Married now?"]] Cecelia swallowed the growl that rumbled in her throat and plastered a smile on her face, revealing the slightly sharpened canines that had come from her first encounter with her husband.

[i [b "I am, and I must say it suits me just fine. Thank you for accepting us into your school, despite the bad blood between our groups Professor."]] She grumbled softly when Victor ducked his head into her neck and nipped her pulse point harshly with his fangs. Her hand curled into a claw, freezing both Logan and Hank as another wave of pheromones washed over them.

[b [+violet "You've gotten even stronger since I last witnessed your abilities, I seem to recall you only being able to control multiple people in moments of extreme emotional distress."]] A feral smile curved her black painted lips up, making her look positively animalistic and wild,

[b [i "I also couldn't kill unless in extreme emotional turmoil, now I have no problem squeezing someone's heart till it bursts."]] Her words just seemed like a update with her former teacher, but everyone bristled when they realized what it really was, a threat, should any of them cross her, or her mate they supposed.

[b [+violet "You and your husband will share a room in the attic area, please try to make sure none of the students see or hear anything you may get up to."]] After a pointed look he motioned for Storm to show them to their room. The dark skinned woman was obviously uncomfortable in the two other mutants presences', but showed them their room nonetheless, leaving as quickly as she could. Once the door was shut and locked the two of them practically tore their clothes off to get closer to the other.

On the ground floor, both Logan and Hank were released from the lock they had been put in to keep them from lunging at the young woman.

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