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Sera had just woken up from a nap. She had the same dream again. The one about a place called Rapture. She got up and got dressed for her shift at the hospital. Walking out of her small one-bedroom apartment she stopped at her mail box and grabbed her mail. Nothing new but bills. She sighed as she walked out and headed to the bus stop.
The bus was empty like always when she left for work. I was dark out and close to midnight. She let out a sigh as she placed her head agents the window, it was cold, but it felt good on her hot head. She had not been feeling one hundred percent recently. She let out another sigh as she pulled the cord to request the bus to stop.

Walking up to the hospital it was dark, cold and empty. Just her and a few other nurses walked up to the building. They had gotten rides from there husbands. She was one of the youngest nurses. Then again most her age where dating if not married. She never had much interest in the men that liked her. She preferred to be alone.

She swiped her time card and put her coat in her locker. She had a new patient she was responsible for tonight. The doctors where running lots of test but still not sure what his illness was. She looked over his chart. He was in his fifties, white male, and possibly dying. She rubbed the back of her head and headed to the mans room. She smiled as she walked in. He was sleeping. She nodded and walked over to the chalk board and erased the previas nurses name before writing her own.
She walked over to the sleeping man and checked his fluid bag before checking his I.V. Suddenly a hand reached up and grabbed her. [+blue “You. You where there!”] Sera pulled her arm failing to get lose. [+red “Please sir. Let go of me.”] The man did not let go. He pulled her closer. [+blue “Only you can save me! You mush go to… Rapture.”] She finally pulled away landing on her bottom. She sat there for a moment as the man breathed heavy. A doctor came in and helped her up. Sera sighed and looked at the man who was now sleeping.

The rest of the night went pretty normal. As soon as she got off work she went to the library and began to look up what the dying man had said. Rapture. She sat in the library for hours looking through public records. Finally, she came across an old flyer for Rapture city by Andrew Ryan. That name sounded familiar. She wrote down the longitude and latitude and headed out to go home.

She sat on her bed. She looked down at the paper in her hand. [+red “This is crazy, I can’t just pack up and go somewhere that may not even be real.”] She rubbed the back of her head then stood. Up and started to pack a bag. She didn’t know why but something was calling to her. Maybe this was the place of her dreams. She threw a dress in her suit case, her head started to hurt back, and she started to get flashes, and she could hear her name, like someone was calling to her. She saw flashes of a under water city, and a huge sign that said Welcome to Rapture.

Sera held her head in her hands. She shook the pain away and grabbed her suit case. [+red “I have to go.”] She nodded and headed out of her door locking up behind her. She hailed down a taxi and headed to the docks. It was early afternoon by the time she made it to the docks. She stepped out of the car and looked around. A pair of twins waved her down from inside a row boat. [+blue “To Rapture, my dear.”] The male twin smiled. Sera paused and looked at them. [+red “How did you know?”] The twins just kept smiling. Sera took a deep breath and headed towards the boat and stepped in.

They rowed up to a large light house. Sera grabbed her head once again, her head felt like it was splitting. When it finally stopped she looked up at the smiling twins and nodded. [+red “Thank you.”] She stepped out and headed to the large double doors. The lights flickered and turned on. There was a large stair case going down that led to a large pod. She grabbed her bag close as she stepped into it. The lights flickered as the door closed. The pod dropped down into the water and went deeper.

It was beautiful all the fish swimming around, even sharks. Sera placed her face close to the small port hole on the door. She could see the city, it was so beautiful. Only parts of the city was light up but even with that it was so pretty. The pod started to surface in a hole leading to the city. The door opened revealing a broken city. Trash all over the place, and the sent of, blood. She held her back and stepped out. She could hear screams in the distance.
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