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just wanted to let you know I'm still trying to think/work through my post. Want to make sure I don't screw it up.
  Sapherno11 / 243d 3h 43m 12s
that works, I'll check periodically to check for the "cycle" posts then
  Sapherno11 / 245d 9h 14m 32s
Ok folks I will be working on an Introduction Post....

I want everyone to know I won't have a posting order, but this will be done in Cycles, that way no one gets left behind Every Cycle will start with my character, but how people post in them doesn't matter, as long as everyone can make a post per Cycle its fine.
  DBL / Colorful_insanity / 245d 16h 22m 34s
All good no rush. Been busy with work myself so I’m in no big hurry
  Serina / Mended / 246d 14h 18m 52s
Sorry folks I fibbed about starting this today... I will get it started and soon just not when I thought I would.
  DBL / Colorful_insanity / 246d 15h 22m 39s
Alrighty that is good to know. It wont be bad like bad bad.
  DBL / Colorful_insanity / 248d 22h 43m 11s
I have gotten all my pictures edited so they aren't big and lumbering now so I'm ready and I've gotten everything done
  『AA』 / Bellyache- / 249d 2h 15m 54s
Nah, I mean it wouldn't work at all, because the people themselves wouldn't want to do it.

There's a reason Role Playing games are so popular. They allow people to be something their live their lives in ways they can't in reality. A way to be who they SEE themselves as.

If you offer the idea OF a role playing game, but then strip the ability to role PLAY. Most players wouldn't come near it. As you have removed the most attractive element. The ability to choose who, and what we play as.

And that also opens the issue of, what happens if you were to assign someone that physically, or mentally, Cannot play the part of the character's description?

Alright, I'll be around, PM me or message on here if yo0u need me for any reason.
  Sapherno11 / 249d 7h 39m 19s
Also no rush i am actually headed to bed as ive gotta be up somewhat early for work as ive gotta put some extra work into getting ready for it today.

PS ive got it advertised we need two more people to cover all the sins, but im not worried about finding them as I can kill off two of the sins if need be...or We can ha e if someine joins up later be introduced late or something. But i will be working on a pkst come tomorrow after work and a few other threads.

Ive fallen WAYYYY behind on my personal rp The corrupted sentinal and I need to get that back on track.

Also i will not be on at all the 20th as ill be spending the day with a very important person to me.
  DBL / Colorful_insanity / 249d 11h 6m 14s
I mean the person with the sheets would basically be god and any details would have to be written down and kept somewhere...itd be a very hard rp to handle for sure. And the creator would have to find some very willing people to do it.
  DBL / Colorful_insanity / 249d 11h 10m 11s
Bluntly it wouldnt work, the rp would fall to pieces very quickly with that. Hang on, work was a shitstorm, ill be home in about 3 hours.
  Sapherno11 / 249d 11h 15m 30s
I mean I could have been Completely and utterly God like and been evil... Recruited a bunch of people and made random character skeletons and told them to pick a number from 1 to 10 and based off that number assign them a character...From there they discover things about themselves based totally what I tell them...But I don't know of many that would go for that...Not unless they are either completely insane or go swing with the idea.
  DBL / Colorful_insanity / 249d 11h 18m 33s
Ive played a dm for 5 years. Its an issue im very much aware of.
  Sapherno11 / 249d 11h 21m 31s
So you see the issue now. Of having someone write on a general topic not knowing some much needed info?
  DBL / Colorful_insanity / 249d 13h 51m 55s
Aye. Plus its a world of Your creation, not a topic other people would have prior knowledge of
  Sapherno11 / 249d 14h 24m 28s

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