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[center [size8 fixing to post, will be short due to mental block- ]]
  ♥️AA♥️ / Wings- / 236d 19h 46m 48s
That works fine with me can you just tell me what going to happen next or her post will be kind of short. Are they meeting up and talking then leaving for the quest. Or are they staying the night leave the next day.
Also how will the treat her? That way I can make her reaction to how the part see her
  Serina / Mended / 236d 19h 49m 54s
So goodnjght good night goodnight. I shall hopefully be on tomorrow after work to do my other character and another round of posts.
  OCC / Colorful_insanity / 237d 8h 15m 15s
Im off to bed as i need rest and to restore my brain lol i just destroyed my work of getting caught up down to one..although technically two but the one is a constant of me posting.
  DBL / Colorful_insanity / 237d 8h 16m 0s
I feel like my brain is going to implode..or go flat..

But round two folks posts are a free go again. I did sort of mass everyone together close to the end of my post...only acceptions being Mended character Serina and Saphs Gold band..

Speaking of which Saph if you need to god mod vengeance (Ru) a bit for your post go ahead and do so sweetie. Just remeber though whatever you put into your post will have to go into mine also just from Ru's point of view.
  DBL / Colorful_insanity / 237d 8h 22m 43s
I mean, really I'm sure normally there'd be a "trading" center of some kind with the mailing system like most mmo's, but Colorful made a point of saying he wanted it to be realistic, so I figured why not set it up for that. If you wanna sell something, have a shop.
  Sapherno11 / 237d 8h 28m 39s
mended I hope you don't mind I have Rapacity also know Wraith.
  OCC / Colorful_insanity / 237d 10h 24m 47s
oh shit I just realized its my turn to start Cycle Two isn't it lol
  OCC / Colorful_insanity / 237d 11h 19m 19s
I am back from work...finally. After for ever it seemed.
  Dragon Born / Colorful_insanity / 237d 13h 6m 31s
Yep that what it looks like great post from everyone can’t wait to work on my next one.
Funny that you run a shop as my own character will be running one as well.
  Serina / Mended / 237d 15h 9m 54s
Sounds pretty good to me, and that's what I got out of the posts as well.

That's why I got the shop set up first and formost, make it easier to make connections with the group ;)
  Sapherno11 / 237d 15h 40m 59s
Ok let me see if I have this all down and figured out about how this works...

So The group as a whole doesn't know each other as of yet.

Right now

Vengeance and Wraith are siblings

Greed doesn't know anyone

Vanity doesn't know anyone

Spite knows Vengeance

Rapacity has a sibling, but who it is is unknown...

Desire and Lust are siblings

Lust knows Wraith
  Dragon Born / Colorful_insanity / 237d 20h 9m 41s
Ok to start off Saph no you dont gotta change your posst..It was amazing.

Second wings we've had it set up sort of. Your charavter knows mine in real life and as per my post my two are siblings. And we have another set of twins... Mr blacksmith we will have to go see evemtually to repair armor or weapons. Or buy them from him because as it sits he is the only shop set up.
  DBL / Colorful_insanity / 237d 22h 6m 26s
I can think of about 5 different ways just off the top of my head.

1. Everyone stuck in the city together WILL interact eventually.

2. Parties forming. people WILL put together parties, it'll happen, which can lead to interaction.

3. People looking for specific quests might hunt for the same as above, so if we all go for the same quest, or some of us have to go for see the line.

that's just off the top of my head, I can think of a couple more, such as like my character being a blacksmith, I'll probably see most of the city at SOME point.

They'll find each other eventually. And now I'm off to bed ^.^
  Sapherno11 / 237d 23h 54m 28s
[center [size9 honestly i have so much doubts about how the characters will find each other- ]]
  Wings- / 238d 30m 12s

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