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Roleplay Responses I did not. Now I needs be investigate said map
  Sapherno11 / 12d 6h 38m 10s
Saph my dear did you see there is a map yes? It sort of describes an island on it only problem is the alcove built is inland not on the water
  Dragon Born / Colorful_insanity / 12d 7h 49m 34s
Ooohh, very nice, that'll be the Dwarven city for Magic!

Also, here's kinda what I was picturing.

The end of the Mountain Range is an old Volcano, and had a massive Dwarven City that tapped into some of the Lava flows of said volcano. Problem is, it erupted Massively, blowing out the half of the mountain facing the sea. It created a natural cove, and Decimated the City.

However, Dwarves repurposed some of the outer reaches of the buildings, allowing them to be used as "temporary" dwellings near the water, almost directly under where outsider dwellings were now built. The old lava tunnels were utilized to bring trade goods TO the cove, where outsiders can buy and trade with the dwarven people. However as the outer reaches cannot be easily defended, about 2 miles into the Mass of Volcano tunnels, the whole thing is wired to blow, bringing the rest of the mountain down if need be.

The eruption also triggered an earthquake, which shifted the flow of lava under the plate, effectively sealing the Volcano off.

I tried to make a picture to demonstrate, artistic skills were NOT up to snuff XD
  Sapherno11 / 12d 8h 22m 57s
Hey Saph I do have a photo you might like for your kingom also...

[ linky]
  colored_insanity / 12d 16h 15m 2s
It's all good I am here to help with that sort of stuff... It was the original intention of this thread actually.
  Dragon Born / Colorful_insanity / 12d 16h 29m 0s
Thats....a much better explanation, yeah XD

Man im bad at this sorta thing
  Sapherno11 / 12d 16h 32m 43s
For instance Dwarves strive off trade for food they can't raise or grow themselves... i.e basically anything grown as they can raise animals still so in order to trade with the other races they built up a city upon the surface. And they founded Ocean's Reach by rebuilding a ruined city but in a dwarvish manner. Dwarves now occupy the city and its filled mostly with the Merchant/trader class as their income would be more surface based instead of within the ground itself.

Ocean's reach is nestled into a good cove that is protected from being overrun by the sea and its flooding, but its also nestled away from the mountains so it doesn't get such cold weather as the rest of the kingdom because of the warm air brought in by the water.
  Dragon Born / Colorful_insanity / 12d 17h 11m 53s
I mean dwarves could have a city above ground could be a market town so like merchants and traders reside in it for dwarves.
  Dragon Born / Colorful_insanity / 12d 17h 17m 34s
Yeah. It just....for a city whose main means of income is trade, that kingdom would Need a way to get it out.

A port city is the best way to accomplish that.

What the city had 2 layers? A "undercity" that was and is part of the dwarven kingdom, and "outsiders" built the dwrllings above as a means to live?
  Sapherno11 / 12d 17h 35m 56s
I mean it can be a city not built by them that wasnt wgat threw me off its that your kingdom is underground but have this city above ground claimed
  Dragon Born / Colorful_insanity / 12d 17h 41m 7s
Fuck it, its a dwarven surface city built for trade, your idea was a lot better
  Sapherno11 / 12d 17h 46m 37s
At work on phone, have to be concise.

Not built By them, but considered to be a part of their kingdom.

Or could be an independent trade city where the dwarves claim it, even tho its not actually theirs
  Sapherno11 / 12d 17h 49m 37s
I do have a question... If Ocean's reach isn't dwarven in nature does that mean the Kingdom is still claiming it as apart of theirs especially sense most of them are underground? Or is it more of like a Surface city for dwarves so they can trade with the surface races?
  Dragon Born / Colorful_insanity / 12d 18h 9m 49s
Kingdom Skeleton

Picture link:

Kingdom maker:

Kingdom name: Jakarem

Ruling Family: This is a bit difficult to explain, as there isn't really a "ruling class" per say. For the most part, Dwarven "Clans" have created their own cities over the years. Generally, the "Ruler" of the clan is one that brings the most prosperity to the clan. Several of the larger cities hold multiple clans who are "Affiliated", say a clan specializing in mining, and a clan specializing in smithing might form an alliance and work together. There is a "Figurehead" chosen once every 10 years to deal with "Outsiders" . This is a long process, with the heads of all clans gathered together to choose. How a leader is chosen is a carefully kept secret.

Kingdom Dragon type: Due to the location of the Northern Dwarven Kingdom, there are multiple types of dragons that can be found. Underground, there are a fair number of Earth type dragons, and flying above, a good number of Air type dragons and illusion dragons mixed in here and there. Rankings can vary, between A-D ranks, typically the younger the dragon, the less powerful.

Traditions and Culture:
1. Clan Tournaments. Once every 10 years, during the same time that a new "Chief" is chosen, the varied clans hold tournaments inside the largest Dwarven city, Thraka'Zar. Generally, clans are ranked on how much they bring in, or how prosperous they are. The tournament is one way a clan can advance its holdings, betting against other clans that their champion will advance over others. It is also a time for clans to intermingle, drink, and fight to their hearts content, and show off their specializations.
2. Clan focused holidays. Typically, depending on what a clan chose to focus on, will have several holidays based on that. For example, the Goldenband Family, once every 5 years, as a "crafting Tournament" of sorts, where the best craftsdwarfs will gather from every corner of the kingdom, to compete to see who is the most skilled. Those who win are granted the title of Master Craftsman, which brings students to study under them, as well as several other benefits.
3. City Expansion. Dwarven cities are older then old, and steeped in Tradition. As they have existed for...well, who knows for sure, the Dwarven people are loathe to add expansions onto them. So, in the search to find more areas to mine, smaller cities, almost Villages were created, called Thaigs. There is quite an extensive mining area, allowing "quick" transportation from the mining areas, to processing centers, which then transport the completed base components to the largest city nearby. If no clan can use the base resources, they are sold to a city that does have one.
4. Feast of the Gods. Once every hundred years there is a Feast to end all feasts. In 3 seperate cities, There is a massive feast honoring one of the three major Dwarven gods. In Thraka'Zar, Corado is worshipped/honored. Everything that can be made in a Forge is, and offered on a massive shrine dedicated to Corado. In the city of Dhalgrun, Urali is praised and worshipped. In Urali's case, the "dedication" process is all the different kinds and uses of magic performed before his shrine. In the city of Khogdaruhm, Xa Youn is worshipped. The finest of each type of resource discovered in the last 100 years is laid to rest in a hidden location near the shrine, and each previous donation to the collection is shown as proof they are still there.

Religion: The Major three gods are Urali, Corado, and Xa Youn. There are a collection of other gods, but these three are the most well known.

Climate: In particular, the Northern Kingdom exists under the Massive Abmore Mountain range. The massive range typically has fierce snows in winter, and in the upper elevations during summer as well. As they live under the mountains though, that doesn't really bother them. Fierce winds rage between the Peaks during storms, giving trouble to even Air dragons that make the heights their home.


Level of peace: Inner kingdom, Conflicted. With the rest of the world, Peaceful. Clans will wage war on each other, but in general they are more peaceful then not. Fueds are still acted on here and there though. With Outsiders though, they tend to avoid conflict, simply because Dwarves prefer to stay in their clans and homes, though of course there are times they MUST travel outside of the major Cities. Some dwarves have been banished, and can never return.

Military: Very strong, but highly defensive. Over the countless years, Dwarven people have created Very creative and highly defensible areas of entry. Every point of entry into the Dwarven under tunnels is heavily guarded, and can be destroyed at any time, burying the entire area in rock.

Economy: As incredibly skilled miner's, craftsmen, and traders, Dwarfs make the most of their income by trading the product of their skill, plus raw resources, to others for gold, or other resources.

In particular, the City of Ocean's Reach is considered part of the Dwarven Kingdom, though it was not constructed by them. The city was constructed out of the ruins of an ancient, and long dormant Volcano. An eruption long ago blew out part of the mountain creating a natural cove. Said cove, and old lava tunnels created a very easy way for the Dwarven Kingdom to transport goods to the other kingdoms.

I think I did ok, let me know if I need to change stuff Colorful. Will be at work.
  Sapherno11 / 12d 18h 35m 11s
puppetmaster: Mended

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  Serina / Mended / 13d 12h 44m 36s

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