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Sure. Just haven't checked for a couple of days, so wanted to check on the RP.
  Sapherno11 / 228d 7h 9m 19s
Saph id hold off tell round 3 of postingthat way no one else gets lost.
  OCC / Colorful_insanity / 228d 12h 53m 45s
Sorry, lost internet from cold related stuff. Will check/post when i get home
  Hogwarts character / Sapherno11 / 228d 13h 53m 25s
That and some aftershocks in game also. Like not everyone is going to take it the same way, no living being ever does.
  OCC / Colorful_insanity / 229d 16h 16m 16s
I'm sure it would, they'd be terrified and probably have some sort of PTSD when they get out of the game-
  amo- / 229d 21h 32m 11s
It affects their mentality. Being trapped in a game
  OCC / Colorful_insanity / 230d 20h 19m 10s
Amo. Your posy was fine. I was just using that as an example. Literally every player in the rp has done it so far. Which isnt nessecarily a bad thing.

And true, just.....not really racist per say
They just like their race MORE
  Hogwarts character / Sapherno11 / 230d 21h 18m 37s
Both posts are perfectly fine. And i would think dwarves arent compmetely xenophobic through and through just they are very picky about their stuff. For instance ive seen no game book or movie that has dwarves hating on humans or gnomes.
  OCC / Colorful_insanity / 231d 3h 28m 31s
i might've gone too far you have a point-

I was thinking about how Asphyx's character rank was a noble so she should have some credits/gold/whatever-

its okay to tell me to change it because i can do it with no problem-

And also part of me was trying to hurry up to do something and tbh, i didn't really know what to do because im still figuring out how Asphyx would react and her personality needs to be rounded out still-

just ugh-
  ᴬˢᶠᴵˣᴵᴬ / amo- / 231d 3h 45m 48s
Very true, but considering how xenophobic the Dwarves are in the character description, kinda felt it was how Daverm would react.

Everyone is playing their characters AS the actual races, not really as players stuck in a game. Some players are including real life things, like knowning other players irl and so on, but their thought processes are not like a normal human's. Or rather a normal human stuck in that particular situation. Like, and keep in mind, this is not a criticism of your post Amo!!!, But Asphyx offering part of family's riches to join the quest. The implication of the post was IN GAME rewards. But as a random Avatar that was just created, what family riches would she have access too? A family that by all accounts we've never seen or accessed before.

Players are playing the CHARACTERS, not humans if that makes sense.

Which I have no issues with. But in theme of playing the CHARACTER, Dwarves are Xenophobic, don't really like ANYONE and almost refuse to help anyone unless it actually benefits themselves or advances their races. With that reason, I'd see dwarves calling elves Knife Ear just as a classification name. To a Dwarf, Elf and Knife Ear are synonymous. They mean the exact same thing.

Maybe I did read that wrong, but just kinda the feel I got.
  Sapherno11 / 231d 6h 46m 39s
lol no no he technically does have pointed ears..His humanoid half is elf so it fits just It's likely going to get a "vengeful" reaction lol

the armor fits perfect lol dwarven made from LOTR or not stats and such are all you based its look doesn't matter lol.
  OCC / Colorful_insanity / 231d 13h 25m 28s
Thank you! I was trying to find dwarven armor of SOME kind that didn't look super OP like say the LOTR dwarven armor would.

Also, reason I said that was because his avatar picture did, my apologies I can go back in and change the post.

Could always call him "pretty boy" or something similar XD
  Sapherno11 / 231d 13h 29m 21s
nice dragon age armor for your dwarf saph.. lol pointed ear...compairing him o an elf lol
  OCC / Colorful_insanity / 231d 21h 12m 20s
Don't worry about post length folks. Really i dont care how long posts are as long as its not a one liner. I can always work with anything but a one liner.

Hell most of my plots start out as one liner ideas and i expand on em.

Also to address something that came up... A person is not required to post every cycle so if you dont believe you can do a post just let me know so i know im not waiting for a post.
  OCC / Colorful_insanity / 232d 22m 40s
post shall becoming soon-

also dont mind my Portuguese character titles
  ᴬˢᶠᴵˣᴵᴬ / amo- / 232d 5h 50m 40s

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