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Ranks for the claymores is chosen based off their strengths compared to other claymores...

Generation is compared to the yoma/ awakened beings claymores are made to combat.
  Christian Blind / Colorful_insanity / 175d 9h 13m 20s
so Imagine it something like this

Claymores as weapons meant to defeat yoma... Gen one is produced

yoma evolved because of Claymores... Gen two is produced

yoma evolve farther because of the newer claymores.. Gen three is produced

yoma evolve again to become stronger...gen four is produced

Yoma evolve to fight claymores and to survive...Gen five is produced

Yoma evolve to be as strong as awakened beings...gen six is produced
  Christian Blind / Colorful_insanity / 175d 9h 14m 30s
and I do appoligize its not 100 claymores for each area its only 50.. I had forgotten that bit.. so rank 50 is the lowest you can go.

And the generation thing is simple because claymores don't get produced often enough as Humans and Yoma blood don't mix and tend to produce failed claymores or kills the human out right, so Claymores don't consider rank with what generation the person is from...

The reason behind the generations is each new generation is specifically produced to fight the generation before it... So Christian being of generation one was expected to awaken and the person who would have taken his spot as rank one was meant to be able to kill him had he awakened or broken the "laws" of the organization...

So with Anduin being of Generation six he is meant to be able to kill any awakened from the past generations from rank one and down.
  Christian Blind / Colorful_insanity / 175d 9h 16m 51s
Its all Good I'm basically making this sort of thing up as we go anyways.

as for the question asked about the areas anyways Yes they are different.

If you look at the map each one is actually sort of color coded as well for their Demograph.

Talmland is your desert area... So most awakened there would be more insect or sand type creatures
Sentiland is your Forest area... So most awakened there would be more Bear/Big cat type or winged type creatures
Lowland is your costalish type lands...So most awakened there would be more fish like or Water based creatures
Midland is your plains area … so most awakened there would be more like goats/horses etc. Or your open area type even buffalo
Norland is your Frostcap Mountains and most awakened there would be bear type or mountain creatures
Highland is your Tundra/Mountain area So most awakened would be just like Norland bear type or mountain but they can also produced winter type.
Osaland Is a mix of the areas around it, so Sentiland, Midland, and Norland
  Christian Blind / Colorful_insanity / 175d 9h 20m 5s
Wow. I forgot there were exceptions. I remembered the darkest still being a more pastel blond. Forgot that changed with awakened beings... Thank you, Colorful!
  Ellysa Martin / Yoruneko / 175d 9h 26m 48s
If you watch the manga it actually shows all the Claymores with Blonde/sliver hair unless they awakened in which case they have whatever color hair they had as a human So Priscilla has brown, Rogardo has brown, Isley has a light brown/ dark blonde. Riful has black...
  Christian Blind / Colorful_insanity / 175d 9h 32m 43s
No in the Manga/Anime is said their defining trait was their silver eyes.

If you go through the the anime.. Claire has blonde hair, so does Teressa. But you see other claymores with brown and silver
  Christian Blind / Colorful_insanity / 175d 9h 43m 44s
Ohhhhh. This lore makes a lot of sense too. What are the different areas like? Are we deciding that as the rp goes along or is it set?
  Ellysa Martin / Yoruneko / 175d 9h 53m 56s
Each area/ Kingdom has their own claymores and ranks and such. so

Lowland has 100 claymores
Midland has 100 claymores
Talmland has 100 claymores

every kingdom has 100 claymores the only acception is Highland who's claymores are MIA or dead.
  Christian Blind / Colorful_insanity / 175d 9h 56m 9s
Because as the thing says Each area has claymores... So in reality there are 7 ranks one claymores... Minus the one from Highland as its gone so there are 6.
  Christian Blind / Colorful_insanity / 175d 9h 58m 4s
Yayyy. How is his hair so golden and still a claymore? Was that a possibility with the males? Or does he dye it?

In the show/manga, ranks were per generation. His first character is gen 1, the other is gen 6.

Colorful's message about order got buried on the next page.

"I'll likely do the posting order based off of the ranks of the claymores themselves and as people join if they do I'll put them into the posting order as well..

So as it sits currently

Rank 1 Christian Blind
Rank 2 Asirith Eren
Ranl 5 Ellysa Martin
Rank 13 Beatrix Fairbairn
Rank 35 Silvana Warrington"
  Ellysa Martin / Yoruneko / 175d 10h 1m 7s
Two quick questions:

1) How are there two rank 1’s?

2) Posting order is by rank from lowest number to biggest?
  Silvana Warrington / NorthernWolves / 175d 10h 17m 23s
Even added in my second character for everyone to enjoy. :)
  Colorful_insanity / 175d 10h 23m 54s
Lol. It's all good. No real offense taken. Glad you fixed it though
  Ellysa Martin / Yoruneko / 175d 10h 25m 25s
Sorry Sorry Sorry

The character Skeletons are fixed for the order of posts
  Christian Blind / Colorful_insanity / 175d 11h 1m 42s

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